Hello my loves! I have something for you!

My first video in FOREVER and

an excerpt of the full readings that come in the MOON VIBE guide!  Enjoy!



There is so much beautiful open land before you that is ALL being created by your visions of WHAT CAN BE, right now. I am seeing you looking out a window at what is almost within reach where you are coloring with your mind and reworking things so that they can really manifest as something that makes you happy.

Something has come as a wake up call, possibly through experiences that others are walking, or from provocation from them, that is asking you to CHOOSE MORE for your life and to somehow leap off a cliff and believe that you CAN manifest what you truly dream as a life for yourself.

There may be something with death or separation that brings this wisdom to your heart, which has you daydreaming into your future and really wanting to be a creative artist of that which you would like to manifest.

This also feels like taking the bull by its horns and REALLY intentionally wanting to GO FOR SOMETHING. I also feel that opportunities are EVERYWHERE for you, so you do not need to hold onto anything unless it is perfect in every way.

A secret key to opening this magical door of abundance is coming from YOU LOVING YOURSELF and realizing to the core that you do deserve to live a life that takes care of you in all ways.

If you are holding onto fears or doubts or insecurities still, then it will take longer for the door to open. But now you know what the key is, so you are learning ways to let go of things that you feel were situations that created who you are and realizing that YOU are driving your car now — and if you hold onto old projections or false ways of being than you are choosing to drive your car in the ways of those that others are choosing to drive theirs! Do you really want to be a backseat driver of YOUR CAR? NO. You do not. Snap out of it. Take control of the wheel.




On your mark. Get ready. Get set. GO! That is SOOO the energy I am feeling for you, my love!! But we haven’t given you the GO just yet… that comes over the next month.

But you are GETTING READY for something right now and you are about to set it into place and see it soar into the wild unknown. So be VERY AWARE of all your intentions and energy right now and with really taking the time to set things appropriately so that they CAN have those wings to fly high.

Now deadlines may change and you just need to be okay with that! Go with the flow fully and trust that all slow downs are just for the purpose of perfecting things and coordinating connections that will occur in the future.

Everything about your life is set to shift into new horizons and places that you have been dreaming of FOREVER. This feels like long standing dreams FINALLY coming true. This feels like you WILL be seen and there may even be a writing, publishing or website aspect to this. You may even get opportunities to speak to large groups, to travel or to teach something really important.

I see a huge wave of energy that is now flowing your way where things just click into place and movement will feel elevated and on the upswing.

You may also be coming together with others who are providing opportunities for you that you may not see right away, but as things click along into place, you will see that they played a part in opening doors for you in future steps. This reminds me of how my friend would share my readings when I first started off and one of those people who found them through her is one of the most influential people who contributed to my wisdom being brought to others. And it did take a while to see that, but looking back it was THAT sharing that got me to where I am now.

So OTHERS are playing a part in your future growth and opportunities coming your way need to be seriously considered!




Okay so you are getting VERY SERIOUS about cleaning out the shit in your life! You have taken on some extra chaos and drama and really are seeking out some calm waters where things are not always so much about pulling you down.

You may even be working around the house and wanting to consolidate and make space for the NEW to arrive. You may even be looking around and thinking you MUST UPGRADE and bring in some new.

This actually feels really good because a steam is growing in you that is going to have you adamant about bringing in change and releasing things that you no longer need to hold onto.

And what is really beautiful about this energy is that everything is trying to get you to wake to the importance and value of YOU. So as you release things that are keeping that wisdom at bay, you start to remember that you do have so much to offer and that you are a gift to everyone who is graced by you in their lives.

You may have forgotten because of paying so much attention to the woes of others around you. Your vision has been so much on THEIR struggles and this has kept you from looking at yourself and with your own needs. I do feel there are money fears with someone around you but they are not being open about this. But I feel that YOU FEEL it and it’s causing you to worry or be in fear or think YOU need to come in and save the day.

But I also feel that you are in an inhale space in your life and that the exhale will come in just a few weeks. So you are to focus on RELEASING and examining what is not working, but be open to the exhale when your energy will go out to attract that which you need to come back in and take root in the spaces you have been making. I also feel that you are REALLY needing to delve into your creativity and to make more dedicated times to doing your thing.




I feel a wave of energy coming towards you that is helping you to clearly see who you are and to be totally okay with that! This is a wave of acceptance and surrender into thinking you need to be something else to get attention or praise — and instead KNOWING that just being YOU is perfect enough!

This means you may do more candid things or show more of yourself, when before you may have wanted to hide. I also feel that there is more hope rising in your life where you are not judging yourself so harshly or thinking you need to live up to some ideal that OTHERS think is the acceptable.

It really almost feels like a rebelliousness of the status quo where you are not really thinking so much about who you are SUPPOSED to be and instead just allowing yourself to BE who you naturally are. This feels very healing! It also feels like your body is coming into play and you may be loving parts of it that before you were rejecting. Something is connecting with you that to reject your body, is to reject yourself – and even though others could have told you this 100 times, you are finally GETTING IT and making the connection that you must LOVE your body to love yourself. Your body and the care of it are coming right to the forefront at this time!

You may also be thinking about things that are teaching based, or somehow healing with the body. You may be delving more into yoga or realizing the keys that it holds to mental sanity. You may also be dedicating yourself to another leg of an apprenticeship journey where you are learning an ancient art or healing modality.

I also feel that others around you are mirroring to you how important it is to live your life as if you only have a week more on Earth. This is happening for many of us right now but even more so for you. This will have you wanting to love your peoples more deeply and to really make it know how grateful you are for what you have in your life.




You are transforming right before our eyes!! And what I see releasing out of you are all the fears and insecurities that keep you from really going for what is in your heart.

There is a HUGE heart focus for you where never before will you know so clearly what you must do to create a life of joy and satisfaction. You see where you have held back and not wanted to take a risk and declare your true feelings or needs, but now NOTHING WILL STOP YOU.

You are on a track that has bumper car sides to it, so that you cant really avoid the journey that is yours to travel. It’s drawing you in and pulling you closer, and if you are listening to your heart, you know exactly what is to come.

You also are releasing control in life and opening more to a natural flow that feels like you are traveling down the river on a raft. Something has been opening your heart through possibly something that has taken you out of your comfort zone and placed you in a world of other perspectives.

This feels like what happens when we travel or when we move to a new location that is not familiar to us. It is that thing that opens our minds and hearts to there being another way to live and love and be in this world.

And you know what happens when we go on vacation; we ALWAYS come back with more ideas that have us wanting to live life more fully.

And right now we all are facing death in some way, which is provoking us to want to live our lives to the max. This also may be time spent with elders who are giving advice to not let things pass you by.

Something is OPENING YOU to not wanting to have your life dreams pass you by for another second. I am seeing you realizing that YOU ARE READY and that you do not want to live another moment of life in fear of WHAT IF.




I feel something releasing out of you that is going to be offering you WAY more of a life than you have been used to living! This actually feels very much about what others have programmed into you, or even the witnessing of what others are doing.

Something is going to be opening your eyes more to what is available and with a fine tuned focusing into an area where you are here to soar. It DOES involve not trying to catch ALL the fish, but rather focusing on a certain TYPE of fish. This may mean that you are to narrow down your focus into a certain demographic and something more narrowed down.

This also may be with your efforts and trying to do several paths trying to catch as many things as you can. It is more about a SPECIALTY and focusing your heart and soul into THAT, which then will allow you to travel into other sectors already as an authority. When we try to take on too much we tend to dissipate our efforts and then they all end up only being mediocre. This is a PRIME secret in manifesting our career work!! Start with one thing and make it the BOMB, then move into other areas with that authority leading the way.

You also are a HUB of creative inspiration right now and you are probably quite busy working in your journal and mapping out all these ideas that are flooding forward. You are thinking of many ways to beautify your life (and bring more stability) through creative expressions that are near and dear to your heart. You are really tuning into what you LOVE to do and are excited for ways to share those things with others.

Your life is set to expand in ways that hinge on you not really needing them to! So this says that you must not have expectations for each leg of the journey, but you must fill each day with INTENTIONS for how you would like things to go down.




You are going through a REBUILD after what has been a very tumultuous several years of collapse and loss. And what I am feeling is that you may still not enjoy the process of rebuilding, but you need to just stay present in this moment and enjoy whatever part of the ride is showing up for you.

This makes me think of how we go through college to get the degree, and while we are in it we just want to speed up the process and get to DONE, but then when we do get to done and out there trying to support ourselves, we wish we could go back and be in the process once again! So, be okay with where you are NOW because so often in life, we ALL wish we could go back and DO IT BETTER.

So at this time, you are releasing things that have you WISHING you were somewhere else, or higher up the mountain, or with more success, or whatever — and you really just need to keep with this rebuilding process and be present in this moment so that you do not miss anything that you WOULD if you wanted to rush things along and get to some preconceived idea of what you think would bring you happiness in your life.

This is also what we are seeing so much of in the world since the internet came along, which has people wanting to be in their highest expression RIGHT NOW, no matter how much true life walked skills they have.

But remember, those who race up the mountain just for the purpose of BEING UP THERE miss so much along the way. And the ones who take their time, stay present, be patient and trust the process get to the top of the mountain, maybe years later — but what they have to offer when they get there is exponentially more powerful than the ones who just raced up with only the desire to be up top. THINK ABOUT THAT.

Now I am feeling that OTHERS are playing a big part in the shifts in your life right now where they are awakening things in you that DO have you feeling more pumped up and on purpose with your journey.




You are going through a complete overhaul of how you see the world, how you communicate to others and how you communicate inside your mind, with no one else to hear — in regards to WHAT YOU TRULY BELIEVE IS POSSIBLE.

You are getting a huge upgrade to your system where you are seeing things as if you are looking through the eyes of another and finally applying that same insight to what you see OTHERS doing that is so wrong — and now you will see it for yourself.

This can be something that makes you feel very emotional because it is coming as insights and AH-HA’S that suddenly makes is all so CLEAR. This also feels to me like a transformation that occurs when we travel outside of our safe and comfortable little environment and expose ourselves to other customs and ways of doing things.

This is why I feel that we ALL must not stay in one place for our entire life, but rather move about at least every 5 to 10 years. We get too stuck in ruts when we never change our environment — but every time we put ourselves in a new one, we are forced to become born again/created again through the lens of whatever environment we put ourselves in.

So you may be traveling or moving or going through something that is giving you ANOTHER SIDE of things, and this should feel pretty empowering and exciting for you! I see a rush of new vibrant colors swirling about in your mind that are taking over the grays and giving you so much to be hopeful for with your future in 2017.

I also feel that all silent moments of leisure are filling your notebooks with inspiration beyond belief! I see you taking lost of notes and really coming up with brilliant ways to improve your life and the way you are going about living it on the day to day. You also have much support around you in the form of angelic guidance, or transmissions from your guides and this is playing a part of the insights that come when you are FULLY UNPLUGGED and not trying to access them!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE is also RIGHT THERE and in your face. You may be going through a RENEWAL in the form of remembering again with the partner you are involved in or with someone who you let get away that now you REALLY WANT BACK in your life.




Your heart is guiding you OUT of an old way of being and into one that sings of the rebirth that comes when we move several years out of our Saturn Return (as in around the ages of 36 to 41).

This energy feels like one where the earth is moving beneath your feet, testing your ability to hold balance, while shifting you to a new foundation where the soil is more potent and alive with all the things needed to set your dreams afire.

This feels like a VERY big change is in store for you where you are going to be set free in some way — released from heavy burdens, debts or things that have been holding you in the clutches of the anchoring of projected false truths covering your eyes to your true potential. So a new you has been in the processing stage, as if you are waiting for a video to upload — knowing you have held into shape the image of far reaching dreams you plan for this 2017, but still waiting for it to do its thing and manifest fully before your eyes.

So now you start to focus on getting things in shape around you, in preparation for dreams you have been putting out there. The dreams are OUT THERE just waiting in the ethers, and now you do the work to prepare the home, your heart and the pathway for the dreams to find an easy journey into manifesting into your reality.

This means that now you are thinking about things that are there to hold UP your dreams. This means you will be thinking about where you live, what your house is like and how it feels to your soul, and even how much you really do love and value who you are. You are thinking about the body you have and how well you take care of it. You are thinking about past relationships and how well you held them and showed who you really are. You are thinking about how safe you really do feel in the world and how those feelings may be manifesting you circumstances that you then have to walk.

You are thinking about A LOT!! And really what it feels like is that you are being showcased what is in your own personal tapestry that maybe has a bit of a rubbed down weaker spot that may not be able to hold the full scope of your dreams.




This is going to be a time of transformation for you where you will be given opportunities to come forward more clearly as who you really are — OUTSIDE of reactions and responses that actually are keeping you foggy in the eyes of others.

This means you may be tested at times right now with how you HANDLE things. You are being asked to soften up and show more of your heart and vulnerability to others. You may even notice that you are crying often or feeling very emotional as things are coming up for you.

You also may be very much about letting bygones be bygones and letting go of resistant stances that are keeping people away from you. You may have homecomings, reunions or new special bondings occurring with some people around you. I’m seeing lots of hugs and a genuine feeling of gratitude!

And as I told you awhile ago, you are being blessed with gifts or money situations that are lightening your load and giving you a new fresh perspective about what is possible. This means many of you will make large purchases and they all sort of bump up your value in certain ways. If you have not received your gift or bounty just yet, hold on! I see it rippling through the lives of all Capricorns and with each one of them it comes as a surprise! And then you are all smiles and feeling very protected in this world, which is where we need you right now! You will be hooked up!!

Be sure to keep your thoughts and attention on TRUSTING YOUR LIFE JOURNEY. This is really important right now because you can fall into some depressive states where you doubt yourself or where you think that something is wrong with you. But what I am feeling are old remnants of your past that are leaving your system and giving you the feeling of what they are as they depart.

So with each one that comes through that has you sort of feeling not so much like yourself and more a product of your environment — just bid them farewell and take them as experience to then create a better way of expressing through your life.




So you are in a sweet little space of being pulled back — and while you are in this sort of recalibrating space, you are to come up with BRILLIANT insights and ways to move forward with your career and with ways to express your true creative gifts.

There are forks in the road that are to appear and they come from you really tuning into your body and feeling out what feels like the GREAT path to travel down.

Money will be something you are not to give consideration to, as the path for you is one where you are just tuned into doing something that you LOVE to do. You will be going back into times past and remembering things you did that really lit you up and had you feeling at home in the world. There is something in these past memories that will be the key to future steps you are needing to be taking.

Do not worry if things slow down almost to a halt!! NOT worrying is a big part of speeding up the journey so that you can find the hidden nugget beneath all the things you THINK you need to pay attention to.

Trusting the stillness is key. And when you can find that calm and peaceful utopia space, your gold mine will be found. From there a wellspring of exciting things will be bubbling up into your consciousness.

Do take good notes because inspirations will come very often when you are out hiking or doing something that puts you into the space of retreat and NOT DOING. But these things also will come in like waves and you CAN forget what just came to you an hour earlier! So write them down even though you are not really ready to act on them just yet. They are building your confidence for when you do start to move forward next month — or even better yet, when your birthday hits if you are a Sun Aquarius.

Now this also is a GREAT time to be focusing on redoing some works that you have already put out there. This means you will have a new perspective to old projects where you will come up with better ways to share your message or to come across clearer with who you are and how you want to be seen.




Expect a flood gate to open with your creative offerings where suddenly the energy will be moving fast forward, ideas will be A PLENTY and opportunities to put yourself forward and be seen for your gifts will be the norm. You may feel like the clouds have just parted in the sky and now the sunbeams are blasting you and your life! Expect a NEW WARMTH to take over and this will bring a subtle satisfied smile to your face.

You also are being asked to not look out at anything that is being done by others because you are seeking out a path of unique forward movement and it will NOT come in a handbook of what has worked for others!! THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!! If you do seem to not be seen at this time it is because you are combining too much with what you have been told to do — and things change SO QUICKLY now a days that what you thought was the way will now be over saturated and played out.

You are to seek out the trends before they are trends and that only comes from a Pisces who moves within in order to understand how to move OUT THERE. You are the LAST SIGN to need to learn anything from others and it will temper your power when you mimic or try to replicate what is being told to you that you should do or to follow the rulebooks of others paths walked.

And right now you will be limited if you are reading into guidance or following anyone who is trying to tell you how to do something to be successful! RUN from those things. You are basically putting a coat on and hiding from the healing sunbeams if you do. You instead are to tune into your own heart and to your connection to spirit/the divine/ the great mystery/our magical universe. You are to find this flow of energy that helps you to see that no matter what YOUR decisions and feelings are the barometer to happiness and success.