Love.  There is a perfectly planned timeline to your life and to how and when things are to unfold for you.  If doors are closed, they are supposed to be at this time, but they won’t be forever. If gates of opportunity are sweeping you up and pulling you through them, they are supposed to be at this time, but they won’t be forever.  If you feel blocked and unable to move forward, you are supposed to feel this way at this time, but you won’t feel like this forever. If you are feeling on fire with creativity and ideas are pouring through you right now, it is supposed to be this way at this time, but it won’t be like this forever.

Nothing stays the same and change is always constant. What has happened in this world due to the internet exposure is that now EVERYONE wants to be on top and EVERYONE wants to be living their dreams and EVERYONE wants to do what others are doing from what they witness others having success doing …  BUT not everyone is standing before an open doorway at the same time.

When we look at our lives, we tend to just see things in this perspective of RIGHT NOW and when we can only see this moment right now, we tend to want it all RIGHT NOW. Patience is something that is in the greatest of demands because of this PUSH PUSH PUSH with how we have been falsely led to believe that we HAVE TO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.  We have been fed a whole bucket full of lies that we are to POUND THE PAVEMENT and go out there and FORCE the doors to open, even when the timing is just not right.

And what this has created is a nation of peoples who are feeling very discontent and very much not good enough … because if it works for others, how come it is not working for us?  If they create a website and are flocked with business and praise, how come no one ever comes to our sites?  And if they give readings and are slammed with business, how come no one is coming to us for a reading?  And if they are creating beautiful works of art that everyone wants, how come no one is coming for our pieces?  And if they have a PhD and are successful beyond belief, how come we are sitting here in silence with our advanced degrees?

And if you do put yourself out there before your gate opening, before your ripening, then you WILL fall prey to feeling not good enough and THEN the discontent takes over like the candida virus and will affect how you view the world and your particular place in it.

And I know that these words are hitting you to the core because this is THE number one concern I get from people who come for an empowerment reading. I hear it over and over and over. And what I love is that I KNOW this path so very well as many of you know that I created the whole vision for Aquarius Nation and wrote the 700 pages that go into your birth chart books back in 1999 to 2003.  I was sitting at the closed gate and was READY TO GO, ready to bring this dream forward and share these gifts I have with the world, but that gate did not open for me until December 21, 2012.  NOTHING happened for me to further my dreams UNTIL the last moments of 2012!

So loves, I can guarantee that you can go out and create the most beautiful and high quality website; you can go out and spend mass loads of money on marketing a beautiful logo; you can go out and connect with all the big game players out in the world; you can promote in every group you join and hand those business cards out constantly;  you can write a book that you KNOW is so powerful and something that can shift the world, BUT UNLESS YOUR GATE IS OPEN, NOTHING will happen. Nothing will further your dreams and nothing will show you that you are the star that we all know you really are.

It will basically be like you are carrying around a tomato plant that hasn’t really shown any growth, yet you are offering them to others, knowing in your own heart that you are putting so much energy into this and they WILL be so good and something so valuable.  But others will not buy because they don’t feel that it is time yet, even though they don’t know they play a role in this story too.  It is all energy and what I have most found with our unique gate openings is that many of us are not in the proper FEELINGS OF SELF in order to manifest our dreams.  We tend to feel a bit insecure of our gifts or we tend to feel the push and that OTHERS are doing this so WE MUST do this too in order to compete and keep up.

But it is all a lie!! And the more you push because you think you MUST compete and MUST be doing your dreams, and MUST have it all RIGHT NOW, the more likely you are going to suffer from circumstantial depression and feelings of no self worth.  The more you push before your time, the more likely you are going to hate yourself and think you are a loser.

And THIS is where we all are collectively. We are all waking to seeing how the more we push into our dreams, and the more they do NOT produce what we envision, the more we feel worthless and not good enough.  Then we look out at others and compare ourselves to them and through that we become depressed and immobile.

We are to awaken through this energy that EVERY LIFE EXPERIENCE is creating something for us to LEARN FROM in order to become more of the peoples we KNOW we are to be in the world. We must ripen! We must grow into these powerful shoes! It is futile to push before our time just as it is a waste of time to be 3 months pregnant and to try to make ourselves go into labor because we want the baby NOW!  Everyone knows that having a premie baby, who has not had enough time to ripen in the womb, means struggles for that child.  So if your gate is not open right now, maybe you need to ponder that and to think about how you will jeopardize an excellent opportunity or idea by pushing too soon.  Sit with your dreams longer if you are not being swooped up by an open gate!  And do not worry for one moment because we ALL have the gates eventually opening for us. EVERY ONE OF US moves through the gate… but just not at the same time.

And what I have learned is that often we are slowed down because we are not yet loving and valuing ourselves enough to trust in the powers that be.  Love yourself and even if the gate is closed, you will know that you deserve to live an abundant and worthwhile life, so the gate will open when the right is right. When you love yourself, this all becomes KNOWING and then ALL IS GOOD no matter if it is day time or night time.  It just is. It just is what it is and it is perfect at that!

I LOVE YOU!  Lets start your own self care and feelings of self worth with ME showing you that!

Okay, and please share this post with all that you feel need a bit of some loving support!  And read your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs for the complete story…


and….. the energy song of this Full Moon…. oh yes. Let these words sink into you, loves….

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Pisces Horoscope Image

// pisces //
You are being called to monitor all your thoughts that have you thinking others are so much better and so much more gifted than you are or could ever be!  There is a bit of a pitty party going on and it needs to be nipped in the bud because it is in fact so inaccurate!   You will likely be experiencing this through the internet or through other things that you read out in the world. Your mind will instantly go into comparison mode and if you delve too deeply into what others are doing, you can very well end up feeling absolutely worthless and like the loser of the century! Note my drama.  Now what you need to know is that your mind is taking you down this spiraling loop that has continued for much too long.  You find this loop often and delve fully into it and you are being asked to let it all go and to stop this pattern and instead say the words:  “I am important and what I am contributing is VERY needed in the world. AND there is room for me! There are people who want what I can do.”  You also will be called to find the strength to rise above this viscous cycle and THIS time you can really change things so that you move onto another track, or at least one that only has you on this position for a quick spell before bouncing back up into feeling valuable and worth while once again.  Now you are being encouraged to get together with freinds and to surround yourself with people who really love and value you. The moment you start to feel down, you need to call them up and share space with your peoples who really have your back. And because this energy RIGHT NOW is very much about shifting patterns and realigning your thought processes to a higher perspective of things, the quicker you can shift, the quicker you will find that you no longer keep falling to these loser states and with feeling so invaluable in the world.  So open up and share your vulnerabilities so that others can rush right in and fill in that bucket!  Do not discount how important this energy is right now in shifting you onto a much better track in life!  If you do not have friends around you then you are being asked to go out and help someone less fortunate than you. You can completely bounce back from doing some kind humanitarian work! For real!! Also you are moving into a focus of career abundance and you are being asked to let go of wounds that are keeping you behind the scenes and NOT ACTING. You are being asked to clear out the insecurities so that you can PLUNGE forward into your dreams and into this work that will take you to higher places in life. Through KNOWING that you do have a place in this world and DO have much to offer, you will be able to open to a whole new way of living WITHIN MONTHS. And, know too that you have been waiting for this shift for 2 decades… so this is not something to take lightly. And all those habits of feeling less than and convincing yourself not to move forward MUST be dropped with this Full Moon.  You more than anyone need those affirmations daily and you need to constantly be telling yourself how valuable and worthwhile you are. Because baby you are the bomb and the world will really start to KNOW that next year… 🙂

Aquarius Horoscope Image

// aquarius //
This can be such a blessing of a time, love, where you are really going to be able to go deeply into your database of life experiences and see where you are cutting yourself short or missing out on opportunities to expand, due to what has happened in your childhood or with what messages you took on from your early years.  This is some powerful medicine times so do not take this lightly!  You have the power of Mars and Pluto coming together from a place of the mystery, so this is similar to secret support or guidance from other sources or miracles from out of nowhere that act as catalysts to OPEN YOUR EYES to something. This can be where you run into someone who says something that unlocks a mystery within, or you witness something that cracks a code and shows you that THEY are responding to life from a message that was put into you, and THROUGH seeing what they are doing, you awaken to wanting to NOT follow in that same path.  There are many rumblings from down below, from the roots and even with your home environment. I do strongly advice that you work on your home base and clean out clutter, or move things around so that there is the space for other things to manifest.  There may be something at home that just needs a bit of beauty and also love. Maybe you have been too focused on work and have been neglecting your home or the people who are foundational peoples in your life. You ARE in a very sweet space to really start to see some MASSIVE growth in your business, if it hasn’t already arrived, so to work on the foundation and get it nice and sturdy and balanced would be a very wise decision so that the holiday hustle and bustle doesn’t throw you into adrenal failure.    Its important that you feel grounded and safe with your roots right now and this will allow some blessings to start magnetizing your way.  This very much feels like weeding the garden and removing things that are strangling the life force out of your faith in self, which then affects all areas of your life.  You may even need to make peace with a parent or forgive something that led you to believe that you are not valuable and a nuisance or too much in the way. Compassion for others is your avenue to bring the peace in that you are being called to understand that we all make mistakes and we all wish we could go back and do things from a higher perspective that maturity allows.  So even if you are not hearing the words of FORGIVE ME and I AM SO SORRY, KNOW that those who have hurt you, are hurting deeply themselves AND they are mighty wounded themselves which allowed them to say and do what they did.    Free yourself from these shackles.  Free yourself from a path similar to theirs. Let it go and rise above and start over RIGHT NOW.  If you commit to loving and valuing YOU, then your career is open for miracles galore and opportunities that can really have you shaking your head in awe of just how much things can change over night… but in good ways!    Trust me on this, you are PERFECT!  Now its your turn to see that.

Capricorn Horoscope Image

// capricorn //
There has been so much comparison going on with you and with looking out at how well others are doing in life and with looking a little too closely at what you see as faults or failures with your own life.  Sweetest of loves! You are right on schedule and you really need to hold that KNOWING solid in your heart!  It is all working out just as planned as dictated by your birth chart imprint and your past life efforts that are supplying you will life experiences in order to birth this teacher/ guide expression in this lifetime. You don’t want to get up to the top of the mountain, FINALLY, and not be prepared, right?  You don’t want to get up on stage and then realize you have nothing of value to offer, do you?  It is not about getting to the top ONLY, and if it is in your heart, then you will get up there and have a very short stay on top before you then have to loop around again, and do the journey one more time.  You more than anyone is being asked to hold that Eagle Vision and be your future self in order to come to some peace in understanding why your path looks the way it does.  Now what I have noticed from most Capricorns, and my Rising Sign is in this sign, so I know it well, but there is this innate desire to be seen as important and as an authority.  Very often though, for this sign, THAT is what keeps their dream position at bay because the learning for this sign is in awakening to NOT NEEDING TO BE SEEN and to only really want to give back and make a difference.  And honestly, when that shift occurs, a new path opens that may actually be different than wanting to be a guide of spiritual wisdoms …. as that one tends to be tops with most Capricorns. When we can shift to just wanting to make a difference and to make an impact on others, doors come flying open and often in these days now, it opens to something creative and artistic!  This Full Moon is asking you to look closely into artistic arenas with uncovering what you have let go of that requires your hands and really does make you feel valuable and special, even if you before could not understand how to market this or make money from it.  AND this is tied to you really valuing who you are and that you CAN make something out of this, IF it is creative and helps you to feel valuable for what you can offer, and it also may have something to do with the body.  This energy right now is forcing your eyes open with toothpicks to REALLY SEE THIS again, even if it means starting over or going back to something that you let go of years ago. This creative idea is getting a HUGE push and it will likely come with deep feelings surrounding it… so it may be that you feel very low and then THIS awakens to you again OR it just feels SO RIGHT and like, yes, the time is here to believe fully in yourself and with this creative idea.  And from there… IT IS ON!

Sagittarius Horoscope Image

// sagittarius //
This energy is for sure waking in you both a need to retreat and slow things down in your life, but also a redirection and more concentrated focus on something discipline related and something that will take some time to accomplish.  You are being asked is MANY WAYS with this chart to slow down and be more patient with your souls purpose work and with things that relate to you sharing your creative gifts. This can also be something self care related where you have been giving and giving to others or have been more focused on taking care of others and will really need some down time to focus on you and your own healing work. Through the retreat you may even discover some new habits that can be about taking time to love your body and to nurture your soul.  You may even be craving quiet and stillness and wanting to get away and do yoga and meditate! There is some energy here that is having you do a scan of your past year in order to feel out how far you have come and to take some time to figure out what changes you would like to make in order to move closer to some of your long held dreams.  There is also something with your values and with needing to feel more self love for the wonderful creation that is YOU. I see there has been much focus on others and possibly through needing their approval to feel good about who you are, and that need is sort of transforming to where you won’t even really care any longer. This feels like something aging related and how the older we get the less concerned we are with getting approval from others or even with caring how others judge us by our looks.  And honestly, this also makes me think of how when we reject our bodies we keep saying these negative words about self, and then energy follows our words, so our body tends to stay locked into a pattern that doesn’t make us happy… so this may be that you are upgrading in a way through acceptance and that THAT shift in perspective can start to change your body so that you aren’t so concerned with how it looks to others.  And the less you pick on yourself, the more you love yourself and the more things can snap into a refection that makes you happy. This may also be health related… so if you are facing something that is not in balance, look closely at your thoughts and try to realign them to LOVE and COMPASSION and WELLNESS.  Also there are wounds you need to face with not feeling safe in this world as you are being asked to TRUST your process and ALLOW things to unfold in your life, not through pressure or fear, but through the love of HONORING how wonderful you are and how WORTHY you are of good things to come.

Scorpio Horoscope Image

// scorpio //
This energy is really going to have you looking at your close relationships, and honestly, you will NOT want to be alone much of the time during this cycle!  This is where you are seeing how much value you feel with life when you spend time with people who you really love and who have grounded down a solid connection in your heart.  There is also energy being put into this arena and a transformation possibility, so there may be healing of burned bridges or at least the ability to say things in a powerful way so that others who are close to you REALLY feel like they add value and joy to your life.  This can be sort of sensitive waters as it can feel very intense and like too much to handle but you will be forced to deal with this and create peace or share what is really going on with your heart.  You also are being asked to see all sides and not just your own.  You may even be thinking about collaborating with others in a way that is career related and with something teaching or sharing information that helps others to achieve success or do better at life, or something like that.  It feels like something that is improving but also to do with career and rising up with what they are doing. Now there is more with joining with others and it may have something to do with creativity as you are waking to wounds that make you feel like you have to do it alone and that YOU have to be the top dog and feel important for what you are offering.  Collaborations are showing up where you will have more power when you join with others and use your energies together to create something that can really get out there big time. OR this also may be where you are waking to a wound of needing to be seen as important FIRST and FOREMOST and where you need to go through a shift and just LOVE what you are doing for the sake of doing it. So it can go to where you are sharing the stage with others as a way to not be the one and only, OR you will just have your own internal shift that has you not really caring if you are the top dog as just doing what you love to do is enough to make you feel valuable and that you are enjoying life. It is that JOY FOR LIFE that is on your mind and how to feel like this moment right here is what really matters and not something in the future that is always being chased.  Give a lot of thought to this because you CAN experience a total shift to your way of thinking that can create a much more relaxed and OKAY with THIS MOMENT RIGHT NOW sort of perspective. And I can also see that you are going to have many reasons to feel happiness and joy and giddy beyond belief energy in the near future!!  This may also be baby related…

Libra Horoscope Image

// libra //
You sweet love are facing some issues with partnership that may demand that you stand your ground in regards to what others want you to do but is not really sitting okay in your gut. There feels like some sort of obstacle that revolves around values where you are knocking heads and not seeing eye to eye on something.  You are being asked to hold steady with what you know is right IF you really are taking all sides in on this and are coming from your heart and not from just needing to be right. If you are just needing to be right, then you are being asked to compromise and find a middle ground so that all opinions are in some way being honored. Now this may also have something to do with a pattern that has shown up in your life before, so you do need to look closely at that because you are in a healing work space where the universe is bringing you opportunities to crack through density that was taken on from childhood and while it is natural to keep with it and continue what you have learned, there IS the need to look in an upgrading sort of way as to MAYBE you need to look at this differently and change something about what you have been doing.  This can be similar to how your mom always used this one particular laundry detergent so you have just accepted that it is the best and that is that.  You may be needing to open your mind to upgrading things in regards to deep and engrained patterns picked up from your upbringing that are being challenged by others who are close to you. Remember they had a mom TOO who made THEM feel that one way was the best way too! Maybe you both need to rediscover a brand new way to do something that involves BOTH of you coming out of your comfort zones.   Now you are also going to be focused on money at this time and with really wanting to separate things or somehow erase debts from your life. This can be people or this can be money but you are being asked to start from a foundation of LOVING YOURSELF and knowing that YOU DESERVE MORE.  This change needs to come from the core of you and from the vibration of feeling VERY VALUABLE.  When you have abundance mentality, money tends to come your way, but if you are still holding onto a scarcity mentality, than you will continue to manifest situations that always show you how little you do have.  This energy now is VERY MUCH related to you looking at the wounds you have with the way you use words in your mind and how you spiral through a loop of feeling great and on top of the world, and then doubting things and falling into fear over if you really CAN live these dreams and create a sustainable life.  This energy is asking you to jump onto a new track and LIKE FOR REAL THIS TIME. Ground it in. Make this permanent. And create a space in your heart where you KNOW you have something wonderful to share with the world and you KNOW you will be supported when you do what you love to do and where you KNOW you can create a life that looks different from what you have as patterns that keep happening in your life. This feels like you are turning your back on something that didn’t really make you happy and now focusing fully on a bright future, with smiles and joy radiating from the heart.

Virgo Horoscope Image

// virgo //
You, my love, are to really delve into KNOWING that you have something VERY special to share with the world that relates to a writing project or something teaching/creative based.  You are to VALUE yourself in KNOWING that your perspective and your take on things is something that others oh so need to hear about. This is stepping out of the energy of just thinking you are one in a million and instead owning that you are a top dog expert on SOMETHING. This may be that you are delving further into the study or teaching process, and you are encouraged to see this spreading out far and wide into the world.  You actually ARE to hold your head high, to put on the blinders, so as to not be distracted by others doubts and fears, and to move forward into the direction of your dreams.  This may also deal with wanting for so long to get a blog going but not feeling like you really had anything special to offer, and NOW you will feel the push of energy to start sharing.  This actually may feel like a shove!  GO!! DO THIS NOW!! A part of this too will relate to you feeling like something is missing from your life, and the daily grind will start to feel boring as you are wanting to crawl out of your skin and pursue things that maybe before you felt more shy about or at least uncertain.  This is like the fog is lifting and you are feeling plugged in and ready to get started on this path that you KNOW will lead to more happiness and feeling that you are doing something important.  Now another part of this relates to the letting go of wounds or issues that have been put onto you by others. This can be where you grew up feeling like what you are really good at is not something that is obtainable. Or maybe something that has to do with believing it is best to not strive for big dreams or big pursuits.  Or maybe even someone told you that you are not good at something, when in fact THEY were not a good judge of JUST how good you really are at this.  Whatever this is and however this is touching you to the core, you are to believe in yourself and to hold a positive perspective that even if you are still 10 years from seeing this blossom into what you dream, you ARE taking very important steps right now that are laying the foundation for success in your future. It is RIGHT NOW that is so important and these new decisions are very much destiny related.  Let go of how others have shaped you or held you into staying smaller than you are destined to go.  Breathe out into the expression that you know you are longing to embody.  Breathe this dream into reality, but be patient with how long this takes to grow.

Leo Horoscope Image

// leo //
Love, your are in a space that is asking you to let go of the value, that you feel is the truth of who you are, when you are getting praise or attention for what you are creating or putting out there. Understand that this is big in the peoples now a days where we can feel so amped up and on fire when others recognize our efforts, but then when we hear no words or attention in regards to what we are doing we can plunge down and feel worthless.  This aspect and the energy of the Full Moon are asking you to let go of that addiction to having your efforts affirmed and to instead just love what you are doing.  You will be able to feel SO MUCH MORE at home with your career and with what your true souls purpose gift is to give to the world IF you can just focus your mind on wanting to be of service and not have your ego fed. I know! It is not always easy, but you do need to make this shift in order to open smoothly to a creative space that opens for you in a few weeks. You are letting go NOW in order to make the space for a new and fertile creative energy that wants to infiltrate your mind very soon. This is like pulling out the weeds now so that you can plant some new vegetables in the future.  And seriously this DOES relate to weeds because you will be facing things now that relate to your childhood or with wounds that have grown like weeds out of control that relate to feeling competitive and like you need to go go go in order to keep up and to be the best.  Somewhere you picked up on this competitive vibe and if you look closely it may relate to competing with a parent or something to do with their success and wanting to match that.  There may also be a wound here with feeling like there is not enough, or scarcity, or you need to grab for it all so that you are filled and will not have to go without.  I see something here with over saturating your efforts and this actually has you dissipating your gifts.  You are being asked to narrow your efforts down and to focus more purely into an arena where you can lay down the foundation of your TRUE gifts and not just something that is trying to cover all the bases so as to catch all the flies.   There are a lot of people out there doing what you dream of doing, but if you can just find your strengths and really put all your effort THERE, then you will have a better chance of grounding in a reputation that is sustainable in your future.  Research work AND tucking yourself away at home are also coming up so this may be that you are being asked to pull back for a while and really delve fully into something that you can bring forward and share this next year.  Understand that you ARE moving into a new creative space but you also are not feeling focused on being OUT THERE … just yet. So this sounds like a perfect Northern Hemisphere winter retreat to really delve further into what you can do that can stand out as something that relates to your past and with your true gifts that you are here to provide for others.  And when you can move out of the space of needing attention or needing praise or needing THAT STUFF OUT THERE to validate who you are, then you can really open to your true gifts and will feel this natural blossoming that EVERYONE will feel and will want a piece of!

Cancer Horoscope Image

// cancer //
This is awakening time for you in regards to seeing who you have in your life and how valuable your life feels BECAUSE of that abundance.  Every Cancer is going to be very much tuned into their friendships right now and thinking about friends lost or with craving spending more time with the ones they haven’t connected with in a while.  There will be the inner need to spread ones wings, outside of the immediate home environment and BE with your peoples.  This feels like a craving in that OTHERS are how you are gauging your own happiness or contentedness with life.  You may even be feeling the need to join into groups or are thinking about creating a group as a way to come together and get outside of your own life in order to connect and keep it carefree and share in the lives and joys of what OTHERS are doing.  There is the need to live life in bigger ways and to feel more like you are making a difference or will really have stories to look back upon in the future.  Valuing friendships and feeling more abundant with who surrounds you is SO on your mind right now!  Now do understand that you may also be facing friendships that are no longer offering value or good vibes and this will be on your mind and will act as a catalyst to aspire to bring in MORE that do really feel like home and like people you can trust. Trust may be an issue and if anyone has let you down, know that it is more as a way for you to DEMAND MORE in the friendship arena.  This may be you needing to value more your part in friendships and that can act as an energetic force that DRIVES YOU to want to get together more with your peoples.  This will be coming together energy and also bridging any gaps where something has kept you from making time for your peoples. The likely reason you have kept to yourself has been something children related, or work related or with delving fully into creative projects.   And the thing is that all of those things can benefit FROM the joy in your heart that will come from connecting with your true trusted friends…so know it IS best to make the space now for the people who will bring more joy into your life. Now another part of this energy for you relates to your creativity and also with wanting to share things in a big way that deals with publishing or teaching or learning something new. So all of those are great avenues for you to move forward on, but there may be a wound there too that needs to be looked at.  There may be something linked to your creativity that has you gauging happiness THROUGH how you are received in the world or with how others think of you in a bigger perspective.  You may need to let that all go and come to the awareness that what is most important is JUST that you love creating what you LOVE to do.  The need for approval or recognition or praise needs to be transformed into an inside job where when you are happy with what you do, then it will feel like it is all good everywhere else in your life.  Trust me love, it will radiate outward in bigger and more grand ways when you only focus on your OWN approval…

Gemini Horoscope Image

// gemini //
This moment now is showing you many things that are operating as a catalyst to clear out wounds and shadow self behaviors that are having a direct correlation to your health and well being. This feels very much like you are feeling alone or like you do not fit in and there is something with awkward here, yet pushing through in regards to others aspects of your life as a way to not really deal with this and not make the changes that are calling out to your soul. This is soul speaking messages that will come to you in your alone times and they relate to feeling not good enough, or  not competent,  and also possibly with not trusting life or feeling like you can just let go and let things be, so this is moving  you to do too much and to be it all in other areas of your life.  There is much healing with this energy so you ARE waking up to what needs to change and what you need to make space for MORE of to come into your life.  You may want to take it easy this week to really tune into, tap into what life direction change needs to occur and with how that can happen. Things are in the dark and need for YOU to step out of the hustle and bustle in order to SEE what this is. It is sort of a crystal ball vision in that I am not able to give YOU the answer of what this change needs to be and instead I see YOU going quiet and peering inside of your wounded heart and looking closely into what your heart is telling YOU. This feels like a repeating pattern and something that already has spoken to you and is facing you as you read these words. It also feels like something or someone who has let you down, is partnership related and who still needs your forgiveness.  This is something from the past, but something that has still not cleared or cleansed out of your system. Compassion is the word for you.  This may also be where you feel like you have made a mistake and need to have more compassion for yourself, to forgive yourself for not being perfect.  Ponder deeply into this, love. There is healing that is FINALLY accessible with THIS FULL MOON. Do not run from this and do not escape. Bring in the love, and bring on the tears.  Now work is also highlighted but this is a source of a wound or something that MAY be the avenue you have been plunging yourself into as a way to avoid what you need to see that is affecting your health and how you feel about yourself.  Detective work is needed and this may mean you need to take a bit of a break to focus on YOU, YOU, and YOU.  Not that you have 3 personalities… ha!  BUT you need to slow down and focus on your own happiness and what it will take to feel good and like good to the core and like good for REAL.  Do look at the words you say inside… you may find a clue there in that you are saying words that are making you feel never good enough or like everyone else is better and comparing your path with others and THIS is going to hold you back and keep you from TRUSTING your path.  Bring more love into the words you use to describe yourself…

Taurus Horoscope Image

// taurus //
This is YOUR Full Moon, love! So this one is close to your heart and is asking you to be very true to your TRUE nature and NOT the one that has been operating out of habit in order to make others happy or even to be focusing more on what others expect of you. This is a sort of freedom energy where you are being asked to broaden your horizons and to look out at further far away places.  You may have to do this through pausing in order to see clearly where you are now and where you would like to grow, but when you do, your vision will hone in on new ways to live a life that can feel very much like coming out of a fog where there is AH-HA energy and seeing things in a new light.  There will also be the need to slow down and to do some more self care as you have been too focused on others or things outside of yourself and you may even feel a little run down as the universe will bring this in order to force you to just take it easy and give your body a little love lovin.  You do not need to fear ANY pauses or slow downs as EVERY ONE OF THEM will actually act as a catalyst to realign you to a more abundant and prosperous path that deals with things internet based, teaching based, publishing based or with creating something that will take some discipline but is a proper direction for you to take in the future. You just need to make a few tweaks and changes and the slow down will open those to your awareness. This actually feels like it has been in operation for a while now but this Full Moon really opens the need and will drag you down in order to force you to take the time to come up with this new way of seeing something.  So, expect to be tired for this Full Moon and expect to need to take a break. But remember it is for the good and at the end of the tunnel will be the answer to new directions and new and better ways to do your career. That career focus really kicks in for December and January!  You also are truly being asked to remember how valuable and loved by others you REALLY ARE.  You may have been forgetting who you are or feeling a little left out and like no one loves you, but TAURUS are THE MOST LOVED. Like for real.  Taurus IS LOVE. But you may just need to take a breather and create the space to remember that. Friends also are big time on your mind and this may be why you are feeling not so hot or content with life. You ARE being asked to remember to feed the friendships in your life through care and support. You are noticing how much your life feels more valuable when you have friends to connect with and hang out with and just chill with.  And if you do not have that, you need to intend that this is being rectified.  You need to see yourself coming together with others in a way that is just carefree and FUN.  I have a Taurus who I have fallen apart from and I think I will surprise her now with a love letter of appreciation especially after doing this reading and knowing how much you are feeling this need and wanting to connect more with others in a way that balances your life more.  There is also something with feeling out of place and uncomfortable around others and this may just be something you need to move through and not think too much about. You can change your life by changing your thoughts so you maybe should think about that.  Hold the vibration of confidence with self and that KNOWING that they see what you feel, so …. might as well remember how loved and adored you really are.

Aries Horoscope Image

// aries //
You may feel like you are sort of in the dark night of the soul as things are coming to your awareness that are coming from the competition vibe and relate to looking out at what others are doing through their careers and this can have you not really valuing who you are. The energies of this Full Moon are truly coursing through your life, more so than for others.  You are also feeling the push of feeling like you NEED to do something and you NEED to apply your creative gifts in some way.  Understand that this is like a spider web where one thing is affecting another, and one change can influence another aspect of your life, and also that you are being pushed THROUGH one thing, but that it actually may relate to another thing. And this one is REALLY trying to make you look at how much self love you have for yourself!  This is also saying that it you do not really love and value who you are, then NOTHING in your career arena will work out as you plan, which will then have you feeling self doubt and that THIS is causing you to look out and compare yourself with others and to feel jealous or envious of what they have manifested.  See. Its a spider web.  So the direction you are being forced into is seeing how much you really value who you are.  Do you feel self hatred but really try to act as an authority or guide for others?  Are you harboring secrets or being vengeful or discrediting others as a defense for wishing you had what they had?  Is there something underhanded going on where you are not really operating in a high vibrational and loving manner?  Look closely! This ALL relates to how you see yourself as a TRUTH and how you really feel about yourself when you are alone and out of the spotlight of how you WISH others to see and interpret who you are.  And if you are feeling self hatred then you are going to be doing other things that are not very honorable as a defense BUT they are linked to your career and to your success out in the world that relates to creative gifts. SPIDER WEB.  You are being called to VALUE the beauty and wonder that is YOU. You ARE perfect, you just may have forgotten a bit or have taken on the wounds of others, possibly a parent, or even both, and this needs to be addressed ASAP as this has created a disconnect with you loving and valuing who you really are.  But love, do realize. This may be murky and ugly and something you really don’t want to deal with, or want to put onto others as a way to hide from what is facing you now, but when you DO LOOK closely and DO see YOUR PART IN THIS you will open to a healing that can lighten your load in life! You are to put your heart forward with looking into all dark and uncomfortable places.  You are to be brave, humble, and honest as all get out.  This may feel like trial by fire…. but the reward that will come if you face this now will be an upgraded confidence with self, which will allow a NEW and abundant sort of creativity to come into your life …. and then changes galore within your career that will allow you to share those creations with the world.