Themes of the current energy:

  • speaking the truth of your wounds and getting them off your shoulders
  • speaking the truth of how you want to expand in your life and BE LIVING YOUR DREAMS
  • feeling compassion and strength for what you have overcome
  • clearing your throat
  • feeling stronger about NAMING IT and putting it out there
  • bravely going forward to speak the truth to whomever you have been needing to say something to
  • feeling the need to find a way to FORGIVE and let the pain and disappointment go
  • standing up and saying NO and THAT IS NOT OKAY
  • standing up and saying I DEMAND that this thing manifest in my life! Saying I AM READY!
  • feeling VERY scattered and all over the place… wanting to do it all and RIGHT NOW!
  • coming to NEW PERSPECTIVES of what we have experienced in our past. RISING ABOVE!
  • extreme frustration with the inability to get something off your mind

Okay I am keeping this reading to slim pickings as I have so much to do right now, but I have included all the information I would normally be talking about HERE in the Full Moon in Gemini Video. Have a peak!

I have a dream, a song to sing
To help me cope with anything
If you see the wonder of a fairy tale
You can take the future even if you fail
I believe in angels
Something good in everything I see
I believe in angels
When I know the time is right for me
I’ll cross the stream
I have a dream

I have a dream, a fantasy
To help me through reality
And my destination
makes it worth the while
Pushing through the darkness
still another mile
I believe in angels
Something good in everything I see
I believe in angels
When I know the time is right for me
I’ll cross the stream
have a dream
I’ll cross the stream
I have a dream

Okay, my love!!  Lets get into the readings and please share this wildly with all those that you feel may benefit! AND…. read your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs to get the complete picture of this current energy cycle… LET’S DO THIS!


Pisces Horoscope Image

The wound that you are facing right now is showing up smack dab, right down in the location of your roots, or with your family, or with one of your parents.  This is something that has changed who you are as you may be wearing this wound on your sleeve.  What is occurring is that you are waking to the truth that it is time to rise above this situation, to crawl out of the mind spaces that have you feeling wounded and hurt, and seriously, put this demon to rest.  Your mind needs a reboot as it is continuing through this loop in regards to how you wish it could have gone differently or how you wish something would not have happened. But it did. And truth be told, there are no mistakes on this Earth plane as all situations are providing all parties of the dance, a required learning that is a part of moving forward on their individual Earth Walk.  One thing is always leading to another, and in the long run, peace DOES come when we let the guards down in our minds with falling into old habits of interpreting something as horrible or devastating. A new perspective is being asked of you, and this one is required in order to take you to the next levels with your career that are SO CLOSE and already filling your mind with ideas and potential opportunities.  On the horizon are GREAT THINGS, but, you must first transform these thoughts that revolve around home or your childhood, and that paint you as the victim, or wounded.  It is time to STEP UP and be the warrior heart that you know wants to shine so brightly from your core. It is time to chizzle away at that hardened shell that has been put into place through feeling defensive and with the need to protect. It is time to soften and allow others to play with your vulnerable sides and to know that people will not let you down and WILL protect you when things get scary.  This energy is also pointing to your relationships with others… so your wound that you carry on your sleeve is affecting those.  Through changing your perspective of your past and with what you have experienced, you are going to be able to pave a BRAND NEW ROAD that leads to fulfilling love relationships, MASSIVE career opportunities, contentment in the heart and a rebirthed at home feeling with what it means to be the Piscean Princess or Prince.  It is time to step into the royalty of who you are here to be. And the key is in your thoughts and in your mind with how you are interpreting situations. RISE ABOVE. This is only making you stronger and more ALL KNOWING. Free yourself from the misdeeds of others choices!

Aquarius Horoscope Image

Wow. I love this one! This one is such a theme for you for years now, but THIS MOMENT will be a HUGE CLEARING. You are letting go of all the ways you compare yourself to others while discounting your potential because of how you interpret what you have currently manifested. This is like how you want to have a child, but have not gotten pregnant so you are looking out at others who have children, and thinking something is wrong with you, while not realizing that it is just a timing thing for you and that actually it has nothing to do with you not being good enough or worthy enough. Funny because the Aquarians are some of the most self contained confident peoples but where we are in history has them all so impatient because they can FEEL THIS IS THEIR ERA. So if anything is not working out in any area of your life, you tend to beat yourself up and feel like you are making mistakes and missing the boat. WRONG. There is zero truth in that way of thinking. None of ya’ll Aquarians are missing any boat as you are the MAIN attraction and when your boat shows up, trust me, you will know as you will recognize that red carpet rolling out for you.  You can not miss out on your destiny as it is playing out in every moment of your day anyway! Your vibration alone is seeping into more dense spaces and offering wisdom and ideas that ARE moving people. Things you say to siblings, or people in your immediate environment, about what you have learned in regards to high vibrational new earth ways, ARE trickling through the system and creating change. You cannot NOT go out into the world and NOT affect some level of change. It is just built into you. If you can only hold that thought, you will align to a much more trusting space without needing to be seen and recognized just yet. That time will come in some way, but for now and until the carpet appears, you just need to continue on and educate yourself and dream of a better future and laugh that wonderful laugh of yours and feel the joy for what you DO HAVE.  BUT, let me tell you!! RIGHT NOW you are to FULLY FEEL and envision the images of what it would take to be living something that feels like the DREAM. You are to sit silently and think of how you would like to expand in ALL areas of your life. Dream to the max. See the most abundant far out things happening for YOU.  You are to fully feel the LOVE in your heart for how perfect you are and to raise the bar in regards to valuing yourself.  This is not the time to skimp.  This is not the time to demand less than. This is the time to name the amount of money you want to make, the quality of relationships you want to attract, the health you want of your body, and the career that feels most at home with your true gifts, even if there is not a career yet that represents that.  This is the time to shoot for the future in the biggest way possible. You want to work from the planet Jupiter. Name it. Something will manifest to bring in something similar to it!  It may be that you end up on Jupiter Street. So play with this energy and take a moment to dream.  Use the words that are limited by NOTHING.  Be ridiculous if need be, but just know you are being asked to DREAM HUGE. And next you just need to sit back and wait for it to find you.  There really is nothing else you need to do.  Allow destiny to do its magic. And hope for a very positive future!

Capricorn Horoscope Image

This can be such a blessed period that will grow and evolve from the decisions you are making now that relate to letting go of the thought patterns that have you wanting to keep going and do it all and be the best and accomplish and be a DOER who is climbing that mountain to success.  There is a strong wind blowing into town that is saying it is time to retreat for a minute to really get another perspective on where you are at on this path and with what you need to do to not only LOVE EVERY MOMENT YOU ARE IN, but also jump on the correct things that have the correct timing and correct feeling. So this is a meditative space that is pulling you back into feeling out the synchronicity of things and also feeling out what feels SO RIGHT and so perfect for the next steps in life.  This is letting go of spending so much time in the mind space with trying to figure things out and instead leading with the heart and only going towards what FEELS like it is so right and on purpose for your life path.  This can also be a powerful time with writing or with sharing new thoughts that come to you FROM the meditative contemplative space. This writing may also come in the form of artistic creations, so be aware that it is not only words that are expressing through you when you enter the silence and slow down with all the doing.  There is gold when you retreat and pull back!  Understand that if you do not heed this wisdom warning, you may miss out on this one sharp turn to the left that leads to magic, but you won’t see the turn if you go too fast! Also there is something health related that may be showing up as a road sign to say slow down a bit and take it easy.  This may also relate to loving your body and getting massages or soaking in the hot springs. This is going to be balanced  through your thinking, so it may just be that you need to speak more loving words to self that are not so judging and needing to keep up with the spiritual jones.  The essence of spirituality is also very strong in this chart so you may be pulling more into the space of what it is like to be the Pisces, by wanting to relax in the hammock or to allow thoughts to come through you that feel like divine inspiration. You are just tuning more into your senses, instead of focusing outside of yourself with this competitive edge. “It is all good no matter what”, is how you may be feeling. “Whatever happens is for the best”, may also be your mantra. “I trust this process” if for SURE the way to go.  So many things can be created at this time and birthed next year through things such as publishing or a blog or teaching or going back to school, but it is RIGHT now where they take root and begin to grow wings…. when. you. slow. down. and. allow the magic to find your heart through the form of inspiration.   Before these new big things manifest, you must go into the stillness of the shadow and clean out some mucky, muck that isn’t a match to what you are longing to manifest in your life come next year.  House cleaning time. Relationship cleaning time. Childhood wound cleaning time.

Sagittarius Horoscope Image

This is very much intertwined with something from childhood and how it is affecting your relationships now. There may be something that has come up, possibly a difficulty with a parent, or the cause to be concerned, and it has you not feeling so safe .. or going back in history and remembering how the world felt to you as a child, such as with not feeling safe.  Something like that is on your mind and it is calling you to recreate a story in your life NOW where you DO have all those things that felt like a lack in your childhood. You are being called to have more faith in YOURSELF to not repeat the errors of those before you and instead to really make the best contribution to those that are in your life now.  You may also be going through something where you are needing to speak up and speak your truth and clear the air with someone in a partnership.  This can be where in the past you saw through a parental exchange that it is best to keep it inside and believe the best, but I am feeling like you really need to get to the bottom of something by keeping it real and saying what needs to be said. You know what this is. You know you are someone who sees it all and processes the little things that others would miss. I feel this thought has strings so it has been there for a while but now is a gate opening to get it off your shoulders. You really just need to be true to you and know that there is a positive way out of this predicament so that things feel better and lighter and more healed around the home or childhood home space. You may also be focused on expanding in areas that may be about schooling and travel and putting more of YOURSELF out in the world to be received in some particular way.  This for sure can be something about taking a risk and going for something that has been in your heart for some time.   This may also bring in something new that deals with a long held dream and it may be creative based or something that is about teaching some path you have walked, or sharing some new message, or sharing your personal experiences, or really deciding that you need a change and the path you have been on is not feeling so much like home anymore, which may herald the time of a new study, new partnership or new path in life.  This is you expanding who you REALLY are into a life that you always REALLY wanted to live but maybe did not feel educated or knowing enough to go after. Some NEW and exciting thing is about to wake in your heart…

Scorpio Horoscope Image

This is something close to your heart! You are needing to let go of something that is very much competitive based and with you needing to be the best.  This is already something that is built into you, as other signs mostly do not feel this way, but something right now is out of control and needing you to just step back and do the best that YOU can do without needing to compare or judge yourself.  This may have something to do with creativity or being in a field that is over saturated.  This can either have you plunging ahead and burning the midnight oil to keep on top, or actually have you pulling back to no longer want to be in that game. It can really go both ways at this time. Do remember that the intention of what you are thinking, when you are creating is what is MOST important, and if you really put your heart into whatever you are doing that uses your creative gifts, without thinking of factors such as competition and making money, then you are golden no matter what!    This is so important for you RIGHT NOW.  Just love what you are doing and know that the people will continue to find you because your work FEELS good and it imprints them with the mark of authenticity and love, instead of business and money, or whatever.  Now death is also really coming up at this time and something may be showing up that rocks the whole foundation of your life.  I have never said anything like this is a reading, but you are learning how to create a new and more positive foundation through things that are leaving your life now. This is a time for transition, but it is also one that demands that you stay positive and with the trust vibe. You need to roll with things and KNOW that everything is in order, even if it does hurt your heart and cause you to feel confusion. There may also be things happening that REALLY bring you to appreciating what you have and honoring this moment right now. Values are coming to your mind and realizing what is really valuable about life and with your peoples is highlighted.  If someone is dying or passing at this time, just know that we all play roles in each others lives, and this one may be to show YOU how to appreciate more THIS MOMENT without the need to climb the success ladder or always being worried about not having enough money.  This energy is saying JUST BE and be okay with that!  Just love this moment right now and savor the nectar of its perfection.  What is coming from the shifts you are currently walking is an expanded and explosive creative space that thrives from the love in your heart, and NOT the drive to be the best.  Those emotions create total different works of art.

Libra Horoscope Image

This is a time to really go deeply into your thought processes to find those loops of memory that have you more judging what is really the potential and possibly through holding yourself back by putting yourself down or judging yourself to pieces so that you don’t really feel good about yourself.  You are in a space of seeing your words clearly and how you speak to yourself, and also ABOUT OTHERS, but inside of your head. So if this is competitive it can be where you are judging others and comparing yourself and making it be YOU who is less than and never gonna be good enough or successful enough out in the world.  You are instead to use this time to really get positive with your words, both outside, as in the ones you verbalize, and with the ones that stay private in your mind.  There is the need to SEE more for yourself and to envision that you ARE on the perfect path, even though you don’t have all the answers and don’t really know which way to go. You are in a time when you are not supposed to have all the answers, BUT you are to delve fully into expansive spaces of potential. Wouldn’t it be awesome to do this? Or, I have always loved to do THAT… I wonder if there is a way to make a living from it?  Just play in that arena. Dream of what is potential and DO NOT short change yourself by looking out at what has been done or how others have not dreamed of such big things as you.  You are also in a healing space where you are SUPPOSED to be raising the vibration of your thoughts, so this can have experiencing BURST of I CAN DO THIS and then slumping downward to how delusional you are and how this is SO not possible. So be aware of that and when you reach the high, sing dance and rejoin in those thoughts, but when you then reach the low, with the lack of confidence, THEN remember that you are being tested to NOT continue on that path of habit. Stop in your tracks and laugh at how you are SEEING the doubt bug, but THIS TIME, you will NOT give in to it or buy into its lies.  When you do reach the low point, that you know so well, in this case, you are being asked to slow down, retreat into mediation and to even do something that is like writing out the other side of this. With that I mean talking down the doubt monster. Getting confrontational and write “OH I KNOW you are trying to make me doubt myself and even though I feel uncertain in this moment, I am going back to last week and REMEMBERING that I do have far out dreams but I KNOW I can accomplish them in their own good timing.”  Bring yourself back to that center and DO NOT allow your thoughts to continue their old worn out pattern that bounces you from optimism to feeling defeat.  Instead when the defeat naturally comes, because this is a habit of yours, re loop it back to the optimism THROUGH writing.  Also when you trip the wires like this, you are opening, this time, to a brand new sort of excitement and unexpected blessings that relate to children, joy or creativity…

Virgo Horoscope Image

Something new may be showing up in your career, THROUGH letting it all go and allowing something, possibly even new and unexpected, to come your way.  There feels like a pressure to DO and understand what is going on and which way to go, but you are being called to just sit back, get cozy at home, daydream out the windows and ALLOW new inspiration to come your way. You need to be more positive and okay with taking it easy and chilling out for a while and allowing some new expression with your career to manifest before your eyes. It comes from the relaxed state, and not the one that feels the pressure to compete or keep up with others. This is a unique path, and it blends harmoniously with the lessons and passage ways of the road you have already traveled.  Trust me, when you get THERE, it will make total sense WHY this is your destination. And until then, you just need to put one foot forward and and TRUST more. Trust that you will be provided for and the answer will come and the pieces will join into the puzzle of your life in the most harmonious fashion.  Calm your  mind because it is in overactive mode, all over the place, and wanting to figure it all out RIGHT NOW.  Be okay with the stillness and the patient wait for the avocado to ripen.  You are also going to be wired to thinking about how to give back and how to be more of an influence on others, possibly. You may also be in a space that is about you seeing how who you have become is actually very much influenced by the wounds of those who have had power over you, such as parents or  teachers. You may be separating yourself from the fears of others who have said IT HAS TO BE DONE THIS WAY and you are opening to wanting to go out on a limb and leap into the impossible, feeling more brave right now to really tread new waters that feel like home to your soul.  Yes, dream it fully, but again, you are in a pulled back space of manifesting with energy instead of walking the road and going out and grabbing your dreams by the horns. That time will come later. For now you just need to have a dream.   Relationships are also on your mind and you may be seeing how you have been pushing others away or doing something that limits the full potential of what is possible for your life.  This is a wound from others, so it relates to what others have done to you or said to you, or it relates to some potential you saw as a child that you now are believing to be the truth. This is like if you saw a lot of divorce you may be almost unintentionally expecting that it will come to an end. Or if you were raised around someone who kept things buried and played like all is good, then you may be holding back and not revealing what should be shared in normal relationships.  Just look closely into your past to see what you learned as being the truth of how it goes, and decide to create a new and more healthy vision now.  Open up, be honest, take them in closely, love ferociously, trust that they will not let you down.

Leo Horoscope Image

You are really needing to let this go! There is something death or relationship based that is something you have not been able to let go of and there is the need to put this to rest, once and for all.  A great way to do this is to really focus fully into your creative endeavors and to just express the pain away.  You are also to change your perspective in regards to holding a space for NEW love to arrive or even a RENEWED love. There is rebirth with this chart and it is asking you to focus on the future and with what you CAN change, instead of looking back into the past and feeling regret. Start a new day TODAY! Make the changes TODAY. Start moving forward into a life that you WISH you had been walking. Treat the people now how you wish you would have treated them in the past. Say the things NOW that you wish you would have said to others in your past.  Start this day over!  You are on the precipice of much change that will usher in more joy and optimism and abundant creativity and maybe even new love.  The things that you are shedding now, the doubts, the guilt, the pain, the regret, and that which has died, is wanting to open your eyes to what you DO have and what is so close to arriving into your life. You are to hold the vibration of I CAN DO THIS and I am manifesting my dream life!  Truthfully, there is a way to heal the regrets of your past through delving more fully into your creative gifts. When you get down in there and in that meditative space, you are going to start waking to your value again, which maybe has been crushed in some way. You are going to rise like the proud  broad shouldered Leo, and not just the one who hides behind a front of confidence, but one who has learned to let go and forgive and face your mistakes and just commit to doing it better next time. It really is the best we can do. Until the time machines are created, we are stuck only learning from our mistakes instead of being able to go back and do it different with a second try.  This may also have something to do with needing to forgive friends… or something within a group you are in that was done that was not so full of integrity.  It feels like this has not reached the surface but it is there and it has happened.   Someone needs to speak up and stop hiding and bring the love back into some undercover moves.

Cancer Horoscope Image

So you are in the space of needing to allow the healing of some situation that now feels like it enslaves you or holds you back or is cloaked in illusion. There may even be that this situation is being painted in your mind in a way that it did not actually occur. It is bigger and morphed into something that is now affecting your life in really big and far out ways.  This also feels like it has created triggers, so that this wound comes up often from things out in the world and it may create a fight or flight emotion. I just saw a spider in my mind, so this can be where you were scared of a spider in childhood and now every time you see one you FREAK OUT and it puts you in this unstable energy space.  So with that, if you are still holding to fears like that, you need to gain a new perspective on them and climb out of some childhood mode, of natural reactions that have been allowed to play out, over and over. You are also being asked to gain a new and more positive perspective to what you can do that is healing based and that deals with YOU changing the way your mind works.  This can also be very much about health and diet!  You may be opening to needing to make changes that are something you have ignored for a while and will need to MAKE THE CHANGES NOW.  You may be changing how you see your body and will feel like I AM OKAY and I AM PERFECT just the way I am. There may also be aspects of your judgmental mind that are feeding an upgrade and a sort of wash of energy that just says LET IT GO. It is not important and you are making it feel bigger, when you really just need to move on and start over fresh in some way. You also are having a fresh new excitement that may be coming in that pertains to  letting go of something partnership or death related. It is time to feel reborn in regards to something that is said and done, but is still lingering in your thoughts, and especially when you are alone or in meditative spaces. It is something that KEEPS coming to you and it is time to try something you haven’t tried before as a way to clear it from your thoughts. This may require something like Shamanic Healing or theta healing or even hypnosis. The peace needs to be made and also forgiveness.   This healing work is going to open and free up some energy to further express your OWN creative gifts in the world, so that should enough motivation enough to move forward with this much needed clearing.

Gemini Horoscope Image

This is an exciting time where things are happening and shifting in your relationships but what is really bringing on this movement is that you are transforming some thoughts in your mind that relate to not feeling good enough or putting yourself down or even holding onto victim spaces where in the past you were hurt and now you continue to almost expect the hurt or the same thing to occur.  This also greatly relates to your childhood and to the home, so it may be that you saw something in your past, or that your parents (I am seeing father, for most of you) said things to you that had you feeling insignificant and unable to DO what you really know you can do. Maybe they doubted you, or projected their own doubts and now you are going out in the world, not realizing it, but also doubting yourself and your ability to have success.  You are to shift these patterns RIGHT NOW so that you can have more safe and trusting quality relationships with others!  You will have so much more success with your partner if you can only look with new eyes at what the potential truly is. Anything that was cut off, or short changed in the relationships you saw growing up, just need a new story of trusting that that was THEIR path, but doesn’t need to be yours.   You are also being asked to share more sugar words and more loving sweet and open hearted exchanges with those that you love. Put your heart out there! Feel safe with being vulnerable!  Take a risk with others. LEAP into something new with full on gusto KNOWING that you can get this right and that you have the tools for success. You are also going to be very much about coming up with new ideas and ways to expand or to grow or to take what you want to do out in the world and really put it out there.  Be open to coming together with others for any career opportunities, because collaborations are highlighted in that you will feel more safe and balanced by coming together with others and balancing each others gifts. Know too that something with your career is needing a boost of confidence and where you are owning that you DO have these gifts and that people are ready for what you are really good at.  This may take some time to manifest, as remember that we are not ALL up on top of the mountain at the same time, but you can for sure be coming up with new ideas of how to showcase things that represent you as healed  and more mature, and possibly assisting others through something healing related.  It can even be that you will share your experiences more vulnerably and open up to letting the guards down in order to show yourself as humbled and true.

Taurus Horoscope Image

You are in a very blessed position of rising out of victim mentality in regards to how you are making yourself smaller or not giving yourself enough credit or not honoring your body or not truly VALUING HOW WONDERFUL YOU ARE.  This one is greatly tied to others, so it may be that someone did something to you, or said something, or showed you a darker expression of human beings and this tainted you in a way.  It hurt you. It let you down. And you have been playing like everything is okay and wearing the smile of NO this has not affected me, or I am over it, BUT that is not really the truth. And it is showing up in your life and has been for a while now, always relooping into these thoughts of places where you were not valued and respected.  Debt and money are also tied into this, so it may be that these burdens were put onto you, due to someone elses actions. Death is also present in this reading, so the issues with others may be with someone who is already passed. Honestly, you may have several people coming to your mind as this feels like more than just one, or more than just one situation as it feels like a pattern where you have allowed people to take advantage of you, out of the kindness of your heart, and you are thinking about this now.  There is a standing up, with this energy, and a SPEAKING of something that has stifled your voice and kept you from communicating something.  What really needs to take place is that you are needing to transform your thoughts about what is lost and gone and dead.  There needs to be a some love and some trust put into things that are gone, and that you can’t bring back. You need to surrender into these things with trusting that they are gone for a good reason and that there is nothing more you can do to bring them back into your day. This feels like you are looking out at the garden and seeing that all the food is gone and has been eaten, but you are sad about this and feeling regret, for what is gone and can’t come back.  Instead your perspective needs to be changed to be THANKFUL that you had that food to eat, those relationships to cultivate, those people in your life, and now you are to move forward knowing that a rebirth CAN happen. That food will come back and grow again next year. Your eyes need to be put on the horizon and on the good that is YET TO COME. The past is the past and we cannot go back and change those things that occurred as we can only use them as experience to create a brighter and more magnificent future, with others and through the act of transformation.  Things die. Things outgrow their purpose. But things also come back and experience a rebirth.  What you are accepting and honoring as a FACT OF LIFE, and what you are LETTING GO OF, is going to then open you to a much more abundant expression of creativity and joy and LOVE and babies and all those things that feel like NEW LIFE.

Aries Horoscope Image

You may be in a healing space that is very personal or with someone close to you where, truly, the power of prayer, and positive thought is required to bring things to a higher level.  Something is causing you to feel fear or uncertain about the unknown as answers are not here just yet, BUT, your thoughts need to be aligned to the belief that things will work out and that a solution can be found.  You are being called to shoot for the greatest of heights in holding the mind space of what is possible. You may even feel called to speak with the higher power, or God, or your guides, or to just pull back and ask for a miracle.  The potential in YOUR mind can really turn the tables on anything that is going on in your life.  You also are being asked to climb out of any victim mentalities that deal with feeling odd or out of place or destined to suffer in this lifetime. There is also something here with needing to step out of roles that others have wanted to place on you… as in how they have projected onto you what it means to be the Aries.  There is actually a softening occurring and something that is asking you to slow down and not need to compete or get ahead or DO DO DO, so much.  I see you taking on more of the vibration of the Pisces, who is very relaxed in allowing the world to come to them. You are going backwards in a way, but it is taking you to a better base of a position in order to manifest your ultimate dreams.  And the career ones are to come shortly, BUT they revolve around you slowing down and taking a new perspective of how you would like to LIVE YOUR LIFE MORE FULLY, but in this moment and with savoring all that you do have RIGHT NOW. You may have had to learn this lesson through death or through loss, as that, and cancer/illness are the quickest ways that we transform our perspective back down to reality in regards to savoring the only moment that we know we have, which is right now.  LOVE who you have right now. SPEAK words of forgiveness and set others free.  OPEN YOUR HEART to savoring the people and things you have right now.   You are also feeling a brand new beginning to things with friends, so it may be that you are opening to letting bygones be bygones.  Just let it all go, love. The anger, the resentment, the competitiveness, the need to do and be better than others. Just let it go and sit quietly and look around at all the beauty before you. Be grateful for RIGHT NOW.  Your clues that will guide you into prosperous career changes are right before you, but you can only see them when you are quiet, still and present.