Since Mercury Retrograde hits a few days before we launch Issue 2 of the High Vibe Guide, I thought it would be fun to give you a SNEAK PEAK of the magic my partners Sarah Wilder of the Fifth Element Life, Jo Klima of the Darling Tree and I have created for you!  We are so in love with this project!  And so excited to bring you our next seasonal issue!

And we heard you, so this time we have it available in DIGITAL OR PHYSICAL Magazine form!

From the High Vibe Guide Issue 2:
Pisces Horoscope Image

You will be more still at this time and focused inward. This almost feels like when you are home alone at night and suddenly hear a sound in another room that draws your attention to a pinpoint focus in order to listen completely. You will be doing this in all areas of your life as you feel out what is NOT supposed to be there. This means you will be going through a HUGE purging period of letting go of people, thought patterns, old wound issues and outdated ways of viewing how life should be. You also will grow in strength as you will clearly be defining new boundaries with others. This means you will draw the line in the sand and make it very clear that no one is to cross this boundary unless they are invited to do so.  You may come off as harsh during this time because others will not be so used to the strength coming forward in your voice. NO will come out loud and clear. They may even try to make you feel bad for finally speaking up, but just understand that you held back for so long and they just got used to you taking it all on without a peep. And just as they got used to the “pleasing you,”  they will also get used to this side of you that says NO without any hesitation.  You are creating a new balance in your life between giving and taking. You also are going to be very focused on sexual expression and sexual healing.  You will go to new depths with a current lover, or you will be very much on the lookout for a new lover who is in tune to erotic exploration. You are not about holding back at this time and very well may come FULL ON out of the comfort zones.

Aquarius Horoscope Image

This is a great Merc Retro period for you! You are going to be getting very clear on how you would like to expand and grow in your life. Your thoughts will be on how to see the situations you have walked in your life in ways that embrace the light.  This can be a time when you have situations show up that TOTALLY give you a new perspective to something that you were seeing as a negative, to the point that it frees your energy. This can be where you have had a way of responding in the past, feeling like you needed to defend something, and now you are softening and allowing more in life, so it just is what it is. You don’t need to stand up and fight for what you think is yours, or with defending your opinion. Something is freeing you up to just wanting to have more balance and beauty in your life.  Letting it all go and not needing to be the best, or to be right about everything, is the strength that is building. You are allowing others to believe what they need to believe, as you will suddenly see that you don’t need to cram your beliefs down their throats. People will awaken and come around when it is THEIR perfect timing. Think of people as plants growing in the garden. Some awaken sooner than others, but you cannot force a plant to ripen before its time. You cannot force an avocado to get soft until it is good and ready to do so on its own. This new realization is growing in you and it is truly going to set you free to just TRUST this life.  You will learn how to approach in soft ways so as to allow others to learn and blossom on their own without being FORCED to follow a particular path. You know that you are not going to budge when someone tries to force you onto a path, right? You also will be waking to old dreams at this time with how you have wanted to grow and expand in life and you WILL be leaping off a cliff, fully trusting your gut to guide the way in some area of your life.  You can trust this! JUMP!

Capricorn Horoscope Image

This Merc Retro is ALL about your career! This is going to be a divine time when you rework a whole bunch of situations with your career. This is the best time to redo your website or your store or anything that is about getting your offerings out there far and wide. This can be when you come up with so many more powerful and beautiful ways to share what you do.  If you have been confused as to who to hire, or what resources to go towards in order to facilitate more growth in your career, they will come to you at this time. You don’t need to embark on anything right now, or put anything out there in its finished element, but you do need to put your ducks in a row in order to make concrete the who and what and where.  This is the time for the career solutions to come to you. You also are encouraged to put much energy into solving any situations that you have not had an answer to.  This is the time to bring through the insights of what you need to do, but not to actually do them. This is inspiration time and answers coming your way time, but not the time to launch anything.  Expect solutions to come to you!

Sagittarius Horoscope Image

This is an exciting Merc Retro where you are going to be thinking about moving forward and making upgrades in your life. You will be looking back and scanning what you have manifested, but with an eye for how to make it better or how to expand its potential. This is like you are thinking in terms of miracle grow and how you can use your thoughts and energy to make things even better. You may be going back to rework dream projects in terms of how to upgrade them so as to make bigger impacts in the world. You also are VERY MUCH aligned to wanting to help others and to give back some of what you have received. You are thinking more altruistic. You are thinking more about what you can do to create change in the lives of others. You also will be having old friends come back into your life, or at least you are thinking more of how much you NEED them in your life. You may even be thinking of letting go of all the business pressures and deadlines in order to hang out and laugh with friends who really light up your life.  Inspiration comes FROM those friends or the times you take to just relax and smell the flowers.

Scorpio Horoscope Image

This is going to be SUCH a productive Merc Retro period if you can slow down and pull away from too much attention into the lives of others. This is sort of a retreat of a Mercury Retrograde where you are to get really still so that these new images can come into your mind. This also feels healing based where, when you do surrender into YOU TIME and alone from others, you will hit this wavelength that reveals wisdom to you. This can be like awakening to WHY you do that thing or say the things the way you do. You may come to some sort of right action awareness that sets you free to express in a new way in your future. This awakens you and enlightens you and inspires you to the max! So make the time! Retreat. Get into some new habits where you have YOU time every day, no people or electronics.  There are connections to be made. You have all these strands hanging from all these potential paths or ideas, and when you put yourself in silence they will connect to each other ON THEIR OWN. This really feels like a time too where you become like on autopilot, or hypnotized, and through that state of submission will be exposed or shown solutions and healings.  Meditate DEEP DOWN.  Become entranced with what is waiting to reveal itself to you. Be aware, ready and anticipatory for what will show itself beneath the illusion.

Libra Horoscope Image

So this is going to be a HUGELY transformative and healing Merc Retro period. You are going to be rather inward with your thinking and it is going to be directed at the whole of your life.  You will feel the moments of the past, the choices made, the actions not taken.  A scanning of all that has gone before in relation to how it affected your life now is going to be pieced together. And what is awesome is that this one carries the energy to make the changes. You will be pointing out THIS and THAT and THOSE THINGS. Everything will go into a keep or give away pile, and what will stay around is TRUE, high quality, loyal, encouraging, supportive, nurturing, fulfilling, satisfying and hot.  Go for what makes you happy! Do the changes that YOU want to do! Take steps to create a life where your soul sings. You ARE worth it!  You DO know what to do!  It is the thing that feels so good no matter how impossible it is to get your mind around it. Speak clearly the truth that is deep inside of you. Bring it up. Share it. Be okay with it.  What you share is making way for more of the natural parts of you to shine. You are set to break through some limiting thoughts of self where you have been holding back and lessening your power. You beat yourself up more than anyone else out there. You see what no one else sees. So try not seeing it too, and then watch how your natural form takes place.  Think spring flower.  Think new blossoms.  Think a different way to express than what you would normally do. Be freaky. It’s okay to be!

Virgo Horoscope Image

This will be such a positive Merc Retro where you will be all kinds of focused on bringing some love back to your heart. You may have been feeling a little not so good enough due to something having you question yourself. This feels like you are feeling smaller and now you will take a break to release those blocks and burdens so that you can remember how much we LOVE you!  So love of self with be big on the table. You may go through feeling worthless. You may have things that just cause you to feel sensitive and unsure. But remember they are just these small feelings that you don’t need to attach yourself to, as you only need to feel what they bring up in you. You are to release some old memories, words that were spoken to you, beliefs in how you think things are supposed to unfold. You are to throw out garbage and start fresh. You are to envision a way to create your OWN stability and safety and sustainable life.  You are to think of ways to generate income or to express your gifts. This can be a very fruitful time when you are on fire with new BRILLIANT ideas! They just come out of nowhere. But do catch on that the first aspect is with valuing yourself again. And that one opens the doors to the other magic. So focus on YOU.  Be soft with YOU. FORGIVE.  Let it go. Just rise to the top. Be the better person. Remember how precious you really are. Let go of the mistakes. We all make them.

Leo Horoscope Image

This is going to be a wonderful Merc Retro for you where you are going to piece through a whole bunch of things and you are going to come to some sort of realization that makes things ABUNDANTLY CLEAR. This also feels very freeing in that you are going to be able to release some binding situations, which then allows you to soar into the visualization of creating even more FAR OUT things. You are wanting to expand and also to move or to experience a new environment.  I used the word visualization because I can see all these new ideas above your head!  I can see that new strokes of inspiration are popping around your head, and truly it is all because you have released some of the pressure to do and to come up with, and instead are allowing things to settle and come together on their own.  This also feels like something autopilot, so you are taken care of in this and are being guided forward into what needs to be better balanced out in your life.  All things out of balance will be highlighted and oh so very irritating.  Expect to feel the rise of frustration—but, instead, this time just see it for what it is. That is the barometer. So fix it, replace it or let it go.  And MOVE ON. There is assertion here and a keeping it real quality. This is not wishy washy; this is the gusto of moving mountains and being the guide for the troops.  This is the energy that maps out what you need to change so that you can quickly just do it and move on.  Only communicate in ways that can create peace at this time. You will be tested.  It will be where part of you tells yourself not to say this or do this or respond like this, and the other part can’t hold back and just HAS to put someone in their place.  You have the warning! Do not engage. Do not defend. Do not need to be right. Instead, work to be just, fair and honoring of all.

Cancer Horoscope Image

This is such a good Merc Retro for you where you will be getting clear on some issues that surround the home. Some things will reveal themselves that were hidden and not yet making their way to the surface, and they may cause some sort of passionate expression that feels strong like a big summer storm.  This may be that you uncover things while cleaning the house or find old mementos that bring back way lost memories. You will also find that you have so many of the answers that others need!  You will have this anchoring influence where you may notice others come to you for answers or guidance. Maybe people are seeing you more as an authority and knowing that you are here to make impacts on the group.  So you are looking different to others. This may also be that you are connecting more to the truth of who you are and feeling more confident in your skin. You may feel a sort of rebirth where you begin to see and treat your body differently. I am feeling a rush of red energy coming from below and igniting something in you.  There is new life being planted. There is a new start you are embarking on and right now you get to dream of how wonderful you want it to look! Everything is going to be about making things more beautiful and working towards having a life that feels soft and safe.  You need it sensually satisfying!

Gemini Horoscope Image

This is going to be an exciting Merc Retro for you! This one is really going to take you down an old healing rabbit hole where fractures will be seen as gifts for the beautiful prisms of color they NOW allow in. This feels like a strength building FROM facing what has had you feeling not important or not essential.  This feels very much childhood based or from memories when you were way younger. Something is returning and coming to your awareness, possibly even through the return of someone into your life now who has no connection whatsoever to your childhood. It feels like someone comes and awakens you to something else inside of you. This may even be the return of an old love, but where you make peace with it all. I feel that a message is to be shared between you that frees you individually to allow the other to heal parts of fractured childhood experiences. You attracted each other to injure each other, and now you can share something that leads to a healthy balance where there is no held anger or resentment. This is a time that feels like budding flowers where there was nothing there and then all of a sudden, at this exact moment, a beautiful vision or experience appear that makes you say OH.  There may also be sensitivities at this time, but they will only be door openers. So all high emotion needs to be faced as only a part of the story. Look deeper. You really are doing so good!  Be proud of all you are working on to make better. Others may be hiding and not wanting to face the things that keep them from being happy, so understand it is a brave soul who faces the uncomfortable with an eager and open heart. But THOSE ONES are the only ones that are rewarded. So continue on.  You are healing your beautiful heart so that it can more openly love others. The more you love you, the more you can love others. The more you love you, the more WE love you.

Taurus Horoscope Image

This Merc Retro is going to change you completely! This is when you are holding that fine-tooth comb and going over EVERY detail of your life and business in order to get things running smooth as silk.  You are stepping back and looking from afar, but taking in all the details. This helps you to see it as a big picture, but also to hone on in what is not smooth or what is not moving the way you are wanting it to.  This is where your inner manager and critic is being activated and you are thinking about how to make things run more smoothly.  This is also for the sake of you having more time for self care!  You can feel that things are growing in other areas of your life, so you know how important it is to get the files compressed and backed up so you can know that all is good and then you can focus on other things. You are looking for ways to save time and effort. You also are looking for ways to have more downtime, or at least with doing other things you love to do. There will be new awakenings at this time with your diet and health. You may start some new program or be inspired to try out a new exercise regimen.  You are thinking of how to get EVERYTHING healthy basically!  You are seeing what needs to be changed and also coming at it with a very positive inspirational approach. This also has to do with your past, so you may be sharing this new gusto for change with the knowing of what you have learned and how that panned out. This may even be where you are narrowing things down, and maybe deciding to not do so much. This can be like handing off duties, or even just letting go of things that don’t feed you or passionately fuel you. This is a great time to do new training because you are VERY much in to how you want it to look and how you want them to do it. When this Merc Retro passes, you will have things IN ORDER and exactly how you want them to be.  If anything falls apart or mechanically collapses, know it is ONLY happening to bring the message that you need to upgrade.

Aries Horoscope Image

This Merc Retro is going to put you hot and heavy into some miscommunications with others, BUT this is only happening for you to make some shifts with how you are working to get your points across. When people cannot hear you or understand what you are trying to say, this is a message that your energy is delivering words that aren’t in alignment with what you are trying to say. This can be that they have too much force, or control, or that they cause others to rebel and NOT give you what you want. Your schooling is to see how to use your words so that the universe just smothers you with blessings and love galore. You are learning how to use your words so that others bend over backwards to give you what you need and to support you in any way they can. So there can be situations where others are pushing you, but at the same time moving you to finding more balance in interacting with others so that there is beauty and harmony established.  You are to become more of a guide in life where you are sharing your knowledge in ways that inspires others or beautifies their lives. So this cycle is helping you to see where you are out of balance and where you do or say things that actually cut off the flow.  This energy now is all about you coming to an equal place or meeting others halfway.  This means you will have to let some things go! You will have to not put too much importance into small and insignificant things in order to see the big picture and to come to the middle ground.  You can create so much peace at this time where people will just start to see you differently!  There is also a surrendering INTO YOU that is occurring through the shifts you are making so that others flow into you more naturally, and thus want to give you whatever you need to be happy.

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