Well hello FRIDAY!

This is the day to put a plan into motion and to finally move through the details so that you start to feel inspired and, like – okay – things have finally changed and you see it. Oh good news here! We can feel absolutely abuzz today in getting things accomplished that were seriously weighing us down by being on our to-do lists for so long.

But now we see that timing is everything and the flow is different than it was before. The flow has changed and it’s mirroring what we expect from it. So as we experience this LIFT we can see things changing at lightning speed – one of them being OURSELVES and how we are now being able to do things that before we never thought we could. Remember how I told you I was always so shy with my gifts and never shared my writing or what I can do? But then at a certain point I was ready and I WANTED to share myself with the world. So I did, and I was like booked 6 months in the future from the very first days. But I also waited until my body was ready to step into this higher level of a role.

Now I see that I just needed to walk all that life and meet all those amazing
people at the cafes and coffee shops I worked at while waiting to feel ready in my body, which happened when I turned 41. NOW I see the why of why all of it had to be — but walking it had it’s challenges! I walked a path not normally walked so I had to deal with questioning people always letting me know this path was not the acceptable one and that I needed to wake up and get real with my life. It’s time for a 401k, ya know?

So I had to LEAN INTO what I knew was correct with my own personal
handbook of timings and stay strong inside knowing that my way was the best way for me. And holding steady to others’ ways is not the best for me unless my body agrees and says, yes, thank you for opening me to that. But I wasn’t hearing that. I was hearing that I must wait and I must wait longer than most people, but that the wait would be hella worth it. And it has been and it always will be. The wait in coming together, the wait in having sex, the wait in launching a treasured book or project, the wait in pioneering through a challenging time in your life. ALL. WORTH IT.

At the end, where we only have the present moment anyway, you will always, always, and always agree that the wait was worth the prize it eventually brought. And that the passion you mustered to manifest this dream, the pain you felt in the wait, how lonely you were in feeling unloved and unseen – unworthy of the great things — THAT SPACE is what is bringing the bounty that is FLOODING our lives right now.

The old scarcity space is over, my loves – as it is only being held in place by
thoughts. And all the pain we felt from it challenging our stability and
weakening our confidence in our abilities to thrive has fallen to the ground. And now we get to dream with wild abandon and to see the mirrored match go BOOM into our life like catching the bouquet or picking the winning numbers. It’s all about to go boom, my loves, so EXPECT that the bouquet is coming your way. Expect that 1 in a million HAS to be you.


Expect that 1 in a million
HAS to be you.
Don’t see it as impossible.
See it as a sure thing.
Don’t see your dreams as impossible.
See them as a sure thing.