I suggest that all of you spend some time journaling over these next days right now especially, but also for the next 4 weeks, because if you can ask a question, an answer can come through the writing. The veils are thin at this time and what comes to you is prophetic and also something that balances you. This is kind of like how you will ask how to deal with something and the answer will come as a very wise old soul perspective that guides you to making a more high vibrating decision or course of action. It is WILD!! And whatever comes though will feel so much better in your body because it is the bigger way to handle things and the one that is outside of our ego and our need to be best or right. Go ask the journal! Write your questions. Ask for guidance. “They” are so waiting in the wing and ready to bring forward true wisdom that will feel so much better in your body than the old ways of taking sides or creating a situation where one is better than the other. .Trust what comes out for you. Powerful medicine times, loves.