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Today is going to create a HUGE shift for you where you will have more confidence in your future steps forward. You finally will feel like some pieces at home, or with your foundation are IN PLACE and now you can stop expecting something to trip you up, or take away what you have manifested and instead take a break to enjoy it all! You are getting ready to shift in a really big way where you will be much more OUT THERE with things, and honestly that can be having you feel a bit insecure right now. When something good is on the way, often we can be a bit hesitant to believe in it because we tend to have so much in our past that did not work out the way we had hoped. So when good change really is on the way often don’t believe it or feel like SOMETHING must actually be about to go wrong. You can let that go, my love. It’s time to realize that you ARE ready for the changes set to arrive in your life and that moving, growing and expanding into a much larger space are necessary next steps. Now it is NORMAL that you are feeling challenged with your dreams/your career as this is prepping you to NOT take things personally. You seem to be a magnet for challenging energies that are actually a bit envious of what they know you are here to do. And this may also have you then doubting yourself or attempting to make yourself a bit smaller than you are. You can sit in that space for a minute, if you must, but then stand up, shake it off and know that THIS is a part of what happens when you put yourself out there. You are in a gateway of GROWTH and if you want to hold yourself back through others that question or doubt you (or even if that person IS you), then that is what is will happen. You are driving a powerful car right now and YOUR BELIEFS about what you can actually do are determining EVERYTHING. It’s okay to be a bit cocky at this time, rock star. It will work out to your benefit. KNOW that you can do big things. KNOW that you are destined for something big. Then allow the Universe to color in that dream for you.


You may be going through so many changes in life that actually feel a bit like a wave, but where you are REALLY starting to take THIS MOMENT NOW more seriously and REALLY want to be experiencing more love and good times in your life. It actually feels like there are changes going on in your mind where you are opening to having more fun or where you are feeling like time has been going by so quickly and you just want to make the most of what you have RIGHT NOW. You also are going through shifts with your creativity where many ideas are flowing and there may even be some corrections occurring with plans already executed. And let me tell you that the commitment you are making to LIVE THIS LIFE MORE and to savor the people around you is what is freeing your mind to create in an uninhibited and unforced fashion. This means brilliant ideas will come more spontaneously and it feels like they are ON THE MONEY. You also should be noticing a bit of magic going on where what you need keeps dropping on your path, or messages are coming RIGHT when you need them. It feels like you are in a bit of a flow and the mystery is trying to wake you to your power THROUGH having things show up in the most wonderful and delightful ways. So get clear and stay focused as if you really do have a magical genie that is just waiting to respond to the thoughts you are having. Think of things BIGGER. Think of what it would really take to be living a life of total fucking bliss and then step back and watch it all come true. And for you, it is okay for you to take SOME RISK. I am hearing, GO FOR IT. Bravely go to that cliff and JUMP into something you KNOW you so deserve.


So this is going to feel like you are coming out of a shadow or COMING ALIVE. This feels exciting because it is a shift into a BRAND NEW WAY OF LIVING. And it feels very sexual, very alive, very nurturing, very satisfying and all about coming together with others in a way that is different because of how much you have grown. For sure it feels like you have GROWN into something new. And this also may be something with your purpose this time around where others are seeing you more, or reaching out for you more, or even just that you feel more hopeful about what you can really do in the world. OTHERS are really showing up in this reading so it feels like many new people are hitting your scene and it has you really excited!! I am someone who moves ALL THE TIME and one of the reasons I love to do it is to have to discover a new place all on my own and meet a whole slew of new people. You are in this same sort of realization where you are experiencing changes with your foundation, your body or even with how safe you have been feeling in the world, and this has you more looking UP and OUT noticing more that is around you. You also are thinking about getting into shape or changing your diet or doing something to upgrade your appearance because you may have been letting all that go. But now you are aware of what others think of you based on your appearance and it has you going sophisticated, or something. It feels like class act moves that are upgrading how others perceive you. You definitely are looking in the mirror and wanting to make some changes! I am hearing that you are to believe there IS a way to correct some things that annoy you about your face of body. You are to believe that you CAN get rid of those wrinkles or train the muscles in your face to release some of the patterns they have been taking on.


And you are actually about to move into a space that feels a bit heavy because you have so much you need to figure out, but what I am feeling is that you are growing stronger with a more solid sense of self and that THIS is going to make your next journey quite satisfying. You may be having some tests that are about standing up and getting clear or demanding that your needs be met. You have been pulled back and thinking about something that is pretty unfair and you haven’t maybe talked about it to too many people but now you are getting ready to bring this forward. It also is very much related to you HONORING yourself and having others honor you too. You know you are as special as they come and you know you are entertaining and a joy to be around, so now you just need to correct the ones who have been walking all over you or taking advantage of you in some way. I am feeling like you NEED to be adored in some way and have maybe been feeling a bit neglected. You also may be remembering things from your past, maybe with your father, or someone who didn’t see you or didn’t provide the loving care you needed and how now something is manifesting again and you are noticing this pattern. You also are craving a REBIRTH and an awakening to a love that has fizzled or even maybe a joy to what life SHOULD be like. You may also have been feeling like you are just spinning in circles with so much to do and really just want to reorganize your life so that you have more time for people who love you and more time to play. Something recently has awakened that because you have been with someone special or reconnected and now you want MORE of that. This also means that a risk to be taken may be in your near future. Just allow it to unfold. You are building something up so you need to be patient for how long it takes to get to the position in life that you so dream of.


So you are actually leaving a bit of a heavy space where you may have been putting on a smiling face, but behind the scenes and in your private world or in your mind, things have been HEAVY. You may be feeling very critical and negative and not so trusting of the world and maybe even the path you have been on. Something has caused you to question and to try to figure out how to FIX THIS. And fortunately there does seem to be some light appearing where there will be solutions and more of a clear vision of what needs to take place. You also seem to be consumed with money and thinking you are not making enough, or worries about your debt, or that sales are down, or that things have changed from what they were. So this means you have been consumed and fixed into certain areas of your life, although they probably only got even heavier the more you tried to fix them! What actually was occurring was that you were facing your habits that were so ingrained you almost breathe them into all situations of your day, but now they really got big and out of control. And what you need to see, especially at this point of the journey, is that you have GOT to change your perspective! You have got to stop creating a future based on your past or based on your potential fears. This last month you clearly faced your greatest issues that need to be transformed and brought to a higher light. The thing about fixed signs is that they get stuck on things and can’t shift so naturally to a new flow. But you have to learn how to! You have to learn how to assert yourself in ways that magnetize wonderful things instead of conflict or so much intensity or things that are falling short from your expectations. And the real big change that needs to occur is that you HAVE to learn to trust things more. Your mind needs to be opened to seeing that you HAVE gotten through it all and that you DO deserve to live a lush and magical life and then PERIOD. There is no need to figure out HOW to do that or HOW to manipulate something, you just need to TRUST LIFE and then allow the great mystery to fill in your dreams with color. You visualize the shape of things and then watch the signs that guide you to what you should do next. It feels like you need to do the opposite of what you THINK because you so THINK you know what is best. But unless you are manifesting a life that feels like the most magical thing EVER, what you are thinking may not be the best path for you anymore. Look closely and make sure your fears are not ruling your day, every single day. You may be VERY much in scarcity too or feeling like you are not getting your share. When we think of scarcity or that there is not enough to go around, we move right into that energy. EVERY TIME. BELIEVE that there is SO MUCH TO GO around and then just watch how closely you move into THAT energy, where you will feel you are drowning in abundance. The shift is so fine lined and such a short journey to get to, and you need to step into it.


Things feel like they have been really busy and your mind maybe has been all over the place with trying to make sense of your life! It feels too like you are expanding in just a huge way where you are totally making sense of things that really held you down and had you feeling like you were underwater for a while. But now you are reaching the top and have all this new insight into your path and into what you want to be doing next with your life. It feels exciting! Now you should also be full of ideas and with many creative ways to bring more beauty into your life. You may be making time for sweet moments in life to just take in the sights and do some traveling or go for extra walks. You are moving into a space of realizing that you do so much for others and you really need to make some time for you and for self-care. So you should already be thinking about this and wanting to find ways to just relax and enjoy this moment RIGHT NOW. Enough of thinking you are behind the times, or missing the boat, or off track or even making a mistake. Just trust that you are right where you need to be and that the new ideas coming to you for change you are wanting to bring into your life WILL manifest when all the pieces come together. I am getting a strong message that you just need to sink fully into this RELAXED being who already knows that all of this is right on schedule. There is also something with yoga or studying something new, but also really using yoga to be a way of life and not just something that is about exercise and staying in shape. You need to find that yogic mind that doesn’t lose your cool off the mat. You are to take it to the streets! Now you also are thinking about money right now and will possibly have some fears that there will not be enough in the future, and again, that yogic mind needs to come into your walk so that you can go to the place where you trust that it has worked out in the past and WILL work out in the future. You have to be more TRUSTING!! Just PRETEND it is going to work out because IT IS anyway!!


You, my love, are moving into a space where DREAMS COME TRUE. You have been very focused into roots related matter in your life, possibly peering into old fears or situations that birthed in your youth that just became aspects of habits. And what you are going through now is about stepping out of and beyond your comfort zone. You are stepping out of the old way of living and bravely embarking on a new path that is GOING TO WORK OUT. This tells me you do have some fears because change is HAPPENING and you may have those natural feelings where you are considering that maybe the old isn’t all that bad. But those feelings are just coming from you creating a new habit. And the old is familiar so in the 11th hour it can bring up much emotion and stress, but you are to continue going forward and to trust that this uncertain future is actually going to make you hog wild happy! Now you should be pretty busy with work and actually a bit stretched with what needs to be taken care of on the home front AND the business front. So you really are just being told to keep with it and know that a healthier middle ground will be arriving shortly. But HOME is where the attention is at this current moment and you are going through a growth spurt where something is needing to change in order to give your wings more room to grow. Do know that since you are entering dream come true land, you are being asked to raise the bar in regards to your standards and what you think you need. Your mind has been holding you back thinking THIS IS ENOUGH but in fact you are going to be having memories come back to you of how you just took the minimal and didn’t want to ask for too much. Your voice is getting louder, and that is a good thing! You are going to get much clearer with the way you communicate so that you are full of integrity in taking care of YOU too. You will say things like, “If not now, when?” and also “WHY NOT?” And you are going to see that one thing after another is going to start manifest for you, as it already should be for weeks now, but with each one you are gaining more confidence to REALLY go for your wildest dreams. I have a feeling that down the road a few months from now your life is not going to look even remotely like it does now. Be happy about that. Your desire to HAVE MORE is manifesting that!


You are so ready to change your life from the ground up! You are ready to rebuild and to really carve out a life that is exactly like what you dreamed for yourself when you were a child. There IS something with being a child that should be coming back to you, as in some long time dreams, or it is your own children that are on your mind a lot of the time right now! You are to know that everything is going to be okay and you don’t need to worry so much about what can potentially go wrong. This is important because you are having some fears that are based on things not working out as you planned in your past when you put efforts towards what you thought was so brilliant, but it reversed and did not come to the fruition that you thought it would. So there is a hesitancy in you for fear that the same result may happen, but with what you are thinking of right now you are to NOT hold back! You are in a space where things ARE to work out and they DO resemble something that is a long time dream. You are to open your mind and cut down any limitations that have you feeling something is just TOO BIG. If it is that big, you should go for it! There is also something here with LOVE or where you are about to FALL IN LOVE … or renew an old love. So you should be thinking about this and at least getting clear on what you want from a partnership that is not based on only filling needs or insecurities in you. You want to come towards someone when you are coming from a solid state where you match each other and THEN grow upwards. And it seems like this is really coming from you owning your worth and realizing that you ARE valuable and DO deserve to live a life of joy. So look at what is around you and what is greeting you at this time because there IS something to this that can really light your heart up and make you feel uber alive again. You are to COLLABORATE and that means with partnership and business. So if in your heart you know you are ready for something that brings a sort of completion to your world, or a long time dream you have been asking for, then step into it and allow this to take you by storm. There is a knock on your door.


This is going to create a HUGE shift for you, my loves! This is that time of year I think I always tell you about how you will go through a few weeks usually of feeling a bit more emotional, sad, low and not so comfortable in this world. You may not even know why, although this one feels like a sadness for who is gone from your life or with regrets from your past. It is very much a time when you appraise your past and actually gain momentum to start to map out a new way of being. But when you are in it you don’t know that you are actually just gaining momentum! But that really is the point of it all. When we are slowed down and feeling a bit “depressed” we tend to strive so much for something better that we actually build up steam to initiate change. So you are moving into a new initiation space where a new level of living will start to take place. So you are also being asked to not judge yourself so harshly because every year you make the mistake during this slowed down period of thinking you are not doing enough and have not accomplished enough. You are trying to sell your sno cones at midnight in the dead winter! WRONG TIMING. But now things will start to pick up and your moods will elevate with excitement for something NEW that is ON THE WAY. You are very close to having a total change for the better with something that opens your heart so wide, you may not even know how to deal with it. It feels like something beyond what you could have dreamed and it deals with love or the renewal of love. Something is set to come that just has you dancing and singing and feeling so complete now. This also may deal with a creative offering because you also are in a space of honing in on what is your thing to do. It feels like you are really close to being in something that is uber satisfying and also something you will LOVE to be involved in. It feels like you are going to get closer to finding your passion, so be patient as the ball gets rolling but do spend lots of time THINKING about what you would like your world to feel like.


You are a busy, busy BEE! This feels like you are all about putting things into order and trying to make sense of your life that feels mildly out of control in that you have taken on a lot and are feeling very much like you are constantly trying to catch up. Now fortunately you are moving into a space where you are going to be able to prioritize and ground yourself again. You may have felt VERY airy and having a hard time keeping it together, which THEN has contributed to you beating yourself up and thinking you are losing traction or not really giving everything your all. You are waiting for this time when things feel in control and may even be looking into your past in the old days and MISSING how things felt so much more easy going. But you are doing great! We all have those feelings and I am feeling like this is a reading about how I have been for YEARS in my business. So I too have to calm myself down and remind myself that I am doing the best that I can and that ONE DAY I will get caught up and can reorganize my inflow from that point! You too are doing A LOT and most of it needs to stay because it is about you honing in on your gifts or expressing aspects of what you love to do… BUT, there may be some things that are too much right now and what just came to your mind is one of them. You may also want to start asking for help to see if maybe they can do some of your daily duties so you can focus on all the FUN things you want to be doing. Now you are entering not only a much more slowed down and grounded space but you also are going to be thinking more of how to put things into order. You are going to be able to narrow things down and to prioritize and really start to carve out a more soul satisfying life. You can also expect that things are going to be dropping on your path, or your needs will keep being met through you just thinking about what you want to have happen, instead of pushing to make them happen. I am seeing you needing to write more and to document your thoughts so that you can SEE what you are doing and what you need to do next so that you start from a position of feeling in control. This is important. You may even want to start each day that way and you will soon see that all the pieces are coming together just beautifully!


So this is when you really build up steam and step forward with more confidence in your self. There is SO much changing about you and something that you should have really noticed by now is that you are gaining so much more trust in whatever seems to happen in your life. And this is through feeling uncertain in the recent half year, but then seeing that you DID survive that and now the tide is starting to change. Because you most recently were in the depths and feeling like things were way too heavy to handle, you now are stronger and better equipped to lead the way with a strong knowing in your heart that NOTHING will break you down. I am getting the energy of this image of being on the water in a tattered boat that has just been through a storm but now you are starting to see that land is before you so there is an excitement for what is to come and a giddiness that you MADE IT through the madness of the storm. So if you aren’t there just yet, you will be. Now for many there also will be a rebirth of your sexual nature or your love nature. There is a blossoming occurring where you are feeling more youthful and tuning into the needs of your body. There is exploratory energy to this where you are opening your eyes as if you have been asleep and so much feels NEW to you. It should feel a bit like spring season to your heart! There is so much to look forward to and so much new to experience. Now you also are moving much closer to others in that you are feeling more bonded to the people you love, even if there was confusion in the past. You also may be feeling a narrowing down with people in your life where you are really tuning into who is your EXACT MATCH. And this is important because in the old days we believed that more meant we were loved and valuable and special. Think about popular girls in school. But now we are realizing that to be around people who we REALLY resonate with and truly enjoy being ourselves around is more important than quantity. So go for the GOLD and do not compromise otherwise. We are not here to love and be in harmony with everyone on the planet. Even Amma has people who don’t resonate with her! But we are to find OUR TRIBE and to celebrate not only finding them but also being honored with getting to grace their presence.


I am seeing you as this miner who is breaking through so many blocks with your sledgehammer so that you can create a path that is clear and easy and has a natural flow to it. It can get exhausting at times, where your muscles will get sore, and the fatigue will set in as you come upon ANOTHER bolder that needs to be removed. But this is what is going on in your mind and in your database of experiences from your past that have formed you in to who you are now. You are in ACTIVE mode to clear this shit and to find the true golden nugget of who you are. And let me tell you that it is working because people are noticing that you are changing. They are noticing subtle ways that your light is shining brighter and there is more of a twinkle to your eye. But at the same time, you may not notice this yet because you have so much work still to do. But what I am being guided to share with you is that you standing up and deciding to clear out all the darkness, the shadows, the heavy weight, the debt, the behaviors you later regret reenacting, is opening up a new vista for which you will be able to manifest your life dreams. So it is like working out and how it may not be fun to always be pushing yourself towards this goal that takes time to achieve, but in the long run, you DO get to a point where you don’t regret an ounce of this effort because now you have accomplished THIS. So your mindset needs to be on the continual effort towards your dreams but also to know that this is not a quick fix. And my loves, inner work never is!! I read this comment from this really young girl the other day and she was talking about how she has nothing to work on and no one to answer to because she is THAT true to who she is. And I laughed because one of the things that happens on the awakening path is that you drop the defenses and become very vulnerable and honest and thus you end up admitting that healing takes a lifetime for most people or at least decades. It is not a quick fix because we have so much locked and encoded in our psyche. But HONESTY is what opens us to the next level. Being vulnerable that we ARE in fact pretty fucked up is what elevates us on our path to healing. Admitting that we are not perfect and that we have made mistakes opens us to self-love and to really getting to know our inner child, or our most vulnerable sides and THAT is what opens our hearts to accepting ourselves, and then the healing process REALLY takes root. So delve into your roots, your past, your mistakes, the patterns of the people you attract into your life. Delve fully into the darkest corners with a peace in your heart of wanting to understand THIS and not just deny this and pretend you are perfect and have nothing to learn. Humble yourself and the world will come closer to you and want to hear EVERYTHING you have to say.
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