We have been working on getting you to be more comfortable in this new world because how you operate is what others should be following now. And at this time you will be in a deep inner work period where you may feel VERY lost and disconnected but where you also Find out that the way you uniquely flow is not something you need to reject or diminish. And
holding yourself back because you are different than most people is what keeps you from tuning in and using your gifts to make things better. So you may feel thrown into the darkness so that YOU find your way out or YOU do the work to understand how to feel better and more at home in this world. And it’s all on others with this one as this is showing up as just a reaction to how you sense that others pick up on you and how you have adapted
to that. But you now are a dented car that isn’t the truth of who you are. And you will only find that true way from looking beyond the scab or the scar tissue of all that hurt you and caused you to pull within and make something wrong about yourself – because you didn’t realize that is what you do when you go within and pull away and go into your spaces to
process. You actually judge yourself quite harshly in the privacy of you and your thoughts. And this is part of the journey when you incarnate through Cancer or Pisces, but it also is something that transforms and becomes your ultimate power. But power tends to be most powerful when it comes from nothing and then grows into something bulletproof. And for you to stop holding yourself back right now you just need to NOT use your mind to see how flawed, damaged, and destined you are to NOT fit in and instead to just trust that your body knows what you need – your mind does not. So you have to tune that off and jump into the natural flows of your body where you WILL NOT hear that you are flawed. On one side there is total support, but on the other side you have a mind that judges and it does keep you
bound. Make your decisions and go on them. Don’t go back and waffle or make yourself the mistake maker. That is just your mind trying to keep you from finding source and faith and this voice of your guides that steers you inward every time. You always are guided, now you have to silence the mind for a bit to make connection and hop on a much better track in life.


The old programming said that you are not that important and that you only operate as a support system and that where you are needed others will let you know when they need you. But that is not the truth. You ACTUALLY are supposed to lead, to SHINE and to HOLD things so that others can walk along them as the new way. So you really are to bring the new foundational ways that we then will build upon. And this means you must listen to your heart, take BIG RISKS that are not at all 100%, and remember that you can always move along and start over if ever need be. You are not washed up and have not missed the boat – but you may feel that way if you look out at others too much and don’t really create from the vibe of what your watery flows tell you to do. If you follow your heart, you are on the UP and are
finding things that are HOME. But if you let others lead you along, holding you in their expectations, or fears – then you aren’t buying into YOUR dream and it can’t expand how it wants to. Your 2019 mantra: MY HEART MATTERS.


Fortunately you can level up so easily by releasing that hold in your mind that continues to judge yourself and see things as glass half empty – especially with your creative gifts or things that really are your natural fortes. What this deals with really is eons of programming of the old world — and you are so close to Gemini so you DO carry a lot of that enslavement
of the mind that keeps you bound into chasing things that are not yours to chase. People who most chase their tails are Gemini and Cancer and you get it because it was so strong in Gemini so it lingers over into your life journey. But this Full Moon wants to see you looking into your soul sister Pisces to lead you along now so that you can find a better way to operate in this world and where you DO trust that you will be provided for and that you can sustain yourself through your innate gifts and that you are SAFE here. So you need to look at your thoughts and listen to them. They are battering you. It’s like looking for a problem or looking to see that YES, you got it wrong – when in fact, NO, you did not. Those voices are others and
you agreed to listen. But you need to be stronger in aligning them to a better path. Affirmations will work wonders on you at this time – because your body is trying to talk you out of this mental rut and anything you do works tenfold now because all efforts are on getting you to glass half full and remembering that the world WANTS to spoil you and celebrate your special gifts. But you have to first remove those blocks you put around yourself – in defense or confusion — that keep you questioning the good or that you are good enough to do something huge in the world.


Something with how you run your life on the day to day and how it ripples out and brings other opportunities and changes is where you grow next year. So you will make these changes of the heart and they will set other things in motion that deal with you sitting in positions of your soul’s purpose where you are giving of yourself and feeling fulfilled because
others want what you got. But this next year you are wobbling out of the old path where your mind found fault and questioned the processes or lacked truly believing, in faith, that things will work out. Now you will FLOW and if you know your heart decided this, you will KNOW it is what you are to do – even if facing a risky move. What you believe, you will have this next
year. So that you hold that you do not really believe in yourself will be felt strongly and you will see that it always was just a message of another, planted in your garden that now you agree to grow. You absorbed their fears and now you fear it too. And you need to remember that YOU ARE GUIDED 24/7 and it’s just that your mind guides you in the opposite
direction, because where you are guided is where you will discover your power – and the patriarchy has tried to discourage this in you. You also will have waves this next year where you are on the go and then you may feel like you are sick or are not motivated at all to do anything. These will come often because it will take you trusting yourself over and over before you really do. And the down is when we can really question ourselves because we are so manipulated to push our way forward – always. So expect that your flow will not be what others expect of you, but the whole test is just that you give your heart and soul the chance to speak and to decide for your life.