Some days are good days To zip the lips. Today is one of those days.

What has been really interesting is that we got fed with the passion to move towards ideas for change in our life and that got us feeling GOOD TO GO on some dreams we want to see ourselves walking in the near future. But — our bodies and energy levels and swiftly changing emotions have had us operating otherwise, as many of you still feel in the sludge or not really sure if things have changed. But trust me they have. And I tried to explain it a bit last week but what is peculiar about bringing the new is that it requires that we leave the old – and once that really plays out, it is just like driving away from your home town for the first time and how it’s actually kind of sad and now suddenly kind of scary as you finally DO step out of the theory and into practice of leap-taking risk in your life.

It is this one thing kept digested in your mind before you actually walk it — but then when you do – it becomes another thing. It becomes the experience known. It’s knowledge when it’s known in the mind – it’s wisdom when it has been walked and you know it to the core of you. And as much as you want to imagine how leaving the old will feel — you see that yes, you do, you feel sad as you do finally round the corner with your past no longer in sight. As you drive out of town, you DO feel sad because you are really doing this and now there is no turning back and now it happens. And that sort of thing can make us wishing for mama and feeling like the old maybe wasn’t “that bad”.

So we have to get used to that feeling for a bit, where we just feel a deep sadness that often we can’t put a finger on at all. Right now it’s like, it’s something so much bigger than you, but it does involve you, and it is a part of you, but it’s leaving you and it’s leaving us. And just how the soap suds leave part of themselves on the walls of the tub as it empties out, we do have to then kind of exert some energy and help clean the tub of what was left sticking on its way out of our lives.

So. Again it’s a process. Things go from this to that and then to the other. But moving along they are and you know it right now! Enjoy stretching your legs and starting to move them as you physically start making changes around you, like in your house and with how you move about. Those day to day changes we know we need to make are being made by us now and this is why the weight of things that before may have had you falling to the ground or getting fired up with fury, now you just roll along with and they aren’t as annoying or cumbersome. They are just things like brushing your teeth are. You deal and just do.

Make today about you and be as selfish as you can be if something comes your way that you KNOW you should stay out of. Like, if there is even a glimmer of possibility that something could get overheated and feisty, choose to do something for yourself instead. This sort of warning here lingers into tomorrow – so I’m giving you a heads up – but it’s FOR SURE where you can know that you WILL get stung and tangled and end up pulled over on the side of the road with a flat tire as the “energy that distracts” will knock you out of commission for a minute and will force you into stopped and stuck.

So choose yourself and if someone wants you for something and you get a warning in your gut – be brave enough to decline. It’s not a bad thing to do. Personally, I want you guys in position for tomorrow, PRIMED to receive what is on the way. But you will be gone, missing it all if you get the flat tire that is totally around this day. No engaging with any quick trigger, liver people, or feisty people just ready to blow. Like, don’t bite back. People are looking to engage in a fury fest with each other and it’s part of this day and tomorrow that so easily can be avoided.






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