Hello my loves.  I planned on sharing an excerpt of the Full Moon Readings from the MOON VIBE but instead wanted to share the Mercury Retrograde readings from the guide instead! I hope you enjoy them! 


You’ve heard me say it a 100 times.

MERCURY RETROGRADE is to be honored and seen as a blessing in our lives because THIS IS a quarterly opportunity that arrives each year to help us SET THINGS STRAIGHT.

This is when ALL THINGS WRONG come up to the surface and slap you down so that you can really see them and see that changes need to be made.


This is going to be such a productive Mercury Retrograde session as we go back to REBUILD and really think through how to RECREATE a life that makes us feel YES!

We are thinking about how we want to GET THIS RIGHT and fully go over the steps WITHOUT RUSHING, so that we really do the best job possible at whatever is a dream in our lives right now.


Expect to see things fall into place as if a miracle has landed at your feet.

Expect the answers to come and the insight to arrive.

Expect to see many things revealed that you otherwise were not understanding.

Expect to feel so creative and bubbling over with ideas.

Expect to have your mind opened, your heart expanded and a new passion to BELIEVE that you CAN DO THIS aligned firmly in our core.


And if you do drop your phone in the toilet, YOU NEED TO BE MORE PRESENT!!!!


And if things break, fall apart, crash or cause you to have to jump through hoops to get them in order, SO WHAT?? THAT IS LIFE. Things always trip us up. Don’t waste this special energy on blaming and expecting difficulties. Expect that this time is a pain in the ass and you will get just that.


I suggest you EXPECT GOOD THINGS. Good things come from this time. 


MERCURY RETROGRADE December 19 to January 8

Moving through 15 degrees Capricorn to 29 Sagittarius



CAREER TIME! Yay! This is my favorite energy for you! This will be when career moves will be corrected and reformatted. Things will be rebuilt and put into a better position, and one with the most potential growth. Scaling back may occur and the departure of aspects so that a defined honing in can take place towards things that really light up your heart. Remember — this reading is about your HEART in so many ways. So you will be rethinking things so that you can GO FOR IT in all aspects of your life. Your heart will lead like never before! Now, you also will be going back and thinking over any part of your life that is about learning a new skill, creating a new way to showcase yourself and growing beyond where you are right now. So this can be rethinking a move or rethinking your website or rethinking a change that took place in recent months. A new layer has been removed so that you can see this clearer and now it is time for some tweaks so that it can be made better. All around your life you will be MAKING THINGS better so that they can grow like mad and give you a life that you REALLY WANT. You ARE being asked to take a risk and jump off that cliff. Do not go for safety, or the cautious approach. KNOW you are safe and then jump into a dream that fills your heart with huge smiles and a feeling of YES.



Okay so this will be one of the most important Mercury Retrograde periods because you are going to be doing this final detox purging to your life where you will CONSCIOUSLY be focused on healing and letting things go that actually are holding you back. You will want to make amends and be vulnerable with those you care for where something had stopped the flow or became backed up. You also are reworking some creative ideas with plans to launch them or promote in more powerful ways. This would be a GREAT time to rework your online scene and to come up with brilliant ways of getting your point across and bridging understandings. You should feel VERY inspired at this time with ideas that are all about making something BIGGER and really tuning into your intuition to help you design this new path you are thinking about. I feel like you really want to be in career thoughts and with ways to bring improvements and do something that makes a difference to your heart. I feel this compassion building where YOU alone are able to shift things into your favor. You may also be dealing with getting something approved or applying for something and I see it going very good!



Okay so this period is going to be really about rebuilding with your partnerships. If there have been some issues with boundaries or getting your point across to others, you will have MANY blocks that show up where you can be consumed with how much things are out of order and needing to be settled. So this can mean the energy will be OFF for the purpose for being a guidepost for WHAT is out of order — and it will feel heavy as fuck if it is! I feel provocation and this thing where I only want to pinpoint what is NOT working and where it is hard to look up and see what is. But this is perfect because you are totally smelling what is wrong and what needs some serious healing. You also will be uncovering things like never before!! You will be seeing how you are WHO YOU ARE now because of what has been programmed into you or what has caused you to feel wounded or not good enough. Memories will rise to the surface, as if from out of nowhere, and dreams will be full of messages for you to interpret. You may even notice some déjà vu in your life where it just FEELS like you were here before. You are in a deep purge, my love, and what is falling away NEEDS to fall away to reveal something beautiful underneath.



This is going to mean that you are learning SO MUCH FROM OTHERS!! You are going to be seeing things bring up provocation or strong reactions in you from people who are in authority or in some way feeling they are in charge of you. This also may be with global things or political things or chemtrails even! ALL things that try to have power or control over you will drive you mad! There will be a rise in you to be had! And from these experiences you are going to grow stronger in being an authority yourself and in stepping forward and standing up for whatever. This can be that you are around strong people who say it like it is, and through that, even thought it may provoke you a tad, you will be seeing that you can do the same! You can be strong and forward and to the point and even to make a stink and THAT’S OKAY! It feels like you are learning how to ask for things or to state your needs or to have an opinion. Something is bringing up something from the depth of your soul that deals with you having something important to say and share. You also are going to be thinking of your career and with making changes or working through details involved in the constructing of something. You are designing or implementing something that is an upgraded situation.



Okay! Now we get you into position!! This is great news! You are really going to first go through some polarity lessons through feeling very negative and down on yourself. You may be ultra sensitive and ultra judgmental. You may also see this in others — but a trigger will hit in you because it is in you too. But from that and with the energies the way they are, you WILL shift out of this old way of thinking now that is more on the negative and lacking the beautiful openhearted positive. You will discover more hope. You will discover more reasons to believe in magic. You will discover the truth that your thoughts are leading your life… and that you only have this life that you know of, so you must, you must, you must do whatever you can to be a beacon of light MAGNETIZING that which you wish to be a part of your dream life. You will reconsider love at this time and you will make some change with your love life or your creative life if you are single and happy to be that way. But for sure your heart is growing wings as you want to MOVE INTO SOMETHING that is far away and still out of reach. This means a dream will be birthed in one way or another. You ARE going for something and it is going to be GREAT. KNOW IT.



So this one deals with a broken heart/opened heart and also with moving on and starting over. You may be having many memories of your childhood or of times in the past that now feel like such a distant memory. I feel you going back in time to relive some great moments and to share in experiences with others where you are GOING BACK. This also may mean that joy has left your life temporarily because something is consuming you and taking you into a space that feels like a tunnel that has only two directions: backwards and forwards. You may want to escape this feeling but you are being forced to walk each and every step of this. There is something with your heart that is being opened so that you can say what you need to say and work to create a BETTER FOUNDATION in your life. ALL that feels out of order in what is the base of your life is where your tongue is fully focused! You will be rebuilding but this time there will be NO compromising, as something that has you realizing how fragile life is will have you demanding that things be a certain way from now on. You also will be working to create more stability/safety in your life. This will be a great time to rethink your creative offerings and to find more value through what you are here to bring to the world.



You are going to fully be back in childhood and your roots and your family and the past and ALL THAT. This energy has a bit of an edge to it, so it comes in waves of sadness but it is pulling things closer together. So this offers times of heart openings and also healing. A stronger love is forming or a more solid foundation of feeling connected to either your real family or the family you find. This energy is about coming together in commonality to share and bond. And this is changing you because it means you will start your day/your life over again in a more PRESENT and GRACEFUL way. This feels like appreciation building and something actually anchoring you more to being rooted into the ground and feeling like you can handle ANYTHING now (or eventually as this retrograde ends). When we feel that, we appreciate every breath, every moment, every person that graces our life. And something is bringing back the appreciation for LIVING and TRUSTING LIFE. Focus on opening and receiving. My heart feels heavy right now but the releasing is going to bring you a new day and a new way to live your life. You are going to rebuild like never before and your HOME needs to represent more of your dreams.



And here you go fully into rebuilding a project or idea! You may have taken some steps forward into this creation but now you will feel a space around you that sort of blocks out other distractions so that you can really go backwards and put your heart and soul into building something OUTSTANDING. There will be lots of communications and also many that are cut off and yanked away from you. I just felt a head tilt with a WHAT?? So something may REALLY come out of left field and throw you. But this time is really for your creativity and for reworking something that will be rebuilt. This also may be with a writing project or a website. It seems the ideas will be A PLENTY and inspiration will come almost as if it is totally destined and you are being led forward through things falling on your path. I feel many surprises and things coming to you from meditative spaces and just tuning in, or going silent. Everything you need WILL SHOW UP FOR YOU and as if by magic.



Okay this one is all about reworking things in your life so that you feel like you are worthwhile and are living a life of value. You KNOW you got mad skills and so much to offer the world, and right now you are going to take a bit of a pause to rethink how to better move forward in the world with something that REALLY sings of the essence of what you are gifted with. You may even pull back to decide to narrow down your focus and really go towards one area more than others. You may have also been doing a lot and taking on a lot and will decide that for the sake of your health and sanity, you MUST retreat and remap out a new course for yourself. I think you also have been feeling like you need to GO GO GO and do it all, but now you will find yourself STUCK in situations where you feel like you are moving through mud for the purpose of pulling back and thinking your focus through a bit more. So when your path suddenly feels like it is sucking you down, STOP. You also will be very money oriented at this time and fears may really feel like big dark clouds above your head. You may feel unsure of your future or STUCK in thoughts of debt. But when you pull back you will come up with the inspiration to move forward in better ways!! So stop worrying!! Also NATURE is calling you right now!! And you may think you need to be doing everything and on the go, but in fact, your soul needs some time out with stillness and deep breathes. RELAX. You can handle this.



I like this one for you! This feels like you are going to be making MANY CHANGES in your life that showcase yourself in more powerful roles. You will be thinking more about your appearance and what sort of energy you give off. This will be a time to invest in new ways to take care of your body and health, or even to make changes with your style in some way. You also will have a huge determination to clear out old ways you have judged yourself in comparison with others, or with always feeling that something is wrong with you — or at least not being good enough. You also are pulling back a bit to REIGNITE some dreams on a better path. For some reason you are redesigning or reconfiguring something that is near and dear to your heart and getting it into the best possible position so that it can SOAR and go BIG TIME. Do not launch ANYTHING at this time, because new ideas are to come during the retrograde cycle that are “sent from heaven.” Expect big growth because of what you change at this time. Your life is set to expand and grow in many ways, my love! When you come out of this one, you ARE going to have a new story to tell!! And you WILL feel like a new person who is ready to KICK SOME ASS COME 2017.



This is going to be your time to really sink into feeling like a loser for the purpose of clearing this shit out!!! You will have a lot that happens during this time that pinpoints regrets or things that now have you feeling like a bad person. Everyone you have ever hurt OR who has let you down will come to your mind. But a new strength is also birthing, so you will realize that paying off debts is SO WORTH it in the long run and this will have you reaching out to others, sending apologies, getting things off your shoulders or lightening your load of things that are way to heavy to keep hanging onto. This time can feel like a serious detox session but I guarantee you are going to feel SO MUCH BETTER come 2017 with a cleared mind and not so much to bring you down BECAUSE of what you release or make amends with NOW. Spend as much time ALONE and in retreat as possible! That is your power place right now because a new faith in life is coming from THIS reboot. AND you can be coming up with the most brilliant moves for your career and ideas that are FAR OUT!! But they come through stillness, so don’t think you have to push anything!! You are to receive and be open. Allow the insights to FIND YOU!



At this time you will be noticing synchronicity that is aligning you to providing a service for the world AND to feeling like things are falling into place with your career! YAY!!! Miscommunications will be connected in better ways – KNOW THAT. Systems will be reworked, and upgrades to whatever is involved with your career will be your focus. This is the time to REDO what you use to bring your message/offerings/gifts to the world. You will see how things are put together and will come up with ways to make them BETTER. You also will be coming back together with old friends or people you haven’t connected with in a while. The TRIBE will be more important to you and you will enjoy coming together in a group that really feels like home as it lights your heart up. You may also get involved with some sort of GIVING BACK situation or some effort to do your part.