This is a time to feel gratitude for how far you have come and to feel the strength of your warrior’s heart who is counting coup from all that inner work shadow boxing you have been participating in.

As we all know so well, this recent journey of weeks past carried the vibration of the feeling of immersing ourselves in the dark caves of our own inner work of humbling and honest inner evaluations.   And now, give thanks,  we can all breathe a sigh of relief as the heavy work pressure is easing up (for the time being) as our lighter and more free spirited essences can begin to step forward and run the show.

This Full Moon is similar to an injury in the body that has filled up with blood, and the expansion of the taking on so much has created pain and discomfort that is just begging for some release.  I once closed the car door on my finger, after I hit lock, and had to use my left hand to juggle the keys out of my bag to get the door unlocked to release my poor smashed finger.  And what happen over the next days was that it filled with blood and was painful and throbbing and was distracting me with its intensity, so I had to cut the skin to release the blood.   The pain from this injury was keeping me from sleeping and keeping me from being able to concentrate on anything. This is how it has become with our shadow wounds, and by that I mean those places within where we have been hurt and violated and let down and disappointed and rejected and disgraced and fed false programming, and how from those things we took on a new way of dealing and  created new patterns of reacting to situations in our lives.

And as of this current state in our evolution, we are feeling the pain of those wounds like nothing else before.  They are stopping us. They are distracting us.  They are bringing discord into our relationships.  They are keeping us from truly manifesting the dreams that we hold tight inside our hearts, that we are so consciously working to see as our reality. And we question, why am I not living the dreams I am putting out there?  Why is the world not manifesting for me?

And with Mars still in retrograde motion and moving direct on May 19th, that pressure to change, to make a decision, to get this party started is like the pressure I felt in my finger. It is stopping us from moving forward while at the same time trying to push us outside of our comfort zones.  It is causing people to  react without thinking of the implications, with irrational lashing behaviors,  and enough is enough mannerisms.  To say you may see many people losing their heads, thrashing their arms with dramatic gestures, storming around all huffy puffy, and being bitter and bitchy about how little they are able to control in life, is going to be putting it mildly.

Loose cannons are the name of the game and this has been something we have gotten used to because this has been the energy for much of this year for many people.   And the funny thing is that people just need a poke pin popped into them to release the pent up pissed off frustrated fuck this shit energy because it is in the releasing of the pressure that we are able to find the smooth moments of life once again.

This is about sharing and opening and being vulnerable and honest. This is about releasing them so that a new way can be established.  We must empty first, in order to  fill up in a better way, and this means we must RELEASE this garbage, these shadow sides that we want to hide from others or deny that we even possess.  This is about talking about our wounds, our issues, our negatives, our pains, our disappointments.  This is about getting it all out so that we can get to the bottom of the root of the situation.  These are not superficial waters, my loves, so take a deep breath, and plan on being under for a while as just like with gold mining… the good nuggets are way down low and can only be found after much digging.

Now one thing we need to face is that many of us  have been driving on the warning strips on the highway and it is jarring and like someone with fingers going down the chalkboard but instead of making a change, and letting things go, we have just continued on and gotten frustrated with how we can never really seem to get to where we want to be.  We  get mad and rage and complain about how nothing every works out and how difficult this life really is.  AND THEN out goes that intention to be manifested in our life.  So currently we are stopping and saying, hey, its not that fun or enjoyable to drive on the warning strip. Its actually pretty annoying and is frazzling my nerves, sooooo…. what are my other choices?  What can I do to change? What do I need to adjust so that I can be riding the smooth road in life?   And know too, that everyone one of us who is now on the smooth road got there from asking those same questions and actually doing something about it.

So this energy right now is pushing us to the max in ways that are actually blessings asking us to delve deeper into the reason BEHIND our actions and manifested frictions with others.   So much is in the realm of relationships as this is how we are being triggered into seeing what we need to see about ourselves.

Jealousy is  a Dark Monster
One of the energies I ask everyone to look closely at is with jealousy.  This is a strong energy that tends to want to travel closely to us, and this is why you may have peculiar intuitional feelings around some people even when you are not able to get to the bottom of why you feel a hesitancy with them.  They often can be friends, family and people you take into your close groups,  and you will be torn because inside you will feel one thing, but to your face you will feel that they value and support you.  Now, I love to explore this one because I have noticed that pretty much every time I feel something that is off from someone, I will take it into my mind and it consumes me BECAUSE I want to believe the best and hey, they are nice to me… so what I am feeling MUST not be the truth, right?    Does this sound familiar?  You feel something that is a warning, but they are smiling so nicely and there is nothing on the outside of them that shows you that you can believe in your intuition over what they are leading you to believe.  So it is confusing and often you tend to go with what you see and not what you feel… UNTIL the day finally comes when you SEE why you FELT what you felt.  That days comes, it always does.

Because these energies of this Full Moon are in a Kite, with Taurus being the point the drives the Grand Water Trine,  VALUES is everything. Valuing ourselves has been the point of this past year where we truly just have to admit that we cannot have energies around us that are working to deplete us and keep us from shining our brilliance.  Jealousy is HUGE and every single one of us has to admit that we DO feel it around certain people and are triggered by their good fortune, or good looks, or good lover, or good personality.  That jealousy is going to keep us from manifesting what we want, though, as jealousy is one of the lowest vibrations.  It intermingles with judging others or putting others down and making them out to be less than. It steals our light and sabotages our future manifestations.  It keeps us from making a living from our creative gifts. It keeps us from finding a love partnership that is honoring.  It keeps us from waking up each morning and being stoked to start this day, to live this life, to shine and twinkle.  It is like eating cement and it WILL keep you down.

You should resonate hard core with what I am saying because SOMETHING is revealing itself at this time and most likely it will be through a relationship where you have felt warning signs but ignored them by denying what your intuition was telling you.  And this insight light is being revealed to you because of the importance of only sharing your heart and space with those that honor, love, respect and want the VERY BEST for you and your life.

Jealousy is an energy that cuts YOU off too.  I mean, it hurts the person who is feeling it by keeping all wonderful manifestations at bay, but it affects you because inside they don’t want you to have such a great partner (because THEY want one) and they don’t want you to be so seen and loved in your career (because THEY want to receive that)  and they don’t want you to be so happy and having fun (because THEY want to feel those things) and they don’t want you to have such a beautiful body (because THEY want that body).

YOU experiencing this life that you created triggers something in them that then puts off this energy that whether you realize it or not, sucks your energy and tries to keep you from BEING those things.  This is like someone who has a bright light energy by nature and how others are envious of that so this person picks up on that and tries to make themselves smaller.   These energies are subtle but they are real and they affect us greatly.  Imagine daggers of jealousy coming your way (OR imagine the daggers of jealousy that YOU are sending off to your sisters and brothers of the red road walking nation way}.

So not honoring your intuition and allowing people in your life who are “suffering” from the I WISH I HAD WHAT YOU HAVE energy is only going to hold you back.  And on the other side of this coin, if you too are feeling these jealousy things with resenting that someone else is in the bliss or in abundance or IN LOVE or thriving with their creativity, then you are keeping yourself from having those same things.  I know, it is not easy to move out of the jealousy! It is a monster buried deep within and it is STRONG like candida where just WANTING to clear this is not going to cut it.  This is one that will probably be like a trail of clues that ends up taking you back to something childhood related or something where you took on the energy of believing that everyone else wins and you always have to suffer.  This can be feeling like second best over other siblings or picked up from school where others were encouraged and you felt left out.  This can come from one single situation that imprinted you so hugely that now you have taken on this energy of lack and dissatisfaction, always feeling left out and ignored.

AND let me tell you that looking closely at this RIGHT NOW and really knowing that you DON’T enjoy feeling like this., being triggered by others joy or success, and by really knowing that if you came together in a heart to heart that you COULD rise above it and see that you don’t really want to put this limiting energy out to others.   You just need to be open to what YOUR sensitivities are and then you just need to think the compassionate way with knowing that if you really opened up about this to others they would embrace you and want to help you not feel so left behind.  And by releasing the pressure, it dies and we start to transform into the learned aspects of this life lesson.  We become seen it, done it, and have risen above it. We learn the lesson and we realize there IS plenty out there to go around. There really is and understand, everything is timing, so if you can be happy for all the joy and bliss and abundance going on around you, then you will catch that vibe and be living the same thing when it is time for that gate to open for YOU.  It will. It will if you transform the jealousy and envy into feeling happy for what others have manifested.  It is kind of magic like that too!

So this Full Moon is a VERY special gate opening where we take ALL THAT that we immersed ourselves in of recent weeks (and for some people, months), and then say HERE universe, this is what I want no more of.  This is what I would like to see die from my personality and from my life.  All that you were working on was basically you just collecting data to be able to bring to the gate and say, Here, I don’t need this anymore. This is not serving me any longer.   This is like you dropping off your old (world) things to the thrift store.  You are cleaning out all the nooks and crannies of YOU and then boxing them up and dropping them off and good bye.

Also a little more patience is required as Mars moves Direct on May 20th and is in stationary motion right no.  So we are feeling the stop and the turnaround, but we also feel the READY TO GO AND DO AND CHANGE AND START  as we are facing a new direction and are ready for this chain to drop so we can plunge forward.  This is very similar to tantric sex and you may SO  be ready to bring it to the forefront, but you will be better off if you just hold it in a little longer.  (It’s always worth the wait)  So just keep thinking about the moves and ONLY jump if the chain drops and you know it is a yes, for you, and time to make these changes,  Otherwise within days the escalator will start up again and we will move forward with energy and restructured focus that is not so much all over the place but much more unique to who we really are and what our gifts are to share with the world.

Don’t forget that you got this, you can handle this and this is all a part of the plan to release these poisons inside that are KEEPING US FROM OUR DREAM LIVES.

{ love, KV }

And please share and pass along this to people you feel will benefit <3

Pisces Horoscope Image

// pisces //
This is a special Full Moon for you!  Through the past few weeks you have been pulled back and restructuring a creative endeavor or something that is steps above what you have been doing SO THAT it can be put together with a better focus of what you are really good at and also so that you can STOP and really think about the timing of things and also with seeing how organically things come together WHEN you surrender and trust this life of yours.  So, there was a pull back in order for you to stop and see things from a different perspective and now there will be many changes that you will start to implement when Mars moves direct.  We are already in the stationary part of this direct movement so you are feeling the READY with your thoughts and with the steps that you will take to birth this new and better expression of what you would like to be doing to make a living … creatively and with the sharing of the wisdom of YOUR path walked.   The pull back was to show you how unique you are considering the path that was yours to walk and the wisdom that you chose to embrace. The escapist aspect of you was in heaven in the pullback as it balanced itself out so that you ARE wanting to confront more things and deal with what comes up and handle the obligations of life instead of retreating into non action.  There is a new and improved Pisces birthing and this is where you are finally seeing the wounds and struggles of your past as being the very things that sculpted how totally incredible and fascinating you are! And speaking of that, this energy is lighting up your fingers and tongue, as messages of inspiration, hope, survival, seeing the light in the dark and so many other topics are coming forward out of you and this time, this time, you know you must apply the discipline to birth these dreams out in the world. There is the feeling of NOW or never that is still coursing through you and this will be the catalyst that “forces” you to make the moves now that put you on the path of getting your writings, messages, book, teachings, creative gifts out into the world in a big way that goes far and wide. The key to this is with letting go of those feeling like there is not room for you and what you can do, or feeling like you are not educated enough, or skilled enough.   Yes, the metaphysical arena is saturated with other artists looking to make a living at what they are good at, but if you can just not look out so much by comparing yourself with others,  if you can hold your gifts sacred and only in the space of sharing them with others who value you and support what you are doing, then you will have the foundation needed to leap off this cliff.  Risk is required and you need to leap into this darkness KNOWING you will be embraced.  This is the only path anyway, loves.  It is off the cliff and into the trusting that if you put your 100% behind yourself and your gifts, you WILL DISCOVER SUCCESS from this leap.   Also things have been slow and not so much showing signs of life, but when you say YES to this new way of communications and the sharing of messages, that came FROM the evaluations of the need to restructure, then things will start to come FAST FAST FAST.  This new way is better than the old way you were thinking of doing things.  Also LOVE and passion will come through the act of doing this creative endeavor, with hope in your heart, but also… there is so much potential for this new and improved romantic energy to find you… are you open?  Are you ready to receive all that you have been naturally giving to others?

Aquarius Horoscope Image

// aquarius //
This will be a time of letting go of ANY feelings that you are not good enough in your career arena.  Through the restructuring period you should have been pulled back in order to see what is keeping you from living your career dreams and really doing that thing that you love to do.  The pulled back occurred to open you to new perspectives where before you were feeling like you were a small fish in a big pond, so why bother, but now you will have opened more to the unique path you have traveled and there should be a strength building that says HEY! I got gifts!  This confidence will come from deep within and will grow until the point where you will put yourself out there, leap off this cliff and just DO IT NOW. There is no more time to waste.  Creativity is highlighted, as is LEAPING and you will be seeing a new way to do an old thing or you will come up with a restructured way to do what you were doing, but in a better upgraded fashion. Improvements are where you are focused and you will be feeling the motivation to do whatever it takes to live this life fully, finally.  There will be uprisings of your soul that are saying, you just can’t hide any longer and you just can’t keep wasting time by thinking you really don’t have what it takes to do this because you DO.  And discipline and passion will guide you.  This is something that will grow but you HAVE to make changes now that deal with valuing yourself and with finding that grounded space in you that is locked in and true, so that this career has a foundation to grow from.  It will be your connection to earth, to grounding, to finding a safe and anchored space from within that will be the structure needed to bring the blossoming of your career that is of your dreams.  Too much wishing for manifestations occurring OUT THERE, without the required foundation of your solid and safe feeling within your core, will not manifest what you really desire.  You need the anchor of HOME to manifest your career dreams. You need a solid home base and if possible, you need to fill it with people who have your back and support your visions fully.  If you do not have this home yet, you need to make THAT the utmost of importance for that is step 1 and career is step 2.  There is no way to jump to 2 without first grounding in the safe of home in your heart.  There is also that truth that when we are okay with ourselves and trusting our lives, we can feel at home ANYWHERE, even if we are homeless or living in our cars.  Home/foundation/feelings of stability are where healing is in order.  Your mind is also under scrutiny here as you are being ordered to remain in the positive and hopeful state no matter how long it takes for this avocado to ripen.  You are in a warning period of not buying into any lack or fear or what ifs about your future.  You are on target, on time, and everything you need will show up when your vibration is matching what you dearly are holding true inside that embodies this high value and honoring quality of knowing you have something special to share.

Capricorn Horoscope Image

// capricorn //
It is such an honor to be the Capricorn, and I know that bit by bit you are grasping that, grasping that this long journey that is always requiring patience and commitment IS actually worth it.  And at this time you  are going to be blessed with more forward motion finally with your career and it is THROUGH you really thinking about what it is that you want to do as a contribution to the evolution of this world.  There is something that needs to be sort of embraced concerning the group and it may be that you have felt distanced or not fitting in or not feeling like you have a place out in the sea of others who may be dreaming of doing the same things as you.  You are being asked to really own your gifts at this time, own what it will take to help you feel important with doing your service and also own and honor the journey that it has taken for you to now be able to hold such wisdom and expertise that is your thing to provide.  You need to take a break from looking at yourself through the eyes of what you think should be expected of you at this point in time.  Comparison will wilt you and we can’t have that.   Now actually, you are to really be weeding out friends and associations that are not valuing what you have to offer.  It is so important that you are surrounded by people who think you are the bomb diggity.  And the reason being is that you have messages that are important and if you continue to feel like the scene is saturated and there is no place for you, then you will continue to put road block energy in front that keeps the veil over what it is that you are needing to share with the group and with humanity as this thing you are doing  is about improving or inspiring others lives.  So. We need you feeling very confident and its not like you need to go out and make any thing happen, we just need you to own how wonderful and perfect and full of ancient wisdom you ARE.  We need you honoring that THIS material of yours can be assisting people to awaken, to heal, to want to live again, or whatever.   There is room for you and I can tell you that because of a topic I was discussing with someone today. I don’t know who Jeff Brown is but I do know that every time someone shares him on facebook I read his words and the tone of them sounds like fingernails down the chalkboard,  I would never be able to learn or grow from anything  he wrote because he doesn’t resonate in my body.  ( I also have a very sensitive tonal system, though!! )  But I do know that he gets much respect from the generation older than me, like I’m sure my Mom would love his style of talking but to me it sounds so bitchy and chop chop.  And I was glad to see this today and discuss it with others because it really did open me to how we so need people sharing wisdom and especially the Capricorn, but that we are all so different and we need someone who really feels like someone we can connect with.  If we don’t connect we won’t get anything from them and we need MANY people out there sharing their visions, their creative gifts, their writings to cover the scope of how different we all are and how different we need the messages to be in order for them to stick. Just like with musicians… we do not like the same things so we need variety and we need everyone sharing what they have to share.  We need YOU courageously coming forward and vulnerably sharing what you have been working on.  We need you valuing that thing you do that makes you feel important because it is about helping others in some way. And we need you to not feel so separate and no home in the worldish as there IS a spot for you but it is waiting for YOU to claim it.  It is waiting for you to stand up and say THIS IS MINE and THIS IS MY THING TO GIVE.  There is room for you, love.  And you best get on it because when Mars moves back into direct motion, it is ON with your career.  Yes things slowed down for several weeks but now the flood gates will open and opportunities will be looking for you like a mosquito to bare skin.

Sagittarius Horoscope Image

// sagittarius //
All those Fire signs are under the biggest pressures! And I don’t mean it in a bad way but you are all going through so much of the depth material, the shadow wounds, the recognizing of patterns that are self-defeating and just icky old rubbish that you would rather just sweep it under the rug and call it a day. Unfortunately you are being guided down this introverted space of inner contemplations because some serious healing is in order and until this density is cleared, there will be these nagging feelings of discontent inside of you.  Now a veil is lifting concerning your home environment or roots arena or with childhood times and something may move this even from like a psychic hunch or like a vision just comes to you and reveals the truth of something that you could not see before.  You are being asked to use your intuition in this situation because this is not something you will see as it is coming from a feeling deep inside. There is also the energy of planning, so you are thinking in your head about details and how to do this and what to expect.  I see you staring up and standing still so this makes me think that things haven’t changed or manifested just yet but you are visualizing it and imagining how this will look in the future.  I can tell you that you WILL get what you want and this WILL turn out in your favor as it feels like wishes will be granted. So use the power of your mind to create this new thing that has you stopped and thinking about it.  You will get what you are thinking about.  Now healing, healing, healing, you are so immersed in the healing and there is the need to rise above out of the dark cave of feeling like you are disadvantaged or suffering beyond a level that you can handle.  Saturn in the 12th house is not as painful as it is in the 4th and 5th, but it still just makes you feel very misunderstood and like you don’t have a place in the world and possibly can even create a disconnect with trusting in the powers that be.  Now in its highest expression, this is where you can really get serious about your spiritual ceremony aspects of life. This is where you can commit to a schedule of daily yoga, meditation, and retreat into the space of connecting with spirit and your guides. This is when you can really tune in there and create a connection with your guides so that you no longer feel out of place in this world or like that you are losing your mind.  You are being asked to open up and share your feelings with others and to include them to let them know what is up with you. You may want to retreat and deal with this on your own, and yes that is a great idea, but still there is something with you needed to open up to this person who is in your home environment or with someone who really knows you to the core.

Scorpio Horoscope Image

// scorpio //
So you are another one who is really ready to either travel or move and there is something with more driving or traveling between places.  I see lines and maps and movement.  This movement shift from a place that was stable and predictable is creating new vista views and it is also changing how we see you.  This movement is almost like with how we do better in some locations rather than others and this move or this decision to somehow expand your life is connected with your creativity and with doing something that makes you feel important, so there may be shifts because of this movement you are experiencing that will allow others to see you in a more powerful kind of expression.  You are upgrading for the world to see and it involves you doing your creative things, possibly something with having a child or doing something for or with children, and also sending things out there in a bigger sort of way. This can be signing on with a bigger company that works to get you out there, or doing an affiliate program or anything that shares what you have been working on that is very much metaphysical related or with things of a mystical essence.  There may also be photo shoots or anything with being an actor or entertainer and those materials will somehow start traveling around and opportunities to share what you are doing will expand.  There is a growth from a little seed planted and this is the time to really know that you don’t have to control anything or make anything happen as the ball is already rolling and the results will be coming your way over the next year. Everything for you is really about shooting for greater heights and like dreaming of the impossible, in a way.  This is not the time to limit yourself.  Now with Saturn in your sign, that is never a fun thing, but even more so for the Scorpio. You like to feel in control and Saturn likes to take your control away and throw you into situations that make you feel like you can’t deal or can’t cope. This is why our Saturn returns can be so brutal when we are trying to control everything. If you can go with the flow, that return is more gentle. I only know one person who sailed through the Saturn return unscathed and she is the most trusting and non-reactive person I know. She has always had the way of the peaceful warrior who moves with opposition instead of fighting it.  Even to this day she has one of the most beautiful lives I have seen anyone live and it is because she fights NOTHING. Everything is all good to her!  And as I have gotten older I have tried to learn from her and emulate her. You too will be put into situations during this time where you do have NO control. You can’t change it and there is nothing you can do but meet it and try to make the best of it.  I’m not saying this will happen but this reminds me of late stage diseases, as my father just flashed into my mind with when he was dieing of liver failure.  You may be spending time in hospitals with the Mars in retrograde or feeling like you are losing your grip on reality. There is  a feeling of resignation and allowance, knowing there is nothing you can do but to be here now and make the most of a situation that is pretty much written in stone.  This energy is relationship related so something is going on with someone and you are needing to let the control go and face what needs to be faced. I just heard denial and there may be the need to  lift the veil and really just see what is going on.  Now Mars going direct will really help you with this because right now you may feel unsettled or ungrounded with feeling like you can’t connect with spirit in a way so that you feel safe and supported.  You may be saying WHY? to the powers that be. You may be asking for an answer through tarot cards or with readings and really feeling like no answers are coming.  There is the need for silence and trust as these waters are pretty rocky and you may feel like your brain is fried. But do just know that you are being schooled and you are learning tools that can only be discovered from walking this path. It may not feel so hot, but know you ARE protected and supported and loved and valued and honored and there should be no shortage of people coming forward to share that with you.  You are not alone in this and you will be growing closer into relationships of more value through this death cycle of the Scorpio Full Moon. Yes parts of you are dieing, but no this is not game over and in fact a new light will pierce through in such a way that rainbows will shine brightly for you as a message of energies trying to let you know that you are never alone.  You are going to be so supported in whatever needs to die and  transform in your life. You got this strong one. Enter courageously with your vulnerable heart open for us to lend you a hand.

Libra Horoscope Image

// libra //
Okay lets see here.  So there is something wonderful that is occurring with your outlook on life. Something in the form of possibly a new lover or a new friend or a new job opportunity or something has come that is strengthening your drive to keep this going and not give up. Its like you’ve been running on E and so nervous about how you can make things work and suddenly someone shows up and offers to fill your tank for life. Suddenly there is a shift like you are running that marathon and almost passing out and wanting to give up and someone shows up with some electrolyte water and a snort of something that gives you energy and stamina.  You will be like BRING IT, even though you were just on the edge of losing it and wanting to sign off.  There has been or will be a shift of feeling like you want to give up and then shifting into feeling very stoked and transformed. Now what is really beautiful is that this one is very much values related to you and over the past few months with Mars in retrograde, you have really been noticing how other see you or what sort of impression you make on others. Its like you have been getting dressed for a while with no mirror and now you HAVE that mirror and it sort of changes everything.  You may even choose to make drastic changes with your appearance when Mars goes direct after the 19th.  You may change something that has been your staple for a long time and it will somehow feel like a breath of fresh air.  And very opposite in way.  This can be like cutting off your hair or dying your hair or getting a tattoo or piercing or something that just makes us see you different in way. Whatever you choose to change, we will love it and you will too.  This was a portal opening that was wanting you to focus on things too that relate to your body and taking care of your body and also with valuing your body, your sexuality, your seductiveness, your wild sides.  There has been something held back and you are good and ready to get this party started once again. If you do meet someone there will be the elements of unusual and surprise. So they may be different from who you normally date, it may be long distance, or you may move in after a few weeks, or you are more like opposites and surprised that you are able to feel so excited by this person, or it may come very suddenly (and possibly end suddenly).  Do know that however this goes down or however long it lasts, it IS for the purpose of you upgrading your value system, and through the relationship getting into touch with what you body needs. This is the energy of you needing to stop putting yourself down or feeling like second best or holding back with your love nature. And something has been needing to be recognized with how you do love… and if you are loving to create this situation that grows and thrives or if you are loving in order to feel loved back and to feel that NOW you are acceptable. You are in such a lesson anyway of learning to bring in the relationships that accentuate your life and not suck it dry and make you feel like a loser if you are alone in life.   ANY alone for you at this time is just for you to make yourself even better and to discover the way to remember how special you are and how deserving you are of love and affection and adoration, in a good way.  This Full Moon will take you to the depth and you may feel a bit sad or troubled at how much there is that it takes to be clear and pure and shadowless.  Remember we are all in this and we all feel that one. Lighten up on yourself.  We NEED you to have more love and honor for YOU. So learn to speak to yourself like you would an innocent child.  Also work is going to pick up and more opportunities to do what you love to do will arrive. There is something with your creative gifts that needs to shift from scarcity to abundance. You may need to NOT focus on how you could possibly make a living from this thing and instead focus on how much you just LOVE to do it and let that energy manifest a way for it to support you. We must immerse ourselves in the love of what we are doing for it to ever be something that supports us.   Open to seeing where you are holding your gifts back because of the money factor and decide to dream a little dream with this now.  Just forget about the money for a minute and feel how good it feels to do something that YOU created and that you love to do.  That feeling is what is important now.

Virgo Horoscope Image

// virgo //
This is going to be moving time for a lot of Virgos or at least they will be shooting for a vacation or deciding to go back to school as something is on the table that will be expanding your life and somehow changing your current immediate neighborhood scene.  You may be traveling more and for sure there is the element of feeling flustered because it feels like it is all way too much.  Now there is also this sort of stagnancy or limiting feeling with your words at this time and it may be that you can’t come up with the right things to say or you feel like you should hold back or there may have been a situation with a sibling that is causing you some pain in your heart. There is some feeling like your words can not be spoken the way you need to speak them and you may even find that your writing is on hold as the words just aren’t able to form and come together just yet.  There may also be something with study or a new course or something that is either going to be embarked on by you or you will be creating this yourself.  This is on your mind and you are trying to figure out how to do ALL THIS and time may be screwing with you because you aren’t yet able to pin this down and really figure out what is going on. I see a muddled energy in the mind so however this translates, it will feel consuming and not very settling.  Now Mars is playing a big role int his by being retrograde and out little friend is going to be turned back around on the 19th of May…. so you are SO close to getting answers.  This energy will be much more smooth and focused in regards to this thing on your mind that relates to your creative gifts or something that is values related that has been shifting over the past few months because the direction you were moving was not carrying the vibration of your self love, and your self love is growing more fertile BECAUSE of all these unanswered questions you have had. Go figure. You needed to stop and go deeper and what you have discovered is going to change what is to come over the next few months. So this time right now really had you looking at what is value to you and what is trust to you and what it will take to create a life of balance so that things feel more satisfying to your soul.  Those answers are not necessarily there yet for you, but you are getting close.  Now this time is the hugest one for really learning some lessons through your peoples, your friends, your lover, your work partners, and basically people in general.  And we are in a time of provocation that is merely occurring to have us step back from our egos so that we can see our shadow wounds that are manifesting out in the world.  So if you have been pushed, or triggered or are having altercations with your close ones, just know there is something for you to see about yourself that relates to keeping someone on a pedestal, believing the best without really taking the time to delve into the truth,  something with being a victim, something with following a pattern that is worn out and ready to die and be transformed, or even something where you are realizing that you push love away or have a difficult time valuing yourself and expecting the very best.  You are in upgrade mode and the inner work of recent months is going to be bringing you a brand new day in a way.  This feels like shedding some old skin too, and you may actually feel like or resonate with the snake at this time.  Now as for work, your mind may have been on other things and it may feel like you are dropping the ball in a way, but there is support there so either others are holding some more weight at this time or you losing it a little bit is actually a good thing and will help you to restructure.  You are slipping away from work in a way, either switching jobs or restructuring the one you have but just know it is all good. If you have to retreat in a way, know that you will still be supported and no one is blaming you or mad at you. Take this time for you because you have SO many changes occurring now and in the month to come and they will be good, so don’t worry. Trust this, my love.

Leo Horoscope Image

// leo //
So you are another sign that has been going through so much soul growth!  You fully know what it means to go to the depth now and to eagerly seek out what needs to die and be transformed so that you can shine that happy Leo in all areas of ones life. I feel like your priorities are changing as you are getting older, so there are ways you are looking to expand in your life that even a few years ago you may have not felt the importance.  There is the sadness or limitations, so to speak that are holding you down in the roots and home arena and asking you to delve oh so deeply into all those nooks and crannies of picked up behaviors and programmed ways of seeing what life is all about. If you learned it is to be hard, then you will buy into that and if you learned that you can’t feel safe in this world, then you will manifest from that foundation.  Something that was not stable in your foundation, in your childhood times, or in your home NOW, that possibly may have something to do with the father and/or an important man in your life now, is asking for a release and a death in order to for you to build a new.  This is of the utmost importance because it will lead to stronger branches reaching up to your career where you will be able to either provide more value out in the world or just be seen as this valuable creative bright light being.  There is the darkness of all those hidden places that for eons of time we were not encouraged to delve deeper as the collective unconscious believed that keeping things hidden is the way to go and not being vulnerable was the way to be respected.  It is like we have been living in a world of false fronts and none of us are okay with that anymore because we say, wait a minute! I am not really happy. I am not really feeling like life is valuable.  I am not really feeling content and like I am manifesting the things of my dreams as consistently as I may like to.  So where you are with this Full Moon is taking some of that muck that you discovered from down below, from childhood times, and with the way you communicate and share messages, and all of that is wanting to release from you, to be transmuted into something much more loving and valuing and honoring of who you have become FROM walking the red road of life.  So this is taking all that you have learned and grown from and you are going to be bringing new elements into your career that are going up some notches DUE TO the inner work of recent months.  So  this was all perfect as you wouldn’t have been able to do these new creative ideas you have come up with until the heavy density of things that were being kept hidden were given the light to release from you.  And don’t worry, this new honest and vulnerable you is not going to tarnish that glowing Leo shine in our eyes, but now you know that we actually respect the humbled and vulnerable Leo so much more than the one who has to keep up with appearances and is only holding a front in place. Pull back that mask, love.  We want to see and embrace the real you.  Something that was hidden or confusing in a relationship may come to the light.  It may or may not be what you want to hear but at least you are breaking through the illusion.  And with the courage of the energy now, you will be able to accept whatever and move on in the most positive way. This is where there is gratitude for at least finally getting the truth.

Cancer Horoscope Image

// cancer //
So this is actually a time of light and happiness coming your way! Yay! This is whew, a relief of much pressure and too much to do or figure out, or overload is what I am feeling.  What is pretty fantastic though is there has been some expansion opportunities that deal with you showing the world who you really are in a creative sense, or with working with the kiddos,  and also with being this presence that is growing much stronger through the provocation and the discord of life.  Like you have seen so many lows and so many things that you never could have imagined you would have to face and it was dark for so long and, not that all the learning lessons are done, but you ARE reaching this higher vibration with how you are seeing things and there is a more positive energy in you that balances the bad so that you can know you will get through this and that you will over come. You have that marionette energy where even when things feel crazy and uncontrollable and you just don’t KNOW WHAT TO DO… you will still be able to calm yourself, and to breathe deeply and to meditate on the situation so that you can quickly come back to center and be this more teacher being person who is not freaking out so much and instead  takes charge and just signs up to deal with whatever it will take.  This is like leadership when things feel like they are collapsing and people will notice this about you! You may even be put into more leadership roles as your take charge is being birthed from having to face things that make you feel out of control. From that out of control state, you are birthing a groundedness that will be able to weather any storm. This out of control energy has forced you to dig your heels in deep and to rely on that force to Mama Earth to hold YOU steady so that you can help others to hold themselves steady.   There is this new nurturing care that is separate in a way so that you are able to let people do what they need to do but can stand back more as a wise teacher being who KNOWS that you can guide them but you can’t force them or demand that they be what you think you need them to be.  You are making greater impacts, but in a way that is more flowing with the river, as an honoring support system.  And you could not grow to this expression until you had to move through the dark night of the soul that has been your last… years to a decade? It was a long course of study and its not like you are totally out of it yet, but you now have the tools to move through almost anything that may come your way. And it is those tools that are focusing on not only the bigger picture but also your place in the whole of it all, and in the community and with those ways you can give back and share what you have learned.   All the intensity from within and from the death cycle is the blessing that has opened you to now wanting to focus more on others and with what you can do to help them function more gracefully with the waves of life.   And now you are letting go of all the sadness and disappointments that surround love, the children and the things that have kept you from feeling happy and joyful with life.  You are ready to create a new way of feeling seen and recognized for the amazing creative gifts you possess.  You are ready to do that thing you love to do in a way that is giving back and feeding the souls of all.  You are ready to feed the people. And with Mars going direct you are going to have so much energy focusing into the home arena! So if you are looking to move, to buy, to redecorate then the gates will open and all things will start to come together again. If you work from home you will be getting much more business and also you will be able to move and shift things in a way so that you are able to manage your time better and do the things you do so that you have more time to balance play and work.  Something may also happen at home that is a surprise but that makes you feel much more safe and protected and heart expanded.

Gemini Horoscope Image

// gemini //
So this my love is your retreat month of the year. This is when you are very much pulled back and possibly feeling sort of sober and not so much knowing what it will take to feel more content and happy with life. You may be feeling like work is not satisfying and you are not feeling so sexy or even seeing the beauty of what you have.  There is the element of being bored with things and they range from your love life to your career, to expressing your creativity, to really thinking about what it will take to feel excited about your life and like you are really doing something important that makes you feel valuable. This feels like you have been on a track and it is comfortable but there is a discontent that has been bubbling up in you for some time and now especially you want to discover all ways to bring the excitement and joy for things back into you life. You may feel held down, possibly through a health situation or a job situation.   Things feel limited and you don’t know yet what to do to bring about the abundance once again.  This Full Moon will be a great shedding as you will be inspired to make changes and they will likely revolve around you just seeing things differently and holding a place of trust in your mind thoughts that helps you to see that actually it is all ticking along right on schedule.  There is the need for you to TRUST and you will find that place of trust through the withdrawing and grounding in this connection to spirit.  You are needing to see the big picture of this life of yours where you can look back and see how far you really have come and how much you have learned from walking this particular path.  Mars moving direct will really help you to see clearly again with seeing what it is that you really love to do and that makes you feel valuable and like content with this life. You are looking to bring in changes that help you to feel less obligated by money concerns and the day to day grind, and you will be opening more to a creative avenue that uses your hands in some way and either helps to show others how to feel more balanced or just that it brings beauty into their lives.  You are ready to immerse yourself in the beauty of creativity and with feeling the value of doing something that you love to do and not just having to focus on taking a job to pay the bills.

Taurus Horoscope Image

// taurus //
This Full Moon will touch you greatly and you have been going through a time of really examining how you intermingle in relationships with others.  You may even find that you are more sensitive to feeling how you affect others through holding back or through giving them what you can see they need.  You may be making connections with how you embrace love into your life or how you push it away, possibly feeling unworthy of such good things.  Now there is a lot that is karmically wanting to shift out of your space so whichever direction you feel your love nature travels, whether giving so freely or holding back and waiting for something else BEFORE you give freely, there is much to be discovered through the pull back and through really looking deeply into your past to see if something from back then has laid the foundation for this way of expressing that is just like second nature to you now, but is it for the best? Is this way bringing you the love you would like to see and feel in your life.  Are you holding back from receiving love due to feelings of not being worthy?  Are you holding back from giving love because you feel walked on or used for your kind nature?  There is much for you to look back and discover at this time and what is happening is that many obligations you felt will be falling away as there will be the need for you to be TRUE TO YOU FIRST.  This is the most important step for all the rest of the aspects to come to manifestation in your life.  Love yourself, and others will love you too. Take care of yourself, and others will take care of you too.  Just be very open to looking to see what you have taken on from others, from others programming you, from you learning from what others have told you to be true. This is a time to see if what you have taken on, say, from one of your parents, is still valid and serving you in this time currently. Maybe your father left your mother and she never could climb out of the hole of acceptance and maybe you always heard how men cannot be trusted and will always cheat and whatever, but do some probing into this and try to see if what you are walking now is because of what others told you is the truth.  There is a shedding and a death that needs to take place in order for this higher expression of truth to infiltrate you. There is an opening required and it is more aligned with trusting others and with believing the best in others.  This is also a forgiveness for self and for others with the knowing in the heart that we all make mistakes and we all do things that we are later not so proud of.  But we can all change and we need to make the space for that in the world so that we don’t just cut people off and put them into a lesser than category.  We were all there before and there is a need to see that now and to feel the forgiveness for self and others.  There will be more movement with work projects or a new job coming your way when Mars moves direct! woo hoo for you!  This will mean you will be able to focus more clearly on what you really want to do to make a living currently and be open to that evolving because our careers evolve as we get older and evolve ourselves. So for now, things will start to flow again and they may be different than what you were expecting, so be open to that.  Honestly, for you, the pull back was very much aligned with how you speak privately inside of your head.  The words you use, and awakening to the power of them was up for examination over the past few months.  The shortchanging of your life abundance through negative self talk or through holding a different space inside versus outside was a path you traveled in order to see how detrimental those words can be.  This is a time to expand through your words and through how you see the world and share that with others.  This will be a time when you are more aware of any bitching and seeing how it just leads to more situations to have to bitch about.  You can either be traveling through a walking dead ghost town or galloping through a field of flowers rejoicing at the bliss of it all. It is two paths right now for the Taurus and it all depends on the way you communicate and share thoughts and words, both inside and outside of self.  Through the retreat and pondering into times past, you can see what first created the choices you have made that have led to either ghost town world of nothing too fantastic happening or bliss field of flowers.  But know that you can change on a dime and switch into the flower world in a blink of an eye.  You just need to plant the seeds of hope in your mind.  It does not pay to walk the path of another who did not experience happiness.  If you want to follow the opinions and imagined truths of what this world is all about, I would say follow someone who actually knows happy and trusts this life and is living in an honoring and abundant way.

Aries Horoscope Image

// aries //
So this Full Moon will feel very intense for you as already you have been in such a huge restructuring space this is integrating you fully as an expression of all signs. There is a culmination affect that is trickling down these changes within that are opening your heart to a really soft space that maybe before was more brittle or like a stopping point where you would know to go no deeper. It is brittle, or hard,  in that it stopped you from going further, but now it is like soft ice and you have fallen through to the depths of this world that is actually very comfortable to you, it just was foreign to you before. So you are embracing this new depth of character and one that now knows the depth of emotion that can be felt through the open hearted loving of our peoples and also through life experiences you are grounding down this very strong and balanced spiritual expression. You have gone to the depth and you have faced many things in a rapid period of time that really have had you questioning so much.  And those questions are leading you to this very special role that you will take in the world that IS about walking the talk and especially with spiritual concepts as you were SENT to this depth in order to find what is valid and true and that can assist and help others on this path before you. This feels very much what I talked about in the video with walking the collapse or the fall in order to truly embody the wisdom so that it truly can make the great impacts.  So I feel like the light is shining and you are seeing more clearly into the whys of your recent years journey, and there will be a very new Aries to enter the scene. This one is more grounded and solid and compassionate hearted.  The death cycle has been very huge for you, and revolving around relationships and patterns and this happened as it should as there is a rebirth of that new Aries that is about to reveal itself to the world.  Mars going direct will really be the shackles coming off but what is going to happen is that you will be able to make greater impacts on others THROUGH these new shifts in you that held you down and forced you to swim in the murky dark depths of your soul.  There is a new value system awakened in you and actually all the outside things are losing a level of importance in your life as you are humbling down and have connected more to the love of your family, your peoples, your tribe.  Vulnerabilities have been revealed and you are finding that you enjoy to be this way!  You see it adds value to your life to expose your true nature and to not have to be so strong and perfect always.  Psychically you are in FULL ON hook up as if you can slow down enough to just BE, the guidance you need for all things will really turn on and start to flow more magically through you.  You will be losing some of the  PUSH AND MAKE THINGS HAPPEN NOW wiring as these spiritual/psychic hook ups/activations are slowing you down so that you become this person who walks through the gates when they truly are opening.  You will become a person who moves only when MOVED or CALLED to make changes.  Spirit is ready to fully guide you now.  This is such an honor.