So we began this month with some confusing sleep pattern disruptions where many were going through a flip flopping pattern in bed, along with an activated mind which was focusing them in on where they are needing to make a decision or change. During that process much work was being done, as you know from these often occurrences in the ascension journey.

But this is different.   This is more of a collective energy sweeping through and visually it is this pothole energy, so it is not consistent and covering all surfaces but instead it is focusing FULLY on certain people at CERTAIN times, which leads me to believe it will hit all of us eventually.  It is also something I haven’t seen before where it already looks like what we think comes out of us when we detox.  It is black foam and cottage cheese white lumpy masses of energy balls…. is the best way I can describe it.  This is a new visual to me.  Basically it looks as bad as it is making us feel!

So the sleep was the first way to wake up these hardened layers of toxins and that occurred with the flip flopping which stimulated the liver to move things along.   The liver is actually the seat of where we are most focused in this detox that is occurring right now and it is actually leading us up to the powerful energies of the Full Moon on the 12th (10:11 pm Mountain) and 13th (12:11 am Eastern) of June, 2014.

And this Full Moon is so unusual as I am seeing 4 Yods, which are the Fingers of God, a T-square, and almost a Grand Quintile, although it is a out of range, but still close to making that 5 pointed star.  I will do a video tomorrow to share more on the Full Moon in Sagittarius,  but FOR SURE this is pretty special as this one is shifting mass loads of old, tired, worn out, false density that has been with us for eons and maybe even lifetimes in the attempts to bring us to freedom and true hope in the heart.

Now this may be the most intense detox we know because there is such a need to get us into these positions with Mercury going backwards where we are going back to see how to make our lives feel more safe, abundant and basically TRUE to who we are.  Our communications are hardened from toxins in the body.  Our communications are held back because of old memories of rejection and pain held deeply in the cells.  Our freedom to be who we are is held in our communications and in how we share our vulnerabilities with others.  Our ability to believe in ourselves and thus usher in the opportunities to live our dreams fully is held in our power to communicate our words.  So in order for us to see what needs to be shifted and updated, we truly need the assistance of others to release this hardened blackened coal density inside of us that says we are not good enough, we are not worthy, we will never win, we are losers.  It is dark and it is thick and it is in every one of us, yet so ready to be released!

// Symptoms of this energy //

  • Restless sleep with much flip flopping and having to move, move, move the body.
  • Fatigue in the day not hardly wanting to do anything and having to force yourself to do.  Being slowed down.
  • Grumpy pants attitudes of just leave me alone!  This is a fleeting energy though so you can shift out of it when you just open your heart to being more compassionate and patient.
  • Headaches, migraines, eye pain.
  • Neck pain, lower back pain.
  • Sadness waves coming out of nowhere.
  • Feeling like you have missed the boat and everyone else is the chosen ones.
  • Losing faith in what you are working on. Flip flopping from faith in self to doubt in self.  This is okay as it will balance out with the Mercury Retrograde. So just trust what it is showing you and know that we get stronger FROM the things that break us down.
  • Feeling checked out and not able to see the beauty before you.
  • Missing old friends! Wanting to connect with your TRUE diehards.
  • Seeing all the places in your life that have not blossomed and feeling the sadness for that. Hopelessness.
  • Sudden sensitivities to food you ate, such as stomach pain like food poisoning.

// Solutions for this detox energy //

  • Everything detox will assist you now.  MOVE THE BODY.
  • Lemon water or cranberry water in morning to flush liver and kidneys.
  • Diatomaceous Earth, a tablespoon at least once a day to start, working up to 2 tablespoons.
  • Modified Citrus Pectin, a tablespoon at least once a day to start.
  • Colon Hydrotherapy!  I think this one is the best for now because we are dumping toxins at too quick of a rate and we need some  help getting them out. I would plan on several sessions because after one it stirs up more toxins and the liver dumps its toxins into the cleaner colon.
  • Psyllium husks in water first thing in morning, but it sweeps everything out, so don’t take meds or vitamins with it.
  • STEP AWAY from the computer! The toxic vibes from our computer can really have us feeling wiped out and empty and deadened in a way.
  • STEP INTO nature.  The Earth wants to assist you too!  Sit on the ground, hug those trees, marvel at the beautiful flowers popping through, contemplate the natural timelines of nature.  Ask the trees questions. Ask the insects questions. They each have a book of wisdom just waiting to share with you.
  • STEP OUT of the mind space. You are not in the now when you are in the mind. Remember that.  Drop down to the heart.  Take deep breathes and see yourself coming from the heart energy.
  • Take a bath in bentonite clay, baking soda (with NO aluminum) and epsom salt.  Dry brush your skin daily.
  • Herbs to use: dandelion root (DANDY TEA!  yummy!), BURDOCK root {the best at cleaning the blood), milk thistle, yellow dock, alfalfa, red clover, parsley, cilantro, Chlorophyll, Chlorella (single cell).  Detox teas.

<< And any other suggestions from my Health Educators please leave a comment down below and I will add it to the list.  >>

I also shared that fascinating picture above because in my dream last night I was shown how the body takes on fat BECAUSE of all the toxins in our bodies!  I didn’t know that.  So the more toxic you are, the heavier your body will be.   And the more toxic your body is, the more you will reject yourself and say mean things in your head about what a worthless loser you are.   So this is important information to know and this is why we are in such a deep detox session right now.

We MUST get rid of these toxins in order to fly to the heights our hearts know we are destined to go.