Oh my.  This is it. This MOMENT right now is as close as you get to the lines dividing the worlds with the emergence of the New Way.  And when you step into it, what you are noticing most is that it feels new and better and weightless.  And many of us are stepping into this RIGHT NOW!  This moment right now is just straight up WOW.

I twisted my ankle a few days ago as this symptom is high on the list and many of you have also experienced a sudden change in your life. This was my very first accident and I just knew with the timing of now and how so many things are shifting in my life and in the world, I just knew this was BIG TIME. And I was down to heal this with miracles and to do whatever this huge body speaking accident was speaking to me. I became, HELLO I AM HERE… what do you want me to see.

And this meant stopping everything. And you all know me; I haven’t stopped in years. I have been going non-stop this whole time, not even taking vacations, even though I was on them, and not fully stopping even when friends came for visits. With each I kept myself about ¾ in work and business, not at all really taking any time off. Not even a day of it!

This Pisces Sun, Virgo Moon, Capricorn Rising has been in HEAVEN being needed and doing my Souls Purpose Work. I can go and go and go when it comes to doing what I love to do, and what I was built to do. When we line up with OUR THINGS, we have energy like never before. When we line up with our things, be move into the New Earth ways, so new things matter. Money, not so much.  Fulfillment, absolutely.

But. I was stopped. I twisted my ankle. I had to keep it up above my heart for 5 days to fully give it the love and energy it needed to heal even quicker.  And during this time of doing something I haven’t done in almost 3 years, which is rest, I found myself again! I had so much fun forcing myself to rest my body! I unplugged. I refused to look at the computer or messages. I unplugged.  I refused to think about anything work related or must do related. I unplugged. I got so still and quiet and when I did I struck gold in the form of so much good news to share with you all about what is happening right now!

What is happening is that all of us are opening to what OUR unique contribution is to make! Not what we think we need to do or what we think we need to do in comparison to others. This is not what others are doing. It is all brand new and coming in brand new forms.<span “mso-spacerun:=”” yes”=””>  You are wasting your time looking out at others to judge or criticize who you think you are. No time for that. We are all coming to the line and are fully stepping into brand new ways of living our life. BRAND NEW.  And boy does this feel good! And boy does this feel right! And boy are we ready!<span “mso-spacerun:=”” yes”=””>

So this eclipse is fully worthy of the word EPIC. Like for real.

ALL of us with our hearts on sleeve and purity of thoughts KNOWING that we deserve to live a beautiful life and to give of ourselves in a way that is totally needed and unique to who we are. We are the ready nation.

And fortunately, ready is finally here.

Now I have had so much fun being forced to stop because it opened me to receiving these MOST powerful energy messages that I have ever been honored enough to hear.  I feel so lucky to know what I do now and to know how THIS IS IT. RIGHT NOW.  So I am even more honored to share these new ways with you and explain to you what is going on.

Now first off, you all know I am moving, right? I got this amazing opportunity to move on up and to be in a new space… but the new space doesn’t start for 2 weeks. And at the new space is my new assistant and the new team of the Aquarius Nation Collective. They are all 40 minutes away right now and we all are sort of prepped to start when I get there.

But I am in limbo because I am still in the Old, and waiting for the timing of when I move into the New. Sounds familiar for all of us, right? This is happening globally right now and this is happening in KV’s world.

I am moving from a house that I was in for 4 years where I finally manifested this 15 year old dream of mine. I had no idea I would move until this opportunity fell into my path…even though you remember when I asked for an upgrade of a new house! I put it out there and it manifested within weeks.

But so I am doing a big move, there are also the taxes, and new items launching, and my new collective forming, and so much new insight coming through me! What an alive time.

But so one of my messages here is that I am asking for your support and to help me just a little bit. When you twist your ankle you realize what it means to be helped.  I have loved to think that I twisted my ankle RIGHT before this big move so that I can have people help with this whole journey! I kind of do want to feel like a Queen!  I WANT to be taken care of actually!  I would not have asked for it on my own and would have worked until I dropped. But this accident forced me to say, “I need help.”  How perfect is that!  Thank you Universe. Now I have a moving company and all these other things lines up to give me the red carpet, limping, ride into this new chapter of my, and all of your lives.

So I also want to take it easy on too much pressure to get out orders right now. In less than 3 weeks I will be with my team. In less than 3 weeks I will have so much help. In less than 3 weeks all the new way of Aquarius Nation will be in its new home with its new team. So right now I KNOW what is changing and coming together soon… but it hasn’t been put into action just yet.

And this has me feeling like I have been going it alone for so long on this raft and now I am finally approaching land and resources.  I kind of want to rest now. I kind of want to sit back and see how far I have come and enjoy the last days of my life in this neighborhood and house. Which think about that too! You know how much I love to hike! No hikes with the dogs at the end of this 4 year journey with a sprained ankle!  What an unexpected detour.

So I wanted to make sure you all were supportive that I need to slow down for a minute and get A LOT of things in order. My whole life is changing from the ground up and things are going to be SO AMAZING so soon, but now I am taking care of details.  And I am asking that all people in line hold on for just a minute! Pretend a 20 top just came in and all the 2 and 4 tops are having to be behind this big party.  BUT know that very soon a new way begins, with new people and new order. I finally have help! But it starts in about 2 weeks…

And you know what, I really just want to flow, as FLOW is my basic structure. I am very unpredictable with timelines because I prefer to flow and that means spontaneity is in action and the results can never be predicted. I’m a flow girl, when I am allowed to be. And I have fallen in my flow!  So right now I am just floating along and receiving amazing blessings of insight that I will be sharing with you all. There is soooo much to share!!!!!

And one thing is that I am doing 3 month readings for the Bohemian Collective Magazine again and what is so hard for me is to put them in such small paragraphs of description. And when I do them, I see all these other things I need to share about what these 3 months will be about in more detail, so I am going to do extended readings now! I will have it available for you all to have 3 months of extended readings for all signs AND so much more. It actually will be WAY so much more, but this just came to me so I need to talk to others about it first.

But a 3 month guidebook is coming!<span “mso-spacerun:=”” yes”=””>  And these will come every 3 months!<span “mso-spacerun:=”” yes”=””>  YAY!! It will be perfect bite size timings in life. 3 month chapters of focus. With readings to prepare you for what is coming!

And everyone who is already in the Birth Chart Book line, everyone who has already purchased, will be the first recipients of these 3 month readings as a gift from me!  Since you all have been so patient with me with my growing pains!  So if you are in line and have been so tortured with my wait, know that you get a really cool gift coming in a few weeks!! Then I will be in new house and will be able to get down to business and start laying down the new foundation of how things will run much smoother and quicker! I’m loving that one!!

Also too, to everyone in line or waiting for an order, know that what you receive is going to be a life changer, so timing doesn’t matter. It is what it is when it finally is, but for sure it is, so rest assured that you don’t need to worry or feel controlling with the timing of delivery.   My stuff is MAGIC. And you will see that soon.  So I get that you would feel frustrated by be, but please do not ever feel angry. I am one overextended girl who is giving her everything to be there for so many people, but right now I need to be there for me. And I didn’t really know that until the universe twisted my ankle. I actually think I have a whole book of information to share with you about this lesson in time.  So know that good things are coming out of this one!

And even though I would hate to do this and hate to see anyone go when they are just in line waiting for something they really need.  But at any time if anyone does not want to wait any longer and wants a refund, I will always have that option wide open and available.  But you will regret it.  Keeping it real. You will. So stay!

So my loves, please be patient with me as everything around me is changing. It is ALL for the good and you will see that soon.  But I do need everyone to be patient with me even more!  I can tell you that not all people have had to wait so long, but some people really get put through the ringer with me and delays can be almost unimaginable… but those people that this happens to ALWAYS are the most important ones.<span “mso-spacerun:=”” yes”=””>  So if you have to wait for me, YOU are the one who is waiting for a perfect timing so that your body really HEARS the messages in my offerings.

So please bear with me as I need to be this vessel for information that will reach more people right now BECAUSE this is so important.  BUT I have your message! I know you are reaching out to me! I do feel you and I do see you.  I will be RIGHT THERE…. give me just a minute to catch up, baby loves!  But take nothing personally.  I still and always will love you and I totally have your back.  I just have a lot of backs right now! haha.

Okay!  I’ll be back real soon! I have so much to share with you in regards to this Solar Eclipse AND the Lunar one coming in a few days!  NEW YOU. NEW LIFE. NEW WAY. NEW FOCUS. NEW PURPOSE.  I’ll do my regular video (although I feel it will be different because I feel so different already!) and then the readings and then the 3 month extended readings will come when The Boho Mag launches, I believe on April 15!  Woo!

Things are happening! And life goes on with Aquarius Nation, but I am doing a bit of a pause to take care of the crazy making many demands in my private life.  But get ready to feel a new flow over here…. Things are happening! And just because they are behind the scenes doesn’t mean they will be any less powerful when they launch! Got big things coming, my loves!!  You just wait and see!!!!!!

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!