Oh my sweetheart tribe! There is SO MUCH illusion in the air right now. Many people are in a very foggy and frightening space, while equal amounts are in a very future minded optimistic space. And it feels like most people are on the opposite spectrum as far as you can go!  So there is a big gap in the middle where we actually need to be.  I am not saying the optimistic ones are too much in that space, but there is the element of putting excitement onto something that maybe wont really come to pass. There just is so much illusion in the air right now and twists and turns that are yet to play out.

So my advice is to stay grounded in the moment, in the moment, in this moment now. Don’t try to predict anything because illusion rules the world right now. Instead be okay with not knowing how things are going to play out, but DO hope for the best!! KNOW that something good is on the way, but do not try to shape it with words or expectations. Many expectations are going to be shattered in the next few days. This can be like thinking that you KNOW this person will show up to this event and then you get there and they do not and then you are let down. Or, expecting that you will get this new job because it feels so perfect, but then finding out that someone else got it. So that sort of thing. Don’t expect something to happen because things are fluid and still forming.  It really is still a mystery how this will come together and actually look!

Just be open and allow the magic to play out in its own perfect ways and with its own perfect timing. This time now and with the Lunar Eclipse in Aries that comes on Sunday is about us FINDING OUR POWER and recognizing our place in the world. So this means we are inwardly thinking about all the things that are out of balance in our lives and how we DEMAND that they change and align in ways that make us feel NEEDED. So this energy coming up is GREAT for initiating start overs and a time of really taking control of our choices, thoughts and actions.

But for now…. we are still in analyzing mode. And the reason some feel so horrible and out of sync is because you are seeing all the things that MUST CHANGE NOW. And the reason others are feeling so “rose colored glasses” is because they have cleared density and now are going a bit overboard with visions of doing it all, and sort of overnight.

So we all will experience a proper balancing very soon and then we will feel level headed with going towards our dreams, but in a grounded and realistic fashion.  The real big visions of change that we are envisioning for this world are going to happen bit by bit by bit, just the way that they happened in the first place.

We are officially in the High Vibrational Female space now and this means we must clean shop and work to fix all that is out of balance. Babies need to be nurtured with tender care as we cant expect them to walk, talk and feed themselves right after coming out of the womb.  We have been seeing all the things that are out of balance since about 2007, in a collective way,  but now at this time we are finding our place in the world where we work to make a difference with SOMETHING. Allow that power place to build in you. Go SLOWLY. Nothing is going to happen as quickly as you want it to. There is no magic wand to just change everything back to its original state overnight. This is where many will have a rude awakening similar to December 22, 2012 when we woke to see that the world had NOT in fact been transformed by the cosmic wand of magic.

So instead of having a very heavy head space of negativity or extreme positivity, instead just BE.  Just allow things to come to you. Allow inspiration to find you. Allow long hidden wonderings to reach your consciousness. Allow long held dreams to be rebirthed with this NEW YOU vibration. Many of us are going to be doing much different things in the world than what we expect. There is a shifting of guards.  There is a coming out of our comfort zones. There is a element of taking a risk and trying something new that relates to our PERSONAL POWER. But the ending is not here just yet! The final bits of the story have not been told. You are trying to predict how it will turn out and you may be surprised!

Pisces Horoscope Image

My love. This is a life changing preparatory time where we are leading up to a HUGE PURGE coming in two weeks.  So this work now is of extreme importance. And you are in a healing space.  You are to spend time fully in those old memories that you see are attached by patterns. You are going to start seeing things add up… such as this one thing happened when you were 5 and now you have manifested a life that matches the pain/rejection/betrayal you experienced back then.  For many people these experiences will be linked between sexual abuse, rejection of partners, feeling low self worth, and rejecting the body.  You also are shedding layers of OTHER peoples dramas. This may be that you are repeating the patterns of your parents in some way, or you have taken on some wounded fear of another and have made it your own.  This is a time you need to stand alone as you look upon what you have manifested in your life. You need to see how injustice done to you is THEIR thing to deal with and should not be something you are taking on and then manifesting as the victim.  There is a root here and you are to get to it now!  Go back to the beginning and retrace your steps. See how what you have manifested or even not allowed yourself to feel is all because of something that happened so long ago when you were told to keep it quiet or bury what you now know. Burying that also planted the seed that said you are worth nothing and you deserve to suffer and experience difficulties. You may wonder if anyone even has ever loved you. But no matter what comes up at this time, know that it is showing you something where you need to expect and demand more. You are valuable! Remember that! Remember your purity and remember that you can change it all back to that reborn space with a slight shift of your mind.  Release what is not yours and send it back to them NOW. Start a new story of what you deserve RIGHT NOW.

Aquarius Horoscope Image

My love. This is a life changing preparatory time where we are leading up to a HUGE PURGE coming in two weeks.  So this work now is of extreme importance.  And for you everything is about the tone you use and the words you choose to describe your life.  This energy is screaming at you to let all the baggage go, all the sad memories, all the heavy weight of times past when things did not seem to go your way. Just let it go. Release it from your mental bank. It is so important that you move out of creating a future based on how much has not worked out in your past.  This means memories galore will come to you as you connect the patterns and see that because of THAT, you now have manifested THIS. Every time someone made you feel small or every time someone made you feel like you do not fit in and every time someone rejected you and left you without an explanation and every time you have longed to escape instead of facing situations head on… LET THEM GO. Like a story that has reached the ending, close the book and move on.  Why are you staying in stories that make you feel unhappy?  You wouldn’t keep reading a book over and over that was boring or had no appeal. So let all that pain go. You must keep your eyes on the horizon with an excitement for what is to come based on this clear slate you are creating. Remember that habits are developed over a four week continuous pattern. So start a new pattern right now remembering how valuable and perfect and gifted you really are. You will waiver over the first two weeks, and each time that happens I want you to come back and read this reading.  The cosmic forces are on your side and they just want you to create a new space that only grows abundant and beautiful flowers. So pick out the weeds now and know that each one that you pluck from your consciousness is gone forever. THAT is how potent this energy is right now.

Capricorn Horoscope Image

My love. This is a life changing preparatory time where we are leading up to a HUGE PURGE coming in two weeks.  So this work now is of extreme importance.  And you are clearing out things from your foundation that have you walking on these sort of hot coals, or unstable floor boards where at any moment you may fall through and really hurt yourself. You have been trying to juggle too much when you are not really in the safe space you need to be. This can also feel like you have built a house on top of a shifting sand and you really KNOW this right now.  Well, you have known it for some time, but right now it is like every thing you look at feels like a warning sign begging you to make some changes. This will take courage because it has to do with taking you out of your comfort zone, but these things cannot be ignored, so the stamina to make them happen is going to naturally flow in anyway.  One thing that also could occur is that you will be stopped from moving forward on some big time dreams until this foundation situation is dealt with. So if anything falls apart with your career, or with anything that relates to a big dream, just know it is put on pause until you can create a solid foundation in your life, with which to HOLD those dreams.  There may be something with a move or a shift, and honestly this also has to do with you walking more powerful roles in the world, so it may just be that you need to scream from the rooftops that you NEED more.  You will not just want to settle and accept the bare basics as you are being asked to upgrade and go a bit bigger than what you are used to.  You are to hold the vision that you can start over and that you should not be afraid of what that may mean. I also just saw that there is a big mesh holding back some amazing things to come until you do this work at home, or until you clear these childhood wounds, or until you make peace with those who have hurt you, or until you move to a home space that is valuing of you, or until you clean up some leak of energy within your foundation. Listen, you can almost hear the ssssss of the air leak. Where is it?  Look around. Find it now and fix it now.

Sagittarius Horoscope Image

My love. This is a life changing preparatory time where we are leading up to a HUGE PURGE coming in two weeks.  So this work now is of extreme importance.  And you are on the lookout for ways to use your gifts for more benefit of the world at large. There is something shifting in you that just wants to make more of a difference and not to be so consumed with just being seen for your individual efforts. You are feeling the merge energy and are probably coming up with great ideas for how to connect with others in order to have more affects out in the world. You may even be thinking more about taking your work to the streets and affecting others because you LOVE to do it and not just from the perspective of making money and being well known.  And your heart is so up front and center right now because more than anything you just want to love your life!  You want to take those risks and to go for what really lights you up. You may even leave a job or lose a job or will have something occur that tries to merge you to this other way of making a living. And if you are called to go self-employed, you will not have any shortage of ideas, as your mind is FERTILE with seeing what the world needs now.  So expand your mind into stepping into your ultimate dream. RISKS are on the table and are encouraged IF they fill your heart up with excitement.  Your heart is guiding the way on all paths for you right now and you can trust this. A cliff is approaching and you will know whether this is the one for you to leap off of, or if you should wait for one that is higher up.  Stand at the edge, move past your fear, and feel if THIS is what your heart really wants. You can also tune into your facial expressions, because the risks for you to take will have you smiling even if what is before you is frightening.  Things will unfold over the next year, but you are really taking some first steps into something that is exactly what you were built to do.  Your career is up for some huge upgrades and this sort of feels scary with how quickly things can grow and expand, but you are ready for this, and it feels a bit in the future so you are still learning some of the things that you may later teach or offer to the world.  Get used to those feelings in your gut that are part excitement and part total fear that this really can happen.

Scorpio Horoscope Image

My love. This is a life changing preparatory time where we are leading up to a HUGE PURGE coming in two weeks.  So this work now is of extreme importance.  This is to be a time when you are to totally transform all the energetics of your words into ones that are totally supportive and trusting of all that life has to offer. This may be that you start to notice that you only want to create peace and to not need to be always right or always seeing how others are wrong. There is also something here with surrendering, so it may be that you are letting go of trying to be something for someone else and will realize that you just need to be true to you.   There is a new deep and solid trust that is birthing in you and it may actually have you slowing down and allowing more to unfold in its own perfect way. You may also have had something happen that makes you see how this moment now makes TOTAL sense in relation to the road you have traveled and this should give you some joy.  This can be like where you are finally taking steps into your ultimate dream and how you see that you now have so many more connections or wisdom because you waited and learned all that you did along the way. There is synchronicity here too so it may be that you had all these trials and tribulations on your journey to this destination but when you go there you bumped into a long lost friend that you haven’t seen in 20 years. So it is something that shows you that all the wait was worth it.  You are connecting things more clearly at this time and it really does show you that we have this magnificent Living Universe who is really the one in charge and that you can trust her!   Keep your thoughts on ONLY holding the ones that reinforce that all will work out just fine.  Let go of thinking anything negative or being too suspicious when you do not really have all of the story just yet. You also are in the retreat space, so this moment is to be one of inner contemplation and not too much forward motion.  You will want to move forward in just a few weeks where the energies are more supportive and will make any transitions a bit easier and more fruitful.   This is actually the best time to take a break, sit back, scan over the last year and then set some intentions for how you would like to make this next year the best one EVER. You have a lot of supportive energy amplifying your dreams right now.

Libra Horoscope Image

My love. This is a life changing preparatory time where we are leading up to a HUGE PURGE coming in two weeks.  So this work now is of extreme importance.  This is a big time of healing some things that have been holding you back. You are very much going back into the past and into your childhood times, primarily, to seek out what beliefs you have taken on that now have manifested a life that feels a bit unsatisfying. This is a time when you are to separate yourself from the impressions of others where you have just gone along with things and not really stood your unique and individual ground. Your energies are wanting to grow more defined and more protected so that you only feel the YOU in things and not always the WE in things. There are murky edges and it can have you not feeling like yourself, or confused and unstable. You actually are being asked to make more time when you can get out into nature and hook up to the natural flows of our Mama Earth. You are to plant your bare feet on the soil and to tune into moving your energies down through the feet.  You may even want to keep a box of dirt in your house where you can stand in it at times when you feel flustered and unclear with your boundaries. This is really important for you right now. The Earth elements are trying to connect more with you as a way to wake you up to YOUR true unadulterated energies. It is important that you find who you really are and own the power of who that is.  You also are to make much time for mediation and retreat because of how CLOSE to being hooked up you are. This feels like there are angels or star beings around you and they are trying to get your attention but you are too focused on others and their needs and trying to make them happy. This is not what you should be doing. If anything just be a source of support for others but do not try to save them or keep them from experiences their soul needs to live anyway. We need the attention on you right now. It is important that you uncover your power. It is under murky layers of others garbage and drama. But it is there!!  Go quiet, be out in nature, WANT to connect and the magic will happen. You are so close!

Virgo Horoscope Image

My love. This is a life changing preparatory time where we are leading up to a HUGE PURGE coming in two weeks.  So this work now is of extreme importance.  This is some good news for you!  You are doing some amazing work, my love! And I know it has not been easy because there has been much looking into deep and dark wells of your life. This feels like a horror movie where the music makes you think something frightening is coming, so it has you on edge and just wanting to turn this movie off and go to bed and hope that all will be resolved in the morning.  This has not been an encouraging journey that makes you want to purge, and instead it feels like what you would rather just avoid.  But. You did it. You held steady, you looked deeply inward and now you are coming to the point where patterns are being discovered and here is where you can clean up the fragments so that a smooth energy manifests in your life. This can be a break from things tripping you up as suddenly there is a surrendering settling in that makes you feel like you are right where you should be.  It also is enlightening to finally see that it is THIS or THAT. And those pieces coming together will amp you up to continue on this healing journey and to do it with gusto. You also are uncovering the wounds that have had you feeling like you had little worth. And those are being obliterated and zapped so that you may hardly even remember thinking such a ridiculous thing. There is a strength building in you and it is where you will be more amped up to take HUGE risks knowing that your heart is telling you to do this for a reason. You will be guided into a new path that feels creative based and where your input is a huge part of it all coming together.  The YOU in things is getting more important as others too are recognizing that you have SO much to offer. You probably are alive with new ideas and this will continue into next month.  I am being shown a crowd of many people and this is a slow movement but you are growing larger than all of them. Hold that in mind with each bad habit you work to break and all that you do to surround yourself with people and things that value who you are.  It is important that you are around others who SEE you and SEE where you are going.

Leo Horoscope Image

My love. This is a life changing preparatory time where we are leading up to a HUGE PURGE coming in two weeks.  So this work now is of extreme importance.  You are waking to your WORTH!  You are saying FUCK THAT SHIT about NOT allowing your mind to question who you are or to wear this false confidence front. You are waking to how you make yourself seem bigger when you are feeling insecure and you just don’t want to do that anymore.  You just want to vibrate CONFIDENCE and to the core and with no matter what comes into your life to throw you off balance.  You may also be doing something with letting go of needing to think you have to force things or make things happen with your career, or with things you are hoping will spread far and wide.  Suddenly you are seeing that you would rather just welcome in the flow and to trust that it will always bring you the best things possible.  Now this very important shift is actually occurring because you are letting go of judging yourself so harshly and holding these outrageous standards that are really hard to keep up with. It is like it all must be perfect, but you are realizing there is perfection in the flaws.  You also are going to be spending a lot of time falling in love with yourself again. You are to engage in nourishing self-care and also with surrounding yourself with only things that honor your value. Enough of doing things that you are only doing because you think you should, or because they are good ideas. Instead, you will only focus into the areas where you EXCEL and then you will put your all into that. There is the need to narrow things down and become an expert on one or two.   Just remember they carry a big piece of who you are and they light your heart up like nothing else. Follow those clues.

Cancer Horoscope Image

My love. This is a life changing preparatory time where we are leading up to a HUGE PURGE coming in two weeks.  So this work now is of extreme importance.  This feels to me like you are really working to create a healthy balance with your work and home. There has been a shift that is waking you more to your purpose, or to the narrowing down of doing what you really love to do.  This can mean you are making more time to spend with people or to only focus on the aspects of your work that you truly excel with. You want to make the most out of life!  You want to live each moment fully so that when you are older you will not be full of regrets.  You want to reach out to people more and to connect with your tribe. You also are being filled with many ideas that relate to affecting others or with sharing more of what you know so that others can benefit from your gifts.  It is very important to you right now that what you offer MEANS something to others.  You somehow want what you offer to make an impact on others even if it just makes them smile, or helps them to believe in themselves.   There also is something with promotion, so you may be thinking about how to help others do more with their own gifts. I see that you following your heart and only doing what you love to do, which is what you are really good at, is being upgraded to affect OTHERS.  So your reach is expanding and it really is all coming from your genuine care for others well being.  There is also something with energy within your home and there is to be a new source of excitement or beauty occurring there.  I saw this as a shift that almost turns it in the opposite direction.  So this may be a move, or just something is changing in you so that you are appreciating more of what you do have and not feeling so much about what is out of balance. It is a correction… almost like moving into the space of where it was supposed to be all along.  There is a coming home feeling to this where things are finally settling into something that feeds your soul.

Gemini Horoscope Image

My love. This is a life changing preparatory time where we are leading up to a HUGE PURGE coming in two weeks.  So this work now is of extreme importance.  You are another sign that is experiencing a DEEP and to the core healing. I saw this as you standing there and all these layers just fell to the ground, as if you have really let go of something through the will of your desire to just surrender into these energies. It looked like a silk robe just slinkering to the ground, and many more beneath each other. You may be feeling pretty rocky right now, or just today because you purged so much, but after that I feel LIGHT! I feel an amazing light coming from you and it is something you maybe have not ever felt before. It feels like being okay with it all or suddenly receiving the insight that all is good and that you can trust this Living Universe.  So gauge that and know if there are any dark feelings still it is just the detox, but that a NEW LIGHT is entering your life.  And it feels exciting!  There is going to be so much movement and all towards what lights you up and makes you feel excited about life. You are geared to take some huge risks and they may involve a change with the home or something leaving your foundation space.  This feels like something from your past that you have carried along with you, possibly taking it from home to home, or relationship to relationship, and now you are just going to let all that go. You may even want to give things away and to lighten your load.  This is the time to make the drops at the donation centers. You may even reveal things that were secrets and this will lead to a release of pressure off your shoulders.  I see this one as something like a volcano that has been holding so much in and now finally the impetus is here to start exhaling all of this. You are all about releasing anything that is holding you back, having you feel insecure or having you feeling like you do not have a place in this world.  Oh but you do! And you are set to find that and to make it your own over this next 6 months. This is also a heightened creative space you are in, so you can expect that solutions are coming and they come in the most synchronistic ways. You may even have animal guides show up to give you messages at this time.  Pay close attention!  Even if it is just a wasp, it means something. (Look that up now. I said it for a reason).

Taurus Horoscope Image

My love. This is a life changing preparatory time where we are leading up to a HUGE PURGE coming in two weeks.  So this work now is of extreme importance.  You are on fire! This is a time when you are all about establishing order and putting things into place FROM the perspective of knowing that THEN you can surrender into the flows of life.  You may be very aware of clutter or things that have energy around you that may be sucking you dry. It almost feels like you have x-ray eyes right now and are drawn to all things that are not in a healthy balance with your DREAMS. This can also feel like you are nitpicking things apart but it really is that you are so tuned to what you want your life to look like so all else feels horrible to you.  What you are being asked to do is to look at what is not a match to your vibration and JUST put it out there that you would like that to be corrected. You really don’t have to do so much about it as in footwork because you are hooked up to a magic genie that is saying TELL ME and I WILL TAKE CARE OF IT. And this is perfect because you have so many other things to be focusing on!  You are HOOKED UP on the creativity train and the ideas are going to be plentiful for a year to come. And not only that but they are destined to be big. They are destined to create shifts and to also be things that can be wildly successful in the eyes of others.  You may be learning something new or even working on new projects in collaboration. You are really learning to go with the flow and to trust all the signs and omens and synchronicities that are guiding you forward. Your body will speak louder with this too, so maybe you are thinking about hiring someone and when you meet up with them you get really tired. THAT is your sign. They are not the correct person for you. You will learn to only go towards people and things that give you energy and light you up.  You are going to let go of control, because when you control things they will likely fall apart at this time.  Instead you are learning to live life through SPIRIT and through feeling where you are moved.  This makes it so much easier. You will see.  Don’t question a thing, just go towards the GOLDEN feelings.

Aries Horoscope Image

My love. This is a life changing preparatory time where we are leading up to a HUGE PURGE coming in two weeks.  So this work now is of extreme importance.  You are going through so many changes. There is a new lightness that is to be felt very soon as if you have left a long dark care. There may be more hope flowing through you where suddenly you have seen the light and now KNOW you can create change, where before you were having doubts. Your mind is being upgraded in ways that will have you speaking not so much in the tone of “DO AS I SAY”, but instead in ways that have people WANTING to do whatever you say. So this is an energy thing. This is like with force versus motivation. You will be inspiring others to do as you say through the ways that you say it.  You also are in a mirror period, so you will be around people who speak in forceful ways and also some that speak in empowering ways. So you will be learning through others and observing the results of how they operate.  You are being schooled in this manner because you are being prepared for bigger things.  You are the master motivator sign of the zodiac and how and what you share with others can be like a life changer. But at this point of the game in history, when we are all waking to our sovereignty, the ones who get to the top and who receive all the opportunities to be the great influencers are watching the power of their words!  You are going to be very aware over the next 6 months with your power to charm the bees.  You also will be experiencing huge shifts in how you talk about and judge yourself in your mind. So there will be a clearing and suddenly you will feel very positive and hopeful with all situations.  This is going to lead to people seeing you in a new way and one that puts you into leadership roles.  You are going places!  You are going to influence people in some way and it really all hinges on how much of the “my way or the highway” can leave your system.  It also is changing because of how you do WANT to create peace. You want to be in tune to what others need so that you can be a catalyst in their growth process.  This demands that you focus less on yourself and more on others.