This one is about as intense as they come and many of you for weeks now have been feeling very unsure, uncertain, uncomfortable, depressed, negative, hopeless, ultra critical and judgmental of others, with mouthing off or putting people in their place.

Virgo is one of my favorite signs, BUT with Jupiter here too, ALL THAT IS OUT OF BALANCE and in need of healing is LOUD AND CLEAR and blindingly large. This means many people have been feeling awakened by something that must be changed in their lives. We are all waking one day to feeling that MANY things are unacceptable. They can even make you sick! This means the majority of humans are in this negative vibration with focusing in on all that is wrong. This can make for a world of bitching!

There also is the potential to feel like you are losing your mind because the confusion feels so heavy but it doesn’t really have a home. It is not just this or that…. it is a feeling. And since so many of us are in these negative vibrations right now, there is a paranoia or suspicious quality with looking even MORE into things being something to fear or to want to hide from.

This can lead to humans being VERY FEARFUL of the state of Earth. Be warned. This Earth and the Universe it resides in are MUCH bigger than you! Your piece adds up to a whole that IS as big as Earth, though, which is why it is MOST important to monitor your piece! To watch your thoughts. To watch what you put out there. To watch how you treat people and how you talk to them when you are not getting your way. To watch how you talk to yourself and the words you use to break yourself down.

What is important is YOUR PIECE. Please don’t waste your time worrying about the state of this planet. If you can do something about it, then do it. If you are one of the souls who is called to heal this planet, then do it. If you were environmentally born and destined to bring things back into health, then do it. BUT if you are like me and here to affect this world in different ways, then LET ALL THAT GO. You are only adding to it by worrying about it.

Vibration is EVERYTHING. Everything responds to vibration.

And seriously, being so consumed with how out of order this earth has become due to the ruling energies of the low vibrating male is like you leaving your house to go to the hospital with a burst appendix but stopping to first notice that the roof is starting to rot and is going to be needing attention.

Yes, there are many things to fix, MANY. But we must prioritize and take care of the details right before us that we can truly control and influence.

And that means ALL of our focus should be WITHIN. We are to stop poking our fingers out there at all that is wrong or shameful or goes against our own personal ethic system, and we are instead to put the mirror on ourselves ONLY.

It is about keeping it real and listening to what we are saying!!!!!!!!! It is about finding the ways to use words that are like honey instead of rat poison. It is like saying things in ways that honor and uplift instead of embarrass and degrade.

It is about being kind to ourselves and others. It is about being beautiful on the inside, which ALWAYS equates beauty on the outside. Always. We must bring more beauty to this Earth through being beautiful, kind, and humble beings. Humble people do not put others in their place, They accept and flow that we are all human and learning to become better peoples.

So watch were you put your toxic loads. Watch where you dump your drama. Watch where you put your blame, shame and guilt. Watch where you keep defining yourself as a victim with believing you have to suffer more than others. Watch your mouth. Watch your words. Watch the way your face expresses in the mirror. Watch how others respond to you or how they are when they are around you.

We want to be around beauty and love. We want to be in situations that feel new and fun and liberating. We want these things that make life feel exciting, but we must heal our fractures, our mean ways, our judgmental ways, the ways that we throw hate out into the world. We must stop this first from within!

be kind. love. KV.

Please read your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs in order to get half of the picture of your next 6 months influence. The other half of the picture comes with the Lunar Eclipse Readings coming in 2 weeks.

Pisces Horoscope Image

This is a time that will change ALL Pisces. This is an energy upgrade, so you may feel very fatigued and disoriented. There is much awareness growing in you that relates to healing and also how you are rising up and handling the life that you have been given. There is something that is wanting to move you up the mountain into a position of SURVIVOR and WOUNDED HEALER.  So with this journey you are going to start seeing your wounds in a different light. You may even over the next few months COMPLETELY drop and shed the issues and wounds inflicted on you by others. There is a clearing to occur that may have you feeling like you don’t feel insecure or insignificant anymore. And what will be replaced is a STRENGTH and the essence of being a KNOWING soul. This ONLY comes when you rise above your wounds and bad habits. ONLY.  We go to those who are knowing when we can feel that they truly KNOW the journey.  That is the Wounded Healer. And you are being prepared. There may be some changes with the people who are around you where there will be walls that suddenly are unpenetratable.  Things are shifting with your peoples because YOU are changing! You may not be accepting the same things in your life and will be reaching for things that are BETTER.<span “mso-spacerun:=”” yes”=””>  You just need more from this life of yours!!  You also may be shocking people with how solid you are expressing yourself. You are not just taking things and instead are saying NO and I DO NOT AGREE WITH YOU.

Aquarius Horoscope Image

These can feel like some heavy times where you are in the mix with others and not really feeling so much in harmony. There are sharp angles and points hitting each other that did not hit even a few weeks ago. Suddenly there is friction and it has everyone sensitive with their wounds up front and center. There may be feelings that you just want to purge it all. You are so ready for a new situation to manifest that represents your HIGHER evolving value system. You may have accepted less than or just enough, but now you will want it all!  Something is trying to bring you to a higher position and you are waking to your thought process around situations. There is something coming as a wake up call where you have been going in this direction and thinking its all well and good, but suddenly you will have to change course. Something needs to change and to GROW into your dreams. You may feel held back or in debt or with too much baggage to deal with, so this has you letting things go and shifting things around in order to create a more healthy flow of energy.  You also are VERY aware of what is yours and what is others. This is a unique portal for ONLY YOU where you are going to be able to shed wounds INSTANTLY through realizing that they are only the unconscious actions of others that you have taken on as the truth of who you are.  Maybe they sexually abused you when you were just an innocent child, so now you think you are worthless and flawed and not deserving of love and good things. There is something with you awakening to this and it shifting you COMPLETELY.  We may not even recognize the majority of Aquarians out there in a few months. It can be where we just see that you have changed and you will feel different to be around. Some of the heavy energy, and the not good enough, and the wounded mind spaces are liquefying and evaporating!  You are purifying!  You are growing lighter. This DOES mean that others who are in darker spaces will be attracted to you and they may want to bring you down. Just be aware and now you know what that is. Something in them SO wants what you have, so be patient with them, or at least don’t take it personally.

Capricorn Horoscope Image

There are adventures ahead for you! Things are GROWING and you are focused beyond belief into mapping out the steps and thinking of all the details of how to get where you want to go. You will be in some agreements or talks with your business and will be working out some plans so that a fair deal is achieved. You also may be feeling like you have to move or travel or do something to freshen your situation. You are needing something that takes you away so that you can focus in a new way as you look back at all that you have created. There are clues into your past that will reveal the best way to go about your future details. You also may be sensing some change in your near future that feels REALLY big. It feels like something that is beyond your wildest dreams, YET, it is something familiar that you KNEW you would manifest eventually.  So there is something here that you always knew you would do and now it feels very close to manifesting. You can feel some excitement even though it may not be here just this moment. But you just KNOW that you are onto something and your life is going to change. You can feel that you are making all the correct steps and that something is going to bring them together to dazzle you!  Be excited!  You also are going through some shifts with the way you communicate and this may have to do with the opportunities coming your way. This also says that something in your immediate environment is changing in order to allow this OUT THERE thing to become more important in your life. So expect some changes at home or with your immediate spaces. All that falls away or shifts in any way is FOR THE GOOD. You have NOTHING to fear and nothing to worry about. But it is important that you hold steady on your goals and don’t try to predict how they will manifest and instead hold the thought that you KNOW something is coming in a miraculous sort of way.

Sagittarius Horoscope Image

You are moving into a new time where much will change with your career. You may feel the need to grow and expand into something that is bigger than what you have been doing. You may be feeling pressured or judged or in some way questioning what you are doing.  This may also have old wounds coming to the surface that relate to not feeling special or good enough or even safe in this world. It may bring up fears that you won’t be able to sustain your efforts. There is something with trends here, so you may be shifting from one area to another that is now the hot scene.  Something was at attention, but now it is more obscure and you are looking for the next big thing that gets peoples attention. You also may be doubting your business and the way that you are doing it. Just understand that all insecurities and low energy feelings are just pointing you to some new changes you need to make. You don’t need to look at them as a bad thing and instead just need to see that they are moving you to make the changes that go with the flow of this world of ours.  Something needs to upgrade about what you have been doing. Something needs to be fixed in certain areas so that you can create a business that is sustainable and all about growth. You may even be thinking about combining your efforts or doing something in a collaboration so as to become a bigger influence in the world. Your energy is all about moving, upgrading, improving, studying more, learning more, and there is also something about this that is testing you on if you have walked your talk!  You may feel sensitive to questioning if you really know what you are sharing with others. Like REALLY know and not just GET intellectually. Reading about something and acquiring knowledge that way is like traveling the world only through maps. You can see the roads on the map and imagine what it would feel like to travel them, but until you actually WALK THE roads, you have no idea. For all of the Sags, you are either stepping forward into a higher and more noble role, or you are stepping further into the apprenticing of something. You are either pulling back to study more or stepping forward to share more.  Your age will be a big indication of this!

Scorpio Horoscope Image

You are so amped and ready to make a difference in this world!  This is a time when you are going to be all focused on how you can give back and affect others in beneficial ways. Your mind is on taking your career and sending it off to amazing places!  You also are very much waking to what changes you need to make so that your life feels more carefree and full of joy.  There is a quest for taking risks and feeling ALIVE with the short time you have on Earth. You also are very goal oriented at this time where you have something in your vision and now you are just taking care of details and putting everything in place. There is something new about your perspective in that you are hopeful for this and feeling like you are onto something that can really take off and be wonderful. So focus on where you are now and what you are working on, but also think of where you want to be in the future. This is an energy that is about mapping things out and helping you to focus on far off wishes. This is where you can really be seeing what is out of balance in your life and you will be determined to bring things back to health. You also really do not want the drama of having to deal with things that weigh you down or hold you back from your visions with creating a life of joy and abundant creativity.<span “mso-spacerun:=”” yes”=””>  There have been lessons where you are learning what to say so that it moves people in positive ways and not with them rejecting you. There can be some shock here where there is some situation where there is super high judgment and also much confusion! This can be where you are looking back and wondering HOW this unfolded the way it did and WHY you are now having to deal with this!  It feels frustrating, but I would let it go because it is a blip on the screen of this reading and will clear up and come to pass during the Mercury Retrograde. What you really need to do is hold COMPASSION in your heart with understanding where people are coming from. There is a need for you to sympathize with others wounds knowing it is not really personal and only something that they have not healed yet.  You may also glean some insight that relates to your own past.  There is a link and there is a way to bring healing THROUGH you being soft and gentle with others sensitive natures.  Timing will play a factor too and you just need to wait for the turtle head to come out of the shell. Until then, believe the best and keep your forgiving heart on your sleeve.

Libra Horoscope Image

This feels like you have been feeling some seriously emotional times!  Your head feels very full of tears or confusion or something that has you not feeling so at home in this world or even in your body. There feels like a rejection or a resistance or something that is energetic and has your attention.  You may even feel very lost and alone at this time and missing something.  Something is transitioning in your life and it feels like it is based on your foundation. So that has been rocked and there are rippling layers to this, so it still will unfold in a way you cannot imagine now. I do see much light at the end of this, but it is a roller coaster sort of ride where the emotions just feel so heavy and intense.  You will need to take some time with this and to stay in the quite spaces where you can just process. It feels like you NEED to be alone, even though you will feel uncomfortable, but you need to just stare off into space or do nothing and lay in bed listening to sad and emotional music. You are being asked to keep the tears flowing, or the emotions flowing. You are to express what you are feeling! There is actually something important from this time that will open you to something in about 2 months.  There may even be something very exciting coming to the places you feel that you are alone or missing out. There is something coming that will replace what feels lost and I see it as bright rainbow colors and you smiling so huge!  So, walk through this cave. Do not give up. Do not doubt yourself. Do not run from what is uncomfortable. DO meditate. DO spend time in quiet contemplation. DO be out in nature. And know that you are clearing something pretty heavy duty. But it is deeper than what is happening now. What is happing now is opening you to this OTHER thing that is actually very important. You could not get to it without this other situation happening, which may have you feeling sort of down and left out.<span “mso-spacerun:=”” yes”=””>  Trust this process. You are so protected and safe in it all. And of course, you need the words of  “and this too shall pass”….

Virgo Horoscope Image

Oh Virgo. I know you thought that having Jupiter in your sign would mean your life would take off in the most brilliant ways, but really, it means EVERYTHING that is not in a healthy proper order in your life and with your personality will feel SO BIG AND SO HORRIBLE.  This is like standing up on a stage naked and exposed. You can for sure feel VERY raw and angry and lashing and pissed off at life. But my love, you must wake to the potential of the Virgo.  When you move past the ultra critical nature that loves to find fault in yourself and others, then you can actually rise to the highest position of all signs! Virgo has the most potential, but Virgo is also so much about the undoing. They tend to UNDO their life THROUGH thinking so negatively or getting stuck in these angry positions of feeling like they have to suffer so much more than others. Virgo can manifest the best world EVER or the worst nightmare EVER and that is why you tend to find Virgos that are living one or the other of those expressions. They are either wildly successful and so adored and respected for their skills, or they never can get their kite off the ground and are kind of avoided. We just don’t like to be put in our place and told how wrong or bad we are, so we tend to move away from people who treat us that way.  So with this eclipse you are learning to change into the positive and empowering GODDESS or GOD of the Virgo way. You don’t have to sit there and always see what is wrong or not living up to your standards. You ARE being called at this time to LET THINGS GO, to allow others to grow at their own pace, and to have compassion with what you see as a fault in others.  You are to soften up and be more big picture about life. You are to rise above out of the wounds that MOST LIKELY are just things picked up in childhood and are VERY representative of OTHERS lives.  So much buried in you that is pain and fear based is all because of what others have done to you or said to you and it pisses you off because it was NOT RIGHT. And that is the truth. BUT. It’s time to let some things go. It’s time to see your life as blessed. It’s time to feel that you are totally honored and respected on the Earth. It’s time to see that you have SO MUCH to offer. It’s time for you to have sweet words come from your mouth that make people feel special. For you, the more you put out there, the more you will receive. And you now are on the journey to finding when in your past you stopped loving and valuing who you are. THAT needs a healing. When you love yourself, you will love the world, so the world will love you back. You are only getting what you are putting out there…. So pay attention to what that is.  It is time to UPGRADE what you are manifesting through how you treat yourself and others.

Leo Horoscope Image

LEO :::
This is an energy that has you feeling changed in some way. You may even notice that your values are upgrading due to some things you have decided to let go of that were keeping you trapped in a story that makes you feel bad and not good enough. So this feels like a shedding of your skins and a new shine that you are dazzling us with. I also feel that there was pain before it shed, or depressed feelings or even feeling like you have no value.  You may have felt stuck or restricted or confused. But there is a point that you will reach in this healing journey where you suddenly see the light and then things start to make so much sense.  There is an awakening to this, which creates a shift where you sort of GET IT. This also really feels based on you taking back the control in your life DUE TO not being so hard on yourself. This can be where you are surrendering more into allowing life to unfold and to KNOW that it has a place.  There is more of an overview of your life where you are seeing the pinpoint ways that you short change things and you are seeing how easily it is to shift gears and to manifest a life that feels like your dreams. This feels like gumption and something that is now MOVING you to do so much more.<span “mso-spacerun:=”” yes”=””>  There is also something that you have let go of that is from your past or from some cut off situation that did not develop as fully as you would have liked.  This can be from death, abandonment or betrayal. But you have been carrying this weight and it may have to do with responsibility because it feels like a load off your shoulders. This also feels like it will have repercussions to it that will unfold over the weeks and months. It feels like a gardening move where you do something important now (plant the seed) and later will get the bounty.  There is a reward coming and something that elevates your importance down the road.

Cancer Horoscope Image

You are working on something VERY important, my love! There is a project or an artistic expression or something that shares a message that is on your mind right now. You are full on in all these details as you work out how you want this to look. You are holding the vision that this will be very special and something that gets much attention, and you are RIGHT. But you must keep your eyes on the big picture with this. You can get overwhelmed with all the details as you KNOW what you want the end result to be but all the steps may feel tedious at times. But you are to stay patient and hopeful with all the details and check them off one by one.  If anything is questionable, you will feel it and it just wont feel right.  Trust that. You are being guided here and if you go towards what lights you up, WHEN it lights you up, then you will sail through this with fireworks to come.  You also will be focused on some issues with others who have rocked your core, possibly. There is a confusion where something that was based on their wounds, but hitting yours too comes up. There is a chain reaction to this and it feels annoying, or at least not something that can be solved.  You are reaching out to someone but not getting what you want back. So it can make you feel crazy. Just let it go. It is a timing issue and someone needs more time with what they are processing. The insight will come and the answer will come in a few weeks. So again, let that go. You have too much too focus on to feel dragged down by drama. You also will be reaching out to many people and sharing ideas and getting with them on what you are working on. This feels like you are a director or someone who is putting things together but as the one making the main decisions and it feels like it is so much fun. You may even be discovering a gift that you will later use in bigger ways.  This also feels like setting a scene or creating something that evokes emotions in others. I see you with very far off eyes as you contemplate the scope of how you would like this to sail out in the world.  You also will be very much home and foundation based where you will put something BACK into order so that you can move forward in a much more free and empowered way.

Gemini Horoscope Image

This can really have you feeling pulled in two directions and not really knowing what you should be doing. There is a lot of energy pulling you into home, but you also are thinking that you need to be focused on career and on developing something.   You can actually benefit HARDCORE from all ways to self-care and nurture yourself. It feels like things are going to pick up and get even busier and this really is a time to get grounded and to put all your ducks in a row. There is something with reserves too, so you may be needing to put something away for a later day. It feels like the home needs your attention and this may be heading off a situation with a partner or someone close to you. It feels like you need to bulk up something at home in order to handle something that you just MUST do or say in order to feel more safe with your foundation.  You may also be wanting to shift things at home and change the energy of what is going on. There is healing needed at home! And it feels like fractures that may not even be spoken about but they need some healing love.  You also are going to be very concerned with facing things from your childhood that you feel are holding you back or keeping you inhibited in some way.  You want to break free from these things and to start over fresh. You may even be able to dance your way through the shifts!  That’s what I was just shown!  So when it feels stuck, dance. Force it to move.  There is also something with children coming through and you are either thinking about having them or even feeling busier with them at this time. They may even be acting up more than normal or not sleeping as well.  They are drawing you in and need more of your attention. This could be the home situation too drawing you closer as you may be having to juggle work and the family. They notice you are gone more!  And if you are thinking of having children, the next few weeks will offer many inspirational situations that open your heart to raising one of the special ones coming through.   You also will be trying to make more time for a creative venture that maybe is not for money, or at least not for an end result. It is this carefree expressing that you are noticing has SUCH a relaxing and nurturing feel to it. It may be like creating a mosaic table for your patio or carving wood or even working with a medium that you do not normally. It feels new and like it is uncovering an excitement in you.  You will have many ideas surrounding how to make these new things or at least a rebirth of passion that opens you to many more ideas based on this first one.

Taurus Horoscope Image

You are all about polishing your image and getting ready for something that feels like a seasonal change.  So there is movement with your consciousness of what you are putting out there for benefit of the world, or with doing your part, or living your souls purpose.  So you are AWARE in your mind of patience, growth, dedication, but at the same time you can feel that something is switching gears into this other area for a bit. Honestly I feel in two separate ways for the Taurus. And for some it speeds up hardcore into something that feels SO RIGHT and right on schedule, and for others, just as many, it feels like it is slowing down to process things and to go into a remapping space. There feels to be many details and so much going on and it either brings rapid excitement peaks (the speed up hardcore), or it feels like too much and heavy and needs to be let go of (the slow down remapping). So honor whichever way you flow. It is perfectly timed. You will be standing up for yourself during this time, where you change your mind or you say NO, or you just state your opinion. There is a going back sort of energy where you are looping back to another place or time or dream. And back there you find some clues as to where you are wanting to be going next. It is that thing where you don’t know what you want until you know what you don’t want.  Through those discomforts, we find voice. And you are finding yours now. But expect the unexpected!  Our voices are changing in relation to where we are on our healing journeys and we are always to trust whatever path seems to close off on us and become difficult and which path sucks us in and lights our heart up hardcore.  – See more at:

Aries Horoscope Image

This feels like the energy of feeling reborn and with a whole new operating system! This feels like getting a new transmission in your car. There are components of how you operate which are totally changed. You may not even remember when the shift took place, but there is a new boss in town with how your words flow in your mind. Something is different and it is aligning you with the trust of life, or the natural flows of how things need to grow.  Your mind is also very good at narrowing things down and making sense out of the confusion.  So do allow alone times to just tap into that flow that wants to bring you the answers. There will be something that feels like a stop, but then it moves along quickly. This is like when you come upon a traffic jam, but shortly into sitting there and doing nothing it moves along again and flows back to normal. So don’t put heavy weight into whatever stop this is going to create for you. It will move out quickly. Now one other thing about this STOP SIGN is that during the pause you will start to think about your value or self worth. Suddenly you are going to see how you need to raise prices, or draw the line, or state what your boundaries are.  You may have to speak up to someone, or just get something off your shoulders. But it floats on the tails of you KNOWING you deserve MORE, so it is effortless to express when the time is right.  You are “moving on up” and need to get things in order and set them straight with their NEW foundation.  This is a rebuild. You are to plant things that are aligned to the best version of you and that sing of the life that is the ultimate dream.  Do not worry about money, scarcity or anything that brings in the fear. Buy the best in order to manifest more things that are the best.