So what is happening right now for many people is that a wave has come in and it will either lift you up and have you feeling fantastic and free

OR it will tear you down and have you falling back into times past when you operated without the consciousness of what you have now.

So at this time and with the energies of the New Moon in Sagittarius, there can be huge feelings of regret and feeling horrible and devastated at what transpired and with wishing you could have done it over and done it in a better way. This feels so heavy and it may even slow you down and have you unable to do anything except sit there and think about what is on your mind.  This is a gateway opening that will allow you to fully meditate on the concerns at hand.  Once you sit and stare off into space, it may be hard to pull yourself back until you have fully cleared this.

You may even be having one incident come to you, but then it gets piled on by many other things that resonate with the same vibration because the FIRST one opened the door for the others to match up to you.

Now I KNOW this does not feel good and it can have you crying and feeling so emotional. BUT. What is in the past IS THE PAST. And the biggest part of 2015 is that we are FULLY LEAVING the victim mentality. And this means from here on out, all things that have happened that were done TO US have to be forgiven and the quickest way to do that is to have to FORGIVE OURSELVES by seeing things we oh so wish we would not have done.

This is the process of what is occurring for so many at this time:

You are seeing how you hurt others.
You are seeing how you loved in an imbalanced way.
You are seeing how you pushed others away.
You are seeing how you let people down.
You are seeing how you have let yourself down.
You are seeing how alone you are.
You are seeing how fragmented or limited your life is.
You are seeing how much you miss certain people.
You are seeing situations that are now in ruins and wishing you could do it over.
You are thinking about people or animals past that you wish you could have back in your life and WISH you could say how you really felt.

It is all a great big huge awakening to take us down the dark and murky slippery slope of our past in order to FORGIVE OURSELVES so that we can easily forgive others in this coming momentous year. We are no longer going to be allowed, in 2015, to describe ourselves as victims of others unconscious deeds. There will be a separating of what has been done to us as we will fully see that IT WAS THEM and had nothing to do with us.  This will be a shift within our minds and we will all naturally take on the stance of the wounded healer who no longer looks back with the eyes of shame, blame and guilt.

BUT to get to that perspective, we must look closely at all that we have personally done to others that is a mirror of the same.

Now how do we move through this?  How do we sit in such painful situations and not want to die for the horrible things we have said and done?

  1. Remember that you are not alone.  We are all human and we have ALL FUCKED UP.  We all have these egos that think only in the moment and are always expressing through our individual wounds. So accepting that we are all wounded is the first step to healing. See yourself in a crowd of billions who are also feeling the same way you are with regretting our past actions that were not at all how we operate now in life.
  2. Face it head on and have a conversation in your mind with who you feel you have hurt.  Ask for their forgiveness and express the words of pain that you now see you have caused.  And if these people are still accessible, write a letter.  But DO NOT expect a return, because going back to 1. we are all wounded and many that are wounded want to wound right back as a way to reinforce that you hurt them.  But you are only in control of you. So make amends in whatever way possible. Free YOURSELF first and understand that they will wake in their own good time.
  3. Look around right now at what or who is in your life and GIVE THEM what you could not give to others in your past. The most brutal awakening of this energy is that WE CANNOT GO BACK AND CHANGE WHAT WAS DONE, so we must make things right from here on out.  

    If someone you hurt is willing to forgive you and take you back, then LOVE THEM TO THE MAX. Commit to NEVER doing a repeat show of what you exposed to them and honor them with the true high vibrational love and respect in your heart.

    But otherwise, if the situations truly ARE in ruins and unable to reap a healthy new crop, then take what you learned and offer that wisdom in relationship with others in your present and future.  Forgive yourself THROUGH committing to NEVER doing this again and NEVER showing that side of your wounded personality.  And like for real, do what you say.  You may mess up and fall back into a pattern, but when you recognize that you are back there … STOP and reposition your thoughts and actions.

We must move onward and forward. We cannot keep bearing the pain of our mistakes when TRUTH BE TOLD, we were just doing the best we could with what we were dealing with at the time. Let your past be the experience that creates your future self but do not let your past be the representational mirror of your future.

Let it create and birth a NEW YOU, instead of  allowing it to mimic the old you.

This is the new paradigm of love that is birthing. And it starts with you opening your heart to all that you have done that is NOT in alignment to this high vibrational love.  We are letting that go right now.