This is the beginning of what is going to be a pretty intense ride, that lasts for several months.  These energies are ALL OVER THE PLACE.  One day you will feel happier then you ever dreamed. And the next, so frustrated you can’t hardly breathe.  This is serious instability, but oh let me tell you that the highs DO feel so divine! They are what will be inspiring you to do what you need to do when you move through the lows.

Now do understand that there IS a reason for this season and there IS a way to handle it so that the learning comes quick and the CHANGE IN YOU comes sooner…  Watch more on this in the New Moon Video.

And loves, you got this!! You can handle this! You WILL get through this!!
And if the emotions come, and take you by storm, ALLOW THEM.
We all really need a good cry right now.

And don’t forget! Read your
SUN, MOON & RISING SIGNS for the complete story!


Pisces Horoscope Image

PISCES :: Oh my, is love on the way?  YES. It is. And this is going to be a love that reaches out to you from your decision to FIRMLY make changes in your life that honor your time, your gifts, and your sweet, sweet heart. This can be a time of surprises, as you are letting go of the control of how things should look according to your timeline, or expectation of things. So EXPECT that something comes out of the blue and fills your heart to the MAX with giddyland joy!  What is required, though, is that you allow things to come to you without looking to your past, or what has been, to judge them. This is like stepping into a dark room and just KNOWING that the best things will reach out for you.  There is also something very important with your gifts here and where you may be seeing that you want to retreat from some areas, or move forward in others. This feels like a management process you are going through where you are categorizing aspects of your work, or dreams, and really figuring out how to best use your time so as to showcase what you feel you need to offer at THIS TIME. Some things may be put on the shelf to percolate and be processed for later times. And that is okay!  You also are clearly mapping out a path that you believe will make you happy and you are not afraid to take huge risks that may be about letting people, old habits or things go.  Write out some guidelines and timelines right now because this energy is really just wanting you to put it to paper and start manifesting from that concrete action. And as you do this, even if some things feel so outlandish and almost impossible to acquire, KNOW that each wish you put out there is helping you to REMEMBER how important you are and that you DO have some pretty special gifts. It is wild like that!  But each aspect that you put to this journal about what you would like to attract and do by a certain time is filling your whole essence with this IMPORTANT vibe. Seeing what is coming out of you onto this paper is showing you that you DO have a lot to do and a lot to offer! ALSO you are dealing with some things that have not manifested just yet but you NEED them to. This is your opportunity to put them to the paper KNOWING that what you write is on the way!  So write them out and then let it go, KNOWING that your wishes WILL be granted. All in due time, but oh love, they are so on the way.  Be excited for the dreams you are longing to manifest right now!

Aquarius Horoscope Image

AQUARIUS :: This is a very important time for you, my love! Okay so first rule here is that you MUST let go of all fears and all feelings of inner doubt that you may be feeling. You are in a hotbed opportunity of being able to manifest some pretty sweet things FROM finding that space within that KNOWS you are wonderful, gifted beyond belief, and a treasure in the lives of so many. You NEED to hold that space of feeling sort of pumped up about who you are and I am not kidding about the importance of this. You are sort of on a tightrope right now and there are tigers and fire and quicksand down below.  And if you lose your balance you can fall into them and then spiral out of control into feeling like you really aren’t that precious to the world. It is VERY EASY for you to judge yourself harshly at this time. But if you can hold to the center and walk bravely across this very thin line, BY holding the vibe that you are safe, are beautiful, are special, are required, are a gift, then you can sail to the other side where there is a special reward waiting for you!  It will feel like a new opportunity, or a new awakening, or the answer to a long held questioning aspect of a dream. It will feel like clarity and something that makes it all makes sense.  It also very well can open up a path that feels so much like home, but that you never considered before. It is something coming to the light for you to see! BUT, if you don’t get to the other side, you don’t get the reward. And if you judge  yourself too harshly or fall into a negative space, you don’t get to the other side and the door closes. So, love yourself. Forgive yourself. Know that you are right on schedule and learning just what you are supposed to at this time. KNOW that if you keep your cool, you will get to this magical door on the other side. Do not give up!

Capricorn Horoscope Image

CAPRICORN :: Changes are so on the horizon for you in regards to new people coming into your life!  Now I do have to say that YOU play a big part in this because you are changing in regards to the words you are using and they are having this more magnetic affects on others. It seems like everything you say is SO fascinating!  There also is a new confidence or depth to what you are sharing and this is very attractive to many people! Expect to be seen.  You may even notice people taking second glances and feeling energetically drawn to this energy you are holding.  Now you also are in some talks with people closest to you and there is a new strength that is coming through, about not being afraid to rock the boat, for sake of getting out what you need to say. This can feel sort of like a lightning bolt but it feels like you are the one doing the delivering!  This feels like you are coming forward more powerful and drawing the line, or making your opinions known.  There also can be something on the home front that feels like a disconnect and this can have you reacting a bit fiery and defensive.  It seems to want to correct itself quickly, though, so hopefully this is coming as a warning and not a confirmation! Maybe this is opening something to you about a habit that needs to change?  Maybe you have been in this auto pilot mode in regards to something and the “break” is to open you to creating a new pattern or way to do something. Open to that!  It really has happened for a reason!

Sagittarius Horoscope Image

SAGITTARIUS :: This is a very required and needed gateway to embrace the concept that it is time to let something go and to start moving forward in a brand new way. This feels like it is something that has been coming to you in meditations or when you are drifting off in day dreaming mode. It keeps coming. These thoughts, or suspicions, or ponderings are coming to your awareness, but this feels very subtle, so it is easy for you to push it away and focus on other things instead.  I for sure feel this is still buried and not something you are talking to many people about.  You may even feel ashamed or embarrassed and that it goes against the polished and optimistic vision you want others to see you as.  These also may be doubts you are having about yourself and where you are thinking you are a fraud?  Something like that. Something where you are seeing yourself with a suspicious eye and not really feeling as confident as you should.  So, just know, that there is something BENEATH this feeling. The feeling is just to cause a bit of discomfort so as to invite you to go deeper on this issue. It really feels like something lack related from your upbringing where you are afraid the same thing will happen or you will follow the same pattern that you have seen in your lineage. BUT remember… this is to create a new pattern right now!  You are to start over fresh with a new way, in regards to SOMETHING going on in your life. You are to decide that you have changed, or that you are not your parents, or that habits can be broken.  Yes, look at how it has been, look at all the layers that have created your life story, but just decide that you are different and that just because it has been done this other way, time and time again, doesn’t mean you can’t rewrite the story now. So get to rewriting this and do it from the perspective of looking at the dark, but only taking from it the gifts and the learning hidden within each detail.

Scorpio Horoscope Image

SCORPIO :: You should be feeling pretty high with this energy and pretty focused on seeing your path narrow down in a way that really showcases what you are good at in life. There is more optimism here in seeing the strength that comes from difficult moments in life. You may even be looking back and seeing how you interpreted something as difficult, or a negative, and now you see that it actually created who you are and that that is RAD.  This feels very much like you standing stronger and also saying that you are ready to face whatever lessons you need to learn because you are discovering that STRENGTH follows difficulty. You see that we are rewarded for what we overcome. So this has you sort of having a BRING IT ON aspect to all that you are doing. There also feels like an invincibility to what you believe you can do… and remember that energy follows thought, so believe it and you will achieve it!  Now there also may be something that is mildly disruptive from something that happens on line or with someone that is not in your immediate environment. They may have done or said something that caused you to lash, or to want to put them in their place. Do realize, though, that you have something to learn with this! This is a mirror affect going on and you may be getting something back that you dished out to someone in the first place!  Allow it to move you, but also encourage the insight into your own soul that wants to break through too!  You are ALL about expansion with this energy and every single thing that trips you up, or pushes your buttons, or challenges you is ALL for the good because some sort of inspiration will come from it! Look just BEYOND all situations right now that feel uncomfortable. These are all door openers to your own consciousness. Go deeply into the meanings of things.

Libra Horoscope Image

LIBRA :: You can feel very emotional right now and like you can’t hide your true heart feelings!  This feels like triggers or things keep moving you to feel some hidden matter things. This is like the rising to the surface of concerns that were still being held down in the water by rocks but now they have floated to the top and they HAVE to be dealt with!  This does feel like it has something to do with others and there may have been an argument recently that was like lightning bolts and hail!  It feels too, like no matter what someone says to you, you CAN’T not respond. It is pushing you and provoking you.  Now honestly, this is also very much where you have not been feeling valued and appreciated and you may even be building this up in your mind where you are now defensive and feeling sort of fragile. It also is very murky and disconnected so you don’t even know if there is a way to bring the peace and understanding.  You are being asked to be more soft and kind with the words going on in your mind because they are sort of like a wounded lion and coming from the foundation of READY TO FIGHT.  Forgiveness is being required of you!  There is a new story that wants to come through… but it only comes after this difficulty is faced and dealt with in a loving and soft fashion. This can be like looking too much at all that is wrong and this has clouded your vision. THINK solutions. THINK that things can work out. THINK that there is a way to overcome.  There is also some sort of imbalance with your work and home environments and honestly you really are to focus more energy on what is right with your career.  There are opportunities that are trying to magnetize to you but you are looking down at home and focusing on the miscommunications and the situations that feel a bit out of balance. It is almost like you are being asked to let them go right now, and to believe that the solutions will come at the correct time, and then lift your head back up to your career and open to what is trying to greet you! It feels great up there!  Down below is a bit of a mess, but TRUST that it will right itself and you will be able to use words that heal when you start to feel very seen and appreciated in you career…

Virgo Horoscope Image

VIRGO :: This is a WONDERFUL time to really start to map out what kind of changes you need to see in your life to feel like you are living the complete package. This is a time to experience revolutionary change where something has occurred to sort of awaken you to a whole new way of living life. This may be that something insightful has hit you and inspired you in ways that are beyond your wildest dreams.  And this has you thinking of your future and how you want to do these new things in the best ways possible.  And for real, you are very conscious of the next steps and are determined to do this right. This is also where your mind is very focused and not sharing so much out loud but you are processing SO MUCH.  You may even be working on a writing project or thinking about some sort of idea that feels SO brilliant and like something that really has a powerful punch to it. Your mind may feel so full that it may feel overwhelming too!  Just document things, because next month you will have more time to sit with them and put things together. This right now feels like delegating energy and where you are receiving SO MUCH and really just need to put it into piles and deal with it when you have more time.  This almost feels like a contest where you are grabbing as many things as you can in a short amount of time and what really matters is just that you allow them in and acknowledge them, but deal with them later. Something shocking may come in the form of a death or rebirth, and this VERY WELL may have to do with you discovering a hidden wound that you were not aware of, and confronting this or making peace with this can really sort of set you free and have you seeing life in a whole new way. This feels like gratitude and also feeling how precious and fragile life can be.  I also keep using the word FEEL, so I am guessing that your heart is very sensitive right now in FEELING things.

Leo Horoscope Image

LEO :: Now my love, you are still in this pattern that feels very much like the last reading, even though I can’t remember what I wrote!  But this feels familiar to me and it feels like the going back in time and history and discovering strengths that can be taken from the pain. This may feel a bit depressing at times as you really are judging yourself WAY too harshly. I think I would like to remind you that we all make mistakes. We all have regrets. We all have “what ifs.”  We all dream of the grass being greener situations.  That is life. But what is important is that we take the light from all dark situations. We must be fueled by our missteps and mistakes in ways that inspire us to NEVER do them again. This feels like your heart needs a big dose of self-love and forgiveness. You need to forgive yourself for not being as perfect as you want to be and you need to forgive those who have hurt you and let you down. There is something where you are still holding onto things and this is sucking your life force. You must set them free! You must keep your eyes on the horizon and dream up a new story where things are rainbows and waterfalls. If you keep carrying this past on your shoulders, you will keep manifesting situations that match that heavy weight. It feels like you are ready to create a new pattern, and true that, it can only come from us looking into our past and facing what is most uncomfortable. That births the will to change and start over. There is also something with you needing to confront any escapist patterns or addictions that are being allowed to run wild. You don’t need to run from anything! You are being asked to just look into this darkness and give it a new color to build upon in your future. It is like living in a messy house and how that energy can lower your vibration because you keep noticing it and feeling irritated by it. But in fact, you are to see that the MESS is trying to get you to make a change and do something about it that corrects it and changes it. So deal with your mess in a positive fashion! Give it a new home. Give it a new image. Give it a new way for you to see it.  And this energy right now is all you need to change everything COMPLETELY. You JUST have to face it.

Cancer Horoscope Image

CANCER ::  Oh sweet Moon Babies! This may feel a bit too rocky and rolly for your system! This may even have you feeling a bit sea sick and unable to feel grounded and okay with things. There also are so many doubts and insecurities right now about your future or about your gifts or about the world at large. It feels like you want to go into your shell and hide away because you are THAT sensitive to the currents right now. And normally this is a great time to come out into the world and to feel on fire with whatever you want to put forward, but something about this energy is needing you to tuck yourself away until other things fall into place. And that is okay! Your best bet is to set things straight on the home front and make adjustments to your surroundings. It is simple little things like that that can help you feel safe and in control. How about you just deal with those things, and the other signs will take care of more of the outer worldly things. I also feel a foretelling in you where you are picking up on things that are not yet revealed in the world and they have you feeling very insecure about our futures. But my love. Let that go. There are undercurrents in motion, but they will be brought to right action through our loving intentions.  You are feeling almost what new mothers feel before they give birth where they sort of doubt themselves and doubt that things will work out.  They can be very much full of fear about what could possibly go wrong.  And you are in a space like this. But you are to change gears and go to that trusting space. No matter what you run into out in the world that causes you to feel fear, you are to see the love and hope in it ALL.  That really is your main assignment right now. Be the love that we know you to be and do whatever it takes to concentrate on what does feel safe and secure and for you it starts with taking care of your nest.

Gemini Horoscope Image

GEMINI :: This actually is a great time to get very serious about some detail work that relates to your creative gifts. You can really be taken away to sweet spaces when you put everything in order and create this foundation that feels like it is in your control. This also is very much about self-love and where each piece of order you are creating in your life is contributing to you feeling more safe and secure in your body.  And if things feel very scattered and all over the place you will feel sort of fried in your brain.  This also feels like you are being asked to slow down and not think you need to move through things so quickly.  There can be so much on your plate and this has you trying to do too much, but then unable, and then judging yourself unfairly. So start from the bottom and work up.  You also are encouraged to ask for help! There are people who want to step in and make your life run smoother!  There is also something with partnership or where someone is going through something heavy and unable to really give you what you need. And you MAY have said things that you regret, or just said them in your mind. This feels like they are driving you crazy!  But it feels like you are both in these new spaces and trying to figure out how to handle new situations in your lives. This almost feels like you need to focus on your things and give them the space to focus on their own. It may be that you are too concerned with the other and need to just spend some loving self-care moments on YOU.  Take care of you and what is on YOUR plate and allow them to figure their own way out the cave. You can meet up later and share your triumphs, but at least you will be coming from a strong foundation a new born strength.

Taurus Horoscope Image

TAURUS :: Oh loves!  This is when your mind is on fire with inspiration, provocation, stimulation and agitation!  There is so much going on up there! Yes, you are coming up with new ideas that are so powerful and where you are wanting to put the details into a management form so that you can start checking them off and bringing them to reality. But you also are feeling very impatient and triggered by things going on in the world that keep showing up and seem to be trying to knock you off balance. This feels like you want to focus into this one direction but all this other stimulation keeps coming your way and you just want a break! You just want to get away and be with YOU and your thoughts!  But the wave overtakes you and keeps bringing you down to earth to deal with the mundane or around the home things.  This also feels like you keep feeling stopped and having to deal with things that are coming out of the blue and not what you expected. So my advice is to stay as loose as possible with obligations because there is a lot of interference or spontaneous actions going on. Also keep a journal with you where you can document your thoughts and ideas because they ARE coming through and you will get to use them in due time, but now is rather unstable for any kind of forward and direct motion. Also other people need you!  And you actually are providing missing pieces for them where you have the answer or the solution or something that moves them to make a correct decision. So consider this your humanitarian space where you have to share your genius FOR others benefit right now, and in just a little bit you will have time to focus on YOUR things.  It seems too that there is a bit of give and take here and with each move you do that is FOR others, something comes to you, like the deciphering of codes, or light befalling on the greatest mystery.  This feels very much like the ah-ha moments of total clarity that almost blows your mind.

Aries Horoscope Image

ARIES :: This feels very much like you are being drawn back home to take care of a lot of details that need to be put into order SO THAT you can then move forward on a new sort of track. This may lead to some silent ponderings as you are wired to the START OVER vibe and in how to rework things so that a smooth forward motion is destined. This is like taking care of car details before you go on a long road trip.  This is getting the tune-up and all things checked and packing your bags with all the requirements that would alleviate anything going wrong down the road. So you are in this space of organizing things, but with an eye on the future and on doing things in the best way possible.  I also see you sitting pretty still but looking into your future in a dreaming sort of way. There is a meditation energy to this where you are peering into the past for signs of what you have been missing. There is a calm surrendering, knowing you to be at attention in receiving guidance and further instructions about your forward path. Try to stay out of the too busy lifestyle right now because inspiration is poking through the veils trying to access you. It comes when you are driving, or hiking, or doing the dishes, or showering. It comes when you are attached to nothing, but open to everything. You also are going to receive information on what is to be let go of, which is going to allow more creative inspiration about your future. Seriously these can be ingenious insights coming your way, but they come on the edge of TOTAL STILLNESS. They come when you are almost falling asleep. They come when the world around you fades to nothing. So embrace this energy and find that inner stillness that is going to allow you to hear messages about how to start over and begin a brand new fresh and exciting cycle of your life.