Pisces Horoscope Image
There is a rebirth energy coursing through your blood right now and it is all about FINDING HOME. This will be a time where you will further sculpt your way towards creating a life that feels solid, true, prosperous and like one that provides you with much room to grow. You are now in a state of moving into expansion, or exhaling, where before and for several months you were experiencing restriction, or loss. There is a holding back to this energy still but it is VERY close to releasing you into what may feel like a much different world. I really do see this as night and day and where something is showing up from the efforts of others but YOU get to feel the impact of that in a really good way. This can be that someone writes about you or talks about your work and then BOOM your life changes. It is THAT sort of cataclysmic change that is to arrive but it really does feel all good. You are one sign that feels to me like you are in for some exciting times to come! So even if you are still in darkness, because confusion or unsettled things are still in your space, then just know the light really is on the way. You have paid your dues. You have paid a lot, actually. Focus this Full Moon on working on updating and improving your website or any publishing projects. There is energy focused into your creative gifts and you will be inspired by SPONTANEOUS insights and new ways to do old things. Everyone has LIGHTNING in their readings this time, or thunder, where something KA BOOM comes in to facilitate new change in our lives. This feels to me like your gifts are being seen and honored in bigger and more expansive ways. You also appear different to others, so take note of that, as people may noticing you more or looking longer when they lay their eyes on you. You are upgrading in a way that has people taking much more of a serious look at you! Who is THAT?! Enjoy this new “fame”, Pisces. You deserve to be honored and adored.
Aquarius Horoscope Image
Yes! Get ready for a complete and utter transformation of your life. Seriously bold statement, right? Well, own it. It is yours. Something is shifting in a really big way and it may have you walking and talking different. You are basically moving around a corner from where you were in this other position where things felt more heavy and intense and like way too much to have to deal with, and now you are moving in a new direction which is full of endless possibilities. It’s like you went from city blocks of endless gray buildings and now this corner up ahead shows you the coast line with a sun that is just about to set. It feels like a HUGE relief and something that has you feeling full of faith again. It also feels like you may have even been in the crossfire of sudden and shocking sort of life TRIP UPS. I can hear you saying, “Come on! Give me a break here!” And I guess you asked nicely because the Universe is about to kiss you and bless you with a bounty! There are to be opportunities coming your way and exciting things that surround and ENCOURAGE your natural, creative gifts. You also may have had more money going out than was comfortable or at least a scarcity fear has been creeping in. Understand that OFTEN in life we feel like money is slipping between our fingers RIGHT before a new flow comes in. So just be cool with it and do not worry. BUT do think of what you REALLY love to do and what is as natural as breathing for you. Think of your creative gifts and just feel how awesome it would be to be recognized for them. And then get to work. Create. Don’t worry about money but do put time and effort into developing something that you KNOW the world could benefit from. You know you have something unique in you. Feed it with love and faith.
Okay so this feels like you are going to be seeing things that others are doing that NORMALLY you would feel a bit jealous of or thinking that YOU deserve that sort of thing. But right now there is something in you that is instead feeling very congratulatory with them. You will notice that you don’t get reactions in your body or you don’t judge them to pieces thinking why them and not you? It almost feels like your competitive bug has been squashed and that is great! You holding this new vibration with how you compare yourself to others success is actually shifting your energy so that similar opportunities will find YOU! And honestly they feel really close to arrival! This feels to me like maybe one day you are “almost” triggered by other people’s jump in Instagram followers or an amazing opportunity that they are mentioning, and then within 48 hours you get a very similar opportunity. BUT it will not come and it will go to someone else if you do not hold this high vibe perspective that there IS enough to go around and that it does not pay to be envious of others doing huge things when honestly they deserve it because they have worked for it. So you taking this new perspective about how you compare yourself to others is set to bring a radical change to your life! If feels very much out of the blue and involves the synchronistic moves of several people. This can be that you are being talked about in a good way and this is spreading to someone who really has the power to change your life. So obviously, keep your mind clean and clear by feeling positive about the successes going on around you. See THEM doing so well as a sign that the same is on the way to you, because it IS if you walk with true integrity. This is a big test, my love!
Sagittarius Horoscope Image
You are in a rebuilding or reconfiguring space in your life where there are many details being worked out and put together for plans that are in the future. This feels like you realize the importance of a strong foundation with those huge dreams of yours and now is the time you are cleaning things up and putting them all into balanced order. You also may be pulling back a bit in order to bring something forward at a later date. This feels too like you have put some things out there already and now are pulling them back to make adjustments and get them in their best possible position. It is like you are turning things upside down and around and really making sure that you are not missing anything. You want things to fit with the foundation so that a solid base has been created and growth can feel comfortable instead of frazzling. Too much of a good thing is a real thing! And I feel like you have ideas or are working on things that DO have the potential to blossom in really big ways so it is super important to think about how you will handle expansion and growth. Taking some time out to do this and to organize everything is a good idea right now. You may need to work on taxes, or receipts, or inventory lists or mapping out where you buy all your goods, or whatever. This time is about getting all your ducks in a row so that you can be ready for opportunities that deal with your career. You also will benefit from surrendering to solutions that come when you are in meditative spaces, such as when doing the dishes or driving. There are solutions or ideas coming that will inspire future offerings or ways to share your creative gifts. And your love life may also be getting a bolt of lightning coming your way. It can be a rebirth or a disconnect, but it is getting a jolt of activity, which will be bringing you the clarity. Now you know this person REALLY loves you, or now you know that change is in the air.
Scorpio Horoscope Image
This is going to be a good Full Moon for you! You are making changes and upgrades with your creative projects and thinking of ways to create more of an impact through combining with the correct vibing peoples. It is interesting too because you are putting yourself more forward THROUGH joining with other people of power. So it is important that you are merging yet staying unique. This can be that you are finding others who are on the same path and have the same goals and interests as you, but that you do not do the same things. So coming together you are both benefiting the other. It is like each of you holds a piece of the pie and TOGETHER your force will be MAGIC. I definitely feel some cross-pollinating benefits because the word TOGETHER is showing up in blinking lights! And I am seeing this dancing and swirling sort of energy that really feels like a force to be reckoned with. Are you starting a movement? Are you working to save the world? What is this?? It is something grassroots where it will affect people in a basic way that has them learning to manifest a new and more honoring sort of life. You also are VERY concerned with bringing more joy into your life and really feeling like you are living it to the max. This has you dreaming of how you want your life to look and figuring out what you need to change so that it feels valuable and full of joy. You also are very open to taking some risks that may be a bit frightening because you don’t know how this will turn out, but you will rock them hardcore and they will greet you on the other side with total satisfaction. You will win on this and you will be thankful for leaping into this idea that has been calling from the depths of your soul. This has been building and now you are staring to see the signs that show you that you are right on the money.
Libra Horoscope Image
You need some quiet time and space to collect your thoughts! This is a call out to pull away from the swirling madness of OTHERS and just recoup and regroup your spirit. I feel you have taken on some ideas or energies of others and it has you sort of confused and possibly even worried about them. You feel to me like you are out of body and not feeling really present and safe with what is. Your aura is blurred and not as tight as it needs to be. It may be that you are worried about some thing that may happen in your future or worried about someone’s health? You may even find yourself getting sick if you stay this way because the boundaries are down and you are putting yourself in a vulnerable position. BUT when you pull back and put some energy into YOU YOU YOU with heap loads of self-care you can bounce back lickety-split. You also would really benefit with our product Empath Shield. It’s just what you need to stay protected with your own energy while just being the observer to what others may or may not need from you. You are not broken, my love, as I can feel tears because it feels you are TIRED, you are just taking on the confusion and madness of others and you are overextending yourself trying to make sure everyone else is okay. Maybe they need to find their own way through this. Maybe you just need to get into the studio and create some beauty and forget about the world. I do feel the retreat is calling you and every day you need the silence of not being responsible for everyone. I also feel that you have wonderful creative ideas that will come when you pull back and just surrender to the flow. And don’t be so hard on yourself! I can feel you are judging yourself too harshly, possibly in comparison to others success, or life ease, and you are anchoring your dreams down by thinking you are not good enough. Change those thoughts — change your life! SERIOUSLY! Remember to love yourself as much as WE ALL love and adore you.
Virgo Horoscope Image
This energy feels like you are learning how to be more true to yourself in partnership to others. This may mean standing up for yourself and really speaking of your needs or it may be that you are learning to not fight someone who is not going to change anyway. So it is either standing up and drawing your own boundaries, or pulling back and realizing this person is who they are and maybe you just can’t change that. So you are learning to work around others and to not feel so critical of what before has sort of rubbed you raw. There is a freedom coming to the Virgo and it is learning to just let it go. It is coming from being more like the Pisces and realizing everyone is essentially a soft and sensitive human and we all just are operating from what we have seen and learned to be the truth. This shift of perspective allows you to allow others to be who they really are. And then, to take it or leave it. If it doesn’t fit and you can’t work with it, then you are to leave it. But I feel this change in you will have you more likely to take it and to learn to laugh delicately about the things others do that you think need a correction or adjustment, instead of critically saying NO YOU ARE WRONG AND YOU NEED TO CHANGE THAT. (Exhale) It will create the energy of the exhale. That is a good feeling. Understand too that you are learning to rework your words at this time and to pay total attention to others in how they pull back or walk away or get rigid with things that you say. Notice the signs they are giving that imply your words do not feel good or are not coming at the best time. Also notice when what you say causes them to show jealousy or envy. Be aware of those signs and GO WITH THEM. This means walk away, stop talking about the subject, let it go for now, wait for a better time. The REAL you is coming forward and it is being built upon how well you tune into others reactions around you. The less you push, the more you are adored and treated like the Queen or King.
Leo Horoscope Image
You are all about far away places or times coming in the future. I see you gazing out a window with a smile on your face, as this feels very optimistic and where you are excited for what is to come. It also feels consuming so it may be all you want to think about! This also feels related to love and to something that is like home to your heart. So you are thinking about something that will complete you and it has your heart already feeling in love. I actually feel pressure in my heart right now, or something with being hard to breathe, so what you are thinking about may be a dream near to your heart that you actually now can see is going to happen and become a reality. It also has you looking to the past and you are doing something like detective work where you are going back and checking through things that you may have missed. Or you are going back to mistakes made and thinking about how you want to do it right this time and to give it your 100% attention and love. There may be something about second chances or the wish to go back and make things better. You also are very consumed with money and debt right now and may have some fearful thoughts that you will not have enough for the future. But you can let that go. There is a restriction to the money spending energy collectively right now that will let up a bit in March so you will feel that flow again soon. But do play with those debt and money fears because there is something there that maybe can be let go of and maybe doesn’t need to be an expense. You can cut back and be okay with that because I do feel like you want to collect savings right now to feel that cushion – and that is always a good thing. Cushions are good. We need soft support around many things in life! You are in a space to let things go that will build with the next New Moon, which happens to be a Solar Eclipse, so do at least play around with making lists and thinking of ways to scale back and lighten the load.
Cancer Horoscope Image
Good, good things! These readings are so funny this time! Some feel sort of intense and working through stagnant blocks of energy and others feel like they are flying high! You are one that is feeling pretty optimistic about some changes coming to your life. You are feeling that need to LIVE MORE and to do MORE and to feel like you have savored things to the final drop. You are in RISK TAKING MODE and wanting to take a chance on things that may frighten others. You just really believe you can do anything and you are right! You have some sweet protection and angels around you right now, which you may even notice — like you think you noticed something out of the corner of your eye, or an item has been moved, or you just feel like someone you love is there. And what is funny is that you are looking out the window but others are looking in at you but they are of spirit. Yes, this is unusual what I am seeing right now. But I am being given the message to let you know that you are not alone with this and that others are around you and they love you!! If it is not a parent, it is a grand parent. And it feels mostly like a fatherly energy and he wants you to do things that he didn’t get the chance to do. It is some strong protection. And this should be enough to encourage you to dream wildly of what can be the potential. I hear, “Go for big!” Use your mind to speak and think of the most amazing things because you have powerful forces working behind the scenes to take care of their baby. That’s how the words came out.
Gemini Horoscope Image
Lets talk about career! You are ready to expand and grow and put some healthy focus into making your impact even larger. You are going to be super focused into detail work and with getting things in order. You may be working on design in some way or you are at least thinking about it. You also are taking some time to get the foundation of things in order by moving things around and recreating your workspaces. This is all about getting ready for what you really will start to see in about 2 weeks. This is the prep time and come March things are going to get a bit busier as something is coming in due to the beneficial actions of another. Now you are in a bit of a critical space and you may be feeling like there is so much to do and you can’t catch up and you are tapping out your adrenals. It feels like a short fuse energy. But it also feels like you just need to get things organized and focus on thing until it is done and then move to the next. This feels like order is so on the way but you don’t see how close you are to this. It feels like things are lining up and soon they will operate smoothly and cohesively. And for now you are just pulling them all out, putting them in order, and letting go of what is no longer needed in your life. This is a great time to do the feng shui on your house and to get things feeling clean and in alignment. You may be inspired to take care of your body or to get check ups to make sure all is in order. You can really uncover secret allergies at this time or new things that your body cannot tolerate. This also may mean are needing to eat things that you normally wouldn’t but you will be craving them and you are to give into those cravings. Your body is needing something that is in whatever you are wanting to eat. And the more you feed this, the more the need goes away. That is one of our golden rules of being human! Feed your body what it is craving because it is craving it for a reason and once it is fed, just like the baby, it will be content.
Taurus Horoscope Image
Something is going to come out of the blue and inspire your life hardcore! How cool is that to hear! Changes are so on the rise for you and you are in a state where your whole life is being reexamined and put into a better position. It really feels like it may flip upside down, but that you will love that new view! There is also is something with discipline so you may be committing more to following through or taking care of what needs to be done and not putting it off for another day. This feels like you are being more present and wanting to be crystal clear with your intentions and words. You also are so thinking about love and life and sex and joy and are really wanting to just have more fun and to feel like you are not letting things pass you by. Again that theme – not putting things off and not letting things pass you by. Its like Aries is rubbing off on you and a new pioneering energy that is inspiring you to take the bull by the horns. This influence will also have you putting yourself first, and maybe you have not done that in a while? Maybe you have been focused on others and jumping when they need you, and now you will be all about ME. Me first, and THEN I can take care of you. It’s really important for you at this time. There is some work going on in your relationships and you are cleaning house and making adjustments. Some may not last, but you will already see the signs as there will be a hesitance, or awareness in your gut with things they do or say. Also you are encouraged to make time for your friends because they are a source of so much inspiration right now. It feels like they are being perfectly placed in your life to pump you up and to make you feel loved and adored. I see so many arms reaching around you as they give you support and remind you of how very cherished you are by them.
Aries Horoscope Image
You are in the process of shedding DEEP layers. There seems to be things flying right off of you and this really feels sort of automatic. It doesn’t even feel like you are having to work at this as this is YOUR TIME TO PURGE. I’m being shown the image of a body in spinning motion as it whips off parts of you that were not really truly you. It was others stuff, or others projections, or others wounds, or even past life garbage that you have been holding onto. And you are to be in this space of clearing, purging and healing until you come out for your birthday. Now do not get all sassy and bitchy because you want things to move quicker. Something special is happening here and it is in fact a gift. You need to surrender into the retreat and allow the healing to take place. You are basically being put into a new powerful position but the detox needs to take place in order to reveal these new aspects of your self. You will also notice that the universe will stop you and keep slowing you down if you go faster than you are being allowed to. There is also something here where I am seeing a guide next to you who is the one driving the vehicle right now and you are looking over to him to see where and when you should go. This also means your movements will be guided by strong feelings to act, or to hold back. Now that you know you are being put into a forced healing retreat space, tune into the flow energy and you quickly will be able to jump on the tracks that will be about you sitting back and allowing the world to come to you. This is temporary, but you will see that you like this and you will take something from it and apply it into your future! And let me just tell you that the quiet and the alone is going to reveal so many thoughts that will help you to bring more balance and correction into your life. Insights are going to flood your mind. But they are behind the judgmental feelings or the critical thoughts. Clear those and you will be hooked up to the spiritual waterfall of mysterious messages and inspiration, all showing up to align you to the magic of life.
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