Wednesday || March 23, 2016

POWERFUL DAY! Wow. This one is really spectacular for the RELEASE. And if you will notice, RELEASE is not normally a word I use in these readings, but it has really come through over the past few days leading up to the MOST POWERFUL LUNAR ECLIPSE. And I want you to think about how RELEASE is a conscious act on YOUR part. It is not purging or having something TAKEN from us, as it is actually us saying I AM DONE WITH THIS and I am letting it go. It is us dropping off our unused goods to a charity versus losing them from a fire or flood. So we are not to expect that what needs to leave our lives is just going to get up and go, as we are being asked to make this decision and to release the hold on those thoughts, possessions or people that do not match the path we are wanting to be traveling down. Today screams of having the strength to move forward on something that HAS TO HAPPEN. Those words will come quickly today, as they are all about moving this new phase of our life forward. And yes, there will be a resistance, similar to injecting subcutaneous fluids. But once you break through this encasement, you will release something that is to allow freedom and movement and what one feels when they do get fluids! It brings things back to life! The mind will be clearer; the thoughts will be more positive; the fear will diminish, and you will be able to move forward with more gusto. But do know, resistance will be there and you just need to prepare yourself for that. But no pain, no gain. And know that you can handle this! You can release this. You need more. You have one life that you know about, but in this one life you are affecting so many other lives in the forms of others. If you have kids, think about how you are showing them that this is acceptable. Think about how many others are watching your actions as a guidepost for what they may also buy into. Show them that RISKS are GOOD and that life is periodically presenting us with cliffs that we must jump off. Show others GRACE as you awaken out of your cocoon with passion to create a new future based on the learning of your past but not the repeating of it.

Moon: Partial Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Libra
Theme: Bring it forward.
Numerology Vibration: (17) 8

This can be a heavy time for most Pisces, but this will be all about letting go of something that is gone, and there is NOTHING you can do about this. So it will be a releasing of sadness for someone who has passed, or someone who is no longer matching up with you in life. I see you looking into your past and feeling regret or the desire to go back and redo things, but again, there is nothing you can do about this. So what we are asking is that you turn around, take the lessons learned from this passing, and start moving forward on a brand new path. You do not realize this yet but you are changed and something that has left you relates to how you have been accepting less than or not really valuing what you have to offer others. You have been playing small or doubting yourself or not really putting yourself in the game and that has got to stop NOW. This energy is blowing in some sort of amplification to how you will feel about yourself. You are seeing through old masks that really were just projections or wounds of others. You are stepping out of old skins that you chose to wear because others crammed their beliefs down your thought and you thought it was the thing to do. But now this energy is wanting you to stand alone or stand apart from those around you who make you feel like there is something wrong with you. You should be gaining this new vision soon where you can easily distinguish boundaries that need to be put into place, and you will clearly that that is ALL THEM. And you are being asked not to be defensive or to judge others but to calmly be the observer and to CHOOSE what you take in or do not. You can still listen to others engulfed in the victim mentality and not take it on or try to correct them. The point here is to not want to change others and instead to just be okay with whatever is. You are starting over on a new path and one where your head will be held high as you wont be so affected by what others think of you. So hold steady, love. Be the strength you hold deep inside. Be the confidence you dream of expressing. Be the magical being that WE ALL see you as anyway. And wear it boldly. It’s your turn to show your peacock feathers.

This should feel pretty good for most Aquarius where you are busting through some glass ceilings and making changes that will allow you to spread your wings more and attract some abundance that has been trying to find you anyway!! I am being shown that you have doubted yourself or doubted your gifts or doubted that you can really do something and over the course of the past 2 weeks there have been adjustments to something in your brain. And I want you to feel this now and think about it. There is space here now where before something would bounce you back into the doubt. But this has been removed. That wall is gone. So notice that you have some more hope in your thoughts and a new desire to just FUCK IT and go for it. You should TOTALLY feel that way. You should totally feel the whole, if not now, when? Something is leaving you that was about regrets or fears and this is motivating you to live life more fully and with MUCH MORE risk taking going on! You also should be noticing a shift out of the scarcity mentality where before you would try to control your money and be in fear if the well was starting to run dry, but now you will notice that all that fear is being squashed down due to this new vision where you are seeing that THINGS ALWAYS DO WORK OUT FOR YOU. You have been to this place of scarcity many times before, but something always saved you. And this new awareness will have you investing in something you don’t really think you can afford, but you are ENCOURAGED to believe this one time. You are encouraged to stand at the edge of this cliff and just trust that this is important or you and that this leap IS a part of your journey. I see bright skies for you, my love, and it is just past the fog you are leaving. You can have as much as you believe in right now! This is a gift to you! Align your thought to starting over and doing something right this time. You haven’t lost any time! You are not behind schedule! You are right where you are supposed to be and SOMETHING is JUST AROUND THE CORNER. Dance wildly like you are doing a rain dance, but this one is about opportunities to showcase YOUR BEAUTIFUL GIFTS. Welcome them in.

Purge, baby purge! Let it go. Throw it out. Give it away. Enough of that! Make some space! This feels like a fresh air coming into your life that is all due to what you have released that has you feeling like the victim, or like you don’t fit in, or like life is so difficult. You too have some of this FUCK IT energy where you are not allowing fears to hold you back and keep you from going for what you want. I see you with wildly moving eyes seeing things in a new light, seeing things you didn’t see before, and feeling empowered for what you can REALLY DO. This feels to me like someone who was deaf but just turned on their new cochlear implants. That is what you look like to me! In this AWE of things and feeling more empowered to go for something. There also is probably some creative project that is going through changes and there is a lot of inspiration coming through to give something a do over or rebirth. You should be SATURATED in new ideas and feeling this gusto to put your heart into it. This feels like something that can really take off and you just need to do the steps and put everything exactly into order in a patient manner. You don’t have to race towards anything, as the faith in your ideas is what will align them to a perfect timed situation to come. You are to focus on behind the scenes work right now and it feels like defragmenting a computer. So this means removing the blocks, removing the self doubt, removing the people who question you, removing those things that may be habits but that are no longer satisfying. And from this mass clearing, you enable your eyes to see clearly. It’s also being suggested that you clean the windows in your house and in your car. All things mucking up your vision need to GO. You need crystal clarity. You are safe. You are protected. You can do this. You are building something important. OWN that you can create a solid foundation that will support you. OWN that you are NOT your wounds. OWN that you can always start over and begin again. OWN that you do have SO MUCH TO OFFER. Share something with the world. Step out of your comfort zone and move towards what is reaching out for you anyway!

This is a special time for you where you are being asked to NOT limit yourself with what is really the potential in your life. You are being asked to be patient with something that is growing and to always hold your thoughts to believing that something amazing is just around the corner. There is some lesson for you over the next several months where you are being asked to be positive no matter what the flow of how things are rolling in. I feel something is being slowed down almost as a way to tease you for what is to come! And this may also be that it is occurring so that you do not worry so much about needing something to go exactly as YOU plan for it to go. So this may be that you are expecting something that is not showing up and you are just being asked to be patient with this and to still EXPECT that it will, no matter how long you have to wait or how tedious the journey to manifestation. This feels like growing a garden and how you get so stoked looking at the pictures of what is to come, but that then comes the need to apply care and energy to your seedlings. So just sit calmly with your thoughts and dream that you CAN have it all, but just be patient. I can also feel that you are wanting to ZOOM forward on things and take care of business and DO something with your life. This is what is moving you forward too quickly because there are so many steps that first need to be addressed. You want to be up on that mountain right now, but first you need to train for this journey ahead. And you need to learn everything you can along the way. So don’t get down on yourself if things are not exactly where you want them to be right now. You and your life are a work in progress and you are doing great! You really are. You are rebuilding from the ground up and even though many things at home or with some details around your support system are not all that clear, you can trust that things will pan out and come out in your favor in the long run. And take note of what is coming up as a fear or regret at this time because it will be cleared out and put back into a healthy balance over the next 6 months. But it will demand that you come out of your comfort zone that is keeping you quiet and it will feel like a risk.

There has been so much confusion about your life and with what you have manifested and now it looks like something is changing in you where you are just FULLY ignited into the TRUST VIBE. This is great! You are finally getting out of your way and instead of trying to control things, you are watching what is trying to greet you and what seems to be pulling away and you should be feeling okay with that. There is a deep surrender to what is happening to you and there may be surprises coming that you were not expecting but I feel they are aligned to bring you more JOY in your life. This is kind of like that thing too where if someone doesn’t love you, you have to let them go and if you think you are really meant to be together then they will FIND YOU AGAIN later in life. Not that all of you are in a romantic situation like this, but there is something that is separating to make way for something even more wonderful that you were not considering. And your trust of life and the powers that be is demanded. You also are encouraged to make more time for the mystery, for meditation, for yoga, for silent times and for being open to RECEIVE the guidance. You are in a receptive state at this time and you are being asked to not judge one single aspect of it. This feels like someone is painting a picture in front of you that carries messages but you are to sit silently and wait until full clarity is reached. Some strokes you may not really like. Some colors you may not really resonate with. But the final picture, when complete will tickle you pink! So TRUST THIS. You will have some new aspect of your souls purpose unfolding soon, if not already, and if you really admit it, you ARE great at this. You are in an extremely creative space where you may be tapping into gifts that you were taking advantage of or not really giving them the attention that you needed to. But things are coming to you; don’t forget that, so you just need to keep your arms open and welcome in what is greeting you at this time on your path. This may not last forever, but it is important for your process now. You should also notice that your mind is starting to let go of some fears that were actually holding you back. You are gaining that Eagle Vision where you are seeing the big picture of your life and this is working to soften your approaches and your critical mind in thinking ANYTHING is out of order. It is actually EXACTLY as it should be. And you are more blessed that you realize at this point. Over the next 6 months the great Universe is going to show you that you are one of the luckiest ones out there.

This should feel like some light and inspirational energy is coming your way! I feel a sense of relief or a calm in regards to feeling more trustworthy of your life or at least seeing the good in any challenging situations of late. You may notice that something is shifting in your mind where things make more sense or at least you are laying down your arms and saying, “Okay. If this is the script for me to walk, then okay.” There is a deep surrender in the depth of you that seems to be waking to a new realization that you are safe and that you can trust yourself. You may have been looking back and wondering if you made the correct decisions or if you are where you should be in life and I can tell you that, YES, you are right on schedule and right where you should be. You just had a bit of a blind spot going on and what you were missing was actually that connection to the mystery and the knowing that the story is not over yet. You were in the middle of the book and getting all worried, when you forgot to realize that miracles happen and a captivating twist of events VERY WELL may drop in your lap. You may have been losing sight of the horizon, getting too worked up over these little things going on right now. But that is all changing! Suddenly you are looking UP and OUT and this is reminding you that you DO have control of your future. And that just because there have been some gray and confusing days doesn’t mean they will always be that way! This is exciting for you. You are dedicating yourself to HOLDING THE TRUST. You are deciding to choose to believe the good in all situations. You are deciding to look out with new eyes, and THIS change will have you appearing different to others! They will see that you are coming out the other side, and dang, you look BETTER; you look stronger, more confident and more in control. This is great. So allow this blossoming to unfold. And if you are still in the confusion, be okay with that!! You are tossing things around in order to come to that middle ground, and you will get there. Lighten up on yourself. This is a sort or rebirth time and being gentle is essential.

So this will be a time that you will see with this focus into things that feel like wounds or regrets or possibly even doubts with self. You are basically working the soil and pulling out rocks so that you can have a clean slate to plant some things that will support you later in time. So understand that it is all for the good. But some of you are working with virgin land that is laden with rocks, and others are working with their soil from last year so there is not too much to weed out. This means Virgo will have huge polarities in how they feel during this Lunar Eclipse. Some will feel burdened with having to deal with WAY TOO MUCH and others will be feeling very satisfied and almost calm in feeling like everything is rolling along just fine. But everyone WILL end up on the calm side, so just pick those rocks out and give them a good thinking about, but keep your eyes on the prize. You HAVE to do this work to have the results you are desiring. Now a lot of this energy is also about your self worth, and if things are not the way that you had planned for your life, then you can be feeling like you aren’t really that valuable and don’t really have that much to offer. But we ALL know that those feelings come when we do healing work. Those feelings come up so that we can face them head on and see that somewhere the victim has gotten lost in translation and that actually everything that breaks us down is always to build us up with strength and wisdom. So be patient with yourself but do the backbreaking work and get it down now! You are in a portal space of seeing what is others garbage and what is yours, so you will need to pause for a moment and see if you are taking on something that actually is a fear that another person holds. You are to protect yourself at this time and separate from all of that, which will not be that easy!! You are SUPER sensitive at this time and can have your mood plummet over someone else’s actions or unspoken words. You will feel them now and take them on as your own. Just be aware that this may not be you. But also do take the time to look within because your wounds are on the surface and this is your time to bring them into a healthy balance. Discover the hidden power within what you are seeing as a limitation or mistake. And don’t forget that WE LOVE YOU!! You are absolutely cherished and loved.

Oh my! I feel there is so much that is still a great big huge mystery, but at the same time you are feeling like you CAN TRUST THIS. You probably feel more like the risk taker than you have in years and you just want to go for it and try it out, and if things don’t work out like you planned, at least you know you tried. This is a great energy to come through for you! You may notice that your mind is not so much on going back and forth from hope to fear and instead you just want to LEAP and trust that you are protected in all of this. Why would this situation/idea/person drop in your lap if you are not to gobble it up and call it your own? And maybe you need to see that even if things don’t work out, maybe there was something very important for you to learn here! So trust this and move forward. Your intuition is ON POINT and if you get through the journey and need to stop or turn around, you will know at that point. Be content with that. You will not be led off a cliff that leads to rocks that will break your skull (or heart). But you do need more excitement in your life and you do need to show the Universe that you trust this journey of yours and that walking into dark and mysterious rooms are not to be avoided or feared. There may be something with love going on or a renewal of feelings. There is an expansion of your heart, or something showing you how precious and fragile and TEMPORARY life really is. This is part of the energy that is birthing a desire to just GO FOR IT and do it because it is awakening a passion in you. You may also be feeling very creative and wanting to do new things to bring more beauty into your life. This will be a great time to launch a new project or to do something that reaches people far and wide. The next 6 months are sure to be VERY CREATIVE for you and they should feel pretty much like a dream come true. So don’t worry! You are moving into a very fertile space.

Oh this feels good to me! You are coming out on top and seeing with some new eyes into your life as a whole. This feels like you have weathered a storm and now the rainbows are hanging around as you laugh and feel grateful for your life. You may be doing all sorts of things to put your life in order and get the house and business into a healthy flow. You are just much more able to handle taking care of a whole bunch of things knowing that each one brings you closer to feeling okay/safe in this world. You also may be doing something new with your career that lights you up! This is here or it will be coming soon. It makes so much sense and it really feels like it is fun! This is YOUR THING. And honestly, my love, it is only going to grow for some time. You are onto something so hold steady and keep at it. You also will be on the computer more or working with color or design more. This may be that you are redesigning your website or thinking about new offerings to share through publishing or advertising or something like that. It is beautifying and appealing to the eyes. It brings joy, or something like that. You also are another sign that is waking with a new faith in life where you are seeing that it does not pay to worry about or doubt your abilities. And it feels like money has been on your mind because I heard MONEY MONEY MONEY, but that you are being asked to trust your path and know that whatever you need will always show up to pull you through and keep you safe. So you can just forget all about that; put money fears that relate to your future out of your mind. Imagine that you are to inherit money in the near future and let that safe feeling guide you forward. Something is trying to break through and bring you more of a safe and grounded feeling in your life and it will come with aligning more to your souls purpose work. This will greet you, as opportunities are looking for YOU, so don’t be surprised if your path veers into a new direction that you weren’t expecting. But a few feet into this path and you will be like, YAY! I love this! Things are really looking up and you just need to remember that everything is happening just as it was intended to happen and that it ALL will make sense sooner than you think. This next 6 months you are going to GROW in more ways than you could even dream! There are many prizes waiting for you, my love!

Make a wish, my love! And only make it after you have scanned the scope of your life and after discovering what does not give you joy anymore. You are SERIOUSLY seeing all the things that feel out of balance and lacking excitement in your life. If you feel unappreciated or not important in the eyes of others, it will feel HUGE with this Eclipse.   It may even throw you off balance and blow up into something kind of big. You also are very sensitive at this time and may shed some tears over feeling like no one sees you or that you are not important. But just honor all of this as a signpost that something needs to change! Sometimes we feel not seen and we have to hit rock bottom in order to voice those things and bring them back into a healthy balance. This feels like one of those times. And also think about how we don’t really ask for things until they are lacking. When we have no money we freak out about not having money. But when we have money we don’t even think about the lack. And when we are in a sensitive time of not feeling honored or valuable in the eyes of others, it means we need to let them know that we need something, or we need something to change. But if we don’t voice that, how do they know. They just go right along doing their thing. And this feels like a building energy, so it has been going on for some time and this is your opportunity to say I NEED SOMETHING FROM YOU! Now there is a shift occurring soon where you are going to go deeper into this moment and really get clear on remembering your value. This moment is just peeling off a scab and you will go deeper into this healing process next month. For now, just keep it real. Be true to yourself. And make some wishes! Decide how you want your life to look like. Decide to bring in some upgrades or improvements to the situation. You also are being asked to reach out and connect with friends because you may need to get something off your shoulders and they will support you to the max. You may need to be the extrovert at this time because they solve things through talking about them, even if no one else includes their opinions. It is in voicing things that your body understands more about what is going on. Don’t keep anything in at this time. Reach out for support!

Okay baby doll. This is your time to appraise your year so far. This is your time to sit back and really see if things have unfolded as you wished them to a year ago. You may be needing to pull back and hand off duties to others so that you can just do the self care and nourish your soul with silence, yoga, meditation and alone time. It feels there has been a lot that happened this past year and now will be a time to really process that. There is healing reaching out to you in your silent times and retreat spaces. I see this smoke around you that is trying to confuse you and unplug you from all the action of life so that you just zone out and move into the surrender of life. You MAY be getting very confused or will be having a hard time deciding things or taking care of things. It really is a force of energy trying to numb you down and pull you into the retreat. You may also be really tired at this time and will not be on your game. But, again, it is right on schedule. It has a purpose!! So don’t judge yourself or try to push yourself too hard to DO DO DO, because you may. Now if you heed my warning to not push yourself too hard you will slow down to this point of receiving MASSIVE insights into next steps you need to take in your life! This is like how when we meditate we are given a sharp focus into what needs to be done next. But without mediation we can scatter our efforts and do too much. I find that when I make the time to mediate I have MORE time to do what needs to be done because I am centered and receptive to how the energies are calling me in. Without meditation our minds rule the day and this can lead to comparison of others and feelings that something is always wrong with us. You are healing something right now that has you feeling like you need to do more and be more than you actually need to be. I am hearing that you just need to slow down and be open to receiving more. You also are being asked to bring more play into your life and this includes getting together with friends or reconnecting with those who you haven’t heard from in a while. You need this rebirth and it comes through connecting more with people who knew you way back when and who love you no matter what you do in the world.

Oh this is you rebirthing into a more connected and solid soul! You should feel like something is changing and that how you interact with others is feeling more valuable and essential to your life. Something is opening you to being more of a listener as you may even notice that you are so much more connected and focused on what is going on with others around you. There is also something about forgiveness so maybe you are being the bigger being, the wise soul who knows that compassion and letting people off the hook are the ways to happiness. Something shifted in you from the pulled back space you were in where possibly something released out of you from your past. You may have let go of needing something from someone, or just are seeing them as human and doing what they saw as right. You aren’t needing to defend yourself or be all about having to be the one who must be right. This is a beautiful change! Feel it. You feel very balanced and healthy as if you have let go of so much that you may not even realize. I feel you will see this more over the next 6 months as things will magnetize to you based on this new wise perspective you are holding. You may also be thinking about teaching or sharing something from your path walked. This is energy focused on getting you out there and expanding your life in some way so that you feel you are really living it to the max. You may be thinking about traveling or moving or making a big change to your environment. You also can expect an awakening in some way or a realization of something that shifts you completely. This is your time to become a brand new person based on your new beliefs that are supporting you while at the same time launching you. It feels like you are anchored down and in doing so, flying high into new manifestations. You are bringing heaven to Earth, or the mystical to your everyday world, and seeing that life can be total magic! You are holding the keys, my love and you really are onto something. Free the burdens. Lighten your load. Forgive yourself. Let it go. You are LOVED. You are essential.

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