Okay this is interesting.

So this migraine I have today is over my right eye and I just remembered how I was a forceps baby and this eye is what was pushed down and bruised on my face from the prongs pulling me out of a mother who was given drugs to put her to sleep.

So I was drugged and pulled out. And FORCED to be born on March 11, 1971, 2:14 am in Highland, Illinois.

And on my last birthday I had one of the worst migraines I have ever had, and I thought it was so unfair to start it in so much pain!

And I was turning 44 on a 4 year. And wow do I have a story to tell about those 4’s! They are very much like Saturn, I tell you what.

But anyway, I have always thought my migraines were related to this forceps birth. And I have A LOT of them.

But look at this amazing moment now in history with us stepping out of the false addiction to carrying our wounds around with us.

I wrote something somewhere in the Solar Eclipse Readings that was saying, do you want to carry around a 10 pound bucket that has mostly sand and a little gold in it? Or do you want to sift out the gold and only carry that with you.

One ounce of something that is so precious, or mix it with something obscuring it and carry 10 pounds of that around with you. Your choice.

As we no longer feel the cords to what hurt us, betrayed us, destroyed us, manipulated us, and diminished us, we find our TRUTH CORD that is the pipe before it gets gunk in it — the truest essence of who we are and who we have been before! The true SOUL that we are in its most glimmering lightness of purity.

Oh amazing days for us as this shift takes place! On path to back to our true essence.

So this energy now and with my birthday is correcting that damage for me!

This energy is going to my very first moments when I came out the womb and was given a migraine and from a mother who was drugged asleep and also dreading being a mother again.

But that all was perfect for my journey ahead. And it was all because I MUST be encoded for the energies of March 11 so that when I grew up I could be a teacher and guide for speaking the language of the energies and planets, but to also fully know the Earthly experience in its most limitation, which provide the most opportunity for learning.

And of course I come from a town called Highland and I am MAMA to High Vibe Guide. What a beautiful story I have.

And even though I have lost all things dear to me and have felt pain I didn’t even know could be felt, especially with losing Moon Bear, I AM who I am because of what was kept away or taken away from me. The very pain that we automatically run from is what created and blessed me with who I am. And I think I am wonderful bright star, so this is a message to follow my lead and trust that the more painful, the more valuable for YOU in the long run.

So thank you for being in my life for another solar year! And now as of tomorrow I will be 45 on a 5 year. That is going to be exciting for me. And I have so many wonderful leaps of faith to take in the future and I plan on taking you along with me! So we can start celebrating my birthday right now!!

Happy Birthday!!! bring it.

All the love there is, KV

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