This is saying that it is all in your mind where you feel you don’t have value. And where the mind got the narrative comes from you looking out at what men or people of power in your life feel for you. So you are creating through what they think you can or cannot do. And that all busts free at this time where you might even feel like you are breaking out of a spell or waking from some illusive manipulation. Suddenly you will see that you are following in footsteps or just going along and doing something that actually you DON’T believe in. And this time brings a huge break or reconsideration to your path so that you can make this your own and go about with a clean mind, focused on what you feel inside about what really is the potential.

This time brings a wake up call in regards to your own path you choose to take but it’s based on another who influences this desire for you to lift yourself out of a stuck situation and start planting butterfly dreams for how you will rise and blossom. Someone moves you to finally commit to bringing the change. So allow them to ripple you but don’t get fearful about where this will swing you! You just need to know that you have creative gifts and things that can sustain you and they need your belief so they can grow. So if someone ripples you into a new area, it’s probably because you need to grow in a new area, and this ripple is just making it clear. This energy comes as a BREAK, so now you move on and take what you learned and build a better vision of a life to walk into. Believe that you are worth your weight in gold and THEN see what ideas you have for a new world. Your true value is ready to speak about where you go next in life.



So here we are again, the emphasis is saying that you need to release the dependence or the intertwining with others that keeps you from speaking your true visions for how things can be. The energy wants YOU to lead and YOU to decide and YOU to choose for things that maybe do feel like a wild dream, but what is being planted is to excite you into creating a new world for yourself – and releasing whatever else you have been told that keeps that at bay. So you also can be hyper aware to the old and to the heavy as it feels like molasses around you. And it is supposed to, my love. This is to get you to pay attention and to realize that your desire to get ahead or be free will come from touching down and learning about what is out of balance or unhealthy in your life in regards to giving more of yourself that you should – or denying parts of yourself because you think you should. It’s where your system is focused primarily on the getting ahead and being shaped by how OTHERS have gotten ahead or think you should get ahead. And you need a clean slate here. You need to just tune into the magic of your soul and HEAR what to move on and what ways to go about it. You also are dealing with money here so it’s important that you are not choking the life out of something with old world fears – because that is the point here! Don’t think old way in how you want to do something new and fresh and exciting. Learn from the old way but be aware that you’re in those spaces of learning so you are side by side with hope and fear. And feeling the fear should be enough to steer you only to hope and only to people who are like Pollyanna and GO BABY!



Well part of this is saying that you need to get to work! You need to make the plans and write out the visions and start new discipline projects so that you can coach yourself into hopping up on a new level. This is kind of like working with a fitness coach to get you started and get you seeing results and get you into the pattern so that you can do it on your own and just operate in these ways. So it’s important that you are doing a lot, and like keeping the ball rolling and always doing something that brings you closer to your goals. The discipline is important because you are changing deep pattern grooves of intentions OTHERS had for you. So it will take much work and effort — and you need to be okay with that. This is like how restaurant owners have to accept that YOU WORK A LOT. But you also get a lot so you have to know that you have it in you to do this thing where you have budding passion. You also are being asked to tune into your own creative visions and to make them important. You need to remember that you DO have something special to offer and you DO have a way about you that can inspire others and bring movement into their lives. So a big part of this compromise is just accepting the workload and also that you DO have to put yourself forward, first and to listen to what you think will work. You have to trust the inner parts of yourself that say I’M ONTO SOMETHING. Because you are. But before you really go all out on something you just need to make sure you are shooting your arrow towards a path that is bigger than what you have been told or what others think about how things are done. You just need to crack open a part of your dream where you are going beyond and to the farthest reaches in seeing how you DO have great ideas and the passion and dedication to never give up on them. So you just need to pump yourself up more and get out there and do the job your way.


Oh lucky one! You get to expand in the best ways possible this year because you are on the path of going NEXT LEVEL in life. So what you put your dedication towards with single- minded focus in knowing THIS IS FOR YOU, will expand and expand and expand some more! This is why I also am not letting you worry about how things come together or how they grow and sustain you the way you want them to. That’s what is NOT on you to waste energy on. You really don’t want to go to money or to making success the goal. You just need to open to wanting to create a life where you are happy and feeling like things are moving and not getting stuck and stagnant. And your heart has that roadmap. And your heart needs to speak through others’ programming that muffles that voice. So you have to come out of your comfort zone AND leap into the unknown based purely on faith alone. But what I feel from this is that if you stay off scarcity, money, fear of the unknown, or doubt from others doubting you, then you ARE onto something beautiful and it comes with extra socializing and then feeling like we ARE all connected. So you unbind from one thing, bravely looking into the unknown and then you fall into something that FITS and it may even make you feel younger because it is exciting and stimulating and it moves. Just what you need right now. Create your new world through the genius of your unique vision.