This will be a whole new epic story to your life based on you really going back into yourself, into your undoing, into the things that you think of as mistakes and into this sort of cave space where you end up discovering that you are actually valuable beyond belief. But this great awareness that connects you on a soul level to you HAVING a purpose comes after you
feel like you are losing your mind or don’t have a place or that you are secretly cursed and will NEVER get the life you dream for. It seems that before you knock your head on the gold nugget you first overthink in the most extreme ways and come to conclusions that you are faulty and that there is not a way out of this. So if things feel super dark, heavy, and where
you have no clue what is going on, that is a sign that you are close to discovering something that will trampoline you upwards in a way that is 10 times better than the way you THOUGHT and how you THOUGHT it should go down. So expect the unexpected and know that things ARE going to shift for you and they will be much different than they are in this moment now. This is just a becoming space and it’s really about setting the record straight so that what you are putting out there is truly the exalted expression that you CAN live up to – if you don’t hold onto the mental victim spaces where you have heap loads of fears and triggers that set your value into question within your own mind. This is saying that others are seeing what YOU see about yourself. And if you don’t hold value for yourself or think conditions must be met before value had — then what are OTHERS seeing about you? Just know that they see what you see – so try to reboot and see something better about yourself. When you operate on this RACE TO THE TOP or race to be seen or race to figure out the code to success then you are always in the future and never here, right now, where the learning really takes place. So you need to learn a new flow and a new way to step out into the world. This time now is when you begin a process of revealing that which gets in the way in regards to your OWN ways of seeing how you fit into the world.


The programming that led to this faulty way of exerting yourself is coming from an area where you are always sort of looking at things half glass empty or not good enough, and it’s in regards to your creative gifts and your soul’s purpose. So consider this a blessing of the highest magnitude because these faulty system wiring things that are SO built into Gemini
are getting some reworking so that things are not crossed, misfiring, or causing other things to malfunction and delay the process. This is like putting yourself out there too soon and then feeling rejected and having to THEN overcome THAT wound on the pursuit of success. Or kind of like feeling all confident and asking someone out and then they say no and you feel rejected and then cautious in asking the next person out. This really deals with a story from your past and how you have a bit of apprehension and fear around it happening again. So there is focus there and it’s keeping you from really flowing and falling into the vibration of your creative and expressive ways so that what you produce comes from your soul and no
matter what you KNOW, it’s valuable and it will serve a purpose in others’ lives. So this is really about finding your place and allowing it to come to you instead of feeling you must discover it or investigate to get to some next level. This also deals with others fears – so it may even be that others around you are dampening your bigger visions or having you doubt
what you do or what you want to do, therefore you make it smaller – or find flaws with the steps of the process. You may even feel judgmental with yourself and how far you have gotten if it is others who are shining their visions on your path.


For you to shift out of this space where others are affecting the tone of what WE see you as and to bring a clearer vision to your truth shining to the surface you MUST go back to zero and to some area or situation within the home or within the childhood upbringing that is now repeating a path of life that unfolds for you. This can be like marrying your mother or father
or even holding back where they could not go themselves. So you stay in something that you actually long to be free from. And at this time you just need to see this. You just need to see how you have these needs or conditions that must be met but they maybe aren’t so then you
feel unsafe or in scarcity or that you have to hold on for dear life and be clingy. This is where the balance is off and something that deals with forgiveness, compassion, or letting something go and deciding to begin again and START OVER is what YOU must do to compromise and bring a new day to how things unfold in your life. What you change, changes
your whole world.

You will NOT resemble the same person you are right now in regards to where you will be one year from now. All this deep-seated inner work is bringing you to a new light in regards To what you show to the world and to what words they use to describe you and your role. This is when you slow down and adjust your path forward so that down the road you have
not wasted time or feel ridden with regrets. You WILL take big and risky leaps and they often are going to be about you facing something unknown but feeling it so in your heart and soul and therefore you feel led to trust in this and to apprentice with this patience game as you rise in prestige in the eyes of others. You can feel called to make moves and to even choose
new paths and this is all about trusting that you are being led and that you don’t have to feel in control of how the journey goes. It’s like you can stay clenched up and fearful, being in the passenger seat, or you can just go with the flow and trust that you will get there safe. One way kind of affects the driver and maybe they do make a mistake because you SO expect
them to or fear that they will. So think about how you hold an energy and if it does doubt too quickly based on mistakes from the past. Realize that you are co-creating here and maybe your expectations upgraded in regards to others and their ways can actually upgrade them in reality. And how they treat you is also a sign of how you are treating yourself. So work to heal
and bring into balance your inner feelings of self-worth and everyone around you HAS to fall into better position.