Pisces Horoscope Image

This is quite a time for you! There are changes occurring on so many levels that you may not even feel like you know ANYTHING about life or with what is to come. It feels like you are going through a rebirth space that is bringing something in excess so that you can be muted in regards to its potency in your life. This is like tearing you apart, but for the purpose of instilling a new strength or a new coping ability in regards to the emotions being brought up. This may be with anger, or with your emotional state or even with something where you put yourself down or forget your actual power. And the pounding or the intensity is for the purpose of sculpting this new expression of who YOU REALLY ARE. Basically, you are being broken down in order to find your true power. You are being primed into position so that you can walk taller and with absolute assuredness of your power and thus, potential. When we really know our power it becomes a 100% hookup of energies that changes how we walk, talk, and manifest in the world. You OWN things when you are in your power. But the life journey is all about the owning of the power and unfortunately at this point the numbers who really own their power are probably 1 in 100,000 humans. And when you own your power, you can own this life experience and your ability to change physical events to your favor. Own your power and you own it all. So now you are quietly pondering over ways to restructure your life and to align things in a way that bring purpose and value to your steps taken. This means you want to be in exciting partnerships and satisfying career expressions. You are saying NO to some things and YES YES YES to others. This means DRASTIC changes, endings, rebirths and all for the purpose of introducing you to the NEW PATH. So feel it all out and go hog wild crazy enthusiastic into all areas that feel exciting to you. And purge the rest, release it, let it go, hand it off, share it with another, ask for help, let someone take care of you and THEN see what is left. That there is where you will find the NEW JOY that will express and evolve over this whole year.

Aquarius Horoscope Image

This feels like a spring of excitement or change or hope is in the air for you! It feels like there has been a restructuring and now a purging where you are bringing more balance into your life through letting some things go and releasing a burden of judgment that was projected onto self. From self, to self — the most dangerous kind. But something is bringing more hope and this has you changing your tune. You may be seeing things in action from others that are showing you a new perspective and this has you believing that things ARE happening for a reason AND that they really are right on schedule. It feels like you are still in the thick of so much but that glimmers of light are reaching out to you and reminding you, waking you up to the truth, that you are okay and it is okay and you will be just fine –with a kiss and an I PROMISE tagged with its delivery. You don’t need to worry and you just need to keep moving forward with these new plans and TRUST that it will unfold as it should. You are not in the position of knowing what is going on right now and you can easily fall into a fear state which then has you losing the ability to hear your intuition. So just be okay with taking steps but not really knowing what the end result will be. Be okay with not knowing it all right now and instead tune into your gut and your heart and see how things feel for you. If there is fear, suspicion or a hesitancy then it is placed there to make you do a bit more of reconsideration. And as always, this also can be a timing issue as things are still coming together and a new course of action cannot be jumped onto until the signs are ALL CLEAR. But you are moving and changing something. It is coming into balance and about to reveal more of why you have had to walk recent steps. This feels very much like climbing a mountain where you finally reach a pass where you are being rewarded with a glimpse of the beauty of the valley below and this is going to inspire you with a new sense of joy to continue on and see what is even further on this adventurous journey of your life!

Capricorn Horoscope Image

This feels to me like you have recently been pulled up from the roots. I got the image of a carrot being yanked out of the ground! So this tells me that it IS ACTUALLY TIME for this, but that it also is bringing a bit of a shock because you got all comfortable in this position and even though you knew the time may come, it stills feels like a bit of a shock. And you are still in the adjustment space, but it does feel like you are leaving this old thing and have gotten a few miles out of town so that you are starting to accept this loss/abandonment/death situation. And I see you walking towards a new terrain and a new look of something. It does still feel to be a bit in the distance so you are still in the walking towards space but that there is excitement here and also many rewards to come upon arrive of this NEW THING. So be excited and just envision this becoming WONDERFUL and very soul satisfying. No need to worry or be in fear. This is bringing the energy of change, but it is about upgrading and applying improvements to, so in the long run it is all for the good. There also is confusion around the why of things and you can just let that go. That is an energy you don’t need to meddle with, as clarity will come bit by bit with all the improvements that are to take shape in your life. I am hearing MAY as being a turning point or the month when all of THIS RIGHT NOW will make sense and the why will be better understood. So just walk freely and towards all that is lighting the way with hope. Rest assured that answers don’t need to be found at this point, as there IS a testing occurring in regards to you just needing to let go control and open to the natural flow. Creativity IS highlighted and this is telling me that you are wise to spend time in new ideas, new concepts and with discovering new solutions for patterns already put into place — rework them and now be open to the guidance flowing through that shows you how to do them better. Recycle what you can reuse, but be open to better solutions that are trickling into your intuitive sensing radars.

Sagittarius Horoscope Image

There is an energy of being pulled that is showing up here and it may feel like you are on the go and have so much to take care of and your mind feels ALIVE with choices and ideas and options. You may also be researching something or shopping for something as it feels like a project that is long term and full of many details to decide upon. But this feels like it is fun for you! It is fun to think it all through and map it all out. But it does feel like a lot and consuming through mind. You also are very wired to rework things or to make improvements or upgrades. It feels like you are seeing things from a different angle and now you have more ideas that bring things up a level. It is a timing thing where you really just had to have this new space to see things in a better light. It feels like there is so much to do and to think about and this is why you are feeling pulled and torn in many directions. But I also feel like you are handling it like a pro! It is exciting to have so much to decide and figure out. This doesn’t feel heavy but it does feel jam-packed. You also are working on a project that is either related to something creative or with children or with something that is set to bring more joy into your life. Again this feels like it is in the preps stage so there is all this foundational work to be completed. I also see you with a foot in two different places so you are walking something that is providing you with hands on work, but you are also creating something that is yet to be fully walked. It is expansive and wants to influence your career, or at least how we see you in your professional space. It is something that elevates your influence in the world, but it also is something very much behind the scenes or being worked. So allow your dreams to unfold organically and with no cutting of the corners. Focus on all nuances, all details and all the many, many things that still need to be done.

Scorpio Horoscope Image

Oh wow. This one feels like you are ready to SPREAD YOUR WINGS and take some risks in life that help you to feel ALIVE again. Something feels like it needs to break out of a mold or to change in VERY drastic ways. You are being encouraged to leap into dark spaces that come as excitement but with no clarity. It can be how you remember that you always wanted to do this thing, and you won’t know how you can do this thing, and maybe you have even been told that it can’t be done, but the excitement will birth in you a new plan that reminds you that you don’t NEED to KNOW those things. You don’t need to know how it will look and what to expect at every step of the journey. You just need to remember that you have ALWAYS wanted to do this and then you need to drive forward with THAT knowing in your heart. You need some more excitement! You need to drive with no map, and travel with no agenda. You need to get back to the basics where you just listen to what feels good and then try it out with no expectations. It’s important that you do not have expectations of what you are longing to bring into your life, and instead just get out there and start the journey. This really does feel like medicine for your soul as you are needing to disconnect from things that are predictable, and instead test out some foreign waters that entice you with the risk of it all. This is like you need a whole bunch of situations that come as 3 box choices where you have to choose which one FEELS like the winner. You NEED that sort of risky excitement right now. There is also the need to travel with no boundaries and to make more time for alone and quiet contemplation. There are solutions for EVERYTHING hidden from you that come when you make the space to be in the meditative mind. You actually have genius ideas in you that will only come when you are alone and can surrender to answers naturally flowing into your consciousness. You are being invited to surrender fully and to trust that you will come out the winner of it all if you just accept that Spirit is your co-creator with all of this. Trust this. And then get moving on whatever arrives as an experience that you just MUST try out.

Libra Horoscope Image

It feels like things are starting to balance out for you, but at the same time it still feels like so much is unclear! There has been something that is a disconnect or huge change and what it really seems to be is that an old pattern is being ever so slightly shifted out of you. This may have you feeling SO CHANGED but that you don’t really remember when it happened. It is that thing where we just wake up and don’t recognize ourselves in the mirror any longer. Where did the time go? How did I get here? Is there enough time to still live out my dreams? Now I feel a bit of lower energy with this reading so you may feel a bit nostalgic or sad for something that is no longer in your life. But I also see that light is coming really soon on this and that that balance point I talked about will occur where you will surrender into this thing and accept that it really is for the best. And then this opens a gate or brings the next part on your path. You also are being asked to trust your life and to understand that mid project things CAN look a bit chaotic and not okay. In the middle of cleaning our houses it CAN look worse off than before we started. But we are not to give up on this and instead are to keep at the work needing to be done. This almost feels like you are being asked to be a disciplined little worker bee and to just take one step at a time doing what needs to be done RIGHT NOW. You are not to question how things look and instead are to trust that this is forming into something important. But it does feel like massive change and where you are fed up with staying behind or not taking risks. You want to live life! You don’t want to have regrets. You don’t want fears to hold you back from doing things that are foreign and different. This risk taking may also deal with love and this tells me that you are to look where you normally would NOT look. You are to expect that any day you leave your house you may bump into the next love on your journey. But there feels like a surprise here! It feels way different from what you have THOUGHT was your thing.

Virgo Horoscope Image

This is going to be a very busy time as it feels like there are many details to handle but that each one being tackled is sort of empowering you to know that maybe you can handle anything! So there is something energizing coming from all that you are putting into order. I just got the image of the Pyramids and that you are laying down and aligning the foundational pieces in order to build upon each layer. This has you looking closely at each layer, KNOWING that you only get this chance once and that you had best take all details into consideration. You don’t want to put this thing at the bottom that naturally turns to clay and dissolves. You may need to spend more or invest more but the thought needs to be on high quality and no cutting of the corners. There is something with creating sustainably and with potential to have a long life. Building something is really important right now and ideas are coming to you that will create a solid and long lasting foundation. This also feels like you are changing and seeing yourself in new ways WITH ideas of your future self and with thinking over what needs to be changed to facilitate a smooth transition into how you WANT to be seen or honored for your gifts. This feels like you are making plans for your future dreams and getting very clear on what needs to die or be let go of and what needs more of your attention at this time. You may even want to study something new or to focus more love and attention into YOUR THING. And this new thing may be coming from new thoughts where you really want to make the most of your true gifts. This is that narrowing down energy so that a stronger force can carry your real gifts forward. Often when we over saturate into too many areas, they all end up short changing themselves and losing potency. But when we narrow it in on only doing what we really LOVE to do and have always had an interest in doing that it takes off like wild fire. Think about YOUR THING right now. Think about what you have to offer others because of the journey you have walked. And forgive yourself for all that you feel you have not done yet! Let go of picking yourself apart with reasons to keep yourself smaller and feeling unworthy of the good life. You may have those shame and blame thoughts right now and each one needs to be halted as if you are teaching a puppy not to pee on the floor or to stay away from the kitty. LEAVE IT. Teach yourself to say that when you start putting yourself down or judging yourself to pieces. Leave it. Step away from it. Move away from it. Stop it right now. You don’t deserve to be put down, my love.

Leo Horoscope Image

There is so much being thought of and put together right now as if you are about to move or about to make a big life change. This is showing up as eyes on the horizon and trying to think of all the details that you don’t want to miss. You have time with this so it is in the future but you really want to get this right and not fall back into old patterns that may change the outcome. There also is something with learning something new or changing something in partnership to someone. This may be that new roles are going to come into play or something is being handed off and divided with another. You are thinking about others, but wanting to do something in a new way and one that comes from experience and knowing. You may be seeking out others who have traveled your path so that you can be better prepared and feel like you have all things covered. It is important that you work on this foundation and get all the pieces put together because you really are developing a new way to do something that is near and dear to your heart. You are going to travel a road that is pretty much your dream and you just want to make sure that you are prepared for everything. So you also are being asked not to worry or to go through those scarcity fears of thinking you will not have enough. You are to trust that you are safe and that your dreams will blossom just wonderfully. There is the issue that you may be looking so far in the future and that you can’t imagine how all of this can work out and that can create fears and insecurities. Just know that the path that is taking you in now is YOURS to travel and you don’t need to look to your past or anything negative as a possibility for what is to come. There also is something saying that others are coming to you and asking for advice or something where they are seeing you as an answers person or someone who can guide them along. This may bring some new change in your future too. You may discover a new way to share more of what you got and it comes from being an authority or guide in some way. People will start reaching out soon if they have not already.

Cancer Horoscope Image

This feels like things are so out of your hands and coming as destiny. It really feels like you are in a roller coaster ride and fully buckled in, so you are safe, but that you have no control over the steering wheel! There is also something with movement and things going so quickly by you that you are sort of confused as to where you are and what you need to do. There also is something yet to come that has you in this anticipatory state and you are being asked to not worry and to trust this synchronistic journey. The roller coaster ride shows me that you are going all over the place and will be learning to be more disciplined since you only have a brief time with each new thing coming at you. You will be learning to put your 100% into things when they are in front of you but then to go with the flow when the whole scene flips upside down in on itself. There feels to be surprises in store but you are just being asked to trust it all. There also are some fears with money or that there is not going to be enough in the future. There are calculations being done and you think that things do not add up but you will see as you just walk this path with trust in your heart that things DO line up and will ALWAYS SUPPORT YOU. Whenever I feel the roller coaster ride I also know that this is a divinely guided experience and that you don’t have to worry about making wrong decisions. Just know that you can’t get any of this wrong and when the decision is decided you will make the correct one for your path. This is a fertile time for you so be careful if you are not planning for a baby. Also you will be very focused into your own children or something that is budding and growing into something that will give you much joy. Be excited for the potential and breathe blessings and love into its manifestation. You also are in a clearing out process where the old is trying to leave your system. This can bring sudden tears and sadnesses out of the blue. So just be okay with the emotions right now. Things do feel very uncertain and unclear but there is no reason to dream up the worst-case scenario because I can SEE that you are safe and not in ANY harms way. Its just roller coaster weather for you; up and down and sensitive feelings! You won’t be on this forever and then you can plant your feet into solid ground.

Gemini Horoscope Image

You are in the heart of organizing your life for a future event that is in your dreams but maybe not in your reality just yet. This may have something to do with the ground, or soil or something changing on the home front. It feels like designing or something with floor plans. You are looking at how to rework things or how to put them in order so that things can have the potential to grow wildly and prosperously. You may even be doing something with feng shui or with working the energy around your property. There is a focus on the future and on coming seasons. There is a yearning for warmer weather and those lighthearted feelings we tend to have when things are blooming and full of new life. There also is some nostalgia here where you are remembering things from the past and there are some tears to this as loss or regret. But there also is strength to this where you may notice you are changing in regards to how you are handling things that are long gone and that cannot be returned to us. I just felt a deep sigh that makes me think of resignation or acceptance that leads to moving on. And THIS energy is going to lift you higher and have you feeling more hope for your future and for how things can be in your future. Did you see how many times I wrote FUTURE in this reading! I keep seeing it! This tells me that something important is going to change things and it comes in one of the 2 next seasons. And for now you are preparing for this and also using your intentions to create a bountiful and beautiful scene that is to come! This says HANG IN THERE, have hope, believe that things will unfold magically and know that you are supported and safe on this journey. This will also be a great time to focus on changes with your business or with integrating ideas so that things can run smoothly. There is a need to get kinks out and to put focus on what needs to be upgraded and improved upon. You should be far away in your thoughts where you are coming up with new ways to do old things. There are many ideas to pay attention to!

Taurus Horoscope Image

This will be an excellent time to get down to business in seeing what needs to be changed with your career and with how you WANT to be seen within your profession. You are at that point every year where you really start to see how you want to be living life a year from now. This is when ideas start to flow out of you and you see more clearly into what is working and what is really not. You are especially to pay attention at this time of the year to opportunities that are coming together. Things that are coming to you now carry the vibration of what you will expound on during the year. And if you are in a holding position at this point then you can expect that this year will be one where you are still studying or developing something or that things will slow down to birth another aspect of your life. So honor what this time is bringing up in you. It is a guidepost for the year ahead and the themes on your mind will only grow and blossom during the next several months. You also will be focused during this time on finding the CORRECT team members of your tribe. This may have you examining the work you are doing or who you are working around. You may also be looking at partnerships to see if they are still growing in a healthy manner. All situations where you are joining with others are going to go through shifts so that there is only a perfect alignment going on. You also are being asked to hold a positive perspective on how your dreams are unfolding. Many of you are racing to keep up and need to stay positive that you will find a clearing up ahead to take a break. And others are not seeing the movement or growth they desire just yet, so they are needing to hold steady knowing that their dreams are still a work in progress. Timing is coming up so you are being asked to trust that where you are now is exactly where you need to be in order to learn the lessons of your Soul. You may also be experiencing aggression from others where they are dumping things on you or operating in a way that sort of pushes your buttons. It feels like you are a magnet for others sketchy behavior at this time and it may be that you need to stand up and shut it down. Often with Taurus you are learning to have a voice and say when you do not like something. Others can steam roll over you if you are too passive. So if you are seeing or hearing irrational behavior with others don’t be afraid to shut it down and say that you do not approve of this. Your uprisings are so rare that when you do finally stand up and speak your mind, others tend to bow down quickly and awaken instantly to the error of their ways. So don’t be afraid to use your voice to calm the irrationality flowing around you. Bust it apart! Change its flow.

Aries Horoscope Image

So this is actually bringing a bit of excitement to your life! This one feels like opportunities are coming or something is pulling you more into a group scene where your offerings will be utilized and respected. It feels almost like finding home or finding a new purpose where you see that you ARE good at this and can make a difference. This feels very much souls purpose related so I imagine you have already had ideas on your mind about how to take closer steps to work that feels like it is giving back and affecting others for the better. You may find that a friend makes a connection for you or offers you something that bridges you closer to your dreams. Others are coming in as a catalyst for the change to arrive in your future. Do understand that the changes coming are where you are taking a more authoritative role in something that is possibly internet, publishing or writing based. You may even get opportunities to teach what you know or to in some way guide or assist others. You may also be delving into a new study or something long term that you will EVENTUALLY be an authority on. Something is starting and taking off at this time, but it may be in the learning process and not yet the exhalation of the wisdom. And I am hearing that you need to be open to how this arrives because it feels like it comes as a surprise but something that makes so much sense. There is also beauty, creativity and excitement in what others will offer you at this time. So keep your mind clear on what you would like to see happen in your life! If you want to be a columnist in a magazine – imagine yourself doing that and make a list of articles you would love to write. If you want to be a life coach (which actually will be the number 1 needed job, along with ALL healing based jobs, in the next few years!) then learn all you can about ways to help others bring improvements into their lives and practice on your own life! Some of you are graduating and going off to do your thing at this time, while others are delving into the study of what they will later share as their thing. Be okay with where ever you are with this. There really are no mistakes occurring with your grand plan. So if you are feeling any slow down or retreat callings, know that you are on the healing path for this leg of the journey, and putting you on PAUSE is allowing the ideas to flow through you along with the release awakenings of what needs to be transformed and leg go of. This is time to shed skins, experience the AH-HA, lighten the load and hone in on what will truly make you feel like you have a purpose and reason for being here now. Don’t worry! Clarity is on the rise when you slow down and use energy to manifest your intentions.

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