One of the things too I want you to notice with this New Earth energy that is SO ALIVE + HOPEFUL + EXPANSIVE + BRIGHT is that we are coming up with ideas galore and many of them involve coming together with others (the merging energy)!!

The reason for this is because of the mass NARROWING DOWN energy of only focusing on those things we truly excel with and also that we are stepping down from feeling like we need to wear all the hats and do all the work. Subconsciously we are waking to the truth that we create a sustainable situation when we stop doing all the work and decide to hire others to take over in areas where we are not really operating as our best selves.  The narrowing down is focusing us into specific areas of expressing our true gifts, which means we need others to take over with some of the other tasks, which creates a wave of space for all to have a place in this world.  It is beautiful!  We are all feeling needed in some way.  I know over the past week I have collaborated with about 6 people!  Some are coming to me and some I am calling forward, but it is creating this rippling affect that WILL change all of our lives, as feeling needed for our special gifts opens us to receiving even more and more of the same. It is that sustainability action.

I feel so hopeful for us, loves. I see this life coming to form from the slow down of this whole year which was merely to get us back on OUR tracks with doing what we are specifically here to do at this moment.  And I am so grateful that you are here with me now in these, yes, most spectacular times!  We can do this and we will.

i love you.  your KV.