What are you thinking about?  Right now.  Right here now in these winds a fluttering times of insights and discoveries galore.

This is connection times.  This is connecting ideas, people, patterns.  This is the awakening to INSIGHTS that come from seeing where we stopped living, or where we stopped believing in ourselves or where we started holding ourselves back by believing that we are not worthy, nor good enough to hardly be alive, let alone live a life of our dreams, of our wildest imaginings of what it would look like to really feel happy and safe in this world and in our bodies.  Quite a sentence, huh.  Well its merely to match these quite spectacular times currently, and that will extend for the next couple weeks.

So what is happening is that we are not only being smothered and drenched with heightened creativeland energy, that is wanting to flow into us if we are able to open and receive, but we are also at this knowing/feeling point that things ARE actually changing and shifting into different but wonderful ways.  We are feeling this to the core and we know that something is changing, and whether you feel it just yet or not, I can tell you that we are going to feel safer in this world and in our bodies through the process this is happening now.

And that safety is being “figured out” over this next month through insights that will come to us that show us the way of changes that are needing to be implemented within us, and in regards to our outer world movements, such as through our career.

Which means these times and the gift of insights that they are bringing to us, truly are more important than any other thing going as drama outside of us. This is the energy of DESTINY times and what is happening in your life right now is oh so important.   Every morsel of it means something as it is either working to guide you further forward, or working to stop you from where your mind thinks you need to be going.

The gateways are clear as day right now and if you are GLIDED effortlessly through, then that is  for you. But if there is any hesitation, even the slightest, then there is something here that your soul is cautioning you about that does not need to be experienced, at this moment. You can override this and choose to do what your mind thinks is best, but once you go off YOUR track, you tend to hit more obstacles that are merely just begging you to go back and rethink something you decided before.  The more it hurts and hurts and  hurts some more, the more likely a decision of times past needs to be re-examined.

These times are for going back, making amends, healing rips and tears in the story of our lives, for opening our hearts to forgiveness and to feel compassion for others.  These times are inspiring us to want to lighten our load of all the judgments and insecurities, and to basically get all of our shit straightened out so that we can LOVE OURSELVES enough to demand the best of the best for every thing else in our lives.  Starts at home. Starts inside. Starts right now in history. GO.

So we are taking over the drivers seat of our life story. We will say, “I want this and I no longer want that.”  We will say, “I welcome this and I say goodbye to that.”

And it starts with your list.  You have been receiving sentences of NEW LIFE that are wanting to bud out of you as huge declarations. Many are body related at this time, so maybe your sentence is:

I commit to working out with pilates and kettlebells at least 6 times a day for at least 10 minutes but shooting for 45 minutes a day.  OR

I commit to only having juice and salads and eggs for 2 weeks.  I am letting go of cheese and meet and grains in order to detox my body and clear out some density in order to feel more abundant and alive.

So your declarations may be health related right now but whatever comes out of you, put it to paper and post it somewhere that you will see it daily.  And when you post this, you will see that it has special power over you more so than ever before.  You will read it and KNOW that you WILL commit to these things because you are so ready to change the things that are holding you back.  We are being fully empowered to let those things go that are holding us back from loving our bodies, loving our life, loving this World, loving this opportunity to be here now.  We are making new patterns now and when we do, all these other things will be building upon them.  These are exciting times; don’t forget that for a second.

Delve deeply, loves, and enjoy the insights.