You have never heard this from me before, but loves, this Full Moon  is going to be a doozy. This one is so powerful because it is in the culminating sign of the entire Zodiac,  Pisces, and also because this one is like a sound check (wound check) for where we are moving in the very near future.   We are all being scanned and checked for any hidden wounds that are still in operation in our system, and if the wounds we are still carrying are needing to leave, in regards to holding us back from fully walking into our NEW souls purpose, then they are showing up.   Now, yes, you did just notice NEW.  We are being upgraded in regards to what energy or gifts we are offering the world because in recent weeks the game really changed here on Earth and now for many people they are being yanked out of the privacy and solitude of their lives where they are now being pushed to the front line.  You can read more about the Earth Changes that occurred recently in THIS ARTICLE.

So understand that this is happening in layers, and the people most feeling the absolute intensity and pressure of this Full Moon had best be ready to jump into action for a new path is about to engulf them and push them to the front of the line. When I say front of the line I am talking about the peoples who are READY to come forward to offer their gifts to the people.   These are happening in layers because we have so many people who are standing at attention and saying PICK ME, which is great because this is what we need.  There are suddenly no shortages of people who are ready to get to business and get this balance back to the “black” and out of the red.

Now one big sign that you are someone who is about to go through a pretty big life shift VERY SOON is that you feel like you are going through a very tight birth canal. This is like being a full grown aware human and going through a tight squeeze of a new born birth. YOU FEEL THIS. And it is pressure to the max.  This is where your buttons will feel pushed and also take note that your VOICE is growing stronger!  This tight squeeze is forcing us to stand up and to speak from our hearts. The pressure is so intense that we will not be able to NOT voice our opinions and to say what needs to be said.   This is the strength and courage being downloaded into humans currently which is putting them into the position of the SOVEREIGN BEINGS.  You have been waiting for this, loves, so don’t judge the painful situations coming into your life as they are BIRTHING A NEW YOU.

Now what is really great about this energy is that it is creating POWERFUL ENDINGS and feelings of NO MORE.  You will be DONE WITH IT in regards to people and situations that no longer fit where you are going. This energy is fierce too in that we will feel like we are walking through life with a machete and chopping the heads off of ALL THINGS that no longer resonate with us, AND on top of that there will be no wavering.  The decisions you make will be final and you will not even glance back as you will KNOW that this needed to happen. Pay attention to your gut as it will guide you to what needs to leave and when you do make the final decision to machete it away, there will be no sick feelings in the belly and only a solid sense of correctness in this needing to occur in order to free your life up and to move into a space that feels more like home.

Your warning is just not to judge the things leaving
. No path is better than another and no person is better than another. It is just that we are leaving things that are not OUR correct resonating match and shifting to something that fuels us and inspires us.  Some times things get stagnant and they actually end up doing more harm than good and you must be open to those things showing up like neon lights in our lives now. It is best to cut the cord than to continue to feed something that does not feel like a match.

Your best defense in this energy is to understand that we all have wounds and we all are works in progress.  It is so important that we face what we are unable to see about ourselves, and right now you will feel that things are happening like crazy land and out of the blue and all over the place. You will rarely just be the bystander in these land mine eruptions as many of these situations will have you being the victim, the perpetrator or both.  You will for sure feel that you can’t escape these very charged situations as they really are occurring in huge numbers and random ways in order for us TO LOOK AT OURSELVES CLEARLY.  We must let go of the fronts and the facades and the “I AM PERFECT and you are the fucked up one” stances. (Check out my latest Earth Walk podcast where I go deeper into this subject of judging others) There is a well of secret material that we each are walking around with, kept out of view from others, yet manifesting though situations in our lives, that needs to be faced right now.  We may want to hide from this but there is NO WHERE to hide as truly this is like judgment day for us currently.

Now since we have this Full Moon in a very tight conjunction to Chiron, the buttons being pushed in you, and in the past few days will probably go back to your childhood and may relate to the Mother in some way.  Just understand that it pays to be humble and it pays to look within and not to keep blaming everyone else and always getting angry and viscous and then stopping the conversation.  This will be our biggest hurdle and something that will challenge us all.  Basically this is get real time with people or situations in your life, and whoever or whatever is left standing after this hotbed of machete activity is truly who belongs in your life and who will add value to your experiences.

And we all are being taken down into some very murky emotional waters where we have not wanted to go, as our natural reactions have been to keep these things hidden and out of the site of others. But the provocations coming now are forcing us into the deep end to really try to understand WHY we are being triggered and what we can do to release the pressure so that we can get on with our lives and not have to worry about these land mines showing up again.

You are being asked to hold your head high, though, and to not get too worked up or stressed about what is occurring currently in your life.  It has a purpose and it will be revealed shortly. It deals with your wounds, your baggage and those places within that are still waiting to be healed.  If you can be OPEN to what is triggering you right now and DECIDE to learn from it instead of blaming another or running from the messages coming your way, then you will experience a DEEP and RADICAL HEALING that shifts you into a new pattern in a few days time.  Yes, I said DAYS!  Do the work today and you will feel yourself walking  this NEW YOU in a matter of days.  We are at the gateway that changes everything and you are facing your wounds right now for a very good reason. DO NOT HIDE FROM THE MESSAGES!

Some of the symptoms of this current energy:

  • Feeling VEEERRRYYY sleepy and drugged and needing to do nothing.
  • Feeling like you can’t HIDE from this energy or the provocation and altercations.
  • Stomach issues and feeling pain where normally you do not.
  • Intense pain at the top of the spine going into the neck where changes are occurring with energy flows.
  • Feeling very emotional and sensitive.  Wanting to cry AND rage.
  • NOT being able to keep your mouth shut and hold back with what you are feeling.
  • Intense fear with feeling that SOMETHING is coming.
  • Magnified view of ones wounds and the desire to be FREE.

Okay my loves, this was another really hard one for me to write because this Virgo/Pisces Full Moon is in the opposite position of my birth Pisces/Virgo Full Moon and is fully activating my Sun and Moon and EXPOSING me in all ways.
So I am going to go hide now and try to lay low.  Please also read the article I did on the recent Earth Changes as it explains A LOT about why the peoples are going crazy and losing their minds all over the place. You will read about a new assignment you have now. 

And please read your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs , and share this wildly with everyone that you feel may benefit from its love. 

love, KV

Let’s do this….