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Pisces Horoscope Image


Now sweetheart love. You are going to be someone who may be a bit in the judgmental space and this will have you feeling sensitive and like you just can’t do it right… at least in the eyes of others. This will tend to come as energy from others where they are arguing with you or questioning you, or at least you are feeling very hypersensitive to the point of feeling attacked or judged.  You just want everyone to shut up and keep it to themselves! BUT do know that some of this annoying energy coming your way is just for the purpose of you learning to interpret it with different eyes and to respond in NOT so sensitive of a way. This is like having that aftermath time to come up with more of a levelheaded response. So deal with things in not so personal of a way!  Put your guards on and decide this time to not take offense or for it to trigger you. Be the calm cool waters and just roll with whatever comes into your life around this time. Image when something is put into the waters and how it just rolls with it. It doesn’t fight against it or try to change it. It moves with this new bit.  So move with it until you can discard it buy sweeping it up on shore!  Understand that this time is all about you cleaning up your mind and letting go of judgmental feelings. They ARE to come to you through others right now, BUT they are also to open you to your own ways of judging things and being hypercritical of them. Through others actions you are healing your own mental spaces.  Consider this a blessing.

Aquarius Horoscope Image


You are going to be in some crossfire situations around this time and people are really going to get on your nerves!! This can be a time that you just want to get away and hide from other peoples drama.  This does feel like you are going right along and having a great day and it is OTHERS coming at you that changes things and upsets you. They seem to have energetic dramas that feel like 100 pound weights. There may even be emails that are full of emotional manipulating words.  This also feels like many arms coming at you and wanting your attention, when really you just want to retreat and be in your own space.  Now there is a huge healing opportunity to arrive and it comes on the provocation of others, but it is about something that you also do.  It is a reaction that you have done in your past and now you are magnetizing it to see this about yourself. It is probably about needing to be RIGHT. So you can expect that situations arise where someone else is needing to be right and you want to gag over it.  But instead of fighting back and proving who is more right, just allow them to need to be right and end it at that. Let go of the control with needing others to follow your guidance or your way as the end all to be all.  Let this roll off of you like water off a ducks back. Don’t engage. Don’t argue. Let it go.

Capricorn Horoscope Image


My love. We all have beliefs and we all have a right to choose where we want to put our higher power.  You may be pushed around this time where you are being questioned or challenged, or at least coming together with someone who is making you feel like you should question who you are and with how you operate. This is actually a wound from your past where you were told you had to be a specific thing, and now something similar is happening again and it is actually waking something in you that has you wanting to rebel.  This can be like DON’T TELL ME WHAT I HAVE TO DO.  It feels annoying, but it really is just pushing you to draw the line and demand that you have every right to be true to who you REALLY are. There are also BOUNDARIES coming up here, so expect that others are crossing them and you are snapping your head at them!  You may even find yourself dramatically saying BOUNDARIES BOUNDARIES BOUDARIES!  People are too much in your space or dropping drama bombs and this is not a time for you to stay silent and allow it any further.  Do know that you creating healthy boundaries IS a part of this energy and when you do so you will actually be moving into a much more expansive space. What you don’t realize is that allowing others to have so much access of you has actually cut off your energy field as outer layers are working to thicken and protect you.  BUT this means they are blocking out potential growth that can only occur when you demand that your space be honored and respected and not with having others take advantage of your good nature.  Draw the line and declare who can come into your space and for how long. For the others, seal it.  You don’t need to take on everyone elses dramas.

Sagittarius Horoscope Image


This is a time where you are all gung ho about moving forward at lightning speed towards some of your long held dreams!  You really do have your eyes on the prize and are looking at yourself with a critical eye to see what you need to improve on and also what you would like to put more energy towards in the learning arena.  You are ready to delve further into a long term study, or dream, that you can see will be of great benefit in your future.  You are ready to do whatever it will take to stay on path and to check off all these items on your to do list that will align you to feeling like your life is valuable and that you are living it to the max. You may be putting the stops on some areas of your life that feel like you have gone for too long without saying anything, or speaking up. This feels sort of like a brand new day is what you are creating. It feels like you are coming out of the darkness and now have all this wisdom as to how to apply corrections in your life and what to do in order to feel that you are your work for the world are valued. This also is a great time to pull away and to go off on a vacation or even weekend getaway in order to further bring through the wisdom that is coming through as to how to chart this new path of your NEW LIFE.

Scorpio Horoscope Image


This right here is like blinders on where you are fully focused into your career and with applying improvements so as to manifest more of your far out there dreams. It really feels like you can’t hide what you got. So this tells me you don’t even need to exert extreme energy because the spotlight is just naturally magnetized to you right now. If you are not looking to be seen, then this time can feel uncomfortable because others can’t help but have all eyes on you!  There is also a lot of synchronicity here in your life and you are to keep an attentive eye to them because they are guiding you in a particular new, and possibly surprising situation.  This also feels very much past related in that what is showing up is not really surprising and actually something that has been there all along.  You also will see that you have a lot of sway over public opinion. So if you speak up in any group situations, you will see that others naturally give you and your opinions praise. I actually totally just saw all these people applauding you! So if you have something to share or get off your shoulders, do so, because they are ready for you!  This feels like it should really be an exciting time!  It also feels like your mind is like fire crackers where you are coming up with so many brilliant ideas.

Libra Horoscope Image


This is a time when you are going to your past to really scrutinize how you feel about how you have traveled the long red road.  There are opportunities to have huge healings that take place in seeing how you have held yourself back due to fears or feelings of inadequacies.  This is a time to visit the ghosts of your past and to uncover details of where you STOPPED growing, or stopped feeling free, or stopped trusting life. There is something to clear that feels like a limitation and in releasing this you are to blossom more into the sweet beauty of what it means to be a Libra. This also has a forthright energy that comes to picture in that decisions are being made and solutions are coming to your attention. This also means you are seeing what you just must let go of and there will be a sense of urgency in that you KNOW this is what you have to do in order to bring the improvements to your life. The blocks feel very strong, but also very clear. You are seeing into the mystery and suddenly it feels clear as day. Now there also can be some depression around this, or feelings of lost time.  But you need to guide your mind into not going into areas that make you feel regretful.   This is not about you feeling bad about what has happened in the past, and instead feeling empowered to do it different next time.  I see you carrying SO MUCH BAGGAGE and mostly it is from shame and guilt or regret. And what you are to do now is to cut those cords! You are to lighten your load and you are to only pack with you the feelings of how beautiful and wonderful and gifted you really are!  What does it help to carry around so much that causes you pain?   You don’t need to pay off any debts, my love. They are paid in full. So now walk forward with the true knowing of how GOOD you really are.  We love you so much!

Virgo Horoscope Image


Oh my love! You are judging yourself way too harshly and its almost like you are looking for situations to provoke you into finding even MORE fault with who you are. My love, you are not a loser!  You should not give up.  You do not need to sit in that hole and just cry about what a failure you are!  Understand that you are in a retreat space right now, but that it will shift SOON, and what is really happening is that you are watching a movie of your life and FEELING all the areas where you have picked up bits and pieces of influences that made you feel less than, or not valuable.   You are seeing all the ways that you have enslaved yourself into this lower vibration THROUGH others judgments or critical tones.   This also means that you will magnetize MANY situations where you DO feel less than, or where you are seeing how others are thriving, while in this moment you will feel that you are not. But let me tell you something! You are ALSO trying to learn a new pattern right now! So you are being BEGGED to not fall into a hole of despair and sadness and instead to just own up to the truth that this is a movie and that what you are seeing is providing you with a viewing of what you can have too, when the time is right.  So when you are faced this someone elses success, you are to feel HAPPY for them! You are to feel excited in seeing the wonderful things that others are creating. And then you also are to feel stoked that if they can do it, you can do it. But do also know that some of the things you are seeing are showing you new ways to do what you were doing before. So this is a time to learn from others and not to compare yourself with them. They are teaching you something!

Leo Horoscope Image


Happy birthday pretty boo!  Now, granted this is your time to shine, and many of you are right there feeling the bright lights and sparkly rainbows of love.  BUT. Many of you are feeling very raw and sensitive because you can feel that a new path is being embarked on and you won’t be so sure that you are prepared for this. There is almost an energy of wanting to pull back and hide and wait it out.  This can be like getting ready to go to school and then it finally is the night before and then you kind of get really nervous about this NEWNESS.  Am I ready? Am I prepared? Can I do this? What is it going to look like? What can I expect? There is also the element of jumping off a cliff and taking a huge risk. So for sure, this is a combination for some fear and also some self-doubt.  Then there is also that you are really going inward and thinking about LOVE and thinking about how much you love and honor who you are.   Do you really love who you are?  Do you really trust yourself? Do you really feel like you have done the best you can in life?  Have you let things slip away without standing up and declaring that they are YOURS?  Have you let someone slip away into another persons arms because you could not express your true feelings?  Wow. Look at all the questions coming up in this reading!! You must be questioning a lot, my love!  Just know all the questions that are positioned to your past are just priming you to go through the healing and let go process in order to embark on this brand new life and new path where you can answer all those questions above with a HELL YES and I GOT THIS and I AM THE BOMB. Shed your skin. There is a new and more powerful one waiting for you beneath it.

Cancer Horoscope Image


Okay baby cake sweets. You are put on alert that you may be feeling awfully judgmental and critical of self at this time. You may feel sensitive in thinking that you are not good enough and maybe even thinking you are unworthy of love.  There is a sensitivity here as you long to be noticed and adored and respected and VALUED.  You will question if you are even valuable to the world and if you should even be here. Now you KNOW the answer is GAWD YES, but this is a journey into the depths of your soul where there have been broken promises, or memories of unrequited love, or something that did not come together in the completion that you had imagined. This almost feels like a broken heart situation that you have buried or not wanted to admit, BUT it is coming up now and keeping you feeling a bit small so that you CAN put it into perspective and let it go for good. There is an energy here that is trying to slow you down in order to bring the healing to something that needs a big does of forgiveness.   This is requiring you to open your heart FULL and WIDE and to feel this fully. At the end of a stream of tears you are going to see the light. There is going to be a lightness that fills your body as if a healing was completed and then there will be a deep let go of the past so that a new future can be created.  All this really means is that you were still holding onto something that has had you not feeling valuable due to rejection, abandonment or some dream unfulfilled. And now you will have a new strength to be grateful for what you DO HAVE.  Suddenly all that you do have, you will make the most of and will smother it with gratitude.  This energy is about putting you in this moment right now and showing you all the blessings that DO surround you now. Trust your life journey. What you need is right here.

Gemini Horoscope Image


This can be a time when you are very much focused on your foundation and with what you need to take care of to feel safe and secure, right here, right now. This puts you in a planning stage where you are mapping things out and also really in tune with past patterns that have led you to this position. You may be journaling a lot at this time as you will be processing emotions through writing.  There should be A LOT of emotions coming up in you and not necessarily all that clear or stable. This means you may come “unhinged” and feel almost unable to cope at some time during the next few days.  Its like everything is hanging out and you are not that comfortable with that!  But do enjoy traveling down this journey! You don’t need to make too much out of what is coming up, but you do need to face it. There will be fears, insecurities, doubts and many things that have you not feeling so big and powerful. But. There is something to them all as they are little cracks in your foundation that need to be confronted before you build the future plans you are thinking through. So often in this healing journey, our sensitive feelings or memories of our past that come up out of nowhere are JUST asking us to face them, so that THEY can release themselves. Think about a tornado. We will have warnings that it is coming (we start to feel ungrounded and emotional). Then we will prepare and go down to the basement (the roots of our soul). Then we go through the noise and the rumblings (our emotions come forward and we express tears). And then the tornado passes. We come back up to ground level. We appraise the damage. We rebuild what was torn down. And then we get on with our lives. This is the same when we are going through deep soul healings. So allow the tornado to make its presence felt with the KNOWING that this will pass and then life will be rebuilt in better ways.

Taurus Horoscope Image


This is a great time to get down to business! You are going to be fully focused into detail work that is with studies or creative processes.  There will be many communications going on with making deals, or coming together in agreements, or uncovering new creative ideas. You will actually be tuning into aspects of work that you love to do and where you have natural gifts.  There is a great flow to this reading and it is in the creative space and the foundation.  There also are many changes to come with your own foundation and this expansive creative expression is playing a part in helping you to feel more at home in this world, and in your body. Something has you setting your roots down even deeper and it is strengthening your reach out into the world. You also are encouraged to make changes with your home by reorganizing or bringing in some more high quality goods. This is really important!  You may want to paint the walls or bring in new curtains to give it a new feel. Something about you LOVING YOUR HOME is changing your own creative energy.  So the more you make changes to your living environment, the more sparks of creative genius will be coming to you! Your BODY needs to feel so content and grounded and in a safe and beautiful place.  THEN you get to hook up to this channeled creative energy space where you will be laying down the foundation for creative expressions that will really go big time in 2016. That is YOUR YEAR to achieve creative mastery.

Aries Horoscope Image


Wow. What a healing process you are in, my loves!  This is where you are so wanting to expand in many areas of your life and are putting the nose to the grindstone to map out all the changes that must be done. You are focused on destination HAPPY. You are focused on destination CONTENT. You are focused on destination LOVE.  And you are now more than willing to do whatever it takes to align your thoughts to KNOWING you will have your day and you will create the life of your dreams. There also is the element of dedication here, though, where you are not feeling the need to push the boat or to make things happen according to a specific timeline. You are just loving the journey and knowing you ARE on path to get to those destinations, and that has you feeling all good.  This energy should have you feeling pretty carefree and more relaxed than normal. I just started whistling so you may even find that you are whistling while you work!  And it is that tune for Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes, Knees and Toes!  This is actually important because it is something that is calming your normal fast forward spirit into just going with the flow.  Maybe even exercise is part of this calming balance in your life. Stretching from your head to your toes. There is a strong FLOW energy here and where you are just being taken down the stream without needing to make it go faster.  There is also something with you feeling more at home with who you are and also being excited with that! This is feeling like you ARE RAD and you DO have so much to offer and you ARE coming up with so many new ideas for ways to do things that you love to do.  This is letting go of your judging mind that tells you that you have to DO MORE or BE MORE. This is saying love the moment you in.