Happy FULL MOON my loves!! IN AQUARIUS!  Yay!  We love this one because it is always about creating drastic changes in our lives that UPGRADE what is already in place.

And enjoy my FIRST VIDEO since Moon Bear died back on December 30, 2015. It was GREAT to be back bringing you verbal  messages. As many of you know I have a different style with all my readings, so it was nice to step back into this path again.

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Okay I am seeing you making a stand and REALLY deciding to choose a new life based on a risk you will be taking that brings you out of your comfort zone! So this is something that has been building in you and is growing steam. And I tell you what, I have noticed this so much about being human! I have noticed that it REALLY is through the darkness and pain that we REALLY find the strength to rise above and create something new. It’s almost like we have to be put in situations that test us and push us to the limit to SHOW us who we really are and what we are capable of. And I feel like this time now is when you will really notice yourself declaring new standards in your life, or codes of ethics, about what you WILL OR WILL NOT take into your private spaces. I feel you being DONE with things and really cutting them off because THEY have been cutting off YOUR life force. It also feels a bit crazy or irrational around you, so you REALLY have not been able to make sense of what is going on. I am also am feeling something with mental illness or different personalities and something that takes A LOT of patience to have to deal with! I just got the image of my father who was bi-polar and schizophrenic and even though he was married 5 times, he DID put those wives through the ringer!! So not that this is what you are dealing with, but someone has some touchy and fluctuating moods and it may have you never knowing what you are dealing with, or even understanding what to do to bring peace. Or, you may even notice yourself going UP with hope and then DOWN with fear so many times throughout the day so that you WONDER if you are bi-polar! But don’t go there! That is something that has weeks of waves and not like the fluctuating ones during a day! I just think you are WOBBLING into a comfortable new position that is taking a minute to find. But through the extremes of discomfort and mismatches you are going to learn what you need to do/follow/take in your life to feel full of joy and on purpose. I also feel you being a bit sensitive and needing to be SEEN and appreciated for your gifts. You may feel left out or like something is wrong with you, but that’s not true!! I also feel some regrets and thinking you made a wrong move, but again, you made it so you HAVE to follow through and trust that this WAS the best decision for you. I feel that it was! I think you will see that real soon! Just keep following your heart! It may feel a bit dark and confusing but you are on to something!


You are REALLY ready to create some epic changes in your life and this is coming from what you have let go of that deals with people or things that do not honor your VALUE. You are ready to get to the nitty gritty of it all and will be working to uncover any source of leaking energy from your foundation, or even from the base of the dreams you are longing to get out in the world. You may even cut your loses on something that was an investment, but in trusting that you don’t need to hold onto this any longer, you will open up a new channel for energy to flow through. Sometimes we hold on longer because we have been in this for so long, or because we have put so much money into this, or because we think this defines us, but in letting it go, we find that a new source of JOY and sustainability can now be given some light to grow. I was shown the image of forest fires and how when the trees burn down, that have been there as canopies for hundreds of years, new plants hidden in the dark below finally have light and a new terrain tends to take over. So you may have something ELSE that has been hidden and has not reached the light just yet and in scaling back or cutting out some dead trees, this gift of yours will be able to sprout wings. Flashes of insight are also set to come as they shine towards your creative gifts or in ways to make your life feel more valuable. You may also have insight into your past or in regards to what you have taken on from others that is SO not a match for who you are now. You may even rise above old wounds or old programming at this time that has you feeling QUITE free and reborn in a way. Something feels like a fresh clean slate where you will be building dreams in a new way and through a renewed appreciation for life and the magic of it all. It feels like you are standing there stunned at how brilliant things are becoming and how out of the blue they appeared so close to when you REALLY got clear on how you wanted your life to look. Now time to get down to business and really continue to paint with bold colors as you next focus into YOUR LOVE LIFE.


There can be some shifts occurring in your world that are still moving things around to the point that you don’t feel all that safe and okay JUST YET. You are to let go of thinking you need to do so much and BE at some destination point just because you are so many years old or have studied so many things. Its all up in the air right now and NOTHING is manifesting FROM any set declaration of your past experiences! You may feel sort of raw and sensitive too in feeling like you got thrown on this path and have no handbook and each day some new test comes that has you sort of wanting to stay in bed and cry the day away! I feel you REALLY need your MAMA or some sort of family influence that helps you feel taken care of. You are CRAVING comfort foods and things that help you feel safe because you are not so sure right now. You may have also embarked on a new path that in theory was one thing, but in walking is a totally other thing! The walking feels sort of like you are a pioneer in a new land and are having to figure everything out from scratch. I also feel that something is shifting with your career or with your IDEAS surrounding what you would like to do to make a living. You may be going through an introspective time trying to TRULY understand what is YOUR thing to offer as you separate yourself from others and try to not take on what they are doing too. You can uncover so much at this time through writing and allowing your subconscious to bring through messages that VERY WELL may deal with dreams from your childhood. As I like to say, the true gifts we are here to offer, and not just our interests which is the things we love to do and play around with, are things that you ALWAYS offered and provided even as a child. Go deeper on that. Your writing done in an organic and unforced manner will reveal more on how you can uncover that born with gift. Now there IS so much going on and so much to take care of and I can feel you sort of going in circles and feeling a bit like it is ALL too much to process, so do make time to unplug and just do simple and fun things like cooking or working in the garden or sitting at the beach all day or having spa days each week. You are set to REBOOT very shortly, if not already, so open your schedule for downtime so you can REALLY get this whole UPDATE to your system that is required so that you can move forward REBORN and good to go.


Oh honey bunny! I can feel you feeling a bit uncertain of your future and wondering if you can handle what is before you! There are lots of fears with money and ALSO doubt surrounding your creative gifts! But what is important to realize about this is that fears are leading the way when HOPE is what is being asked of you! You are to BUST through those fears from your past that you have been carrying for HOW LONG? Seriously, look at this moment right now and remember how many times you have been at this same position! I can feel that this is a pattern that is running like a loop in your life where you feel SO CONFIDENT and okay with all of this, and then just out of the blue you are collapsing in doubt. I also feel that your life is on a wave right now as there is NOTHING stable and constant and that is a bit rough to deal with. Others around you too may be feeling very unsure of themselves and you are following their lead and fooling yourself into believing things are out of order. Change IS in the air and you ARE going to be asked to adapt to what appears, but I want you to see that your thoughts are really the back person in this canoe of your life. They ARE steering and driving you forward and you ARE a bit too worried or fearful for what is to come. I can see that many situations were creations from your mind and you didn’t really need to manifest such tests! But they are occurring to show you that your road CAN be easier if you just trust that this is all a part of your learning journey! Your eyes are to be planted on the horizon and you are to paint that image in bold and vibrant colors! When you do this, the busy and hectic moments of now can just be things you are passing through where you are not putting so much importance into or viewing as signs of negative things to come. Look UP with all that is going around you and DO NOT WORRY so much that you are getting something wrong or are a complete failure! This is upgrading you and soon you will realize that your intentions for a positive future, even in the face of a storm, WILL coast you along quicker to that which you envision.


Oh I can feel that you are ready to EXPAND and EXPLORE and get out of this box that has grown way too familiar! Something has you a bit fidgety and needing MORE from life. It’s almost like something has occurred as a sort of wake up call or near death experience as it is inspiring you to go for something that feels a bit like a risk but at the same time your heart is saying DO THIS and GO FOR IT. Now this doesn’t mean there isn’t fear attached because I can feel you are wobbling between faith and insecurity, but at the same time you are feeling like you CAN’T LET THIS GO and you MUST DO SOMETHING DRASTIC. You may be reclaiming something or going for a long lost dream. You are being asked to put one foot in front of the other without thinking of pitfalls or all the potential things that can go wrong. If you start to doubt the process you can stop yourself completely. It’s VERY important that you do not fear the process unfolding and always hold the vision that A MIRACLE can come out of nowhere and change all of this in a flash. I am getting the image of how the DAY BEFORE we meet the love of our life or get the opportunity that changes everything; we have NO IDEA this is on the way. So you are to hold steady even when you don’t have ANY proof that what you are dreaming of can come true. Remember this new move of yours is a RISK and it will require that you do NOT know that there is a safety net, yet that STRONG PULL in your heart is leading the way. Don’t let money stop you or the fear that your resources are going dry. Sometimes we have to go all the way to empty in order to allow the replenish to arrive as THEN it comes from a strong drive to OVERCOME this situation. Sometimes it is great to be pushed to the edge, ya know. And just so you know, I moved to San Francisco when I was 25 with only $200 and no job or no real clue what I was going to do! I also moved to Santa Fe, where I had never even stepped foot, with no car, 3 cats and about $100 in my pocket. What matters most is that in my heart I KNEW this is what I was supposed to do and then I just got out of my way and allowed the Universe to fill in all the blank and confusing spaces. And as I love to say, LOOK AT ME NOW! I encourage you to LEAP towards a life of your DREAMS. Not knowing the outcome is half the fun because THEN you get to use the power of your intentions to paint this canvas of your future.


Okay boo boo kitty. You are still feeling a bit ungrounded and unsure of some decisions you have made (or are soon to make), but just because things are a bit foggy right now DOESN’T mean they will not be wonderful and AMAZING once this lifts! You are being tested to TRUST THAT. You are building in resiliency THROUGH not really knowing what the outcome will be just yet and for many of you that is creating fearful thoughts and worrisome things going on in your head! BUT I can see that things are soon to shift and a wave of positive vibes are set to hit the building process you are in, or shall I say REBUILDING process. It feels like you are working on something that has already been put into place, but now you are reworking the details with a new perspective that has come FROM pulling back and looking at this from another angle. And it was SUPPOSED to be this way. You did one big push of an attempt with this STRONG knowing in your heart that THIS WAS THE THING FOR YOU, but then you were taken through that thing of 3 steps forward and 2 steps backwards in order to NOW rework and refine this dream that feels career based, partnership based or something with the home or your foundation. One thing you can do that IS a mistake is to try to now scatter your energies and try to expand in other areas because the one you are in is feeling stifled or lifeless. But there is A WAITING game programmed into your journey currently that says STICK WITH THIS path and wait for more layers to reveal themselves to you before making any drastic moves or going backwards in time. Don’t jump ship just yet because you will KNOW if that is the correct path for you because the signs will come to make that 100% clear. Right now there is just the need to be patient and in the wait. Things are growing. Things are forming. This is like a painting that has just been started and you can’t truly make out the end result just yet. But there IS a lot of work to do so I would continue on this clearing process and keep going until the light appears. It will! But you have some things to face and it will require strict discipline to stay on path and not fall to the wayside in DOUBT LAND. That is death valley for you right now! Steer clear!


Wow is there A LOT on your mind!! You may even be hiding away because you know that a decision needs to be made but you just don’t know how to handle this. I do want to remind you to FEEL this all out. Even though you do take in all the sides of things, at ALL times, you do still have an inner compass that is there to guide you and it is from your FEELING of things. And YOU ARE being guided towards a decision and you know it. But I can feel that you are putting focus into another area and are possibly making excuses for someone because you don’t want to have to say NO or to cause a stink. Now, the OTHER is showing up HUGE in this reading and for some people it will be a road traveled before that you tested out again in the hopes that THIS TIME things will be different. But about now you are realizing that this is keeping you from being happy as it is holding you into old patterns that you KNOW have not been working. You sweet love, do tend to try, try and try again. But I am feeling a dead end here and mostly because it brings you down and is really keeping you off path from what you NEED to be traveling down. Now there is a A LOT of uncertainty on your future path but I am hearing that you need to see this as an adventure and to feel EXCITED for what is to come instead of the fear you are feeling that you are making a mistake or that you are doomed to suffer and fail miserably. NO WAY! You are not at all! But this IS a risky new move for you and it FOR SURE will take you out of your comfort zone and out of what is the familiar! It also requires that you PUT YOURSELF FIRST. Decisions made for the other sacrifice the truth of what you NEED. Yes, often you are the one who needs to consider others but NOT for this move. Friends can help too, so reach out if you need some support. You are LEAPING, my love and I want you to know 100% that you are supported in this, BECAUSE YOU ARE. But you must LOVE yourself first; this is key to the equation. You must remember that you DO deserve to live a life of joy and happiness where you are adored as a human and cherished for the amazing way that you make others feel. From afar we ALL hold you in high esteem. Now lets wake that up in your own heart. Its time to shock that back into you.


You are ALL about your work and souls purpose arena right now. Your mind may be full of thinking in investigative ways to figure out how to upgrade and make improvements on something that is already in place. You actually are VERY in tune to trends right now or ideas that are ahead of the times, so ponder those! Play around with ideas that come to your mind that are NOT based on what has been done, and instead are all about needs of the people that are yet to be met. Keep a journal handy where you can dialogue with yourself and make lots of notes about what is coming up in you. There will be an ultimate connection of thoughts that will take place over the next 30 to 60 days where what is happening now will come together in a way that you cannot predict in this current moment. It is GROWING and morphing into a bigger expression, but you are ONTO SOMETHING. Share your ideas with others because people in your life will offer inspiration that takes your visions to a new level. This is like how last night I was talking with a friend who was telling me that she uses the Birth Chart Book as a Tarot deck, which I do have that suggestion written in there anyway, but it inspired me to then be like, “Oh I should go post on Instagram for all of the Book owners to go do that right now!” So your dreams are being connected and upgraded THROUGH random thoughts or ideas of others! This is also like how so many towns have raw food delivery services now that you KNOW were birthed from someone saying, “Aww, I don’t have time to do all that but, man it would be awesome if I could have them delivered!” Boom. Idea born. Now DEBT is something on your mind, or the fear that you will not be able to support yourself in the future, so KNOW that those inspirational insights will be BLOCKED if you are thinking of money first. Just pretend all is taken care of and money is on the way from some surprising source and THEN open your mind to creative inspiration. Fear will keep all the visions that are LONGING TO REACH YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS at bay. You must pretend that you can trust your future, even if just for the next few weeks. If you do, GENIUS will rise out of you.


Oh you can feel this, right? You can feel that you are on the RISE, right? Well you ARE! There is so much being put together and reorganized in your life so that you have a clearer shot to sail forward on dreams that are SO near and dear to your heart. There also is a bit of risk taking going on for you now where you are being asked to go beyond what you even thought you could do, or even what you believed was possible. And there IS a lot going on, so you may have to be really diligent in taking the time to ground yourself and keep it all in order because you can get a bit brain fried with all the demands that are needing your attention. But IDEAS are alive for you right now as you may be getting inspiration like flashes where you are just hanging out and doing your thing, and BOOM, the solution appears! Others will think of you as a genius at this time because you are straight up in tune to trends that are yet to be walked and you will just have these FEELINGS like THIS IS SOMETHING BIG! You are right! You have that vision right now, so use it and believe in it. You also may be thinking about a move or have settled into a new move and this is set to rebirth an excitement for life like you haven’t felt in forever! If moving isn’t in the cards then you may just be MOVING to some new area in life through work, love or something you are starting to study. It just feels like what is happening now is sort of a bridge to a life of your dreams, or at least to a great change towards something that has you SMILING! I see SMILES and I see a more carefree interpretation of life or something where you are seeing beyond the struggles of your past and with feeling like you OVERCAME something. This could be summit energy I am picking up on were you are reaching the top and now all the pain of the climb is starting to dissipate like morning fog. Take a minute to rest and take in your surroundings before going to your next destination. Look at all the opportunities that have been greeting you!! Feel some gratitude for being SEEN. THEY ARE SEEING YOU AND YOUR GIFTS. Remain open and in the anticipatory state! This story is not yet written in its full form and is morphing and evolving THROUGH the LOVE in your heart and the desire to make an IMPACT. We aint seen the last of you, my love! This is just the beginning…


You are being asked to release your money fears and those things that keep you stuck in this moment in worry mode because they are ALL ILLUSION. Energies are trying to FREE YOU to expand into a space that is growing larger, but the entry way is in YOU upgrading your vibration into being someone who can go with the flow more and trust no matter what is going on BECAUSE you are operating with integrity in all that you do. Think about it. If you are noticing that sales are down, or something is shifting with your own finances, how are you dealing with it? Are you going into your body and remembering that there is an ebb and flow to all things in life, or are you immediately thinking there is a problem that you now need to solve? If you were in the preceding way of thought then you are about to experience something that shifts things in a really beautiful way and it is about going UP. And if you were in the latter way of thought you have already dug a path that now is built on fears and the NEED to make more money, which is like trying to grab a fly in a glass of water as each and every attempt pushes it away! And that path has a vicious cycle because then you lose confidence in yourself and will think that you need to make drastic changes, which actually you do not. BUT I can tell you all that you are going through situations right now that ARE keeping things a bit away because they have some sort of link to something programming based from a message you picked up on in childhood. And the whole point is that you are to SHIFT out of that and RISE above into a more high vibe way where you KNOW you are doing your best and putting your heart and soul into things, so why would you even doubt that your future is not going to be blessed? If you do good, you absolutely can expect that good will come from that. Maybe that is a lesson for you right now? Are you doing good things? Are you operating from a place of integrity and high vibes? Are you valuing yourself and remembering that you DO deserve to live a life of joy? If yes to all of those then open your arms and wait for the bounty. It will come. If you answered no to any, work to upgrade that. It will only take a shift in perception to transform EVERYTHING in your life right now.


Wow. I can feel you growing stronger and bolder! You are RAPIDLY losing layers of density to the point many of you will not even recognize your lives anymore! This is actually continuing for a few more months when THEN you move into a space where you feel FREE TO BE YOU! You also are growing in confidence in regards to NOT allowing your space to be filled with people, thought processes or things that make you feel like you have no value. There ARE tests along the way where you WILL manifest people who question you or who try to force you to do another path because it is more “realistic”, but I am encouraging you to do what lights YOUR HEART UP. Things will not work out to your advantage if you EVER follow the roadmap of another who criticizes your choices. Your energy is growing smaller EACH TIME you surround yourself with those who doubt you. You are STEPPING FORWARD in some way and joining others who are on your same wavelength and this will amp you up hardcore. Do be aware that I am feeling that even some of your “friends” are contributing to you hiding your light or planting fear seeds in you. You are not totally in a pure space where all are feeding you with love and appreciation. But, this is part of the test I spoke about because the more YOU value YOU, the more you stand up and draw boundaries that keep your heart safe and light bright. This moment marks a START to where you will begin to see that I am correct as you will take steps towards making some hard choices, but each one will feel GREAT about a week later when NEW THINGS start to manifest to MATCH the lighter being you are becoming. So, BRAVELY commit to VALUING yourself so much so that NOTHING sticks that could possibly tarnish your shine. You are in a process right now of development/transformation/rebirth and much is shifting and changing, so JUST focus on following your HEART and what you feel INSIDE. You are being guided, but there is a bit of a trickster effect going on so your mind may be fooling you but your HEART will NOT. You may be feeling a bit more anxiety right now as you are fearful for your future but you need to do whatever you can to remind yourself that ALL things in your past HAVE worked out just as they will continue to!


My loves, first thing I heard when I went into your energy this week is LET GO OF THINKING YOU DO NOT FIT IN. You actually are SUPPPOSE to not fit in because you are to SHINE outside of the limits. This time now is asking you to go beyond what you have been dreaming is possible and to GO BACK to times past in order to cultivate dreams that fell to the wayside due to TOO MUCH LOOKING OUT AT WHAT OTHERS ARE DOING. Love, you know I tell you never to do that! You especially are a sign that can either take on others expressions and be a bit of a mimic, or monkey see, monkey do, OR put up your blinders to what is around you which will help you FIND what is YOUR THING to offer the world. Pisces that blend with others are spending too much time looking to others for direction with their own lives, while those that rise to the top are hiding away and surrendering fully until visions and inspiration engulfs them with JUST THE THING that is unique and what the world needs most. The latter path also makes way for those CONFIDENT Pisces that are actually quite rare, but with power to influence and impact the masses. And trust me on this, you may think that all the ideas are taken already so you HAVE to follow a path that is uber occupied and being done by so many, but I have 100’s of ideas and haven’t even executed 90% of the ones I want to do with my business, so there ARE many ideas still out there!!! You just have to pull away to find them. You especially RIGHT NOW are in a PRIME time to channel or intuit guidance that deals with taking steps forward on your path. There are things coming to your mind that are LIFE CHANGERS, so you need to be ready for them. Do what you can to make space for silence and alone time so that you can catch them! You also are being asked to let go of fears that are about doing something that you have DREAMED of doing for so long yet have not committed to. This may be exercise related or health related. START A NEW PLAN RIGHT NOW!


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