Yes, my loves, the past week or so many of you, unless empowered by circumstantial wonderfulness, went through a deep plunge into feeling discontent, agitated, fatigued, confused, insecure, in a fog, hateful with others and/or with the EXTREME need to consume comfort foods and root beer, actually. And I I don’t know, maybe we were needing the root beer thinking it may somehow ground us to our roots!  Many of you were relating this need to eat and eat and eat with pregnancy, and yes, actually all of you are about to birth something.  This need to consume was relating to wanting to fill and pacify the discontent within, but that didn’t really work, did it?  As I sit here with a much more padded belly then I had a week ago due to my current addictions to yogurt and popcorn and root beer.

Also our dreams are the portal opening right now!  You can come up with the solutions that will change your health and change your whole life story THROUGH what is trying to send you messages through your dreams. Many of you will be going back home in some way as there is unfinished business that you need to make peace with.  Please document all your dreams and also before you go to bed, intentionally ask for guidance into any areas of confusion in your life.  You don’t need to understand them right now, but DO record the messages coming through as bit by bit they will start to make sense to you.   You may even have it revealed where a health situation that you may think requires serious medicine can actually be brought into right action through a change with your patterns.  Be open to some magic in the dream time.

So this wave of energy swooped in around the 4th of July and it really has stuck around and shifted in some areas, but know that this was all on purpose as this has been grooming us, in a way, to release the density of where in our lives we are not walking our talk and really learning the lessons that we are merely intellectually comprehending.   Capricorn is always about walking the talk, in some way, and everyone who has this archetypal imprint has to walk that journey of truly being the same person on the inside as they long to be respected for on the outside.

Through the pulled down, deadened space, we have all been shown were we are still insecure and learning, or not ready to really wear our teacher shoes out in the world.  We are being shown where we do not open our hearts with allowing others to love us and to take care of us. We are being shown what in our lives has GOT TO GO.  We are building to a furry of manifesting energy that is going to allow us to truly and completely STOP all of those things that are not honoring of us, supportive of us, nurturing to us and that feel like HOME.  This means jobs, relationships, thought patterns, friends, environments, dreams, and health situations, are under an energetic scrutiny and if it is WRONG for us, we are feeling claustrophobic and bitchy.  Puzzle pieces that do not really fit are clear as day at this time and through that discomfort, a new plan of action is coming to birth.  We are truly coming to the crossroads space.

So do not get down about this pause and confusing state. This is 2014, remember. And we are building in courage and strength to really and finally create a life that is of our dreams, and that means we have work to do with our minds and with what we have allowed to merge with our life story.

I have gotten word that Divorce will be, and already is, a huge new avenue for many out there.  I have even wondered if we are correct in believing that anything can last forever.  It almost seems that there are natural life cycles in relationships and that when the learning and growing has stopped, a natural opening to discontinue the partnership appears.  In aligning with the New Earth energies, our job is then to depart with love in our hearts and with the honor of remembering that we loved this person more than anything in the world at one time.

To depart as friends is the New Earth way.  And many of you are walking these very first steps into understanding how to do this BECAUSE you are knowing in your heart that something has died in the relationship and sacrificing your happiness for the sake of staying put and keeping with it is no longer an option.   This is our personal courage that is building and also the self love that says I DESERVE TO BE LOVED AND HONORED.  I deserve this.  I deserve to feel happy. I expect this. And I will do whatever it takes to bring this into my life!  Never before have we been filled with the absolute NEED and knowing that we must shift towards that which feels like home and that which feeds our soul and causes us to thrive.  You can change, and you will.  In fact, nothing is going to stop you. We are becoming new peoples, loves, and the courage of our convictions is leading the way. If you want to truly know happiness and you are determined to do whatever it takes to truly savor the nectar of each moment of life, then that WANT is going to open a new path for you… very shortly if not already.

Please understand that this is one of those wide open sucking power gateway openings where we will be able to just name what we are ready to let go of and it can zap out of our life in a flash.  All these days leading up to July 12, 2014 are holding you down and saying LOOK AT THIS.  You are being forced to stay still and feel this all out in order to get pissed off and primed into that position that is like a mom who can come up with the strength to lift a car in order to release her trapped child beneath.

This Full Moon has the energy attached to it to bring us closer to our destinies, but not yet in a NEW way like what will come on the July 26th New Moon, but in a releasing of the extra baggage way. This Full Moon is the release and in 2 weeks we get to plant the seed of our most abundant dreams that comes FROM the past few weeks of really feeling what has just got to go. There is a meaning to all the madness, and every piece of it is moving up to make a change and to make it NOW.

Now I am keeping this short as I have been having house guests weekly for the past 2 months and have another that is set to arrive today. But I wanted to share a bit of what is to come:

  • The Earth Walk Podcast starts on WEDNESDAY July 16th 2014! YAY!  My microphone arrives today and I  am so stoked to be starting these. On them you will hear about the daily astrology Moon aspects and energy updates and then I will go into a New Earth discussion that will be food for thought as it will align you to making better decisions with your day and with your life in general. It will be like an ongoing ecourse packed full of wisdom that you will get for free.


  • The Jupiter moving into Leo readings will come around the time of the Earth Walk Podcast gateway opening. And I already have the wonderfully talented Katelyn Demidow of Gypsy Moth Sol working on a conceptual art picture that will depict this very exciting shift into Leo and creativity galore times!

Have a beautiful time with this one!  There will be a shift close to the Full Moon that feels like you have been kissed by the Divine and it comes after you truly face the changes that you need to make. This doesn’t mean you necessarily go out and implement them; this means you feel them in your heart and acknowledge that this is the new path you need to move towards.


Read your Sun, Moon and Rising signs for the complete picture and please do share this with anyone you feel who may benefit. Thank you my loves!!

Pisces Horoscope Image

// pisces //
This Full Moon is focusing on aligning you further to the bliss vibe, to heightened creativity, to really making the space for new or renewed love and also with feeling content with your life as a whole.  This energy is wanting to move you closer to TRUE and POWERFUL relationships that are in total alignment with where you are right now.  We have to understand that especially when we work to raise our vibration or become our best selves, many people fall away from our lives. This is what naturally happens when we evolve and grow and learn and upgrade.  It is not something we need to judge, but instead something we need to gracefully allow.  During this time you will be letting go of people who are limiting forces in your life or who are not really supportive of what you are wanting to do.  You have been going through this process for some time, although the moment of truth is getting ready to fully permeate your body so that clarity will lead you to follow one path and leave another.  This maybe has not been the easiest thing for you to come to but the forces of this Full Moon are closing the deal through you facing your values head on.  We must align with others who have the same values as us or otherwise we lose energy through the frustration of trying to fix them, heal them, or bring them to the awareness of where we currently stand.   You are going to be gaining a new trust of life with really feeling how others feel around you.  You won’t want to share company with those who make you feel you have to defend your position or who cause you to lesson your light and life force.   You will clearly feel how good it feels when someone supports you as it lifts your shoulders and has you feeling even more positive that your dreams CAN in fact manifest. Now another part of this Full Moon is telling you to stop looking out at what others are doing as you are really being called to shine the light on you and to really feel proud of what you are creating in your life.  If you look too much out at what the group is doing or what others are doing, you will not be able to create something of authentic value, which is where you are focused right now. It is about values, and about honoring your creative gifts and also letting go of any childhood programming that says YOU CAN’T DO THIS, you are not good enough, you are crazy, something is wrong with you.  This is the time to release those negative messages from others that have kept you small and doubting yourself. This is the time to transform that into I ROCK!  And it is true.  And so you know, come 2015 you begin to move into a several year gateway blessing of a position that will allow you to manifest your career dreams in a way that only comes every 28 years.  So honor these shifts and releases, because in order to create these amazing works of art and gifts of service to others, you must stop looking out at others as confirmation for who you are and how well you are at what you love to do.  This is the time to let go of the dense energy of others that has held you down like a concrete brick.  This is the time for you to fly like the butterfly showing the world how beautiful you really are and unique in a way that is just not like anyone else out there. Be you for you and not for anyone else.  When you do, the others will flock your way.

Aquarius Horoscope Image

// aquarius //
Okay my loves, let’s  see what this Full Moon is planning on bringing to you.  Okay one thing is that you are getting a massive boost of faith with your creative endeavors. You may be rising to a new position of seeing things differently and making adjustments with your ultimate dream. You may be going back and remembering something you loved to do and will really be filled with the faith that you are ready to do this and you LOVE this anyway.  There feels like an awakening or an AH-HA sort of action coming into your life and this may come from inspiration from another who is doing what you have wanted to do or something that moves you from something you see on line or maybe even read in a book.  If this is inspiring you from another who is doing this, look at it as WOW this CAN be done, instead of, OH its already being done.  You are also in a space of really cleaning up the way you use words and the things you say in your mind about yourself. If you are putting yourself down and thinking you are a loser then you are being called to bring in the love and nurturing flavor.   You are being called to scrutinize all thoughts in your mind and if you think they are okay to say to a little innocent child, then continue on.  But if you would totally come forward to protect a child who was being called the things you are saying in your mind, then look closer and make the adjustments. You need to soften up and trust more and not be so hard on yourself. All words count! Every one of them.  And sometimes it is okay to feel the pitty party and to call yourself out on what a worthless loser you are but ONLY if is to move you to then laugh at such a thing and then rise above it and make the changes that will have you feeling more important for who you really are.  I can say that the things that have shifted me out of feeling worthless was when I proclaimed that YES I am the biggest loser on this planet and might as well die because I am such a friggin mistake of a human!   Every time I have yelled those out to the Great Mystery, every thing shifts. So understand there is a purpose to feeling rock bottom, but only as a way to then awaken you in order to bounce back up to realizing that in fact, ALL ya’ll Aquarius folk are VERY important, VERY valuable and ALWAYS doing something VERY important for the evolution of this planets peoples.   You grow through those things that take you to the depths and have you feeling that all is lost. In fact, your career dreams cannot manifest until you have taken that journey to down below.   And loves, you are so close to something very amazing occurring in your career,  if its not already manifesting, so hold tight and really try to let go of those feelings of being misunderstood and always having to suffer.  There is something about seeing yourself as  a victim that needs to leave you now.  And there is something about honoring the journey that takes you into wisdom, for without the actual journey we are only talking intellectualized wisdom which is just a poof of air or lip service that actually affects no one.  You need to make peace with your path in knowing that you will have more to give that will actually affect others BECAUSE of the death and rebirth experiences that have been in your life for a while now.

Capricorn Horoscope Image

// capricorn //
Capricorn step up to the line.  Its YOUR turn.  Your number is being called. << GOOSEBUMPS >> So this is another dream come true placement that is about to shift your life beyond belief!  You are so in a position to really be moving forward, finally, with long held dreams.  So currently you are seeing how well you are walking your talk and if you are ready to move up a notch into the position of authority.  What is determining this is going to be through the mirror of others and what is going to happen is that you ARE being called to bring more balance into your work and play arenas by spending more free time with those that you truly love and value in your life.  This is a call to make more time for play and if you do, you can expect more success in your career. Go figure!  This is basically that the nurturing is going to feed you and reboot you.  Capricorn can tend to get out of balance as they tend to really feel the responsibility that they ARE here to do very important work and this comes at the expense of taking away time from family and friends, and just straight up relaxing.  This is not something so evident in the younger years, but around the first Saturn return it is fully functioning.   So you have been working on something and were held back from bringing it forward by Mars being in retrograde motion, but now and especially around the New Moon on July 26th is when you should be working towards the unveiling. This is something that is a part of your Souls Purpose work and if you have been over extending your efforts trying to dabble into this and that and the other thing, just trying to capture the attention for SOMETHING then you can expect that during this Full Moon, your ONE main thing to focus on will be revealed.  Those other things may come later on your journey, but the ONE MAIN FOCUS will become clear over these next several days and you are encouraged to RUN WITH IT.  You will feel in your heart what is REALLY your most beneficial gift to offer and this will be something that is a service to others. Remember too that whether it is something artistic, something written based or something supportive based, you ARE here to bring more beauty and balance into the lives of others.  Ponder that one and allow the truth of what you can offer right now to come into your awareness. The alignment of this Full Moon is something you have waited and worked your entire life for, and I cannot imagine that this will happen again in such a powerful and energized way.  Be open to the magic and also be open, please, to letting go of any feelings of responsibility with your gift or too much heavy energy that says you have to work so hard to manifest your dreams. You really don’t.  You are needing to let go of needing to be so in control and with feeling obligated to work and work and work to MAKE this happen.  Instead you need to open more to trusting this process and also opening your heart to how much you really LOVE to be of service to others and LOVE to know that what you are doing is affecting others lives. Let go the need to be seen as the authority and instead allow that to just naturally happen THROUGH so many people bonding with what you have to offer.  Let go of the expecations to perform and to be the authority on the mountain and just open to how much you love doing that thing that is SO your thing. Magic will happen when you do and watch out! I look forward to hearing what career blessings are coming your way.  Please share your joy with us!

Sagittarius Horoscope Image

// sagittarius //
This can be a time of transforming in huge ways through the upgrading of values that maybe were more what you were programmed into believing.  This one feels like a liberation space of coming out of the fog or discovering something hidden beneath the surface that awakens you to something value related that is not really serving you and your life at this time.  This may also have to do with some need to feel like the authority with a creative gift and realizing the pressure of that has you moving forward too quickly with things that really are not the area you are destined to pursue.  There is pressure here, pressure to act, pressure to be the top dog and pressure that is actually keeping you from focusing more on just doing something you love FIRST, instead of creating something that will bring in income FIRST.  There is the need to shift the focus from money, to the focus of how this gift of yours will benefit others. If you are still in the money driven mentality, then you will be coming to a dry spell in your business in under a year, so there is still time to change your focus!  One of the main New Earth rules of the road is that when money is our first drive for what we are doing, we are found out energetically and people naturally start to fall away from us. When we have the feelings of “OH I know what to create in order to make more money”, those things only go out like a sparkler and are not long term sustainable creations.  I believe we are to create only a few things, and if they are really good and really do impact others, then they just keep growing and spreading.  If we are focused on the money factor, we tend to keep creating yet another thing thinking THIS will be the next big money maker, and it never works out.   You HAVE been in the blessed period where we are able to manifest career dreams easier, but that does come to an end soon and what will be left standing are only the things of true value and true authenticity.   And you will get this opportunity again in 28 years as we all go through this cycle and that is why I tell you that the wheel of success goes up and down and we never stay in one place forever.   This Full Moon is working to clear out the false things that are not really YOU and for what you are here to do.  You are also in a transformative time of the death and rebirth cycle, which is also very Shamanic in nature so you may even be choosing to delve deeper into studies and into acquiring life wisdoms through experience.  Psychologically you are in a space to grow deeper and more powerful but in a way that is more through the pulled back space and retreat.  Things are confusing right now, but that is the call of your soul saying “come closer and delve deeper”.  Your answers are UNDER that rock and will come through symbolism.   Now there is much energy focused into joining with others and also sharing more with people on a one-to-one basis. This is like stepping away from the success driven career focus and just hanging out more with your peoples.  You are needing them around you, and especially the ones you have known forever as they are more helping you to remember who are you, outside of who you think you are in regards to your career.   There can actually be a lot of inspiration that comes to you when you just pull back, play, cut loose, lighten up and just LOVE life. Remember who you are, love!   You are actually weeks away from awakening to that again and then the fun times with just focusing on learning from life’s experiences without the pressure to do something will this will infiltrate you.  It feels so good when you can just trust the process and see where this goes instead of feeling like you need to do something with what you are learning.   You are being called to go inward and to be okay with that.

Scorpio Horoscope Image

// scorpio //
For you sweet powerful loves, you are really gaining through the pulled back retreat spaces where you go back into your past and into your psyche and are coming up with AH-HA moments into why things have not gone your way or why you are noticing patterns of manifestation in your life that are not to your liking.  This is the blessing of an energy where you will be DONE WITH IT and really ready to create this new and better outcome for certain areas of your life. What you are currently letting go of is the need to be seen as an authority with your communications.  Needing to have all the answers and to be the one who is right is something that is coming to your awareness as not really all that important anymore. There is something with your way of thinking that is upgrading and expanding and opening to how we all are moving into a sovereign space, which means we all are Gods within, and that means no one is the ultimate authority or all knowing. Well, another way to look at that is that we all ARE all knowing, in our own ways, so we need to honor that in others.  There is just the need for you to be more open and understanding of all walks of life, and THAT is what is awakening in you.  This is important because you are getting a rewiring with how you mind works and with how open minded you are to others having their own opinions, and when you do this, a shift is then heralding in a much more prosperous manifesting energy with your career, coming in just a week or so time, that is going to last for a whole year.   This Full Moon has configured its way into showing you that something needs to upgrade and be more on the vibrations of love and nurturing for all, kind of like we are all family in this spiritual process. Now you should be feeling the energy that is pulling you more inward and backwards, in a way, in that you are being called to be still, to go into retreat and to open your mind to seeing what wounds of the other person, or programmings of the other person that you have taken on as your own, that is not working for who you are longing to be and how you long to be seen in the world.  There is much energy coming your way that may have you feeling a bit crazy, or depressed, or misunderstood, or discontent with life and that really is the call to go to silence, to retreat into nature and to honestly look into the depth of your own crystal ball.  This is a time of healing through the death and rebirth process so that you can shed these layers that actually keep people away instead of bonding them to you.   This is too where you are being called to express in more loving and soft and vulnerable ways in order to influence the masses, which is currently part of the path you are heading down. Your words are to become salve for the soul and they can be powerful beyond belief if just directed with the correct tone and intention that is about understanding and healing instead of the need to be the leader and top dog.   And love, we all know you are leadership material but for you to excel in the ways that are about to be opening for you, you have to take your words and how you put them out there into consideration.

Libra Horoscope Image

// libra //
Okay baby cakes. This is a huge call for you to let go of all that limitation from your childhood that is absolutely keeping you from manifesting your career dreams. There you have it. There are wounds and hurts from your childhood times that have kept you from believing in yourself or honoring that you deserve to have a sweet and abundant life.  This may have something to do with a parent who was absent or who you felt was not really concerned with you.  You may have felt unseen and unimportant or that others were more important. There is some sort of shield you put into place that now looks out and sees the world as a painful and unsafe place and this energy of the Full Moon is going to bust through that shield and reveal the TRUE and beautiful you in  way that can truly catapult you to a whole new way of thinking, which then will manifest a whole new life of your dreamings.  This energy is all about YOU and wanting to reveal the real you and to show that to the world at large, actually. You may also be “finding yourself” THROUGH situations that are outside of your normal comfort zone, so it may be that you go on vacation and through being in this totally different energy, you blossom into the true you.   This may also be that you are deciding to move and to leave a familiar home town feeling place knowing that you are what everybody thinks you to be, so its hard to break out of that.  Something “hometown” is wanting to leave you and the dreams to expand in some way whether through moving, traveling, going away to college, or delving into a new course of study will be on your mind, and this new decision to expand plays a part of bringing the TRUE YOU to the surface and this is also a part of your destiny.  So…. honor it and trust it.  This is important, love and you need not fear the change that you KNOW you need to make.  Now as for your career, you ARE in a wonderful position to embark on something that really feels like home and something that comes so naturally to you.  This opens when you let go of something from your roots.  I see this as roots coming up and holding you in place, and you have felt obligated to accept them and to accept that this is your lot in life, but through you looking up, and looking at other possibilities out there that DO bring change, which may be scary, but through that wanting more and demanding better, the roots become severed and you are flying free into a new life that NOBODY deserves more than you.  My Libra babies have a sweet spot in my heart because their love is so true, but they tend to hold onto the past and to things that have hurt them and they often manifest through the screen of the disgraces of others and that is not at all fair to do.  I want you to visualize these roots that are sucking your life force and this must come to an end now.  I want you to see them being cut and I want you to feel how amazing it feels to rise up free into what you were dreaming you could be before the hurtful actions of others caused you to put up a shell to protect yourself.   I want you to just go back and remember what you used to believe was possible.  And during these days I want you to feel what changed that and to decide that you will no longer let that CRAP influence what you can now manifest in life.  And come July 26th I want you to paint a new picture of what you used to dream was possible when you were a kid.

Virgo Horoscope Image

// virgo //
So this is interesting.  You are being called to let go of needing to be an authority with your creative endeavors! Who knew.  This is where you are needing to step down from having that as a concern of yours and instead to focus your energy into wanting to just give back and make a contribution to others lives. This is shifting you out of that need for success and to be the best and instead just to do what you love to do and allow that to lead so that then the money trail makes its way back to you BECAUSE  they can feel your energy which is focused JUST on doing what you love to do.  We will talk about this a lot in the Podcast coming this Wednesday, but focusing on making money or the HOW do I get myself out into the world are the mental states that are stopping people from manifesting their dreams.  Things are upside down and all mixed around in this New Earth, but loves, how much more fun is it to be creative when you just focus on doing what you love to do and then let the rest of it unfold in its natural timeline.  You are being put on alert that you must let go of needing to be seen as doing important things and instead just to focus on how it will affect others.  You are to have fun with this and to be carefree and not so orderly with needing to get all the details put together and checked off.  Instead you will benefit when you can cut loose and play with friends and get some giggling balance back into your life.  Your friends NEED you, so you know and you will for sure have many a date to connect with them in these next few weeks.  Now what is really cool too is that you DO have some wonderful creative ideas right now and they really do tie in with your creative gifts and you are being called to talk about them right now with others. Its important that your new ideas are coming out of your mouth and being shared with others as you are on to something that can generate some money as they will take off just like you know they will. This is where friends are coming in as they can be a great sounding board and inspirational force that really ignites this dream to make money from gifts that are so true to you.  This can also manifest as that your values are changing and because of this people are seeing you differently and thus you will be able to manifest other work situations where people recognize that you are a GEM of an employee.   Have I ever told you that when I managed cafes I would always ask them first if they had Virgo in their chart. Seriously. I would go for you guys above any other sign.   So maybe you are really waking to how needed and admired you really are and maybe you are finally realizing that its okay to know how rad you are and THROUGH that awakening, you will be able to manifest new jobs that really utilize what you are so gifted with doing.  Through your friends, you can really expect to get an ego boosting of how loved and valuable you are  over the next few weeks, so that means you should fill that date card up!  They are longing to smother you with love. And just know, let go of the expectations. Let go of needing to be seen. Let go of needing to be recognized.  Even let go of needing to be loved and instead just embrace the opportunity to be love in this world.

Leo Horoscope Image

// leo //
So this is interesting.  You are actually being called to pull back and retreat into silence and stand still in order to fully look back at how this year has transpired, and you are being called to let go of the guilt with needing to do it all and to be the best and to give to the point of exhaustion.  There is something with overextending to the point where you are all over the place wanting to do too much and cover all bases and you are being asked to pull back for just a little bit so that you can regroup as you then will EXPLODE out into the world in amazing ways come the next few weeks.  This is not the time to push forward as this is natural cycle of hibernation in order to see what you would like to improve on and what you would like to forgive yourself for.  This is a very healing period where you will move forward in more powerful ways IF you do honor this need to cut off some of your energies going out to others. If you still choose to push forward and deny that it is a temporary Winter cycle for you, then you will likely get sick not to long from now and you will be slammed down into bed or worse.  One thing I have learned from having a Moon in Virgo in the 8th house is that we are to honor the natural cycles of life.  They happen for a very good reason and when we try to outsmart them, we tend to pay in health related ways.  This is why I tell you too that we are not always on top, but we are not always on the bottom either. There is a natural flow to our lives, same as there is a natural flow out in nature.  Same as how we know that certain vegetables blossom after a specific amount of time. And you are being called to honor  that retreat is a part of your life right now and is much needed as messages are longing to match up with you and they will not come if you are all busy, busy, busy and doing, doing, doing.  And this doesn’t have to be long, but for the next few weeks, you should at least make time for meditation and quiet introspective alone time.  This is basically your Moon time and you need to go off to the Moon Lodge. Now what is fantastic about this one is that you will be coming up with ideas galore that are inspirational ideas of things that are give back related and that benefit the world in some way. This is great because I can feel that you ready to take things to new levels, but since you are already over extending that just may lead to a health crisis situation.  So the pull back will allow you to focus on what new inspiration  that is probably communications related will really make the greatest of impacts out in the world. You are needing to narrow some things down and it really all should boil down to “What can you create or offer that will MOST benefit others”.  Forget about what makes the most money.  Forget about what makes you feel important. Instead, focus on what you can do to make a difference with what is coming up to you.   This may also be something with you staring a new blog or website as it is something that wants to reach far and wide. You may also be working on an ecourse or book or something sharing an important message.  But just know, this is not the time to act, but instead the time to first let go of needing to do and be everything, and then get away or retreat in order to recieve the messages of where you should really be putting the majority of your efforts. This is like how I came up with how I really need to do something more daily in all of y’alls lives through my podcast that starts this Wednesday (eeeeee!  My microphone just arrived and I am dieing to hear how good it sounds…. but first I must finish these readings).  But in committing to this, I need to let go of other areas that other people can do instead of me.  You are narrowing down, but your impact will be even more powerful because of it.

Cancer Horoscope Image

// cancer //
Oh wow! You have worked for this and what a shift it is going to bring in your life.  So what is happening is that you for sure are in a deep process of letting someone go or with letting go of some need to be everything for everyone.  This feels to me like also not having any expectations with others or needing their approval as you will be seeing how that actually sucks your life force with overextending by just wanting to be accepted, or to be the good girl or boy.  This is something too that you may be seeing as something that started from your childhood or somewhere you just started judging yourself by how others see you.  And what is super is that Cancer is growing more true to her or himself and knowing that YOU ARE LOVE and that is all that really matters and that is the bottom line truth of what we see anyway. This need to BE ALL for others is really you just finding a way to NOT really look at yourself and this Full Moon is saying, drop it and let it go. Do the best you can and move on. But loves, seriously, we all adore you and we all cherish you in our lives and even if you don’t live up to our expectations, that is on us and not you.  That is US expecting too much or whatever.  You just keep your heart on your sleeve and keep being true to the emotional creature you are and whoever sticks around is your diehard and that is all that matters. Anyone who leaves your life right now is someone who needs to go.  Now there is more to this equation as this let go in regards to others, in whatever form it takes in your life, combined with you just deciding to keep it real and be who you are and to not hide your emotional side or whatever, is then being powered by Mars conjunct the North Node in your 4th house and this is going to bring energy galore to your homefront and to things roots related.  So its like you will be anchored down to what you really want to do and that thing is going to manifest through your career. So you are growing new roots and a new groundedness from this dedication to just BE true to YOU and to choose to live the life that you have always dreamed you could, and when you say that and send it out to the universe, you will grow these roots that are related to your next destiny move and that is all about something new and career based. YAY!  Goosebumps. And all because something moved you to make a change with not needing to be everything for everyone. Go figure. So, there is more. Okay so inspiration is coming from the retreat and also from the mystery.  So this is like you are dreaming in the hammock and your next moves are POP right there in your mind. You may have forgotten about this or thought it was not possible when you were younger but NOW, oh baby, bring it! This energy is convincing you that you can do these things that come to your mind in moments of meditation and retreat and this also ties into home, so it may be that you long to move to a dream location or it may be that you are deciding to start a home business or it may be that you are really ready to let go of some thing that has held you back from your childhood where you are like DONE WITH IT and ready to come out in full fashion of that Cancer love and light.  I see such beautiful colors around this reading and so much with FINALLY feeling safe and okay with this world.  Its like this new groundedness is also turning you into a tree that moves and flows with the storms of life, but that doesn’t break anymore. You have had so many reasons to break from so many recent years past events and now its like you are sturdy and strong and can weather any storm that comes your way.  You really need to be proud of yourself and let me tell you that coming very soon, you are going to be able to manifest more money and you are going to gain a renewed sense of purpose built around you finally, finally really valuing who you are.  I am just loving these Cancer readings! Just be true to you. There is no reason to hide any longer…

Gemini Horoscope Image

// gemini //
Oh loves! This for sure means that you were someone who was deep in the trenches of confusion and heavy energy of recent days as this Full Moon is offering a wonderful opening for you to really release some of that programmed density of others. This is where it is just time to let go of some of the hurt and you may actually be letting go of past relationships or people who you were very close to and who you thought were in it for the long haul.  This may also have to do with psychological woundings and pain that you have tried to deny but it keeps coming to the surface. This for sure can have a sexual tone to it so it may be violations from the past that are coming to your awareness in sickening ways but that they are coming to ask you to release them on this Full Moon. This is a blessing so know that and you already know that having Pluto in this house for 15 plus years is already having you riding that wave of transformative death and rebirth processes. But just know that every wave that breaks and brings forward another hidden memory or rock that is just begging for you to look under is all to clear you out and raise your vibration so that the magic of how Gemini CAN manifest will blossom fully in this lifetime. I can tell you too that in 8 years time you will look back and fall to your knees in gratitude for all that happened as you would never get to where you will be around that time had all this inner work/healing work not occurred.  Trust me. And this Full Moon is a huge colonic appointment and toxicity galore is gushing through the water.  Be open to this and do not fight it and DO NOT do anything to escape from it.  It may not feel so hot coming out but when it is out, you will feel lighter and more alive. And this too is all occurring because you are choosing to honor who you are! This Full Moon is asking that you put some more value on YOU.  You are being asked to respect who you are and to value who you are and also to soften up and be more nurturing instead of seeing all the things you regret or wish you had done differently.  Actually the energy of this Full Moon is so perfect for you because it is also asking you to be true to who you are and to love what you have done in the world. There is a highlight with you needing to feel important and good and acceptable.  And there is also SO much energy focused into you honoring your creative gifts, with really making the time to express your creativity and to bring more balance and love into your life. This can be a great time to really connect with a new lover, and all because you finally let go of the hurt from a past lover. Ponder on this one over these next days. Delve fully into who still has your heart but that does not reciprocate nor deserve to be cutting off that life force that you should give to another.  The energies of now want you to feel so happy and so content and this is also because you are peeling back those layers that were keeping the real you from shining through and now we are seeing that! And we want to give you love because we can tell that you are truly loving yourself.  Clarity is coming from the release of shadow self behavior which was constructed from moments of pain that you were not able to deal with when they occurred.  Patterns were formed and now you are being called to bring it back to your truth, and to step on a new path where you are instead honored and valuable to the world.   Release these patterns and you will snap back into the true path that is yours to follow.  Take this moment now to name what you are letting go of.  Be done with this forever.

Taurus Horoscope Image

// taurus //
So one thing that is very exciting is that you should be feeling pretty inspired with a new dream to want to pursue a creative gift that feels like something that gives back and brings beauty into others lives.  This may be something that is a side job, but it is important in that it does contribute to you feeling like life is more valuable because this is your gift!  This may be that you just choose to start taking pottery classes or learn how to knit or learn how to grow herbs or something at least that requires you to use your hands. This may turn into something meditative and that is why it is soothing to you and makes you feel that your life is valuable. I would say the number 1 issue with people who do not feel okay in this world is that they are not balancing their life with enough of those things that we just love to do for no other reason than we love to do them.  Take out the money factor and it is THOSE creative things that give us the most joy.  And through this creative act, you will be clearing your mind, which is why I brought up meditation as I see you being able to handle more of what life throws your way through this thing that takes you away when you do it.  I was thinking earlier about how when I was younger, I could not WAIT to get away from everyone and document my day or get my feelings out onto paper. It was like as exciting as smoking a joint where I was SO stoked to get to it.  It was a cathartic release that was one of my most favorite things to do. I now do so much “work writing” that when I do get the chance to write for me it is like the ultimate joy.  So there is something like that in your life that you are needing to embark on now.  And there is something that you are needing to let go of in regards to possibly over extending with your blog, your website or something with the internet that you may be needing to reel it in and put more focus into where you are right now and with what is going on right here.  There may also be something with needing to let go of being seen as the authority when you will be better off just loving what you do and putting more focus into the love of how what you do will affect others. There may be a need to be the best that NEEDS to be transformed into a more humble space. This is one of the New Earth rules and when we focus on needing to be the best or needing to make money from this thing, we naturally start to lose business as the focus needs to be on just wanting to provide something that assists others or helps them to expand in life.  The money just comes when you have the give back as the number one reason for what you are doing.  This may be that you need to take a break from the internet so that you can hang out with the peoples in your town and neighborhood.  You in someway need to bring it back to here and now and with things that are from the good old days, with people who knew you from way back when.  This can also have to do with wanting to do all and be all and grasping for all these threads OUT THERE, when in fact there is a need to narrow down and to focus more energy into some smaller things going on down here in your day to day.  Did you notice that I said NEED over and over and over. That must mean something to you.

Aries Horoscope Image

// aries //
Okay this Full Moon gateway opening is very much about changes going on with your relationships and how you have been needing to let go of needing to get this attention in your career so that you can connect more with home and with your peoples.  There is a need to focus more on your home and roots and with getting things in order before you focus too much on the impacts you are longing to make out in the world. This can be where you have been yanked down to the home front arena in order to pay attention to something that needs more nurturing and care.  This is where you need to send some healing love and it may also tie into any close relationships you have, so maybe people have been missing you and need more of you in their life. This is something that so many people are going through because there IS such a competitive energy to succeed in their careers and I don’t think this was as much of a pressure before the internet opened to our lives.  People used to be much more organic and trusting with all of that but now you can see what is possible so everyone wants a piece of the pie, basically. And this means people are neglecting other areas in their life on the pursuit of fame or success. I know this one so well as I clearly know that I do not make enough time for friends or even play time as I am so busy and I just work, work, work. But for you love, your home is speaking in this reading and you are needed there in order to take care of some business with is calling out for your attention.  There is also the focus of others in this equation and some balancing and some love is in order and the thing is that this may feel like you are being stopped and forced to deal with something that is not that comfortable, BUT this is something that will free you up in a way to being more true to who you are. So maybe you are letting go of some career expectation, or some need to be an authority RIGHT NOW and in the process you will clear the air and bring something into balance with others and then, down the line this goes, something opens in you that has you getting more clear with who you are, which THEN manifests new people and new career opportunities. There is a big connection thing going on here like dominos but the main emphasis is with home and with you in some way doing a start over THROUGH the death or letting go of something that was career driven.  Now what is wonderful though, as this does feel a little sticky and uncomfortable for you, but in a week or so, Jupiter is moving into your house of creativity and happy and renewed youthful love.  So this ending that is linked with others and ties to your career is all to clear the space for a wonderful energy that will be where you will be like a junkie with new creative ideas a plenty and also with matching up with someone that you really love or something that you really love to do.  Allow a new beginning to take form, through what you know you need to let go of now.  Also you are being granted a sweet pass with your words where you really can win anyone over with the tone of how you speak and when you keep love as the main intention.  You are being called to speak up and you are being called to use your words to bring peace with those who you are closest too.  Do not fight them and try to keep it on the love, because this moment now carries the flavor of destiny and this was supposed to happen just as it has, but you can gain from it, actually sooner than you think by how you are speaking and getting your messages across. Things are in heavy duty transformative times love, but they are all for the good so worry not and focus on the heart and focus on appreciating who you DO have in your life.