MY LOVES!!! These readings are HUGE!

I hope you enjoy the messages coming through for you!



This energetic lineup is WILD and OH SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! We are in this space that is SO MAGICAL!!!!!! Many of you are beginning things that are EVERYTHING you dreamed and you are LOVE, LOVE, LOVING THIS TIME. You may notice that things are DROPPING on your path in ways that seem too wild to be true. There is a coming back with this energy that tells me that many of your good deeds/thoughts/seeds planted are being rewarded now in ways that are transforming your lives so that a NEW DAILY PATTERN is being lived. It feels like your days are starting different or there is a new passion to KEEP AT IT and MAKE IT BETTER.

We are in a permanent state of improvement now as we wake to OUR PIECE of the puzzle in creating the DREAM. We are AWAKENED to how we are contributing in ways that attract or repel. And that which holds us back as limits we have created in our minds from actions or words implanted into us are now separating from us as if they are being peeled away.

Now as this old skin peels away, MANY OF YOU will feel in VERY CLOSE CONTACT with your most wounded states. You can feel VERY INSECURE at this time and think that you are a total, worthless loser. You can VERY easily fall into states of depression and lethargy. Basically, right now you can feel very raw. But you must open your mind to seeing that you ARE being given a HUGE GLIMPSE into what needs to be brought into the light in your life so that you can FLY more lightly and into farther reaches into your manifesting field.

So if there is emotional pain, consider it the band aid being ripped off. But know THIS IS FOR YOUR GOOD. You have been carrying around something that is SO BURDENSOME and it HAS been holding you back. So you MUST look into this wound of yours, this crutch, this insecurity, this sensitive spot and FACE IT HEAD ON as energy is guiding you into ways of releasing this through forgiveness and compassion.

And what you have to look forward to is a NEW YOU that is more lighter and hopeful about what is possible in life. This NEW YOU will go for WAY MORE in life than the old you! This NEW YOU will risk it all for love and happiness and that is being encouraged!

You are being asked to say it, do it and bring it forward. Create movement where there was stagnancy. Breathe LIFE into a new way of being where you are guided through synchronicity and magic into a world of your dreams. BELIEVE that you can cure, heal, correct, rebirth and begin again with MORE PURPOSE towards creating a world of PEACE.






So this feels to me like you are learning a new way to navigate life! You have decided to expand your reach towards what you believe is really possible and the Universe has come forward to bring you opportunities which NOW at this point have you feeling like you CAN trust what is unfolding. This also feels like you are more in tune to signs and realizing that the mere THOUGHT being put out there is more powerful than putting your feet to the pavement. This is new for you!! But it is a NEW FLOW and you now have proof that holding good intentions and visualizations OF the dreams you long to manifest DOES WORK.

Now I can feel that you still have so much to take care of and there can be some doubts come in as you traverse this new path, but you are being asked to release those thoughts that second guess your efforts or that swing into the low vibes as you move along. You are to stay consistent and even write out affirmations that encourage you to keep with it, but also realize you are human and at times you will falter!! THAT IS OKAY.

But you ARE learning a new way of living your life so just be sure to plant those seeds of hope as you go along. Take a moment to look behind you and look into your past at what you were unwilling to change for so long. Look at that old worn down groove you were in for years and remember that you are laying down a new groove now and it WILL take a minute to get it as defined as the old one. But have fun with this!! I am hearing that you need to lighten up and not put so much pressure on yourself! Find the flow and remember that you ARE being divinely guided! Your needs WILL be met if only you can hold the thought and knowing that THEY WILL BE. That’s the KEY, love!!! KNOW IT and then wait for them to arrive.

This next 6 months is when you will see so many miracles in your life! You are in a new space where you are being asked to trust, and in doing so, the world is set to bring you people and opportunities that SEE you and who WANT to help further your goals. It feels like you are moving into a phase where things come magically and quickly as the energies are working to bring you forward to show the world what the ARIES got going on!


THIS IS HALF OF THE ECLIPSE READING!!! There were SO many messages to share!

The full reading is available in the MOON VIBE Guide!


So this is a going to be a time when you are being asked to take some risks in life that DO have you going for something that showcases yourself more. And what is interesting about this is that you are to go beyond thinking you don’t fit in or that there is not a place for what you are here to offer. You may be embarking on something that is cutting edge or NEW and it requires that you stand unique, strong and with full on convictions that what you are sharing IS important and can make a difference.

Now this feels like you are fully delving into a creative project that needs care and support as it blossoms because it IS still growing and becoming something. You are working through details and using your intuition to navigate the journey. You can worry at times about IF this really is something that will sustain you and provide an avenue for you to feel important and valued, but it is CRUCIAL that your words and thoughts remain soft and nurturing as this GROWS. You MUST think in the terms of a new seedling and how, yes, it has not grown into its true potential just yet, but it doesn’t mean you should judge it or doubt it because it is only a sprout right now. You will be tested in holding COMMITTED to what you are creating or longing to manifest.

Now your LOVE arena is being lit up as you are correcting things that have gone along without a voice being used to clarify that something was wrong. Your voice is to be used clearly in stating what your needs are and what it will take to feel safe and secure. You can be wondering about something and wondering if there is a future here. You may also be looking into your past and thinking about an unrequited love that KEEPS coming to your mind even though you thought you were over that.

You may even dream that someone comes back and actually has NOT forgotten about you, or moved on. I can’t say if you will join up again over the next 6 months, but I can say that you both ARE thinking about each other!

THIS IS HALF OF THE ECLIPSE READING!!! There were SO many messages to share!

The full reading is available in the MOON VIBE Guide!


I can feel that you are working to set yourself apart and to think more about what YOU need to do, or what YOU feel good about doing without always looking to others for validation.

You may even notice that you are changing from the ground up, where you seem to walk different and respond different and even make decisions in different ways. I’m sure you are looking back into the past year and are surprised with how much has changed!! And you are being asked to stop and give gratitude for all that you DO have right now because I can feel you wanting MORE, but it seems to come on the tails of you feeling gratitude for what is already there.

Your life feels much busier, and while you do love that, you are wanting to create more order at home so that you feel complete and able to focus on bigger matters. You may also be going through a spell where you lose things or forget things that you did not before. That is only happening IF you need to work on what is going on at home that is a bit too chaotic and needing some help or order applied.

You also may need to reach out and ask for assistance because this feels like you need others to help with duties that are just too much for you to accomplish now. This is like getting a house cleaner to come once a week so that you can go to a yoga class or get a massage. It IS paying it forward when you make space for those self care moments!!

And yes, OTHERS are showing up SO MUCH in this reading! There are catalysts for change around you who can assist you on this journey to get clearer on expressing yourself and your gifts. So be patient for that and seek not, but DO know people who are further down the road than you are WILL step forward and offer opportunities for you to express creativity through your own unique lens.


THIS IS HALF OF THE ECLIPSE READING!!! There were SO many messages to share!

The full reading is available in the MOON VIBE Guide!


This energy feels exciting to me!! You are putting your life into order and really getting clear on WANTING to express your souls purpose work! This feels like a passion that comes AFTER we have been pulled back and put into the cave.

It feels like you have been busy, busy, busy with distractions and taking care of all these hands coming your way with needs, and now you are starting to create a space for something to blossom and grow, that is your OWN, as if you have just tilled the garden and are ready to finally plant a seed.

It feels like inspiration is coming FROM being pulled away from what you REALLY want to be doing. So you see it is perfect! We always think we should be working towards our career and doing, doing, doing to get it going, but in fact, we go through waves of up and down, and in and out, and it is only when we fully arrive at UP and OUT that we bring forward ideas or take steps further on our path. But all those ideas CAME FROM THE DOWN AND IN. So honor the cycles, honor the seasons, honor your process.

Now I am feeling a lot of activity in the mind, like a ping-pong ball, and maybe that you are not being able to complete so much because you are all over the place. It feels like something is adrenal and taxing, but something that is there to stay, as I am feeling that adapting is where you are at. This makes me think of taking care of elderly parents, or having a child, or even more so, having a special needs child. It feels like you ARE having to give more of yourself than is comfortable, but this is how it is to be for you.

I also feel a STEAM building in you that is making a SACRED SPACE for things like yoga and mediation. You are COMMITTING to this and seeing that you NEED a connection to Spirit that helps you to feel calm and in control with your life.

You may even be doing work that is Spirit connected or somehow requires that you use your intuition to create designs, healing or something that helps others put their lives in BEAUTIFUL order.


THIS IS HALF OF THE ECLIPSE READING!!! There were SO many messages to share!

The full reading is available in the MOON VIBE Guide!


So I feel like over the next 6 months you will really put things into order and into a solid sort of foundation because you are CRAVING stability and something that is reliable and true.

You also are in some sort of preparation stages for something that is to come and grow in your arms. This is something SO DEAR to you, like a baby or the love of your life in some form. And this DOES feel very much like BIRTH or something that has been incubating FOREVER it seems. It seems you have waited so very long for the dream you have in your sights now and BEING WITHOUT is what really has opened you to knowing that ACTUALLY this is EVERYTHING to you.

Now I am feeling this REALLY BIG LOVE VIBE and something with you wanting something so badly as you now work to create a nest for it to land or a safe place to call home. You may be thinking of buying property or finding some place with room to grow. You are thinking in terms of GROUNDING and STABILITY and attracting something that is PURE LOVE to you (such as expressing a creative gift, having a baby, or aligning with your twin soul).

There also is so much activity in your mind and in thinking of how things have played out in your past. I am feeling regrets and wish for a do over. I also feel that you are trying to understand something that relates to YOUR PATTERNS that pushes people away or adds obstacles that you REALLY don’t want to have there!! You may be working on fears, or even patterns that you have seen play out for others that you now think will also define and color your experience. You are longing to BREAK FREE from those limiting thoughts of the worst case scenario and open to the possibility of MAGIC!! Why not!! Believe that you can have something that is beyond the dream and something that will in some way complete you.

Now you may notice that you are more sensitive than normal and are not so confident of yourself. This feels hormonal or affected by something else, but not an actual part of your personality. It feels like Saturn Return when we SUDDENLY have no faith in ourselves, or are shy doing things that normally we would be a peacock with.

This also feels psychological so I can imagine you to be in a healing 6 months forward where you are examining thoughts you are saying in your mind and how you are cutting yourself short in being too fearful of taking a risk.


THIS IS HALF OF THE ECLIPSE READING!!! There were SO many messages to share!

The full reading is available in the MOON VIBE Guide!


So this is a great energy for you!! I am feeling that so many new changes are on the way in your life because of you really deciding to let go of old outdated programs that OTHERS around you are carrying in their systems that YOU have been buying into and taking on as your own.

This MAY have something to do with messages you have heard since birth and even things that sing of the ways of the world that actually are FALSE. And you know this in your body! What you now need to do is really start to question things that others have fed you and ask yourself if YOU really believe it to be this way? This can be how you break through glass ceilings and decide to dream BIGGER than what others believe is actually possible.

I am seeing you break through something and rise out of it, defying all odds and proving others wrong. I remember when I was still incubating my dreams and how everyone thought I was a loser and needed to wake up and snap out of it! I was criticized every step of the way and ALMOST believed them for a while. But isn’t it great that I stood steady in my convictions and with my dreams and did not give up on myself?

You are in some situation like this too where you are to NOT carry the beliefs of others who could never even DREAM of the far out things you long to do!! If someone thinks what you dream of doing CANNOT be done, don’t share anything with them! They can imprint you!!!! They can have you holding back when the whole message here is to GO FO IT AND DREAM of what is held deeply in your heart as a way to live this life of yours. You are holding back and you need to break through this. You need to embrace that you DO have amazing gifts in some field and ideas for a way to make a living and you must keep feeding them with love and hope so that they can grow in the direction of your intentions.

So you are stepping forward more as your AUTHENTIC self and not the one that others think you need to be. You also will notice that you are not as affected by criticisms or people who don’t approve of you. The more you peel back this thing in you that CARES what others think, the more you can access the gold within that operates as a source of inspiration that is unique to your souls purpose. You must keep your channel clear and just CREATE from a place of loving to do so, instead of needing validation from others.

I also feel that you need to open to some sort of BIG manifestation with your career that hinges on you changing gears with BELIEVING that you CAN do this really spectacular thing.


THIS IS HALF OF THE ECLIPSE READING!!! There were SO many messages to share!

The full reading is available in the MOON VIBE Guide!


So you have been in a really mental space for some time where you are processing, pondering and VERY much trying to understand things. I would say you don’t really feel so safe just yet because so much is in the air still or things are just murky and confusing!!

I see you there pulling cards and accessing things trying to get an answer or solution as to what to do about this!! And what is funny is that I was brought back to about 2007 when I was this way too and constantly pulling cards and looking at my transits trying to figure out when the money was coming, when my career would take off and when my soul mate would arrive. I feel that you too are either focused into one of those areas hardcore, of all of them at the same times feeling that many areas of your life are in transition Souls purpose. Money. Love. And where to live or where to move.

Now what is really interesting here is that you ARE being held off from information right now because you are building a connection with Spirit AND a belief system that helps you TRUST that all this intensity really does have a meaning. So you cannot access the answers anyway and you need to be okay with that!!!! That is the point.

You need to unplug and tune in. You need to shut down your mind from so much seeking and just go silent and find your connection to source wisdom! Do you really meditate daily? Do you commit to daily yoga? Because you HAVE TO right now or you WILL think you are losing your mind because you ARE being defragmented to be put into a better shape. So you must find a way to keep your thoughts quiet and to just be in the receptive state for signs and inspiration.

And I am hearing too that you are too quick to think negatively or to think that others are taking advantage of you. There is a downward slope with your thoughts at times that doesn’t need to be there. And I believe it is stronger now than you are accustomed to, as if something recently has really had you feeling very unsure and sort of insecure maybe. It feels long standing but it has a recent feeling to it as if it has taken another turn and come back for a visit.


THIS IS HALF OF THE ECLIPSE READING!!! There were SO many messages to share!

The full reading is available in the MOON VIBE Guide!


There is so much LOOKING BACK in this reading where you are missing things that are gone from your life now. The good ole days can FOR SURE be where your thinking is as you are missing when you had less responsibility.

You also are thinking about choices you have made, and back then I’m sure they felt perfect and right on time, but now you are seeing them differently. There is a lot of wishing you could have said something differently or not reacted so strongly to something that now really doesn’t matter. There are doubts and regrets weighing heavily on you at times.

You may also have noticed a shift where things were SO FLOWING and now they seem to be stopping or causing you confusion as to how to get them moving again. Paths have been cut off from you that you THOUGHT you would be walking and many of you are looking around trying to figure out where to go or what to do now.

You are moving into a new phase of your life and this one is more introspective and pulled back. You may notice changes where you wanted to be social but now are wanting to just be alone and be with your own thoughts. You may even feel that words are hard to find to explain what you are going through as you just don’t understand it yourself. You may even at times feel a little crazy, but let me tell you that you are NOT. This is a natural phase that hits us that I think of as maturity because we get so pulled back into ourselves for the purpose of FINDING who we REALLY are. This also will be a healing time and one with many tears as you make sense of your past in order to move forward.

Now relationships are going to be going through a transformation BECAUSE of how much YOU are changing. It can feel confusing because I know you want something to last forever, and to remain how you remember it in the past, but YOU are changing, so everything around you must follow suit. Know that this is best for all parties involved.

Now money is going through some shift in your life and what is really being asked is that you hold positive thoughts that you can generate funds when you really need them.


THIS IS HALF OF THE ECLIPSE READING!!! There were SO many messages to share!

The full reading is available in the MOON VIBE Guide!


You may feel like so much is changing in your life, or there is so much to have to focus on that deals with rebuilding from the ground up. You may even feel like your foundation is shifting and what you thought was solid and true is going through a process of unraveling in order to rebuild in a better way. You may also notice that you are worrying more and very in tune to what is going on in the world as it is hitting you to the core.

Now there is a message that you are going to discover a new strength to BE this supportive person for others BECAUSE of the instability going on around you. So this could be seen as a testing time, but one where you are learning new skills. And you will be called to stand firm and help guide things forward. This is going to show up even more as we move through the next several months, but where you feel like things are sort of out of control is where YOU are being groomed to be more of an influence of this CALMING ENERGY. This makes me think about how people who lose everything or go through serious life tests BECOME the people who guide others because they have walked it and now are truly able to talk it. It would be hard to be a river guide if you never traveled the river! But when you know it like the back of your hand you are able to guide others through the journey.

Now there is going to be a lot of focus on your relationships over the next 6 months AND with what you are offering others as your gifts. So there is a new level that you will be expressing at THROUGH really getting to know yourself better AND demanding that you ARE seen as something special to those around you.

This is important right now because if you do not feel seen you can get really depressed and down on yourself. You are needing things FROM others as validation that you are on track, and that is not always healthy, but I am feeling that it is an essential piece required in YOU coming more forward with strength to just be true to you. You may also feel more insecure than at other times and pretty sensitive! I feel you are focused on judging yourself through the reactions of others and this makes me think that you really need to be careful for who you surround yourself with! Just know that you are growing more confidently through this outside vision as the low times are provoking you and stimulating you to become the best person you can be.


THIS IS HALF OF THE ECLIPSE READING!!! There were SO many messages to share!

The full reading is available in the MOON VIBE Guide!


Everything going on around you is ALL for the purpose of you stepping up and moving into higher ways of expressing your souls purpose work. There is A LOT going on and much that is moving and shifting, so do not get stuck into thinking there is only one way to do things because you are in a process of moving that puzzle piece around until it fits like a dream. Be okay with what doe not fit anymore! You have been working for some time on releasing things that are not a 100% match and we now are coming to a point where you will take a break on all that and enjoy seeing what is arriving to take over the spaces that were made from what was released. So be in anticipation and look forward to new growth that is set to surprise you in REALLY FAVORABLE WAYS.

So there also is a focus to your foundation here and what I am feeling is that there have been blocks put into place that have kept you from the expansion you desire BECAUSE of something that has looped back several times and relates to thoughts you have been holding. It also deals with something you have not been facing or admitting? Possibly something where you have not used your voice and instead have just gone along with things?

Whatever this block is, it is now BUSTING apart because it IS holding you back and it IS keeping you from manifesting these other beautiful things because it is about you not really speaking your truth. I don’t know if this is about pleasing others, or not wanting to make a stink, or where you just learned from early conditioning that you do NOT speak up about these things.

So your VOICE is wanting to be freed up in ways that allow you to REALLY be heard and to REALLY say if you like something or not. You may even have to stand up to say NO to someone and MANY TIMES FORWARD as you ingrain this new pattern that says YOU DO DESERVE TO BE HEARD. So be okay with saying NO. Be okay with having an opinion and expressing it clearly. You also will have throat things going on at this time if you are STILL holding them in. What I have noticed most about this showing up in people is that there is a pattern or something from long ago that stopped the voice from coming through clearly and because of that there now is something that makes YOU think you will be challenged for speaking up or stating your needs. So you THINK first about how this will not go easy and then that thought chokes the words from coming through.


THIS IS HALF OF THE ECLIPSE READING!!! There were SO many messages to share!

The full reading is available in the MOON VIBE Guide!


This is to be an EPIC 6 months of your life when you REALLY awaken to your value. What you are in right now is a heavy duty PURGING process that is to melt through blocks that have had you feeling ODD or as if you do not have a place in this world. You have carried these with you because you HAVE not felt at home here or in knowing that you aren’t really in harmony with the mainstream way. So in feeling so out of place, you have put blocks in your way that have actually kept you from being able to expand INTO YOUR DESTINY.

But that is all set to change! I am seeing you shedding skins and coming forward as someone who is READY to DO YOUR PART and to let go of caring what others think of you. You are letting go of ways that you hold yourself back BECAUSE you feel different or that others don’t understand you.

I see you using your voice more clearly to BELIEVE in ways that you can expand and get out there more with what you are dreaming to share that comes from the depth of your soul. I see a wrap around your mouth being removed and you are exhaling all these beautiful colors that tells me this is something you have held near and dear to your heart for some time, and getting this out is a relief.

You also may be working on a project over the next 6 months that is writing based or having to do with a website and you will have many opportunities to GET THIS RIGHT. I see this as a tumbling stone so you will go through a process where you come forward, pull back to make changes, and then come forward again, and it may go on for some time.

It is a process because you are refining and making something better, and we rarely get it right our first time out! So do be aware that this may mean you will reveal something that does not have the impact you desired, but over time as you listen to the needs of others, you will make this better through applying changes that come to you as inspiration. Basically I am feeling that what you are working on is to benefit others in some way and this means you need to be on the forefront of understanding WHAT people need before they even know they need it!


THIS IS HALF OF THE ECLIPSE READING!!! There were SO many messages to share!

The full reading is available in the MOON VIBE Guide!


There is a massive set of shifts taking place in your life that is all about aligning you to YOUR TRIBE. You are to be aware that all people falling away, or all situations that don’t feel exactly like a match WILL collapse during this time as suddenly it will seem like there is nothing holding them together.

This energy is SO powerful and I am being shown magnets and how when certain ends are touched there is no attraction at all, but switch them around and they are SOLIDLY connected. THIS is what is occurring and it feels like seats are shifting, where at one time something WAS a hardcore connection, but now it is losing its juice as a way to let you know that you can move on to more magnetic pastures.

Accept that you are actively purging right now and releasing debt, scarcity fears or things that are anchoring you down so that you don’t feel free to expand. Whatever is IN THE WAY is NOT going to be for much longer!

Now the really big part of this energy that is ushering in a new phase over the next 6 months is that YOU ARE SHOWING UP MORE IN LIFE! This means you are going to experience changes of how people see you and how they interpret your impact. You are on the rise, my love and it will be hard to miss you because you will have a new sort of magnetic glow that has people taking second glances. People may also comment on how different you look or how much you have changed.

Now the BODY is showing up in this reading and you may notice changes as suddenly the inflammation leaves, or suddenly you are able to move with more grace, or even suddenly ALL you want to do is work on your body and get it in tip top health. There is a huge focus here that I am seeing where you are being guided to make changes with your eating and exercise so that a new you can blossom. It seems it will be easier at this time to REALY stick with something and also to notice overnight changes. I am hearing, “inflammation”, so check out foods that cause that! You may also need to tell your sensitive body that it DOES NOT need to protect itself by swelling up to put distance between your body and others.


THIS IS HALF OF THE ECLIPSE READING!!! There were SO many messages to share!

The full reading is available in the MOON VIBE Guide!

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