Believe it or not, you hold yourself back because you have these hyper-sensitive antennae in regards to how you feel people see you and what sort of impact you make – and there is judgment attached to this antenna and it’s where YOU then make yourself small or bad or not good enough. So basically your antenna is picking up the wrong signals and then you take
that inward as if it is the food you eat. And what we eat is what we are, so it’s where you sort of cut yourself short in then worrying or thinking negatively about WHAT THAT MEANT. You are taking that stuff out there and bringing it inside of you to the point you then find fault with yourself and the path or choices you have made. And what is fortunate is that this
is at least hooked up to your mental system only at this time so that you can see how you are or are not really saying things that give YOU a chance to pull through and show them what you got. So the stimulation or provocation comes from outside of you, but you turn it into a
very personal thing that then changes your whole chemistry – kind of like the story I told of my first aura picture when my friends laughed while I smiled for it and how it showed my energy as this dull yellow. But when the photographer saw that he pulled me away to talk to me about my dreams and then he took the picture and it was GLORIOUS with purple, pink,
and indigo. But it was such a gift because it showed me how much things outside of us can change our energy, and these were my friends, they weren’t laughing to be mean. But even so it had me going small and questioning myself. This energy wants you to see and tune into how you do the same thing – when truth be told, most likely it is just because your wires are crossed and messages out there have backed up your system so what they actually mean goes through a negative process of assimilation. And that must change because NO ONE wants to see you wither and go dull yellow.


So now we see that you really do have to go through a total rebirth in order to get you to see that the path you walk was created with all these pitfalls set to have you going dull yellow. And you are in the process of rewriting the messages or the interpretations so that things are just what they are and part of the process and NOT messages that you have messed up, are getting it wrong, will not be able to support yourself, are not safe, and SHOULD freak out and worry. You are learning to walk in a new way where you are not so hyper-sensitive to what is going on around you to the point it morphs you into something you are not. But you also are learning what YOU need because your life has put too much emphasis on THEIR perspective or take on you. And YOU need to have a say in things and this power to speak so
clearly comes when you do put your self-care first. And you can see that when you are frazzled and trying to be everything for everyone else, then you can’t really give your best and you are more susceptible to falling off balance. And something about taking care of YOU and listening more to the messages of your body is what sort of builds a barrier or boundary
around you so that you are ARE NOT so sensitive in the form of this attention thing or needs that you feel must be met. You instead will be able to just roll and not make everyone else’s thing YOUR THING. You also are looking at something from your past or childhood that contributed to this feeling of neediness where you need confirmation from others that you
are okay and good enough. This may have been in school or with a teacher or with a sibling.


So we are going straight into the heart of it with you right now and what is your next course of action is to plunge full on into a creative expression that deals with your innate creative gifts and where you just overflow passion. So this is ALL about bringing you to something
that is home so that you can have your attention distracted and better placed on where it SHOULD BE. So you DO need to adjust your antenna but it’s really just about slowing down and connecting to earth and doing things you love to do so that you can release the pressure of money fears and what everyone is doing and how you gauge your own progress. You must
NOT look out in order to create the things you are working on because you are in new territory, for one, but also your abundantly creative and full spectrum heart NEEDS A SAY in ALL your plans moving forward. And something with you tuning in to yourself and tuning out to the world messages is what helps you find this new path and new track in life. You ARE rebooting, my love. You ARE changing into a better expression from that which squeezes the old world ways out of you. DO KNOW provocation from others is what brings the changes within, though – so other people will get you to see that your path needs to change or that there is a better way to use your creative gifts so that all benefit and so that you feel you are making a difference.


You will be on a completely different road next year than where you sit right now. And this is GREAT NEWS. I like this new year for the Leo because something that bonks you on the head and gets you to wake up and look within is what ignites some flood of inspiration that provides you with opportunities to bring support to others THROUGH what you offer. You
will be letting go of thinking you got it wrong or you have too much debt or wounds to do something with yourself. You will shed layers as you decide for a new path and one where the past is not always throwing a shadow on things. You also may dive into new creative projects that have lots of aspects to them and where you put together details and do work that takes dedication and time. You also may be falling in love with a person or a project or a new baby to come over this next year. And something that moves you forward into an authentic path deals with you handling friction and being clear with whatever emotions you or others around you are going through. So it really does feel like passion and strong emotions that break through facades and really shift you in regards to trusting your path
more and not applying so many negative interpretations to stages of the process. You will also notice that you naturally are going with the flow and not thinking you have to operate according to others guiding you. This will have you looking at your fears and seeing how before you would smother confusion or the mystery in them. But now, you will take more of
a – let’s just wait and see perspective. This also comes from doing your art and being out in nature more so that your actual body can understand cycles and that things are always changing even if we don’t see our progress. You get to lighten up this year and start creating not through others’ fears, but through your own hope and passion for an abundant crop to come soon. You CAN defy the odds. So defy them. Go against the grain.