Even though you are driven to focus and give energy to your career, you still cut yourself
short because you worry too much about IF you really are that important and essential. So
your steps do carry you forward but part of your thoughts are always wondering if you are
getting it wrong or will be safe in the future. So the worry is in all threads of what you do
BECAUSE you are not yet truly flowing in life so that you trust the pieces that lead you along
the way. But that changes now. This time is when you are to see that you DO have a lot of
fearful and glass half empty thoughts that operate on the automatic when it comes to your
purpose and where you see yourself fitting in and making a difference. And you also can feel
uneasy in thinking you have made mistakes in how you have asserted yourself in life and with
feeling that you got something wrong or you missed out on something or that THIS path in
some way is not where you should be. Remember that Capricorns are late bloomers and they
really don’t shine their true magic until after the 40’s! It’s hard to believe but it’s true – and
for good reason. What your impatience does not understand is that you ARE GOING TO
apprentice with things in life, so you are to be the student for a real long time so that you
really vibe and authentically know what it is that takes you next level. And right now you hold
yourself back by making that bad or a negative or glass half empty thing. It is only the false
programming that has you focusing MOST on your career and figuring your way up the
mountain – excluding your own self care and those around you who need more of your time.
You have spent so many years worrying over much that never even came to be. And this time
now just wants you to let it all go and trust life for a minute so that we can get you BACK IN
THIS MOMENT where the future you fear is being created. If you can pay attention to NOW
you can see that you are dampening your potential through fears of the patriarchy telling you
that you must CLIMB and never stop. The blinders you have on need to come off.
And I am not surprised that the message coming through is that you need to let go of how
you have been conditioned to operate in the world and discover that you actually have a lot
of power to visualize the changes you long to see in your life INSTEAD OF pounding the
pavement and forcing your way up the mountain – OR worrying yourself into stagnation.
Everything will move easier and quicker if you first think about the ultimate image of how
you would like to see your life expand and THEN allow the universe to bring you the
opportunities to take you upwards. You may feel like you are standing still and going
nowhere, but if you can trust that this is how it needs to be, then out of the blue something
will come that seals the deal and catapults you levels upward. It seems to happen when you
are still or at least not following the footsteps of others and trying to rewrite what has
already been written. You are to stand apart even if it looks like you are standing still right
now. And you are to tune into your own way of doing things, outside of all messages telling
you otherwise. Your inside drives will be DIFFERENT and not what you feel expected to do –

and you need to be okay with this. You need to bravely choose for yourself and to know that
wine is made better through time — as are you.
This says you need to get comfortable in the dark patches or cave journeys in life knowing
that you CAN handle this. You can have a way of handling things that takes you back into
scarcity or some fear that looms and it almost chokes the life out of the potential for good to
come because you interpret all things that are challenging as out to get you or another
obstacle keeping you from the happiness you think you will eventually arrive to. You have a
false guidebook telling you what the symbols mean – so you really have no one to get
answers from except yourself. And this time wants you to go in the cave with a brave heart
KNOWING that you are here to rise and soar and that the level of pain or struggle just
represents the antithesis of how far you can go. So you need to shift your thoughts
COMPLETELY into a brand new way of seeing what is before you now. You also need to go
to your past to remember that you HAVE gotten through it all – and to plant those seeds of
hope and faith into your unknown future steps. This ultimately will take you NOT blending
or merging or losing your boundaries with others to the point you move from THEIR
decisions or visions for potential in life. There is something that YOU need to assert and
move forward on and it is not the ways that others have attempted this before. And when
you sit in darkness and sadness, even – but don’t try to change it or push it away, you then
will come upon a door that opens and THAT is where your answers and inspiration will come
so that you CAN move forward this next year. But the doorway is within and no one else can
show you where it is or what will be revealed.
This next year you are going to notice that you operate in different ways in the world and
how you thought you were supposed to be is not resonating with the person you are
becoming. This will be an unusual shift for you so there will be lots of times of total confusion
for the sake of getting you to go within, to meditate, to commune with nature, to lighten up,
to slow down and to FEEL what the answers are. What I love about this year for you is that
you will OFTEN feel in the dark or you will feel called to make decisions that are purely based
on your feelings or your gut – but at this time you are 100% protected and being guided. So
you really CANNOT get anything wrong at this time – unless your ego moves you forward
and you walk in the steps of others so you just move along with what the status quo tells you
to do. This also says that you are being schooled to trust the journey and to let it all go, and
therefore you are getting quick rewards and things like dog treats affirming that you ARE
onto something. It just needs more time and thought in how this should really go down as
through the visions of your carefree heart leading the way. It won’t be easy, but the quickest
way to see change is to stop all those automatic thoughts going to glass half empty and how
you AREN’T special maybe. And at this time those thoughts weigh 100 times more
BECAUSE the universe wants you to see that your parents or someone transferred this
worrying fear and if you believe a dog can learn new tricks or even be trained at all, then you
need to hold that on the horizon of your visions knowing that you can learn a new pattern
too. But it’s going to take serious unraveling of what is in the wrong position in the first place.

So be patient with what you don’t understand, knowing this is your time to get it right so that
you shine in a new way starting the first day of January 2019.