Pisces Horoscope Image

So much is set to change for you!  There is going to be a new movement in your life that will feel kind of dream come true. And it is all because of the intense spaces you have been in where you HAVE felt very wounded and not good enough and flawed to the core. Who knew that there was actually a light at the end of the tunnel! And who knew that focusing on our wounds is actually what brings about the healing and the NEW DAY in our lives. So this month you are still going to be focused on facing some insecurities and facing the whole comparison thing. And I do want you to remember that something about your life is just starting to take off and blossom and this means you must not compare your Chapter 1 to another persons Chapter 20.  So this means keep your nose on your own business and give it love and sweetness and allow it to thrive in its own organic timing. This is an important message coming through!  Now there also is something with you needing to forgive someone and let go of a wound from the past. This does not mean that you have to be in their life, but you do need to let go of the pressure and friction. You may want to write them a letter, or even reach out, and then if you must, let it go. It is different when we let something go from the base of giving love. It doesn’t really work to let something go when we are still in that place of anger or resentment. But that is what most people try to do and then those wounds stay around or come back in no time flat.  So give out some forgiveness with love, even if you get no response. That doesn’t matter. What matters is that you release this with love in your heart. There is a gateway for you right now to release these painful situations with others where you were not heard, or seen or honored. And the magic of this time can clear them completely from your mind when you voice your pains to another person. So get to writing or pick up that phone. It doesn’t matter what their response is!! This is all on you!

Aquarius Horoscope Image

Oh sunny days are on the way!  Things are getting much more positive and about to get pretty busy. There is something in the works that is not yet out there and this really feels like it is going to feel like a puzzle piece that has been lost and is now finally found. There is a relief here and something giving you the whole ah-ha moment about something. Answers are coming and a total organization of something that has been very confusing.  So sit tight and know that the next couple weeks are going to bring you all the solutions to what you have been wondering about the past few months.  Now your words are important and there is something with you feeling more hopeful and positive, even though something has felt a bit off for some time. But now you are just going to start hoping for the best and you will be seeing that manifest in your life!  You also are being asked to let something go with someone and to see them in a new way so that they can manifest as a better person in your life. This is like dealing with someone who is an alcoholic and now starting to see them as healed and healthy and being able to express their emotions. This means you have the power to change people around you BY just seeing them in a better light, even if they are not really there yet!  Focus on some long held dreams and visions and think about where you want to be in 2016.  You are very farsighted right now and can tune into the magical inspiration that helps you to make changes and choose new paths that feel like they are truly showcasing your gifts.  Keep your head up, love, you have every reason to be excited for what is on the way!

Capricorn Horoscope Image

So you have a whole slew of ideas that are about to come your way that feels so exciting! This is like spring coming after a long winter. It feels alive, finally, and so hopeful for what is to come.  There also is the energy of expansion that is coming from something that maybe is just in its seed space, or very much in a vulnerable space. It is not full grown, but it is like a seed that has been doing all this magic deep in the soil and it is just sprouting and about to reach the surface!  There also may be something that comes out of the blue and almost as a shock, but it is going to make you so happy!  I also feel that your mind space is getting a reboot in that you aren’t feeling so insecure or wounded or not good enough. There is a clearing occurring and this may just be that so many outer world opportunities are coming and this has you not having time to put yourself down! You are going to be too busy to nit pick about how imperfect you are!  And honestly one thing about opportunities like this, that do not come often in our lives, is that when we go through a period of lightening up on ourselves and not being so focused on our wounds, that a new pattern forms and we let things go without even realizing it. And much clearing/healing work is occurring with your mind energy. There is a wiping clean and a fresh start coming into your life.  You also are going to be very much concerned with your career and making some changes where you can be more creative and just happy doing what you love to do.  Keep your eyes on the horizon and make notes right before bed (when it is really easy to tune into the magic) where you map out what you would like to do and how you would like to implement change with your website, business or even your career that is yet to blossom. Do this every night!  I see you laying on your bed on your belly where you just write out plans and play around with ideas that will come to you at that time.

Sagittarius Horoscope Image

You are so full of ideas!  This feels like the top part of your body is moving so fast and your bottom half is trying to catch up!  You are ready to do this, and that, and to implement those other things that you have always wanted to do.  You may even feel on fire with all these long-range plans for how you would like to change your life and DO IT RIGHT this time. You really are set up to see some massive changes from what you are planning to do right now. And don’t take this in the wrong way, but this feels like when someone has a death sentence and how it inspire them to want to LIVE LIFE now.  You feel changed like that to me. Like your perspective is on doing as much as you can and with taking whatever risks are required in order to know that your life and that which you bring forward as offerings are seen as VALUABLE.  Now what is really cool about this energy for you is that you are getting very serious about thinking in long-range ways and also with believing in yourself and your dreams. Something may have happened which came in a synchronistic fashion that has you dreaming of more. This can be that you have had a dream of something manifesting and it suddenly did, so this inspires you to ask for more. All around I feel upgrades, improvements and MORE MORE MORE is on your mind!  You may also have someone else around you who is manifesting something magical and let me tell you that THAT is notification that YOU TOO can have the same thing happen!  That was our magical Living Universe planting the seed that you can have the same, so be happy for your friend!  You have blessing coming your way too!

Scorpio Horoscope Image

Awww. It feels like you have been feeling part stoked and very hopeful, but also part feeling very uncomfortable or unsure of yourself….and that is not the Scorpio way! What is this? What is still hidden but is causing you to not feel safe and secure?  Is this with a partner?  I feel you are tuning into something that has not reached the surface and you are maybe thinking the worst? Anyway, lets release this. Until you REALLY have reason to feel insecure, just trust that this situation will work itself out. I feel there is a transformation in order and you really are just in this space of rebirthing into a new expression. You feel reserved and pulled back and this is just occurring so that you can get clear on what new moves you would like to take in the next month energies. This is more of a contemplative space and if you HAVE come out too soon, then you will feel insecure because we are not to come out until we are really ready and you are in the once a year time for Scorpio when you ARE to be sort of in the Moon Lodge.  So just be calm at this time and take in the sites. You are actually formulating a brilliant plan that you will soon bring forward and it deals with your creative gifts and also making a difference in the world. You are actually very focused on the group and on coming together with others to make a greater impact on the world. So you are merging, in a way, and this is going to feel good to you!  Also do not judge how things look right now. I told the same thing to another sign, but do not judge your Chapter 1 by another persons Chapter 20.  Your critical mind may have too many expectations and if they are not met you can get sort of down on yourself. So just trust this moment. Trust all the pieces. And understand that something is forming and building, and what is being asked of you is that you just provide gentle and patient care to your dreams at this time.

Libra Horoscope Image

Happy birthday sweet beauties!  Wow has it been a bit confusing!  I just had an image of all these fish in a fish tank and all going in different directions. So this makes me think you have been in some emotional waters and not really clear on what to believe or what to do.  Maybe your mind is on overdrive trying to figure all these things out but there is illusiveness to this, so you never do get to a final decision.  It feels exhausting!  You may also be reaching out to others and pulling cards often just trying to figure out how to move through this or understand it better. You are in this unusual space where you are living your life but still very much pulled back into spaces that have you questioning yourself and your path and your place in the world.  But my love, just let those fishies swim on their own and do not think of discovering an outcome or solution at this time. Just allow the ideas coming up in you to do their thing and just know in your heart that the answer will come when it is really time to come. This can be like trying to buy a car and researching all these things and reading all these reviews and ending up being more confused about what you want to buy BECAUSE you are THINKING too much about it and not allowing the Living Universe to just bring you what you need when the time is right.  There is something about this energy that says JUST TRUST THIS. It feels like non-movement right now as pieces are still coming together. But I DO see you in the future with a completed puzzle and you will be laughing at how much energy you wasted trying to figure this out before it was time to come to you.  So this tells me that meditation is in order and a deep surrendering to the powers that be. You don’t need to force anything. There is to be some movement being provoked by another and possibly a partner or at least someone close to you.  This will move you and then you will know that it is time. It feels like your answers are coming from another and you really are just waiting now for that provocation to arrive.  This doesn’t feel scary, but it does feel life changing. And where you exhale finally as I feel you are holding your breath because you DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO.  Breathe deeply now!  You will know where to go and what to do at just the perfect timing!  For now, just breathe.  And when the time is right, you WILL be heard and your side will come out clearly.

Virgo Horoscope Image

Oh Virgo, my love!  You are going through this epic sort of change that feels sort of like an earthquake where everything has now been moved a few inches and you are adjusting with some wobbly feet! There are so many changes down below, or with your foundation, and with many things that you could have not even imagined.  BUT what is birthing in you?? STRENGTH and ENDURANCE.  You are being activated with this new ability to go with the flow and to be the trooper that sees the light in all dark situations. So instead of picking things apart and being angry with the challenges of your life, you are CHANGING and feeling empowered to KNOW that you can create the life of your dreams, if you JUST give it the chance to manifest in your life, THROUGH believing the best.  So. The changes are within the core of you and your automatic reactions are beginning to move in a new direction.  You are thinking differently, thus manifesting differently. And right now you are feeling creative and empowered with ideas that are all about bringing in more stability or even more money.  You are mapping out some ideas and putting things together and ALL for this future growth that you would like to bring into your life.  You also should be feeling more comfortable with yourself, or at least there is this letting go of something that before you considered a negative about yourself.  It is like, whatever, now. You know you don’t have the time to pick yourself apart and always find reasons to feel like you are not good enough. Enough of that. And if you can focus into creative ways to express yourself, you will discover this portal, so to speak, that fills you up with this confidence like nothing you have experienced! Using your hands or delving into things that require your creative gifts IS your pathway to letting go of so much negative, wound, and garbage stuff.  Release it now! You have too many ideas to execute to mess around with things that hold you back!

Leo Horoscope Image

You are wired to make huge changes at this time that deal with you sharing more of yourself, speaking your truth, and putting something out there for the world to see.  This feels like something that comes from experience and also a new connection or trust in the world. You actually feel a bit detached from others expectations and this is opening you to just do your thing, to do it your way and to allow that energy to infiltrate whatever you are working on.  Something is changing in you where you are not thinking of approval of others and instead are just deciding to do your best and to let that be enough. Your value system is changing and this can be that you are waking more to self-love and self-worth. You may also be focused on taking better care of your body, or at least taking the time to love on yourself. You are realizing the link between LOVING YOURSELF and how that alone allows you to express and create in brand new ways. Think about it. Think about creating something for the approval of others. How did that feel in your gut? Now think about creating something that comes from a place of you loving and accepting whatever comes out of you.  It is a deep surrender space and a belief in self. I know that one feels better in your gut!  So create with a knowing that you ARE rad enough and that the people who are here to SEE YOU, WILL see you.  Also do keep visions of how you would like to grow and do bigger things in the world.  Bring new ideas that before you may have thought were TOO BIG. There is nothing too big for you, my lion love!  So keep your eyes on the horizon and know that whatever you are dreaming of may take time, but what is most important is that you give it all this love and light when it is first being created. BUT. What you are thinking of and creating right now VERY WELL may take off in huge ways when its perfect birthing time arrives. So do not discount any of the creative ideas coming up in you now! And, what?? DO IT WITH LOVE, and only love.

Cancer Horoscope Image

This is an exciting time for you where you are going to be able to get to the root of all kinds of “problems” in your life.  You have this special ability right now to really hone in on and to figure out how to bring more balance into areas of your life where you have not really been paying attention. This feels like you have been going along on autopilot and now things feel larger than ever so that you CAN see what needs a healing and what needs your attention.  Many of these new directions will be with foundational concerns, so you may move or plan a move. You may also be working on healing some fractures down below, such as with your self-confidence in putting yourself forward, and really with WHERE those feelings first began. You may go down childhood roads remembering some of the beginning days and will be able to pin point how THAT created a habit that you have right now.  You also will be very focused into health concerns and with doing whatever you can to take care of your body in new ways.  This just feels like you are being granted a DO OVER and what you change now is going to have rippling affects into your future. This feels important because the things you are changing now are like the building blocks to what you can manifest SOON.  You are creating a new support system to give your dreams a solid foundation. And this feels like you are SO READY!  That is key.  You have waited for this energy and now you are ready to get to business and do what needs to be done.  Now what is exciting is that you are also very in tune with what you need to do THROUGH what is being guided to you from your gut!  So you are hooked up and will suddenly feel what you need to take or do or change or whatever.  This feels like you are being assisted at this time from parts of yourself from your future (?). This feels like an older version of you is reaching through time to plant seeds of what you must do in order to be on path and available for some new and exciting opportunities that are YOURS to grab. This can mean big changes and not ones that others would make! These are for your own soul growth. So go towards where your gut is leading you. It is truly heaven sent.

Gemini Horoscope Image

You are another sign that is in the midst of huge change in your life! Things are being restructured and put into a better order. There are new desires waking in you where you are willing to do whatever it takes to create a life of value and JOY. You may have had something come up in your mind where you are questioning if you can keep doing this, or questioning if this is really making you happy. And what you want is to be HAPPY and HEALTHY.  You may even make changes with your career if there is anything that is dragging you down and having you not feel special.  You want to be seen! You want to be known! You want to be recognized for your unique piece of the pie!  And right now, you will take and makes some risks that put you into a position where your gifts can shine and be respected. This may be that you narrow things down as you really take some time to think about where your gifts MOST express as the top dog.  Enough of mediocre!  Now do also understand that you may drop something now, but it may come forward at a later time. So this doesn’t mean the death of anything, it just means prioritizing what needs your attention NOW and going for that. Something with relationships may also be on your mind and this may be an area that needs a jump-start and fresh new energy.  You also are going to be inspired by friends who move you to question things or move you in some way to see something that is a bit hidden but in need of much attention. So share your ideas with those who love and value who you are. They have some guidance for you!  And you can trust this.

Taurus Horoscope Image

You are fully involved in the healing process! Something has been out of balance and hidden from your awareness, but you now can connect the pieces and finally get to some sort of answer.  It feels like you are going to a specialist or someone who can connect the dots for you. You WILL be guided towards who this is, but they then make the connections for you. So even if you are drawn to something sort of “out there” and not the conventional way, know that you were guided there for a reason. Energy and flowers are also coming up, so this may be some potion that was made with love and comes from the essence of natural oils or flowers.  There is also something with this that is in your mind, and this can be something that has plagued you and bothered you and in releasing this, a healing or balance takes place.  So you may see someone who does NLP or hypnotherapy, or some sort of “thought readjustment”.  Something needs to be released and let go of.  This even feels like an area of resistance or where you have been sort of stubborn in not recognizing that this SMALL THING is actually HUGE. Check your teeth too!  There may be a change in your mouth because I just felt teeth grinding or something getting my attention to the teeth. I recently just read that not flossing your teeth can cause you to have hormonal imbalances or weight gain!  So that would certainly fall into the small thing that is actually huge.  Also there is the message that you need to value yourself more, or to be gentle and to pamper your sensitive soul. This feels like paying more attention to how YOU feel about yourself and not with having this others, or outside factor influence your worth.  You are bringing your energy back into self and with not having so many feelers out there, or with judging yourself by how THEY think of you.  This can have you pushing into areas where you may not really need to be. Think about back in high school and how much you changed when you wanted other kids attention or approval.  You do not need to be a pleaser and it is totally okay to chart a unique path where not everyone approves of your ways.  It is actually recommended!

Aries Horoscope Image

This is your time of the year when you can really bridge huge gaps with those who are closest to you. This will be at time when you can move forward in ways that express your opinions, but that create peace instead of friction.  Now what is really unique is that you are going through a time when you are learning how to speak to yourself in a new way.  How we speak to others is how we speak to ourselves, and something is having you take a closer look at your words and with how they FEEL.  This may mean you attract people who say things to you that are shocking and so out of place.  You may want to put them down or put them in their place, but instead you are recognizing that this is an important lesson for you.  This attracted to you for a very good reason! So learn from this and just make a few little changes. All changes are based on the FEELING of things, and you are encouraged to go towards the ones that feel empowering.   Now there also is something with healing here and it is 90% connected to your thoughts!  So you may be changing ways with how you speak about, or judge yourself and THIS opens the door to a healing, or with something shifting back into a healthy balance.  You also are full of ideas!  And they are very much about expansion and doing more and maybe even creating a better foundation in your life.  This feels like the power of your words and your fresh ideas are geared at creating more order and also a better foundation with which to grow some of your long-term dreams.  You are putting things into categories and cutting out the energy drainers so that things can feel more efficient. You also are all about taking better care of your body and may be starting a new diet or exercise program that really is exactly what you need right now. It feels like finding home, or finding a place, or way of living that fits perfectly with your schedule.  There also is something dual based here, so it is full of energy exertion but also very meditative and calming. And this works great for you!