This is going to be an EXCELLENT Full Moon for you where something will be cleared out of the way for a NEW LIGHT or inspiration to hit you! What I feel is a reformatting and coming together of a creative project, or something that gives you much joy. This may also be something that was left behind, as in you lost faith in it, or at least the solution as to what to do with this was still lost in a fog.

And now the energy is saying LOOK AT THIS AGAIN. And what I am feeling is that there is a new you rising out of the ashes and up from situations that have held you down because they were not fitting or working the way you planned.

So now a solution comes, and it may have started to peek through the clouds with ideas flooding your way over the last month. But now I am seeing you taking a step forward INTO something that feels right at home and also that “completes you” in some way.

This may also be something you have wished for, for so long and it has caused you to worry because it wasn’t coming together or making sense. I’m being given the image of taking puzzle pieces and trying to make them work when they didn’t fit exactly because you just wanted something to come together.

I also feel that your standards were not as high as they are becoming now and you were settling for things just because the OPEN SPACE was uncomfortable. And what was held back from your reaches is to come rushing your way over the next 2 months BECAUSE you are valuing yourself more! That settling for less, or saying, “Well, that’s okay, I guess.” is to leave your lips permanently.

You are to DEMAND that you are treated like a Queen/King and to EXPECT that the best things WILL come your way, and if they are delayed this is to be looked at as that the match is not yet there, OR you are NEEDING something to happen without really thinking through the process.

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Something is moving you into action FROM something that pulled you back into a confused state. So this feels like a rebirth energy where a new gusto and excitement to REALLY GO FOR YOUR DREAMS is taking place.

This may be that you have been in a period of STILLNESS or possibly feeling STUCK. I am getting the feeling of constipation and how that non-movement can sort of distract you into feeling like you are unwell. It may have been uncomfortable to be stuck and not knowing where to go or how to change this feeling.

BUT from this point forward you will have a healthy digestive track and things will suddenly be MOVING. You are going to feel lighter because now there appears to be a path forming again that gives you excitement and has you wanting to implement ideas that you have had for future growth and things that in some way expand your life.

I just posted a video on my facebook page with these cows that have been indoors for 6 months and they were just freed and the look of their DANCING when their hoofs finally got to touch grass was really touching and tear evoking!! But for YOU I see that same thing happening!! I see you dancing again because you feel seen and you feel like you DO have a purpose here!!

The only warning is that you do need to go one step at a time and not try to rush things too quickly! There is a warning that if you rush, you may miss out on something. So do cover all the bases and take time to think through the journey of your dreams.

You also are to keep a CLEAN MIND and by that I mean you may be feeling a bit competitive or envious or judgmental with yourself and/or others. You may also notice that you are QUICK to anger from provocation and are not really thinking things through. You may respond to things in emails or correspondence and will FIGHT against what you hear, when in actuality you are being asked to slow down and respond in a kind way. Headaches will arrive for you if you are not keeping your mind clean!

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Things are changing for you!! So what I am feeling is that YOU are feeling much different than you have months ago in life and now you are very focused on CLEANING SHOP. There is something about you that is REALLY ready to move forward, to lighten your load, and to sail to the heights of your dreams! And I am also feeling that you are in store for some opportunities because WHAT you are providing for others is changing and it feels better suited to something that is a PASSION of yours.

And this is the truth!! When you LOVE what you are doing, without any need to make money from it or be seen as an authority, you just end up sailing to higher places because people FEEL THIS and it goes into everything you are creating. So stick to what gives you great passion and don’t move from that spot! Opportunities WILL COME this month and it deals with others seeing you and knowing that you are the perfect person for the job.

And be grateful even if you are still waiting for something to arrive! You are feeling different TO OTHERS and it feels like YOU are shining brighter than others around you so YOU will be the choice! Don’t worry about this. You ARE to set yourself apart in some way just by being the NEW YOU that you are growing into.

And you do NOT HAVE TO PUSH or force your way into things!! The more you can flow and TRUST, the higher you will go. I am seeing a huge division occurring in people where the ones who are more needing gratification or NEEDING to be seen are going to trip on themselves a bit because the more sensitive you get the more you feel THAT energy and it PUSHES away. It is like a NEEDY person in a relationship and how you end up moving away from them and feeling turned off.

So JUST tune into LOVE with what you are doing and GRATITUDE that you get to do it. And then, BE READY! The eyes WILL FIND YOU!!!! More business WILL come your way. More people WILL want to know what you are doing and will want to delve deeper.

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Oh this is beautiful!! STEAM is building to make HUGE and monumental change in your life, whether you are ready or not! I see you riding this roller coaster so it will be full of up and downs, but you are being asked to always know that whatever shakes away and falls to the wayside is just holding you back on your journey to GREATER HEIGHTS.

And you are being asked to HOLD THE DREAM no matter what! There are confusing things that seem to be around you, possibly through others, but you are to be more of the witness and remember that you are RIDING this thing right now and what you are seeing is going to pass soon enough.

There is some NON-ATTACHMENT need growing within your consciousness where you are becoming more loose and whatever shall be shall be about life. This means you are more laid back and not so forceful in your approach as you are realizing your THOUGHTS and your ENERGY are everything.

I also feel like there will be tests where at times you are really not so sure you can trust this new path you have chosen to walk down, but I am hearing that this time is just building a new strength in you.

You are to use your visualization and to KNOW that you WILL attract the people you need!! You may even get the opportunity to join with someone else, or even a group, where you will be sharing more of what you have to offer. It feels like the COMING TOGETHER with others is KEY HERE. So do look out for like-minded souls who you can take a stand with and create a web force of resources in the field you are interested in. Also there may be something here that needs to be rethought out in regards to a target audience. This is telling me that you need to think outside of the box AND you need to think of what people are going to need in the FUTURE.

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Okay so this one can really manifest in several ways that reach to the highest heights for some and the lowest lows for others. But my first feel is that you are ready to GET THINGS MOVING! And I can feel you with tapping feet, like a dog at the door when you are getting ready to let them out! You are like OPEN THIS DOOR!!!!

And what you should be focused on are visions for your future and with planting the seeds for a successful crop. I see you with your eyes on the horizon and this tells me you are ready to go off and explore OR that you are ready to expand your life in some way. You may even be feeling claustrophobic with the same things as you need NEW!!

So you are still in a pulled back space where you are contemplating future moves and thinking of your DREAM LIFE — and FROM THERE you ARE coming up with ideas for growth. You may have ideas for your business or for something that is healing or health based. You should have MANY ideas for how to PUT THINGS IN ORDER in a better way. This also may mean you are thinking about redoing your website or something that you are working on to reach more people with your message or offerings. It feels like there are ideas coming out of the blue and they feel brilliant and very ahead of the times!

Now you also have a warning here with your thoughts or with things going on in your head (as you have been hearing about often in the readings!) There is a lot of fear there and you are currently retraining yourself to remain hopeful for a bright future. And this will take work!

But RIGHT NOW it feels like something pierces through the darkness so that you GET IT and really see how your words and thoughts are manifesting. You may even see something come SUPER quickly and that opens your mind to KNOWING you MUST stay hopeful about all that is confusing or unsettling going on around you.

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What an exciting time to have a birthday!!! Way to go, loves! HERE comes in the change — and after ALL the massively confusing and intense times of your life FOR A WHILE NOW. NOW NOW NOW…. Things finally start to shift. And we are talking BIG TIME. We are talking CHANGE. We are talking absolute correction of a path not really yours to walk that NOW aligns to a new path and one that is so much better.

Now, you must allow this to take form because I feel many of you are still upset and not so grounded. It feels like you are holding things in your mind and not sharing them with others but you have a lot going on with worry, blame and shame.

I really do feel to that a lot of what is tripping you up or holding you back on an energetic level is that you aren’t trusting yourself, or you have done/accepted something that you really know is not honoring of you. I am feeling compromise and almost insecurity. Or the insecurity that keeps one from acting and initiating change.

BUT. I feel that all is changing and you are getting strong as fuck.

You ARE going to speak up and DEMAND a life where you feel LOVED, VALUED and IN RESONANCE within the partnership arena, within your home, within your career and with how life greets you due to what you are putting out there. So your whole life is set to change and shift a bit. It is just going to move into a new space that is like a bump away. But then EVERYTHING CHANGES!!

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This feels good!! This is you really thinking about getting good and comfortable in your world. You may be doing this to stock up or to plant seeds, but for sure your mind is on doing something that is like creating back stock, or savings, or a back up plan. It feels good because you LIKE TO PLAN!! You like to make those lists and to visualize how you are going to move forward.

And right now there is a lot that you are coming up with, creating, redoing, reconfiguring and giving a good and solid think towards. You also should be FULL OF IDEAS and these are based around how to make money and how to create something that continues to provide, as in royalties. You also are VERY much in your creative offerings and wanting to hone in on things that express your true gifts so that life just feels a bit effortless. I’ll admit, I work my ass off!! I work WAY too much, BUT it is so much like breathing to me because it is all effortless. I AM ABSOLUTELY in my comfort zone!!

And YOU need to think about finding that too!! And honestly, you really only need to look at WHAT others always ask of you, or what they always come to you for. This thing that is OUR THING to give has ALWAYS been around. Its just that most likely you have never been able to imagine being able to make an income from it.

And THAT is the next big message in this reading!!! You are to EXPAND YOUR MIND into believing in miracles and EXPECTING that what you need will show up in magical ways. You are to be like the child a bit more and to be the dreamy little one that CREATES their future. Don’t be the adult that needs to know HOW — be the child that WANTS and EXPECTS. And that will allow the magic in. You need to CRACK open an old façade, or old programming, or even some message you picked up on from where you were born or live. Messages spreading on the day-to-day are MUCH different in San Francisco than they are in Miami.

Now OTHERS are showing up in this reading and this also may be with your PARTNER/family members/friends or with something THEY believe to be the truth as it is seeming to clash with how you WANT to be seeing/living life.

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My love, you just need to TRUST THIS. I feel you are letting something go or releasing your hold on something that was sort of a far out dream, POSSIBLY love related, or just something you REALLY hoped would happen. I feel you are releasing the clutches on something that you wanted so badly to go in this certain way, but it hasn’t and this can have you feeling in a funk. But the message is so clear that yes, you may need to FREE this thing for a minute, but at the same time I feel like this freeing is going to OPEN A WHOLE NEW PATH FOR YOU.

It may be that you have been pining away for something or someone and now that you are letting it go, the REALLY GOOD MATCH can finally come towards you! It may be with your career, or it may even be with someone you worked with at some time.

So there also is a ripple to this because what you are letting go of HAS reached into many parts of your life, and for this reason you are giving a big think to IF this is really the thing to let go of. And what I know about this is that we really cant let go of ANYTHING where it ends up hurting us in any way.

As you know, when we let things go, they DO tend to come closer especially if we were NEEDING this other thing to take place. That NEED pushes things away. And in letting it go and allowing it to unfold and BE what it needs to be, with no judgment or list of demands, OFTEN it DOES come back to us but in a better form because the NEED ENERGY is gone. So allow something to fly away if it IS holding you in deep thought of confusion, disappointment or … abandonment.

Understand too that you are in a process of clearing out old patterns or people that have led to the SAME results. So IN LIFE you are learning new ways to do things and to release the habitual groove as you carve out a NEW ONE that FEELS LIGHTER.

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You are feeling a bit like a nester right now and really want to connect again with your home so that everything else out in the world can feel more manageable. I also can feel that you have been VERY sensitive with this last week and with things going on in the world and it IS important that you find your little happy space and that you beautify it so that you feel you at least have THAT.

I also feel that you are getting VERY CLEAR with others and are working to come out of your own comfort zone in order to say things that you need to say that are all about honoring you and allowing things to release. I feel you have had some thoughts in your mind that keep coming up and keep RINGING like a bell or a warning and NOW you are going to be able to speak clearly and get something off your chest.

I also feel like you may have been beating around the bush and wanting something to just go away, or to hope for the best, but with THIS FULL MOON, you will not be able to stay quiet about WHATEVER has been bothering you. And this REALLY feels like it is relationship based, or even with someone who is very close to your life, as in they KNOW you. And you may feel like you are coming out of line, or that maybe you should just play like everything is okay, but if SOMETHING COMES UP NOW, you must speak about this. It’s okay to do so, my sweet Cancers!! And you know I always have your back!!!!! You are one sign I ALWAYS get along wonderful with!!

I am feeling like it will set a new pattern into place, and at least it will be one where now everyone knows that YOUR VOICE COUNTS. I was just talking to my graphic artist and I told her that I am a STRAIGHT SHOOTER and WHATEVER I am thinking or feeling WILL come to the surface as I am not really built to just play nice and let things slide. Fortunately that thrilled her to hear! You can follow my lead, my love, because YOU DESERVE TO BE HEARD and to VOICE when you are uncomfortable.

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Okay then!! I feel that you are LEVELING UP and this is occurring because you are realizing your VALUE and that you DO have so much to offer the world through that huge database of yours!

I see you stepping a bit away from always looking out at what others are doing as you are thinking more about discovering a UNIQUE PATH. I encourage you to keep mining away and to not stop until you find GOLD because BEING UNIQUE is where it is at!

In a sea of so much replication and the same expression being passed down, it is ONLY the ones who stand out and do something that was SOUL DRIVEN that seem to be making it to the top dog positions anymore. I saw this graph that showed how many people had websites back in 2008 versus now and basically 2008 was about 1 story in a house and 2016 it is about a 500 story building!! So there is A LOT of competition out there!!!! And the one thing that sets people apart is a unique path and one that come from experience walked.

So this is on your mind because you are feeling SO CREATIVE, or at least you are really wanting to uncover how on Earth you can make a living AND love what you are doing!! So you want to find something that is so close to your heart, but something that is a need in the world that is unique and not tapped yet. And don’t go discounting yourself and think that there is NOTHING new to bring to the table!! Retreat into yourself, while asking for the guidance to lead the way and you WILL RECEIVE INSPIRATION!!!

For you especially it is going to come through synchronicity! So you will be putting the question out into the ethers asking for SOME sign to guide you towards your souls work and then BOOM — it comes!! Just be open to this!!

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So this energy is trying to lift you out of something that has been holding you down or back because it is confusing and mysterious. It feels like something that you can’t get your mind around or something that another has done that you are intuitively picking up on and its sticking with you when your mind should be on other things! It feels like you are trying to solve or understand something better even though what you have to base this on is sort of full of illusion and nothing of clarity yet.

I am hearing that you just need to wait and allow the pieces to come together because there is the warning that you may turn something small into something REALLY BIG through you feeling suspicious or unclear.

This also can be SOLVED if you just speak up and ask the hard questions. It is really essential in these times that we clear up the miscommunications we have with others so that we can get to the TRUE root of the problem.

Often there is nothing even there other than one person feeling not seen or heard, and THAT feeling left unspoken creates this whole other thing! So try to clear the air! Your mind can get REALLY out of control in these times with fabricating something that is not even close to reality. I also know that you will feel such a relief when you do get these things off your shoulder and clean up your mind so that you can use it to dream of other things!

And those other things!! Here is where I am feeling like you are really tuning into your SOULS PURPOSE WORK. And by this, I mean you are having thoughts with what you would really love to do, OR with how you would really like to MOVE UP and do more than what you are doing right now. So your eyes are on the horizon, as you may be biting your cheek, as you ponder over what skills you have that are exceptional and something that you truly do love to do. I also feel many of you are doing jobs that deal with the office, or desk and you are wanting to be on your feet more and to move around more.

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This time now is VERY different for you! I feel you are learning so much about what life is really about THROUGH observing others. And since we are in such a divided and anger filled time, I am SURE you are learning about yourself and how you TOO can express in those ways when things are stopping your forward progress.

But something about seeing this so much in others is changing how you express in the world. There is a bit more PISCES energy swinging your way at this time, which MAY have you feeling uncomfortable because it means tears and confusion, BUT it is aligning you to a new path where you sit more patiently while in manifesting mode.

And its funny because the other day I was thinking about how the people I know who have Aries in their chart are FULLY driven to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN, even if it means manipulating things to keep their progress moving. But I also know that when we force our way before the true and best timing, we end up having to KEEP AT THE PUSHING.

And right now something is integrating in you that says, IT’S OKAY TO RIDE A WAVE instead of trying to create your own! You can work REALLY hard to get to the top, in which case you will have to keep at this and keep blowing steam to keep it going, OR, you can wait for that wave that then sails you to greater heights ALL ON ITS OWN.

There also are some changes coming from your foundation, and possibly with you feeling safer or more on purpose, and this is influencing how others see you. It also feels like you are wanting to change your role or figure out how to be more influential in the lives of others.

Maybe you can think about how to bring more beauty into the lives of others through something like coaching, being a midwife or something that helps people to start over? It’s something with BIRTH and a NEW DAY that just came as a needed message for some of you!!

WANT MORE? Page 2 of the readings is in the MOON VIBE GUIDE