Dream all the layers from bottom up.
Envision your dream life and dream it up right now.

Pisces Horoscope Image

You are in some busy fun times with ideas galore!  Its seems that if you are hooked up to doing something you love to do that it is just on fire with new possibilities at this time. This is that jazzed up energy of, gonna change this and gonna change that. NEW SLATE time. And you will be in the fine details of what you would like to offer the peoples as your service to give.  You are focused on the biggest expression of your gifts!  You want to LOVE your life, due to LOVING how you are living it in the day-to-day way. So you are focused on the daily aspects of life and with getting all things nice and healthy, balanced and in order. This is director energy too because you are putting it out there and making the lists. FORTUNately this energy is FULL of forward speed accelerations into all that you are playing around with right now. You are sitting on a vortex. So DREAM this miracle into reality. Let go of all thought processes that diminish your value or having you questioning your brilliance. Your brilliance is to be respected. Cocoon yourself with those who see you and sing your praises. You will grow at the speed of light with who you are surrounding yourself with.  That means surround yourself with people who feel light and then you will feel light and your life will grow into the twinkly dream.  Dark diminishes you. Don’t let that happen. You have permission to step away from all energies that bring you down.  Go fully towards what causes you to giggle and to see life in bigger and more positive ways.

Aquarius Horoscope Image

This is your restructuring boot camp time! Expect to get a WAVE of energy under your behind moving you to get all things into order as you uncover ways to make improvements and to upgrade the situations. You are in level headed thinking land where suddenly it ALL makes sense. Solutions out of the blue will come.  Pieces long held together by string will now feel solidified with gold. There is something fitting and finally coming together. It feels humorous because how did you miss this before? Something about this connection is causing you to surrender into a sweet space of trusting life. Notice that you do not have as many roadblocks since you are surrendering to READING the signs instead of trying to judge them.  When you hook up to knowing that it is all for the good, it all becomes GOOD!!  When you judge it as right or wrong, it just becomes more of that too. Right now you will know it is all good and no matter what it looks outside of that, you holding THAT knowing is what is going to bring the very thing to your doorstep. So what again? It’s all goooooooood!

Capricorn Horoscope Image

You are probably crawling out of your skin and ready for something NEW and FRESH and ALIVE to come your way.  This feels very much like DO OVER time where you are fully analyzing your life and thinking about the changes that you just must make in order to feel like you are living life to the max. Its one of those special moments we get occasionally where we are amplified with alignments that bring us to that point of on the cliff as we know that we have no idea what will come from this leap but we also know that our gut says YES YES YES all the way.  So we may be afraid of change (the leap/the risk) but we know that magical and wonderful surprises will ensue when we do (the reward for the risk).  Your ideas are coming from Spirit and it can feel very magical in your mind right now! This is a perfect time to put the creativity into some ideas and get the vision down to the paper.  You may only want to be daydreaming about what you would like to create next and manifest in your life.  This is fertile time!  And that can mean many things, so be warned, but seeds they are a planting!  Keep your focus on the future and how you would like things to look.  This may feel like 10 year planning where you are not in the scarcity of worrying how to make things work, but instead dreaming like a child that of COURSE they will work, so lets dream big! It’s a new way you are thinking! Have fun with this! And then just one foot in front of the other. Take it one step at a time.

Sagittarius Horoscope Image

This carries a strong flavor of telling the story of a path lived. This may be that you are thinking of sharing your journey or offering more with what you are really good at, even if you never really thought of ideas to make it your thing. Opportunities may greet you as signposts to say YES…. THIS… this thing. Something is being called out of you and it will feel like it is highlighted and actually something that you are confident doing. It fits, and you are being guided into moving more into this area that is feeling like home. Changes are around you and something having you focused on home concerns may be coming up with full speed and bravado.  Watch your thoughts surrounding this. Things are shifting quickly and you are to focus on handling the details of them, one at a time, and with as much positivity as you can muster!  Things need to be restructured and put into order and its important that you take the time with this and feel through each piece of paper.  This feels to me like a big task that requires patient and thorough attention but there is no resistance or desire to move things quicker. It is accepting and strong as in; lets just get on with this.
Do be aware that you may need to move out of a stuck position.  You may even be called to back down and offer an apology or revision.  Something needs to be jarred free from a stance that has outlived its purpose. See with new eyes!  There is another way!

Scorpio Horoscope Image

Okay here we go. You will feel some binds releasing and some confusion dissipating.  There is the element of still feeling a bit sensitive, or humble and you will see that this is actually playing out to your benefit. Something from the humble is softening your outlook on life. You may just notice that you are staring off into space and assimilating so much, but still not reacting and only in this state of pause. You do have much on your mind, though, that is still in non-recognizable patterns.  You have not gotten to the bottom of this but you are on hyper alert that something is going on beneath the surface. Again, trust the flow of when this puzzle is to come forward in completed state and bring you an image of what this all really means. Until then you are still being asked to surrender. And you also are being asked to connect more with Spirit in understanding the flows you sometimes pick up on. Now there also is much activity going on with people around you and you may be going through some sort of healing event where you are realizing you are more like someone else than you want to be. There is learning within the group perspective. I see you being one of many in a group but you are learning more about yourself from playing the equal and not having the spotlight only on you.  There also is a great appreciation for the love that does surround you and a new perspective of what you can offer in partnership THROUGH blending more or even being a better listener. It feels like you are tuned to vibrations in a new way and you are hearing what people are really saying instead of getting defensive and wanting to apply control.  This feels like major growth!  So watch the signs of those around you!  There will be subtle flows where they want to push you away or resist you, and THAT is your sign to look at your approach from an outside perspective.  And little changes on your part can reverse that and have people running towards you wanting everything you got!  Soften the approach and you win the day.

Libra Horoscope Image

Recently when I tune into Libra I can feel that you are on a journey where you are transforming in ways that can have you feeling like you don’t even know who you are anymore. There is the sense of unwinding yourself from pains and insecurities of your past. You are holding onto a lot!  And MOST of it is others related! They rejected you, so you think you are….  They treated you this way, so YOU think you ARE….. They violated you so you think you are…. There is a strong energy of others influences, and all done in lower consciousness states but that YOU have taken on as the truth of who you are.  This makes me think of how my first college professor told me I was not a good writer and I should find another area to major in. And how for 20 years I kept all my writings to myself and wouldn’t even share them with partners, because I WAS A BAD WRITER, right? That one human told me so and because this was a person of authority I took that wrong belief and ran with it. Until I just decided to share my writing with the world and see what THEY thought!  So this sort of thing is on your mind. As you uncurl from these lies, the memories will come up and they may cause some pain as they release, but when you finally allow them to release, they will be gone!  All the dysfunction of others is falsely warping your own sense of value.  And what you need now is to remember how pure and beautiful and kind hearted you really are!  How is it helping you to hold onto things that made you feel smaller and never good enough?  What has that gotten you in life?  Look closely there!  There is power in you facing these wounds and imagining in your mind the people who have hurt you and caused you to lesson your light and to see them through their own wounds. So they told you that you are something.  Now, see that someone else told them that they are the same thing. Now, see how someone else told that person the same lie. From that, decide to not continue this pattern or this virus. Don’t take on others darkness as your own!  Lighten up!  Be the light and the hope that you were destined to be.

Virgo Horoscope Image

Everything feels so big right now, huh?  For some of you the world has never felt more wonderful and full of opportunities to thrive. But for others, things feel like you are beating against one brick wall after the other.  I see this as an equal split, so it is one or the other for the Virgos. Now do understand that the passageway from one side to the other is through healing of the wounds.  If you do not step back and see what sort of energy you are putting out into the world, you will not be able to gauge in what areas you need to apply improvements and upgrades.  The signs are speaking to you!  You DO know what you need to do. And if you stand in a stubborn stance and refuse to budge or see another perspective then you will continue to bump into the brick walls. Now for the Virgos who are softening up and being more humble in how they approach life, KNOWING that all messages mean something, there is a sort of magic carpet that can sail them to heights that intertwine with dreams of decades ago. You will be able to pick and choose which dreams you would like to live out!  This feels like getting to a new vista in life where suddenly things flow and come together and blend into the ultimate dream.  When you are brought to this place… after passing tests that will gauge your level of judgmental ways releasing out of you, it will feel like Divine Inspiration and a flow that is as sweet as backyard honey. So to get here, just know… stop putting people and yourself down; stop seeing through the eyes of the critic or with always seeing what is WRONG; stop breaking things down; stop fighting; stop feeding the NEGATIVE!   You DON’T have to spend your whole life there where then people want to push you away. Lift your perspective! Pretend that ALL is right on plan and things that do not make you happy are just teasers wanting to move you further down the line where you will be able to take on something that does VALUE YOU.   Train your brain to know that closed doors are always blessings in the long run. After a few of those closed doors, and you not having a hissy fit because they ARE closed (YOUR TEST!!), will bring you to an open one that has you giddy and doing cartwheels in the grass! Don’t give up!  You WILL learn to surrender this next year through force if you do not lighten up now… YOUR CHOICE. See things as good or see things as bad, but what you SEE is what will magnify!

Leo Horoscope Image

This is going to be a stepping down energy where you reprioritize your life in order to make more space for nurturing and your own self-care. This feels like those needed vacations when you have been going like crazy for too long and now you will pull away to gain a new perspective on how to move forward in the best possible ways. What is really beautiful is that this new direction is really coming from your own feelings of SELF WORTH. This can be that you realize you do not need to chase after 10 things but instead can focus on the one that fits RIGHT NOW.  Notice the signs! There will be a new flow and right away you will know what you need to change. There is confidence here in knowing what you need to do and with just doing it, no apologies needed.  You can also feel that you are on a new path that is taking you to a place of a long held dream or something that has not revealed itself yet, but it IS a part of a new path that was BUILT for your gifts.  This almost feels like auto pilot where when your heart is open and ready to change on a dime that you will feel guided into this new expression of life.  Your home is needing some attention and you will be getting things in order and also possibly thinking about changes of location, or buying land. Again, you will be guided if this is your path. You may also notice animals showing up more to give you signs, so if you are house shopping, THEY will show up when you have found the perfect one for you!  This also feels like defragmenting a computer where open spaces, or where your energy is being leaked, are being compressed and released in order to keep your flow only moving towards things that FEED your soul. So know, let it go now if it brings your energy down even in the slightest. If you feel insecure over ANYTHING, let it go for now. It very well may come back into your life later down the road, but for now, YOUR GUT is leading the way.

Cancer Horoscope Image

What is on your mind at this time is ALL about manifesting the dreams of your heart. You know, like those ones from long time ago that just weren’t manifesting. But now something is shifting. You will either go into a creative project, a new life with baby, a new love, or a NEW way of living life. So that’s awesome, right? You are TURNED ON and hooked up to bringing in whatever you need or desire. It just will show up right after you name it!  I see you in this state of awe and surrender. So things are coming out of the blue and not what you would expect AND you are riding them with grace, following each lead knowing it MEANS SOMETHING right now. And you are right! You are being granted a magic carpet ride to your dreams!  And ALL you have to do… ALL you have to do is stay positive, balanced, hopeful and READY. You are riding this energy right now and you can teeter off and lose this flow if you don’t apply each one of those expressions. You must stay positive about ANYTHING that happens to show up. You must stay balanced and healthy and doing what feeds your soul. You must have HOPE and faith that you are safe and the life of your dreams really is about to manifest. SOON.  This all feels like over night sort of changes that suddenly have you dreaming for even more!  And I know you are ready. So ride it. You are on the ocean riding a wave right now and your attitude keeps this flow alive.  Aren’t you glad you have me to say YES, DREAM IT!!!! Believe in it. Go forward with full heart focus. What do you WANT??  Like really want with zero restrictions or limitations. All goes. What do you want?

Gemini Horoscope Image

You have got this crystal clear vision, love!  BOOM. BOOM. What is it? What do you need to see? What will it take to create a life of perfect balance and healthy flow?  What adjustment with your own thoughts are you waking to? Things are going to FEEL very strong right now where you just all of a sudden KNOW. Things will connect. A new foundation will lay root. A new beginning is on the way!  You are getting this sort of oil change to your whole system and it will feel like a fresh slate where you are not bound by your past or your wounds in determining your life manifestations.  This feels like freedom and awakening.  When you discover this way of dealing with life through your feelings, you discover a new path that gives you so much more freedom to just be. You don’t have to think them through anymore, you just have to say, oh, that felt icky, I am not going towards that. And, oh that felt so energizing and exciting, I AM going towards more of that. And without question! This means decisions are to be made where you are ONLY going on your gut and not putting any thinking processes on it.  It SHOULD NOT make sense!  Your decisions will probably be where you are going against something that SEEMS like what you should do. But your body speaks something differently. And your body is to be the one that is followed. YOUR  body is smarter than you right now. Just play with that sort of trust. Just KNOW there IS something to this!!!  The feelings are guiding you to something MAGICAL!!

Taurus Horoscope Image

You are all about polishing your image and getting ready for something that feels like a seasonal change.  So there is movement with your consciousness of what you are putting out there for benefit of the world, or with doing your part, or living your souls purpose.  So you are AWARE in your mind of patience, growth, dedication, but at the same time you can feel that something is switching gears into this other area for a bit. Honestly I feel in two separate ways for the Taurus. And for some it speeds up hardcore into something that feels SO RIGHT and right on schedule, and for others, just as many, it feels like it is slowing down to process things and to go into a remapping space. There feels to be many details and so much going on and it either brings rapid excitement peaks (the speed up hardcore), or it feels like too much and heavy and needs to be let go of (the slow down remapping). So honor whichever way you flow. It is perfectly timed. You will be standing up for yourself during this time, where you change your mind or you say NO, or you just state your opinion. There is a going back sort of energy where you are looping back to another place or time or dream. And back there you find some clues as to where you are wanting to be going next. It is that thing where you don’t know what you want until you know what you don’t want.  Through those discomforts, we find voice. And you are finding yours now. But expect the unexpected!  Our voices are changing in relation to where we are on our healing journeys and we are always to trust whatever path seems to close off on us and become difficult and which path sucks us in and lights our heart up hardcore.

Aries Horoscope Image

This feels like the energy of feeling reborn and with a whole new operating system! This feels like getting a new transmission in your car. There are components of how you operate which are totally changed. You may not even remember when the shift took place, but there is a new boss in town with how your words flow in your mind. Something is different and it is aligning you with the trust of life, or the natural flows of how things need to grow.  Your mind is also very good at narrowing things down and making sense out of the confusion.  So do allow alone times to just tap into that flow that wants to bring you the answers. There will be something that feels like a stop, but then it moves along quickly. This is like when you come upon a traffic jam, but shortly into sitting there and doing nothing it moves along again and flows back to normal. So don’t put heavy weight into whatever stop this is going to create for you. It will move out quickly. Now one other thing about this STOP SIGN is that during the pause you will start to think about your value or self worth. Suddenly you are going to see how you need to raise prices, or draw the line, or state what your boundaries are.  You may have to speak up to someone, or just get something off your shoulders. But it floats on the tails of you KNOWING you deserve MORE, so it is effortless to express when the time is right.  You are “moving on up” and need to get things in order and set them straight with their NEW foundation.  This is a rebuild. You are to plant things that are aligned to the best version of you and that sing of the life that is the ultimate dream.  Do not worry about money, scarcity or anything that brings in the fear. Buy the best in order to manifest more things that are the best.