So I would like to do a bit of a test here as I am planning on empowering you with the high vibrational view of what it really means to walk the Mercury Retrograde cycle. As I say, enough of the fear factor with these lovely Retrograde times!  Just wait, within days the internet will be flooded with the OH NO Mercury Retrograde and HOW TO SURVIVE these destructive and devastating times.  And if you just so happen to dabble into those messages, then you will likely run with them and manifest a NIGHTMARE of a situation over the next several weeks. Your choice though, loves.

And I want to set the record straight, and set you onto a more positive course with this retrograding ride.  For sure and no doubt there can be many a situation that drops into your lap that feels like it is a mistake or a pain in the butt to have to deal with.  I mean I had a printer and computer both try to kick the bucket on me within an hour a few weeks ago. But it wasn’t a Mercury Retrograding time, so why did they do that? Ha.  And you know that is the fear that is put into us during this time that your car will break, your computer will break, all electronics are open to malfunctioning, but truth be told they are always doing those things!  So why put your intentions on those things happening when we have the whole rest of the year to f*ck around with that stuff.  Instead, what you say, we use this energy to focus on other more fun ways to bring clarity our way.

So Mercury Retrograde is always basically going to be taking us backwards like with Christmas Past where we see what we have been saying or thinking and visualizing what is truly possible, and we will go back in order to check out all of our flaws and areas where we pushed too much forward with THINKING this is the thing to do, without really FEELING if this is the best move for our unique souls purpose path.

So this time is where we are being checked out by the powers that be as they roll back into our past with a flashlight and a white glove.  They will peer into all these tight spots and under the bed and in the back of dresser drawers and all those places we may have been taking short cuts in our attempts to chase after the “keeping up with energy”.  That is the thing because we are so often operating from the keeping up with the spiritual jones’ so we are on autopilot with the desire to accomplish all these goals that we THINK we must do, to keep up and not fall behind, and this means we make many moves that are not in alignment with our true purpose and even more so, our unique timelines.

It is that addiction to look out at what others are doing as a constant appraisal of our own self worth and success in this world that would be our undoing if not for these blessed retrograde cycles that bring us back down to reality by stopping us, many times, from moving forward into areas that are truly not our own to be walking at this time.

So what happens during this time is that the flashlight and white glove take to our pasts and we are first given little warnings. This can be seen as the STOP energy as often things will fall apart or break or send some sort of cry of attention for us.  But this is not a dead end as each one carries a symbolic message for us in order to go deeper.  So Mercury will go backwards and will bring to our attention many things that are not actually operating with integrity or areas we should not be moving into just yet.  Sometimes we will feel that STOP energy with things that need upgrading or areas where we ARE in fact supposed to be choosing to go higher.  This can be where your PC dies because you really need to upgrade to a MAC.  The messages are a plenty, but for all of us we are being called to be humble like when the teacher comes forward to appraise our writing or artwork. We are to listen and take the STOP energy to heart as it carries many messages for us as guidance for where we are out of balance or off the path in fact.

So this particular Mercury Retrograde cycle is traveling through Cancer and Gemini.  So first and foremost it is all about us going back to check out where we are using our minds or words in ways that are not about connecting with our hearts and with our compassion and understanding for others.  We can have situations where we are opened to how we do not speak with integrity or do not come at others with LOVE as the greeting force.  We will so feel the negative energy pull of words that are righteous and one sided and hurtful and know it all.   The words that lead to separatism will sort of pain us at this time.  And all because we are longing for home and soft and comfort and nurturing and GROWTH through the supportive words that come from heart energy.   During this time we will be very sensitive to the words that stunt our growth versus the ones that feed us and make us feel important.

And from feeling SO sensitive and raw nerve from this time, we will create a new data base within that is about using words that do not stifle the growth of others but instead are like that good mama energy that sends you catapulting into the world with that I CAN DO THIS.

So do be aware that this cycle will be needing us to be very sensitive in order to feel the energy of the words in order to decide which ones we will later choose to make our own.  You can expect to feel triggered and pushed to the first degree but it is only because we need to clean up our act with our thoughts and the way we use our words with others.  We will notice how we may have habits with shooting others down with our words, or with telling them that that can’t be done. We will recognize how our words are supportive and nurturing, or negative and fear based and full of envy.

And how many times have you felt like your needs were not being met and so you shut down and left the scene?  How many times have  you felt hurt by another person, and turned away, shut them out and never did even get around to telling them what you were feeling?   And even, how many times have you felt an attraction to someone but held it in and kept it to yourself for fear of rejection?  Look at how may situations in your life that have severed or short changed possible relationships because you could not say what you needed to say.  These very things will be on our mind this month.

This most blessed Mercury Retrograde will be to open us to how we can more naturally share our emotions and vulnerabilities with others.   We can learn to really courageously say I LOVE YOU and I am ready to be vulnerable with you.  And let me tell you that the word LOVE will for sure be on the tongues of so many.  And with that, my gosh there is something energetically changing out there where people who are SO connected in their birth chart energies are finding each other.  I am doing couple readings now that I have never seen before and it is happening over and over…so for sure something is changing out there and with the opening of our own heart spaces, we are now really attracting these very special soul partnerships.  Vulnerabilty is the way, loves.

So on June 7 at 3 degrees Cancer, Mercury will go backwards to check out what is not operating with integrity and heart energy in your life.   And then Mercury will stop at 24 degrees Gemini on July 1st where he will begin an additional check to see if you listened to what he told you when he went back to appraise your past.  He will be back to that 3 degrees Cancer on July 15th and then we will be in official forward motion on a new and upgraded path from lessons learned.

So my point is just be open to the lessons coming to you at this time because this is a gateway into more clarity in your life.  Nothing that happens will be to hurt you as it is all FOR your benefit.   Every altercation and miscommunication is for the purpose of opening all parties into bringing in more heart energy words in order to bring about mutual understanding.  Every button that is pushed in you is needing attention at this time.   Every thing that makes you feel sensitive and not good enough is just needing attention at this time as something with you valuing yourself is needing an upgrade.  Just be humble and open and remember that heart on the sleeve is the way you are to drive this current planetary energy.   Also remember to address things with how you feel by them as this is the way to bridge healing at this time.

Now I do agree that this time is NOT good to make big purchases that are inspired during this time.  Every electronic thing I have purchased during the Mercury Retrograde has been something that I regret or isn’t really what I need.  But if you have been planning on buying something from before this time but were unable to make the final decision then Mercury very well may help you hone in on just the right one.

But my advice for the next month is to just sit back and slow down at this time allowing the nostalgia, insights and inspiration to come to you.  This is not a time to go out and make new things happen as now we have the opportunity to gain new perspectives on things we had already set into motion.   If you can trust this energy and practice the least resistance, then during the sit back you will see much more clearly into new directions with your endeavors and relationships.  And don’t forget that the sensitivities are just guideposts into something that needs a closer look and a re-evaluation.  Love the warning signs and they will love you right back.

love, KV

Pisces Horoscope Image

// pisces //
Are you looking for love?  Or looking to reconnect with someone who you felt a strong attraction to, yet who you never could seem to get it together with? Well, then… this time could offer you quite the surprise!  Oh my.  So this is going to be a fantastic Mercury retrograde cycle for the Pisces. This window of opportunity will start with you moving forward towards starting to figure something out with someone… it may be that days before June hits, there will be synchronicity that shows you who this person may be.  Something is going to light a fire under your heart that is trying to open you to seeing this person in a new light, and considering that Gemini is in on this too, it can be that you are waking to new information that allows you to open to trusting this person.   Now do be aware too that CHOICE may come in on this and it may be that 2 people from your past reappear, coming forward to reveal their feelings, finally.  Now finding romantic love is not the ONLY way this energy will manifest as this also relates to any creative projects or teaching projects.  You very well may be coming together with a creative partner who can wear some of the hats that you have been overloading yourself with.  You may be going back to make corrections or going back to discover better ways to get that thing that is YOURS to give, out there in the world, in more powerful ways.  You may also for sure be going back in time to understand WHAT is keeping you from really feeling happy and JOYFUL with your life. This will be the best time to really go back and see what is keeping you from living your creative dreams, from merging harmoniously with others, from feeling safe in this world and from feeling like you HAVE a place in this world.  Any feelings of lack and depression at this time are merely the guideposts ASKING you to NAME and make the room for these new things to arrive.   And discomfort or FED UP feelings are just the catalyst energies inviting you to create a new story of your life. And all answers can come from your childhood times or beginning times as there is the clue that is keeping you from opening your heart to… love, success, happiness, creativity and also the possibility of creating a baby.    This also means that your home may tie into your creative endeavors, so this means you may be reorganizing your studio or creating the space to begin your home business.

Aquarius Horoscope Image

// aquarius //
You will be going back and thinking through your souls purpose at this time.  Something is stopping you in your tracks and forcing you to think about another angle of things.  This may have to do with narrowing down your TRUE gift as we are also moving you back into that space that asks “what is that thing you love do that will make you feel important and seen in this world?”  So much of the energies out there are really trying to open us to our UNIQUE contribution and how we can do OUR THING in a way that is different than how others are doing it.  So during this month journey of going back to make corrections and changes, you will be not only narrowing down YOUR thing but you will be discovering new ways to share your gifts in a way that affects people in more of a global way. What is likely to happen is that you will be creating a blog or starting a store or clearing deciding that it is TIME to share your gifts in more of an internet reaching others sort of way. And do understand that our internet connections are changing, so your changes may be happening because you can feel the flow of the general public and you can feel that THEY are changing.   Honor that you ARE ahead of the times and maybe you have needed to hold back in order for the rest of the peoples to catch up to you.  Things come and things go.  Myspace came and went, and now Facebook has come and is going.  What is next?  You tell us.  Now your MIND is also an area where you are making adjustments. During this time you will be feeling where you are holding yourself back because of your thoughts and they may start to carry a vibration in that your pessimistic thoughts will physically cause you pain.  And this is  a blessing as it will guide you to that position of stating that you are READY to live life more fully!  This transit is to ignite a new passion in you to change jobs, to manifest a whole new environment to call your own,  to get your creativity out there, to start painting again, to start writing, to start balancing your life with more creative expressions,  and just to feel more trust in this life, to release the addictions to the worrying and fear and to just scream out I LOVE MY LIFE.  You are going backwards in order to find out what it will take for you to really feel like you love the life you have created.  And EVERYTHING that comes up as pain and discomfort is your guidepost as to what needs to be changed.  Working on your health, whether by changing your foods or bringing in more discipline with taking care of your body will be coming to the forefront for you.

Capricorn Horoscope Image

// capricorn //
So we begin this Mercury Retrograde cycle with you really thinking about your relationships with others. You  may be feeling rather alone or incomplete or that ships have passed you by. You may be looking back in nostalgic ways wishing you could do something over and likely the reason for your sadness comes from you not saying what you needed to say “back then”.   There will be strong emotions coming forward that will be helping to birth a courage to speak what you need to speak.  Your words are going to be changing from the inside out, and this means you will awaken to how you are living in fearful ways THROUGH the words you say inside your head or about yourself.  There will be spot lights of insight coming to you, possibly through others, as they will be mirroring things for you at this time. The things that annoy you about others during this month are for sure something that you need to see about yourself. Be gentle and humble with that one.  You are going through brain surgery in a way where your choice of words are being altered and aligned to a higher frequency.  The power of NOW will be a grounding agent that will show you a more comfortable way to interpret your surroundings and life situations.  There may also be something with your health and diet that is coming up for you, possibly through food allergies or something that is a poison in your body and is affecting the way your brain works. This can be something like gluten intolerance which affects some peoples mental states and is linked to bi-polar, depression and schizophrenia.   This can also be something like having Mercury removed from your teeth, which also affects your mental heath.   So be open to a health link that you were missing before but that is actually keeping you from living your souls purpose.  This can mean you will now KNOW the importance of working out as a way to maintain happiness and mental stability.  And the changes you make with your way of thinking and interpreting things, along with any health and diet insights that come up, will smooth a new path for you to be able to speak more clearly, honestly, and vulnerably with those peoples you would like to grow closer with.  AND, the best part is that the changes you are making are in DIRECT alignment to affect your career so that more people will be ready to hear what you have to offer.    You are another sign that is looking to merge and whether this is a new lover or a new work partner, someone wants to come together with you.  Your job is to allow that to happen through being honest and vulnerable with your words.

Sagittarius Horoscope Image

// sagittarius //
This can be a confusing time where you feel like something is wrong or something is beneath the surface and you just can’t put your finger on it!  Trust this energy and KNOW that something will come to the surface to be revealed but first you must go back into your relationship history to understand more of what is needing to clear out in order to make space for a dance with another person that is more honoring of both parties.  This is a blessing as you are ready to move forward into more satisfying partnerships with others.   This can be where you are waking to projections of others or programming that was put into you that really does not resonate with these new earth ways.   You may be basing relationships now on your mothers experiences or your fathers experiences.  Something from the past has influenced what you think is possible in relationships now and this may have created a ceiling that you are so ready to bust out of. There is something here with you wanting to grow closer and more intimate and with really wanting to do whatever it takes to make this work and make it stick.  There is a new compromising energy waking within you that really just wants to create harmony and positive growth with others.  You are ready to bust through some old limits and take this world by the horns, joining your energies with others so that a more powerful force is created.  The changes you make with this sort or re-patterning work is going to open the doors for more satisfying connections through friends or other groups of people.  This can also be where you come together with someone intimately and through them a new avenue of friendships opens.  This can also be where you awaken in your heart to how much you DO want to feed your friendships and reestablish some connections with people you have not seen in a while.  This month will show you how much you DO need those quality people who really do make your heart sing and you will take the steps to bring them closer to you.  This will be a month you will be sharing MANY words of love and appreciation and soft things that have others wanting to spend more time with you.  You will also experience something with someone from your past who is reappearing.  You may be seeing them in a new light and in that you will be seeing a new way to share your heart feelings with them.   Intimacy is to be awakened and activated.

Scorpio Horoscope Image

// scorpio //
You are ready to broaden your horizons and spread your wings and this feels like an energy that is going outwards in order to draw in what is most appropriate for your path now.  There is a sweeping aspect to this energy where you may be scanning the scene for what lights up as THE TRUTH and there will be a letting go of all the rest which will feel very dull and deadened, in a way. You are going for LIFE and vibrancy and the old tired ways of patterns that haven’t ever amounted to what you dreamed they would be are ready to fall away.  You are also going back into a dark space where something is hidden, and was possibly forgotten about, but ready to be revealed because it is something that is keeping you from expanding and blossoming into these new ways that you are SO READY FOR.  There is a stagnancy here and a track that has been traveled over and over and each time you have so many aspirations for how different it will be THIS TIME and then looking back you see that it ALWAYS plays out the same way.  But that stops here. You are ready to create this new way of experiencing intimacy so that a new and better and deeper and more valuable expression can be mutually enjoyed.  You will be thinking about how to have more solid and stable commitments with others so that they anchor down and at the same time sprout upward.  This means you will be opening to sharing more vulnerable aspects of your personality as a way to bond closer with others.   You are feeling the merge energy and you are ready to grow deeply with someone so that you can take them on your adventures.  I have to say I saw a caveman image where you club someone over the head, throw them over your shoulders and drag them to your cave (smile).  This tells me that sexually you have a lot of steam to burn off as this is something that has been building and I imagine that going back, in order to move forward is going to be very satisfying for you and your prisoner.  This is new spark energy but from something that is familiar.  This can also be where you have a newly awakened love for your partner as you take on more commitments that bring you both deeper into the life experience and into this one love connectedness.   What you are changing with your old worn out patterns of intimacy and communicating will open you to expressing in a more psychologically healthy way AND this will bond people closer to you.  There was something with pushing them away and repelling them but this new communication style, that is  a new pattern of relating, is wanting to birth from you and this will draw maybe TOO many your way!

Libra Horoscope Image

// libra //
So this Mercury Retrograde cycle is going to have you very focused on new ways to branch out and expand in regards to your career. You are really feeling the call of wanting to be doing something that you LOVE and you will be thinking about what it can take to manifest some life changes that can make you feel more excited and awakened to what is really possible.  I am feeling this shedding of foggy layers where you were not able to see so clearly into the fog but now you will be able to look back and see where you missed out on expanding in your life. This likely has been something projected or others related where you have taken on a path or dream of another.  This may be too where you have held yourself back with feelings like what you really want to do is not possible. This month will be all about going back in order to replant idea seeds for far range plans.  You will have a clearer vision in order to see that the steps required are totally feasible with this new change of perspective.  You will be more open to not necessarily needing everything RIGHT NOW and instead will feel more patient with making the list and checking off the steps it will take to follow this NEW PATH.  Now, going back to school or deciding to study a subject that you love may be how this manifests.  You will also be dreaming of changing environments, in a way, so this can be moving across the country or even changing your blog to bring a whole new fresh way to represent what you are doing.   After this cycle you will be more ready to expand in glorious ways that will have you feeling so much more positive about what you can really DO in life and that energy will then sail you into the career arena where you will be clearer INSIDE and thus will be able to attract more honoring soul gratifying opportunities to share what you are really good at.  Do remember that being humble and vulnerable is important at this time because you will be going into your past in order to see where you have held yourself back from expanding and thriving in the ways your mind dreams for you.   This cycle is to create a brand new day for you, so honor and enjoy the journey that will be pointing out ALL the things that have got to go and have GOT to be upgraded.   And the day Mercury goes direct, he will also be in a trine with the North Node in Libra which means the changes you make will be bringing you MUCH closer to the TRUE YOU and so much so that even others will have to do a double take when they look at you.

Virgo Horoscope Image

// virgo //
There has been a lot of activity and change of scenery that is opening you to how much you NEED your peoples and how you are ready to do your part and to really make a difference.  Through connecting more in a humanitarian space, from possibly new perspectives of what is really going on out there,  you are waking to wanting to do different things with your career.  There can be something with your antennas shining more brightly and more honing in on what you really love to do.  You will be going back and making corrections with your career path and possibly letting some things go as there is the element of jack of all trades here with maybe wanting to be everything for everybody.  You may have been working several jobs or doing several things within your job that you now can see are keeping you from truly focusing full on energy into a one or 2 areas.  If you do not have a job then this is a GREAT time to really go back and think about your true creative gifts and what you would really love to do.  If you can hold the space of recognizing your value then you will be filled with inspiration that naturally  opens you to being more seen in your career.  You will also have ideas a plenty for changes and re-assessments of what you would like to do with your career.   This is for sure a narrowing down though, so you will be most focused on what you are really good and at what most fits your personalities comfort zone… as in THIS is MY thing.  Now there may be some miscommunication with friends or with groups, actually, so you may be having provocation come up that relates to feeling left out or like others are ganging up on you in a way.  There is just the need to understand that these sensitivities and intuitional hits are in fact truly trying to show you who you should allow to hold space in your thoughts and who is just not really built for you.   That narrowing down really needs to be focused on those diehard friends who are your peoples through and through.   Although you DO have the opportunity to heal all rifts or miscommunications just through some compassionate soft heart to heart words.   Remember too that when others tend to pull away and block you out or not support what you are doing, it is that you are triggering sensitivities in them, and of course, if you are doing the same with others then you need to look at the sensitives they are bringing up in you.   One of the sad truths I have most noticed with people is that there is such competition to be the best and this causes them to reject and to try to put down people who are doing great things with their lives. And one of the greatest lessons I have learned is that if you want success, then be thrilled for those people who are doing great things.

Leo Horoscope Image

// leo //
So love you are going to get the opportunity to go back and heal some miscommunications with others at this time.  You will first be pulled into a space of wanting to be alone and process some of the recent actions in your life.  It may be that something friend related or the coming together with others in a group environment opened you to something that you are needing to make peace with.  It is a nagging thing and it may be something you said, or did not say.  This feels more like “did not say” and that can have you feeling pressure and tension with this knowingness that you just HAVE to get this off your shoulders. So during this cycle you will first retreat to see this and then you will be going through something like the 12 steps in alcoholics anonymous where you go back to make amends or clear the air.  There will also be a remembering of old friends who are now gone and the good ole days sort of things.  This can be a time of shock at how quickly things change and things from the past will be showing up reminding you of how much you need your peoples and a tight friendship base.  This can also be a wonderful time where you are waking more to your humanitarian heart and things YOU based will be boring you as you WANT to give back more and to be there for others in ways you may have not been open to before.  This will be a great time to really just put your intentions into some long range ways with how you want to change your life and bring more balance and beauty in.   Synchronicity will also be very strong at this time as it will open you to the healing that needs to take place with you and others.

Cancer Horoscope Image

// cancer //
So you have had a lot on your mind but you haven’t really shared this with others because it has been in private moments and where you are sort of going to the past in order to come to some more spiritual understandings of why it all had to be the way it was. Nostalgia for sure is where you have been as you are moving into something new that requires that you make a sort of peace or let go with something from your past. This can be something that felt like it was enslaving you or keeping you from really moving forward in life.  It feels heavy like an anchor, but there is love for this, so it was confusing as to how to let it go. Around the end of May you started to get these insights into a new birth sort of situation in your life, where you are clearly seeing that it is time to move to another level or to finish a very long birth canal passage that has run its course.  It may be that you stayed in that birth canal longer than you needed to for fear of change or the fear that the change would somehow mean you didn’t care anymore?  There seems to be a mental space with this that held you attached to this thing that is no longer viable and thriving and breathing life.  And something is related to home, the feelings of safety, the feeling of being protected and supported, and the changes you make during the next 3 weeks will be bringing more opportunities to feel all those things at home and in your body.   This journey to feeling so much more safe and okay with things will come from the pulled back state as there will be insights on the way when you can be very silent and open to understanding some events from your past.  This can also be a time when you are VERY psychic and VERY in tune to things that you have not been before.  And THAT is going to open you to being able to receive gifts that come from your guides or even from loved ones who have crossed over… if you are open to those messages.  Often being open just requires that we are open to being open.   So if you are looking to connect to other forms of healing insights that can take place through messages or synchronicity coming from other worldly sort of forces then intend that you are ready now.   This will be a time to clear out a lot of density and pain so that you can come forward and be more in the vibration of the love that is so who you are.   Do be open that you may need some space at this time and will have claustrophobic feelings of just wanting to be left alone. THAT is so that these other messages of clarity can come to you… so make the space for some alone time and some healing times out in nature and some times for rest, rest, rest.

Gemini Horoscope Image

// gemini //
This can mean that at the end of May you likely have gotten yourself into a bit of trouble or confusion with your choice of words or with the words or actions of another. You may have manifested some confusion or jumped on something that wasn’t really reality but it pushed your buttons to high heaven so you reacted.  This can also be related to your creative gifts so it may be that you found out that someone copied you or slandered you or somehow lit you up with feeling like boundaries were crossed.   Now this was just a provocation that is going to bring you closer to the truth of who you are and with seeing how awesome your gifts are, because otherwise they wouldn’t have copied or mimicked what you are doing!  There is an epidemic in this world now where many people are taking what others have created and are copying it or putting it in their own words to share and try to profit from.  But in the New Earth vibrations, the energy is only in its most potent state when it is authentically walked or the original.   So you cannot help who is going to take your gifts and brilliant ideas, and run with them trying to market them as their own, but you can rest assured that they will never rise to the heights that you will with your authentic material.  So let that go.   And if you too are someone who is sharing things that are actually from others inspiration, then you will need to look at this about yourself because it will never work out when it is copied.   This is the time of authenticity and integrity and each one of us has something very unique to share that relates to our own unique path and timeline.  So do not think you need to go out and repeat what others are doing in order to know your own success.  It doesn’t work like that in this new energy.   So values are also coming to the table and you may be seeing where the need to be like others or to have what they have is keeping you from truly valuing the special and unique gift that YOU have.  This cycle is to bring you more confident with the way you communicate and with how you are sharing important messages and it comes from looking within and honoring that YOU can do this without needing to gauge yourself in relation to others.   This is stand up and be proud of YOU time.  And when you do, and when you keep it on the compassion for all vibe, THEN you can experience a new forward growth through your creativity and with that thing that you can do that helps you to feel valued and important.

Taurus Horoscope Image

// taurus //
So this one, my loves, is going to affect your work that relates to communicating and sharing messages with others.  Now around the end of May you should have started to come up with some brilliant ideas to better do that thing you love to you.  You may have felt like things were flooding in that kept inspiring you in ways that had you wanting to jump on this and jump on that. but then Mercury is going retrograde to reconsider how to apply those new changes in ways that TRULY can showcase your communications more in regards to your souls purpose work.  So you will be pulled back and what is going to happen is that you are going to hone in more on these creative gifts that you possess.  You will be going backwards in a way that may trigger some feelings of actually how unworthy you are and not good enough to be doing what you are dreaming.   You can expect that some age old triggers of yours will be showing up like a spot light asking, “do you really have what it takes?  Are you really good enough to do this?”  And through possibly feeling kind of crappy and so not good enough, you will hit this rock bottom point that says F@CK IT.  This will actually be you hitting the gold because you DO need to ask these questions of yourself! You do need to test yourself and be questioned in order to  build that JUST WATCH ME strength that you so got in your bones.  And from THERE we will then move forward with Mercury and your communicating style will be ON and much more aligned with the groundedness of a person who truly VALUES themselves and their gifts.   So when competition is awakened in you and a looking out at all the amazing things that others are doing, and when it pops your balloon and has you questioning if you even have what it takes, THEN the power will rise from within you.  This is all happening for you to see your worth in the world so that you can come more forward without the nagging doubts and fears you hold hidden inside your mind.   Within a month you will be much more MENTALLY clear and able to move forward with blinders on keeping you from distractions and forcing you to only focus on how very talented and valuable your pieces are for the world.  You can also expect to be starting a new writing project or creation that should have birthed in you as inspiration around the end of May.  This may be a long term project but if it is something that you can complete sooner, then the next few months will offer many windows for you to bring this to the surface.

Aries Horoscope Image

// aries //
Now you most likely have been thinking about your home, or moving or making a big change so that you can know a new form of safety and security in your life. Synchronicity may have been bringing these thoughts to you already in the end of May.  It feels like a creeper sort of thing where it is building momentum through situations appearing where you say things like, “wait I just thought about that and now it is showing up!”  There will be many situations outside of yourself that are showing up to remind you of where you are not acting with integrity in relation to the words you use to bring those things into your life that WILL make you feel safe, secure, at home in your body and at home with another person who is a true match.  This will be a time to really go deeply and ponder into your childhood and into the messages that you picked up on back then. This can be a very healing time where you make amends with how your parents were just doing the best that they could with the consciousness that was awakened in those days past.  There is something to forgive and to let go of that will be releasing a block that is keeping you from trusting other men or women.  This is something that carries resistance, so you may before in life have only seen it from one perspective, such as from the eyes of the victim, and there was no possibility of you being able to clear this density until now.   This is like spontaneous healing that can come from synchronicity where you are just more able to relate to the ones who hurt you so that you just decide to cut the cord and let them off the hook, which will bring a new sort of clarity into your life, which will allow you to have a new sort of partnership with others.   It is one thing that leads to many other things, so do not discount the importance of this one shift that is taking place in your mind.  You may also be freeing up a negative feeling  that you hold with your own physical body.  This can be you finding a compassion of self where you suddenly just do not want to choose to beat yourself up any longer because you were touched in an inappropriate way, or because others told you that something was wrong with you, or even just that you have picked up on the mainstream false messages of acceptable body types.  This also feels like food issues or anorexia or bulimia, so you may be waking to WHY you started those things and you will be finding the tools to heal them from your thoughts so that you can have a healthy relationship with food and with your beautiful and perfect body.   This cycle with Mercury is such a blessing for you as it will be opening you to a new way of being love through your words where you do not push others away and instead slow down in order to make sure that every word counts and is supportive and nurturing of others and self.