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PISCES || You are in a huge growth spurt of moving through obstacles in order to rise as more powerful and distinguished in the world. There are going to be hurdles to jump over as this feels like something that has been long building and is now coming into some sort of final stretch. You will be getting some steam to push through to the end but at the same time you may not believe that! Much of your stress right now is coming from other people and it may be that you are feeling very judgmental with them. People are not living up to your expectations and this may be affecting your own fl0w. There also is something with going in circles and feeling like your head is cut off. So there is a scattered energy here and it can really have you feeling out of sorts. There is a lot of energy going on at home and it may be the source of the scattered feelings. There also is something creative that you are working on, or thinking about, and it is more hidden right now and in the works, but it does have power behind it! So keep pushing. Keep birthing. Keep moving in the direction of this dream. It is not always so and I encourage people to only follow what flows effortlessly, but right now there is gold hidden beneath the things that are most troublesome or challenging. You seem to be going through a test to see if you have what it takes. This almost feels like a sweat lodge where it can feel very overwhelming and you will want to escape the heat, but you are encouraged to just keep moving through this energy. The light will come very soon and in a way that will have you looking back and truly appreciating how far you have come. You have to keep going because I see you crossing this line where people are clapping wildly at what you have accomplished.

Aquarius Horoscope Image

AQUARIUS || This can feel like some heavy energy but it really is you attracting situations that are opening you to your worst behaviors or shadow behaviors. This means provocation may come to push you to the max, but only so that you can change this pattern and learn a new way to deal with anger or frustration or whatever is coming out of you. It for sure feels like you being exposed and outside of your comfort zone, but also that it won’t last long and when you move through it you will be moving into a very sweet and satisfied sort of space. So it may feel like a birth canal when it is TIGHT and TOO MUCH to handle, but when you get to the other side you will be joyful and giddy and all is good. So if you are in the birth canal or close to moving through it, take this as advice to keep your eyes on the horizon! It is not always going to feel like this and you CAN move through this in an upstanding and honoring way. If you happen to falter and fall back into old patterns, don’t beat yourself up. There is a chance you will get overly judgmental on yourself and if that is the case just move to correct this. Apologizing is your way out. You also are someone who is being asked to hold some visions for your future that deal with you asking for the BEST. This can be job related or something where you need to hold the vision of what it would look like if you were really living the life of your DREAMS. There is a delay here and something where you aren’t really seeing the evidence of this being possible but you are to instead KNOW it is possible because it is closer than you think. Don’t worry. Think of this as like waiting for the bus and it is not around the corner and coming your way yet, but you KNOW it will be there. So just because your sight is not on your dreams doesn’t mean its not just around the way and about to show itself. Remain in the knowing and hopeful states.

Capricorn Horoscope Image

CAPRICORN || This is SUCH an important time for you, my love! So listen to this. You are basically behind a gate right now and things are being slowed down, by possibly even tripping you up or causing anxiety, BUT every aspect of this is also coming as Karma. So your life right now is very much based on what you have put out there in your past and you are being invited to allow this slate to be wiped clean so that you can then create a whole new vision for what you would like your dream life to feel like. So on one hand, it may feel frustrating and confusing as if you are being stopped and held down from forward movement, but on the other side of this it really is just for the process to speed up the Karma payback way and get you nice and clean and purified so that you can create a new base to manifest your life from. I see you in this gray situation but just beyond this gate is rainbow bright! I also see that you cannot see through the gray because it is thick like fog, but you can trust me. I see what is beyond this and I see you soon to be having this horsey grin of ecstatic thrilledness. Something is also creating the space for this new way to plant roots. So whatever is falling away or not fitting like a perfect puzzle piece is supposed to! Things will be very clear as to a YES or a NO and you just need to honor those feelings and follow the way that they are guiding you towards. There is a lot of trust being demanded from you right now, where you just have to blindly believe that things will work out. Your mind is also challenged and you are to use words that sing of what you want to happen, because you very well may be focused on what is not moving or not working out. You are to encourage things to come together through your choice of words. “I do have enough time to do this.” “I am going to figure out the best way to move forward.” “This is all happening right on schedule and I welcome what is going to present itself when all is said and done.” “I trust this process and I know there is a reason for it all.”

Sagittarius Horoscope Image

SAGITTARIUS || So this feels like there is something with you needing to believe in yourself. You may be thinking about or working on something behind the scenes that will eventually, or just has launched through your career. But there are moments you are judging yourself and wondering if you can really make this something special. It feels like you are going back and forth with feeling very excited and good to go and then thinking maybe you were wrong about this and doubting your gifts. Now there is also something here with money showing up and you ARE to create a new vision with money right now. I actually came from super scarcity of being raised by a teenage single Mom and grew up with major fear around never having money for food or to pay the bills. There was never abundance of cash flow in my upbringing so it taught me to hold tightly to all that I had. and something shifted in me a few years ago and now I waste so much money! I don’t even think about it as something that runs out and I just spend and buy whatever I want! I can totally spend hundreds at the grocery store buying the very best quality they have! And I don’t give one single thought to that not being okay. I also have noticed that the more casually I spend my money, the more it seems to flood my way. So there is something for you to gain from my new money ways. You are to not think of your creations in terms of money but instead to just focus on doing what you love to do. There is a link here where you will go to heights that others cannot BY only focusing on doing what you love and knowing it will support you in whatever ways you need. You also are to focus on knowing in your heart that if you align to work that fills your soul with joy that it WILL support you in all ways you need. This kind of feels like that artist vibe in the studio where you create things but NOT with the thoughts of a price tag or how many you will need to complete to pay the bills. Any detail thought like that is somehow pushing away your bounty. You are only to tap into the flow of a true artist and create with that sort of carefree love in your heart. The rest will follow and it WILL work out wonderfully if you do.

Scorpio Horoscope Image

SCORPIO || So this is saying you are in a time of releasing some deep energy that is actually keeping you from manifesting the life of your dreams. There is something in the way that is blocking things and actually it relates to money or debts or the control those things have on you. This may mean you are watching all the numbers and gauging where you want to be on how things look now and are giving it a label of good or bad. And what is missing is this natural and easygoing trust that knows that even though it may not have rained in a while, this doesn’t mean that rain is not coming in a few days down the road. This makes me think of a friend who lived on the street next to me, and how the river dried up so our wells ran dry. And her landlord had not been through this before and didn’t know that you could just get water brought by truck to your house when this happens every 11 years or so, and instead asked that they move out. So they scrambled to quickly vacate and find a new place, and the very day they were moving out a huge storm came through, got the river flowing again and filled the wells back up. So it feels like you are in a situation like that landlord and are thinking that you need to do something drastic, when in fact you are just being asked to trust this process. There is a process to this and it is a step by step growing and waiting sort of dealio. TRUST THIS is actually coming through loud and clear and also something with changing your thoughts so they are not in scarcity mode and instead are in this gratitude space for what you do already have going on. Being thankful is important with this reading and not allowing the fear to saturate your mind space so that all those things start to manifest. You also are being asked to look at your situations in a way that is like visualizing what you want to see happen. Use the power of your mind and thoughts to create the outcome that really will make you feel satisfied and content. Don’t spend any time focusing on or talking about what is not going as planned. That is only bringing more of that energy into your life.

Libra Horoscope Image

LIBRA || Your thoughts are SO important right now! You are actually in this gateway sort of access where you are going to be able to shift things in all areas of your life! This means you can change your health situation, your relationship situation, your work situation, your home situation, all of them. This is sort of a magical feeling energy right now I feel for you and it looks like I am being shown that you have this angel on your shoulder who is going straight towards whatever you are thinking about. This means there is not any room to be critical or to focus too much on what is not working out in your life. This means you are to hold the visions of you being WELL and LOVED and SUCCESSFUL and HAPPY. This means you are to change gears and do whatever you can to at least trust that all of this will work out and make so much more sense in the near future. Do not limit what these angelic forces are wanting to do in your life but holding on to outdated thoughts that hold you back and keep you feeling dissatisfied with life. Making yourself smaller due to what others have said to you or done to you is not allowed at this time. For some reason this special cosmic healing is being granted to you because of something we need you to make space for in the future. This means there will be surprises and synchronicities and alignments that are to come together BECAUSE of the shift in your thinking right now. Do not limit your life by what others tell you cannot be done. You are to expand in the most far out ways so that you remember that you can be and do anything. Let go of those fears from your past and from your upbringing. Let go of creating a future on what you have already walked in your past. MOVE to a new space. Open your mind to the dream that you can take a risk and see it pay off. If there is a cliff before you that you need to leap off of, KNOW that the most amazing cushiony loving situation is going to embrace your fall.

Virgo Horoscope Image

VIRGO || This feels like a very busy time where there is much to do with work demands and also with home demands. It feels like you are a bit stretched and on the go with very little down time right now. There also are some details with your closest relationships that are still in the dark and not really revealing any answers to you. It is on your mind and you wish there was a solution or answer or clarity around this but, not yet. It is still an area where you are not going to have clarity. So you are advised to just hope for the best and not give it too much thought at this time. You can’t will an answer or solution into play until the time is right. This also feels like there is some sort of limitation or coldness or separation occurring where you may not really feel safe or loved or something like that. There is not the stability you would like with your foundation and it has you a bit on edge. This also is something that is making you stronger and I also heard that you are not getting anything more than what you can handle. I always laugh with that one. But this is building up your voice and strengthening your ability to handle whatever storm may show up in your future. So it doesn’t really feel like you are loving every minute of this but it is maturing you to the ways of the world. It is toughing you up, or something, and for a good reason. What is best at this time is for you focus on your career and to take care of the things that you can control. The rest is just blowing in the wind and you have to wait and see which way it chooses to go. But you are seeing things on your immediate path that are flowing smoothly and that is where you need to put your attention. The things that are out of order may also have you judging yourself and this can have you feeling scattered and not so great. So again, let that all go and just focus on what is coming together naturally. It really feels like you also need to put up blinders and step away from the discordant energies because they just are not making sense to you or to me. They are not coming into form yet. And you are to only go towards what is easy and solvable and flowing in a forward motion. A lot of pieces are not in place yet and all you can really do is hope for the best.

Leo Horoscope Image

LEO || You are so in your own little bubble right now! There is a swooping in energy feel I got with you where there is something consuming and also having you feel a bit out of place in the world. It may mean you just want to stay in bed or in the studio and just kind of forget about obligations and all the other grown up things about living life. You actually need to be in this dreamy land right now because what is really important is that you take care of you. You may even be feeling sick or even allergic to work or people. This is a strange reading but for some reason you are very sensitive to all these things outside of you and it is pulling you further into the retreat and into the bubble space. There also seems to be a healing process occurring where you may feel queasy and off balance. Things just feel odd right now and all I can grasp from this is that there is something for you to see when you fall into this retreat cave and it deals with death or abandonment or some long lost sort of person. There is still pain in your heart, even though you try to shine that you are all good and over this and it may even be bringing you to tears now because something with your future is something you wish could have gone another way. This may also be about losing someone and there are sentimental feelings of wishing they could be here now. Your heart is wide open and vulnerable and that may be why you just want to hide away and be in your own little safe world where others cannot affect you further. Do take some time to just nurture and self care yourself. You don’t want to get sick because you are so on this sensitive vibe that you could accidentally magnetize something that gives you a reason to be in bed for months. But you don’t what that. You actually can really tap into a DEEP creative space that will involve birthing something or bringing some new creation from your womb. There is life here that is coming from something that feels like death or transformation or pain.  You may even be going through something where you don’t even recognize yourself. Just allow this passage. You are moving into something new and it will somehow fill you up with a new sense of joy for life.

Cancer Horoscope Image

CANCER || This feels like a time that is heavy in your head and where you may be feeling ultra judgmental with yourself or not really letting yourself off the hook for something. You are thinking you are not good enough and are really coming to this perspective from the actions or messages of others, possibly also through things online. . There seems to be an extreme sensitivity and awareness to undercover currents of energy and it may have you feeling vulnerable and not so safe in this world. This also may be that you are really sensitive to world events or things you read online and it has you wanting to curl up in a ball and leave this place. There feels like a disorienting energy and not really sure what you are seeing. There is also something with the people around you that is bringing something up in you and possibly this is old childhood wounds or something to do with the parents. There are memories coming back and it is moving you to actually make changes in your life that may feel very out of the blue and abrupt. This can be that you thought you were on some path and then a lightning bolt hits and suddenly that path is gone. So you are having to make new decisions and choices and really may feel uncertain as to what is YOUR THING or YOUR PATH. This is also adding to the heavy mind space I feel where you are wondering about A, B, C or D. None of the paths are abundantly clear so this has you just wanting to check out and go back in time to childhood when others made all the decisions! Do know that something is to present itself with your career, souls purpose and something that gets your creations out there but it comes when you just calm your mind and trust in the process to bring you what you need when the time is right. If you try to figure this out you will just be going in circles, but if you stop and go still the steps will present themselves. Just keep your mind knowing that it is still 4am and the light is just not here yet. It is not the reason to freak out or worry so much. Worrying will do nothing but make you feel even more disoriented. Just go still, go quiet and allow the pieces to present themselves to you when THEY are ready to do so. Allow yourself to be found.

Gemini Horoscope Image

GEMINI || This feels like a big crossroads time. There is something that is heavy and full of responsibility and it has you sort of scared and maybe not feeling so safe and secure. There may even be something with your partner or someone you work with closely where they are going through something and it’s creating this provoking situation. So it keeps getting deeper and more complex. The future feels very mysterious and you are feeling like you need to create these changes so as you have a better foundation or something like a backup plan or something in the reserves. Your career is also confusing you as you don’t know if this is something that fits anymore. Something about you is changing and this has you wanting to change all aspects of your life. Others are playing key roles in showing this to you, and not necessarily in easy or fun ways! But do know you are being led into this new atmosphere. And it will begin when you look deeply into your heart and ask, “What do you REALLY want to do?” Let go of only looking at your past for an answer and let go of thinking of the monetary considerations. Instead just go deeply inside and find an answer that sings of what would really make you happy. There are burdens from your past that need to be let go of and this will help you see more clearly into what it will take to really be living a life that feels joyful and on purpose. Watch your energy levels. They are also guiding you into what is your thing and what is not. Don’t judge this, though. There is not the need to play right or wrong, there is just the message to follow what fills you up and feels at home, and to let go of what feels like a burden. There also is something with you looking into childhood times and remembering what you naturally loved to do. There is some new avenue that wants to open up to you and it relates to a creative gift that you have always had, but never thought you could make a living doing it. Just let go of worrying how to make a living doing it and allow the Universe to figure that out. You just do it with joy in your heart.

Taurus Horoscope Image

TAURUS || Okay these are some heavy times for you and it deals with committed relationships or things that are investment related. It is those things that you have put time, heart and soul into and there is something changing the tapestry of them. This almost feels like a woven hat that had one thread snipped and now things are unraveling and sort of falling apart. It can also have you looking into your past and wishing you had that whole hat again! Remember too that you can try to tie the loose stings in a knot, but it then will make them unstable and will possibly fall apart at a future date. So your thoughts will be on correction but it almost feels like you just need to be the observer and see where things will go and then rebuild when the time is right. There is the strong energy here of rebuilding and starting from scratch, but it also is indicating many tests and things that may have you wanting to scream. It feels like it is so out of your control and this is not how you like to have things! This SO makes me think of my website rebuild and I am a Progressed Taurus now, so I feel ya! With my situation every single thing went wrong and haywire and it pushed me to the limits of frustration and anger. WTF was a thought every few minutes. I thought I was going to lose my mind at what a pain in the ass all of this had become. And it was all because of the person doing the designing. So you too may feel like this was all brought on by another and now you have to deal with a huge load of stress that would not have come about if not for their choices. Now be careful because you can make yourself sick with this one if you get too worked up, so you do need to protect your health. Bottom line, you are being asked to trust this process, surrender to its message and also to hold the thoughts that it will be solved quickly and to your advantage. You may get very judgmental and critical and super consumed in a negative way, so you need to use the power of your thoughts to steer this ship. If there is fighting, you may say and do things you will regret, so consider this a test to remain a noble and honorable human being. You may not be able to see through this foggy situation, but it will pass and it will make the space for something better in your future.

Aries Horoscope Image

ARIES || This seems like you are being led down a new path that feels like it is moving you upward in life, but you are in a fog and not so sure of if this is okay. You are being encouraged to keep moving toward with this new vision because it is something that is a risk but it also is something where you are having to learn to show the Universe that SHE is in control and not you. You want to always be in control but right now you are having to walk blindly forward without knowing if this will work or not, and honestly it feels like the only thing you have is your gut and intuition. So this is a new navigation system but, boy oh boy does it look like amazing things are up at the summit! There are still going to be some surprising turns as you are still in these testing times or showing that you can trust what your body tells you to do. This may also be that you are taken down a path for a bit of the way and then suddenly it will feel so off and like something you just can’t commit to any longer. Expect this. This is a part of the testing! This also makes me think of you now being in an all wheel drive vehicle and how they CAN get through almost anything, so you are learning to let it do the work and take you further than you could in your rear wheel drive car. You are to hold the visions of going beyond all limits of what you have accomplished in your past. You are doing more than you ever could before and it really all is because your operating system is new and upgraded and ready to do more. MORE, keeps coming up in this reading. Your thoughts also are coming into play and you are encouraged to not hold onto fears of your past as they will cut off the bounty that is your destiny. You are to let go of any negative self-talk or critical way of thinking. Other people are going to be huge catalysts in your life at this time and this is where your intuition may be speaking to you that they just are not good for you anymore. Do not be afraid of change if something needs to fall away. And space being made is just going to allow you to be a more powerful force in the world and in the lives of others.

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