This is all about saying how you need these things FROM OTHERS in order to feel that you are special or valuable. So I am seeing this as a need to be entwined and to associate THAT as contributing to your value. This can also be that you identify with things and feel value for self through how appreciated they are – such as through social media or a website or even a
partner. And at this time you can really feel the burden of how your needs being met determine how happy, whole or capable you feel inside– BUT are your needs appropriate or entwined in others so much that you THINK you need these things to keep you going? It can also be if they are sad, you are sad. And right now you notice this and see that you want to live separate from how other things shape or form you into this other thing. So do know this is an introspective time where you uncover material yet to be understood by you, but that it really is about getting your truth to come through, brighter, and to just bravely be who you are and to let others deal with that on their own. You are shedding layers of abandonment
and wounds and sadness and regret and the you that was created from all that. You are releasing the hard shells that now are even MORE reactionary, as if expecting a fight or expecting the need to defend. And this also deals with shedding layers of thinking that so much of life was a mistake if it didn’t go how you planned. So you will be walking away from
something painful that you have held onto and taking the first steps into flight as the form of LEARNING from what broke you down and broke your heart. This time is to release you from the burden that was not your fault and that you could not have changed into something else. It brought you a difficult passage, but it wasn’t a mistake for you to walk and learn from.
At this time you GET THAT and walk prouder and stronger into a new horizon of colors to create from. But YOU have to choose to let go of the past and to embrace the new that is
waiting for you.


You are going to be rewired in regards to your own sense of value that basically is the soil you work from in life. So this says that you have agreed – in being kindhearted – to take on shame, blame, and guilt and to somehow always look at your inner child with judgment that you are not doing enough or not beautiful enough or not good enough. So you have the
judgmental finger pointed within — and it’s in your soil which is why you could even do such a thing to yourself. But when you find these fractures or weeds that do harm in your garden, at this time you have to CHOOSE for yourself and in holding value that you deserve MORE for what grows in your crop. Sure you can ignore the weed and work around it and not make a stink, wanting to be good and not cause a ruckus, but you also can be assertive and full of feelings of self-worth in saying NO, you don’t get to stay in MY garden. If something hurts, you don’t have to allow it to continue to hurt you. You can draw a boundary and demand that others respect you the same way you are learning to respect yourself. So here again we see
that you must stand up for yourself and just allow others to deal with that. Because you have something to say and others WILL be okay with it – actually. Your fears are not real and they don’t have to manifest again at this time unless you allow them to stay as weeds in your garden. High standards for you, my love! You deserve THE VERY BEST. Decide for that and draw the line.


So at this time the universe is cranking up some magic that awaits when you least expect it. This is somehow jump starting your heart and getting you to dream for even more. Like, maybe you just want to reach to shore safely but actually you should want to reach the shore and for there to be a big grand house where you will now live with a full garden full of organic
food waiting for you to feast on. Meaning, you don’t need to just think in terms of getting by or just enough anymore – as you are invited to think in REALLY exalted ways about how miracles can happen and a fulfilling and satisfying life is JUST up ahead. Basically how you must compromise is that you need to DREAM BIGGER and to then sit back and flow with how the great mystery plans to get you to where you need to be. So much of this is saying you need to own that you deserve magic and then you need to get ready to be bombarded with things connecting and lightbulbs popping so that suddenly you ARE seeing the light at the end of the tunnel or some sort of completion that shows you it WAS worth it and that things DO change for the better. But you must allow this by plucking the weeds and doing it
because it’s good for YOU and because you KNOW you deserve things better.


So you have quite the story to tell and something about you coming out of a cave and coming into the light will be when you start to think more about how to share more of yourself in a clear and direct manner. You may feel provoked by others who make you SPEAK UP and not beat around the bush or try to stay superficial. You may even notice this next year that you
HAVE to stand up in new ways and share more of what is a passion to you or where you feel you must put your attention – heart and soul. You may be thinking about publishing or community things or blogging. Your heart and soul has something to share and it really wants to find a grounded place out in the world where you can express freely and kind of get out of yourself in needing all these other things to make you happy. So in finding your art or finding your tribe or finding your passion or finding the people who want to hear your experiences – you anchor in more to where you need to be which is living more creatively and down to earth. You being an air sign, you need earth in your life. And you need it through touching
down into your creative gifts or where you most naturally are taken away in meditative ways. It can be in knitting even. It is what calms your nervous system and where things come totally natural to you. So you must make all space to nourish yourself through doing what you love to do and not doing it at all to make money or support you. This year it WILL support you if
RIGHT NOW you create it without needing it to. Let the universe do the work, you just create your genius things uninhibited and full of heart and soul. Let the universe connect your dots and bring you the synchronicity. It will – if you give it the space to grow in your garden. Dream for the maximum you can fathom.