Your time is up.  Enough of the dark space ponderings and introverted mind spaces of “who am I?  what am I here to do?  what would I REALLY love to do? ” We are offered ripe times throughout the calender year to delve deeply, to retreat, to pull back, to do the inner work, and as of now we are stepping out of that space and taking what we have learned and NOW pushing it forward through the emotions of what our heart has shown us and off it goes to manifest as lived experiences.  This is the reboot time of the year, where we are filled with the possibilities of new dreams that came FROM the inner space of being pulled back in our caves of recent months.

Combine that with Mars and Saturn being in retrograde motion, which are months from moving back into direct motion,  and you have the perfect magical concoction of the Warriors and Warrioresses finding a new path of purpose in their lives, one that is even more narrowed down to what truly feeds us.

We saw things stop in some areas of our life and through the sludge of that difficult passing, a new dream took root in our heart.  This is similar to someone getting a message of a now known life sentence, such as though late stage cancer.  The passion fire growing in our hearts comes from a place of feeling like time is limited, so we MUST make the most of what we have NOW.   There will be feelings of, if not now, when?  OR, time is of the essence.  But also, needing more time, feeling that there is never enough time.  For sure, time is on our minds but it is also with clarification, or simplification, and with DOING what we really dream of doing and with savoring the nectar of each moment right now.  Suddenly our to-do lists are being rewritten as we say HEY, this is the life I dream of living and I commit to doing one thing a day that moves me closer in this direction of living this life RIGHT. 

We are waking to these new eyes that can see our past in a more positive light, and through that evolutionary jump with our own perspective, a whole new playing field is manifesting before our eyes.  To say that the game has changed completely is putting it mildly. It IS a whole new world out there with energy activated and operating in a way to attract your hearts desires to you.  And that is why we are thinking so much about them right now because we should be.  The question has been asked:  what do you really want to do?

So understand that the pause of feeling in the void, the confrontations that dropped on your path, the closed doors, the stagnation, the depressions, and all the doubts and insecurities you may have been facing while in the cave time was only to point you in the direction of what needs to be brought up a notch in regards to your own perspectives of what this all means.  The past months were so valuable in rebirthing this true you that was covered in the muck of others dreams and wishes. The shedding of skins of past hurts, past violations, stories of the past that kept you anchored down into not believing that you deserve the bounty, have been falling away.  Trickle by trickle by drop and drop.  They call these things: processes.  And they take time.

We also have fully moved into the North Node in Libra and that is right on schedule with this new flavor of energy that is all about creating harmony and peace for one and for all.   Through the past several months, we were being shown where we are out of balance in our lives and mostly with how we handle altercations or miscommunications with others.  The natural tendency, especially with the North Node in Scorpio, is to take offense and to fight for ones position.  That energy says clearly that I am right and you are wrong.  Or, this has nothing to do with me and everything to do with you.  The natural tendency of the North Node in Libra is to have more of a back down or bow down sort of stance with honestly seeing your piece in it and also their piece in it.  This is the energy of first and foremost WANTING to bring the peace and this requires that we do not hold so steady to needing to be right, but instead to wanting to hear others out, for the sole purpose of coming together in mutual understanding; peace  This energy says, okay we are in a fight or altercation…. how do we heal this so that all parties are honored and valued.  The desire to bring things to right action will always be the first desire.  With Scorpio, the first desire was to be right, and that meant others had to be the losers or the wrong ones.  This current energy says there is truth in all sides of the picture.  And we need to come from compassionate heart spaces when we deal with others in friction or uncomfortable situations.  You will hear the word humble often this year.  We are to go humble with no desire to fight to be right.  If we must feel the need to fight, we must fight to be humble and peaceful with all.  We must fight to LIVE right, not to be right.

Now synchronicity will be FULLY operating and you are all advised to follow the strings of connectivity. There are hella messages going out that way and you will also always be thinking that you are psychic. The veils are thin, so the ability to connect deeply and powerfully are very much available to us and we will have these situations of synchronicity bringing us blessings but also working to change the perspectives of the peoples. When magic happens, we awaken. All things magical and mystical that drop into our lap straight from the mystery, ALWAYS transform us and reactivate us.  And that is what is happening through the synchronicity and the just straight up good feeling moments.

Things will continue to be UP then DOWN, as out of the blue situations triggering us to feel deeply are the flavor of the moment.  Remember that it is all working with the synchronicity, so it is all ultimately for the good, but it can make things feel quite unstable.  My advice is to hold on dearly to the UP in the form of total gratitude and appreciation. Savor EACH moment of the good and be so grateful that this is happening to you, while it is happening.  There are figure 8 curves to the Up and Down energy that are avenues for expression and you CAN keep more to the center so that things not need be so dramatic.

But when all is said and done…. we are moving into a WONDERFUL space of so many potential ways to live the bliss and to feel alive and abundant with all areas of life.  We are committing to these changes we need to make and we are ready to create the life of our dreams. We are inspired now to work miracles and to defy the odds. What wonderful energy.  And honestly, it is only growing, as this is the beginning of it, so we will be able to see many new steps forward in our lives because of what we are committing to changing and bringing in, right now, with the birth of this new moon in Aries,

Oh and the biggest part of the magic of this moment is that this new moon in aries is right there up with Uranus and squaring the Jupiter // Pluto opposition. oh yes.  THIS IS one of the hot spots and this is straight up POWER.  So this is revolutionary changes happening NOW.  We are changing right now and those moves we have been doing in our moments of inner work and humble self observation are to catapult us to higher levels because the time is so now for us to go out and be true to who we really are.

This is not small potato energy. This is the real deal and heavy duty.  We will only have this opportunity on this new moon and not again this whole year.  These days now are to be epic in later times if we can focus our energy exactly where we know it needs to go.  This is dream a big dream energy. This is dream of jumping 10 layers in vibrations.  This is dream of a world with no limits.  What do I want to do for a living?  How do I want to support myself?  Who do I want to be with?  Where do I want to live?  What do I want to accomplish this year and beyond? What do I need to change to live my dream life?

And quite honestly, there is no time to wait.  We need you to be who you truly are as that is the only way to right this ship of earth. You say, how do we change the world?  We say, we change you.  You in this liberating form you are taking, in this desire to be happy, to live your truth, to live life fully, to be present, is all apart of the movement that is taking place in so many of your sisters and brothers hearts too.  Liberation and freedom to the peoples. Starting with you, and spreading out to others. How cool to be such an inspiration and trailblazer.

Use this new moon energy to the MAX.  Fill out at least 10 visions for what you like to be doing, have happen, or be living, written as if you could have anything and could really live your dream.  Keep these written 10 visions where you can see them daily.  This is the seed so you will want to nurture it and feed it with your energy but THIS TIME NOW is of much importance with DREAMING those visions for your life, as in feeling what you need in order to be living the good life.   What you dream now can come in miraculous and out of the blue ways this coming year, so be focused in your dream scope, and really get clear on what will make you happy.

This new moon is at 10 degrees Aries.  Please read your Sun, Moon and Rising signs and feel free to share this with those that you love.    { love, kv }

Pisces Horoscope Image

// Pisces //
Oh I can see you smiling again!  No more worry and lack of confidence for you, my love!  This is a NEW DAY. This is where you can finally see that all that inner work and all that close examination of who you think you are is breaking through to the other side.  Your values are changing and this is changing every other aspect of your life.  There is a rippling affect going on and it is through your new humble assessment of who you are and what you can possibly manifest that is opening a whole new playing field with which to walk your dreams.  There was a stop or pause on your path that was to more align you to what is actually possible.  Your power is coming from your relationship with your ability to dream and visualize what you would like to see happening.  For so long your dreaming was seen as a negative or for sure not a strength.  Others would say to you, you need to get out there and MAKE things happen!  Ha! Joke is on them!  The force of energy is in your heart now and because of that great gift, you can fully dream from your heart and expect that your wishes will come true.  You are on this path now that is trying to align you to an arena that honors your creative gifts with the space to grow and expand.  This can feel like you have been traveling down a road that was many curves and twists and now you can see the mesa before you in this long open road space.  You felt limited and tight before but now you can see open potential for your dreams manifesting.  I see many rainbows for you!  Hope and rebirth are in your heart fully.   There will also be the element of finding something that really makes you feel important or needed. This is like walking into a situation where others were looking for JUST the thing you can offer and feeling like no one saw you before but now you have everything they need.  This can make your heart feel really good.  If your create gifts are being honored, you will feel in heaven. If you are not yet there in being seen, just make your intentions now for finding that space that is just waiting for the thing that you love to do.  Also welcome this energy that is about simplifying your life so that you only focus on the things that feel valuable.  There is a narrowing down energy going on in your life so that you can sort of pinpoint JUST what you want to do and to leave the rest for others to do.

Aquarius Horoscope Image

// Aquarius //
I can see that you don’t really know how you feel right now as there has been so much up and down and confusion of this wild ride called life!  You WILL enter a sweet space of the high wave in no time flat, but you may still be in the cave of confusing times. I feel you are about 50/50 with who is still in the confusing and who has reached the other side of the BLISS.  There is the element of clearing that is occurring from childhood days and this has lingered with you and finally now you will awaken to this pain, violation, disconnect or rejection and you will be seeing that it is merely in your thought processes and not so much in your energetic body.  There are thoughts that you are holding onto that are actually keeping you disconnected from the things that are here to give you total joy.  I see this separate factor to this… like keeping something in a box and giving it more importance than what it really needs. This can be like not being able to let go of a hurt and allowing it to be so present that it holds you back from really living.  You KNOW what this is as it is something that hurts your heart, but I see you clearing it at this time and opening to brand new vistas of possibilities BECAUSE you know it is time to let this go and like for real this time.  Now you are also being put on notice that your words are very important.  You can take this how you need to take it…. get going on that book, that project, that message or soften up with how you talk about yourself.  Your mind is under TOTAL reprogramming in that you are learning to be more soft, more nurturing, more supportive and to really go to that place that is SO yours to go in seeing things in very long term and expansive ways. This is like believing in yourself and your important dreams.   This is like you knowing that what you have to contribute is very important and much needed.  We need you to just KNOW it and to not keep faltering on these waves of energy where you suddenly feel like there is no reason for you to be alive and how your gifts are not important.  Stop the cycle that takes you down into feeling so worthless.  Or at least when the low end does show up, hold steady in your heart that YOU KNOW that you are doing something important and when the time is right it will be seen and will blossom out into the world. Just hold the knowing because all the action is in your mind at this time.  All your power is tied into your mind and also with your connection to spirit and with TRUSTING this life path of yours.  There have been no mistakes on your journey.  Not even one.  Nothing that happened was not supposed to happen…. there was something for you to see there no matter how hard that is to understand, you just need to trust it.   Trust this life of yours, love and KNOW that you are right on schedule.

Capricorn Horoscope Image

// Capricorn //
Oh yes!! This is the time to sink your roots into home and to really put some love and rebirth energy there.  This can be a time of having revolutionary change within your home environment and with getting things, awakening to things that are very ROOTS related and something really engrained in us. This can be a time when you make connections and get things differently, like seeing something from your past, like a habit of something you were doing, and seeing that it needs to be upgraded, transformed, and birthed into a more positive expression.  This for sure will be new perspective time and with seeing something in a new light that relates to the home life or with childhood beginning times.  This will be like awakening and enlightening time.  Ah-ha! Oh my!  Really?  and Wow!  Then clearing.  Then rebirthing. Then reawakening. Then feeling inspired and ALIVE and lets do this!  Oh SMILE land.  You will actually look back at recent sober times and hardly be able to remember what it felt like to feel that way even a few days earlier because this new feeling just feels so dang GOOD and calm and steady. This feels like barbeque, friends, drinking, cutting loose, beautiful day, heart awakened, smiles, happy, life is good.  Not that you need to do any of those things to feel this, but what this feels like feels like the essence of those things.  Just, feeling good.  Now more than ever you are feeling the changes that you have gone through, with who you think you are, and they are making you feel more powerful … and you are feeling the changes of how much your relationships are changing and becoming so much more fulfilling, and that makes you feel more confident of who you are and with wanting to share that with others.  You are also feeling the changes of the fact that you have the control over what you allow to haunt you in life, to hold you back or to limit you from the shining you deserve to be doing.  You are feeling that you DO have control over that through the use of your mind.  And because of all these brilliant things you are connecting and awakening to, your WHOLE life will start to look more rosy.  Isnt that great news. So use this new moon to further clear out that which is keeping you from FULL expression out in the world.  Clean it or move it or get rid of it, in order to create the space for what you REALLY want to see manifest with your career.   It relates to something give back, humanitarian based and something that uses your hands and that you LOVE to do as it feels like something that comes so natural to you.

Sagittarius Horoscope Image

// Sagittarius //
So this energy is set to bring a brand new feeling of feeling in LOVE.  Yay.  This is double the love factor.  This is like I feel great, now how do I continue to manifest more of this.  This is start over fresh energy of really delving deeply into your soul, actually, to really uncover WHAT it is that will make you happy in life. Like what is on your mind is what you need to do or change to feel totally okay with this life and like you have done what you can.  You for sure are feeling more inspired about what direction you want to move into in regards to bringing more value into your life though the honoring and living of your creative gifts.  Earth should be on your mind … the soil, gardening, connecting deeply, home cooking, nurturing, support from the ground up.  That which makes you feel important and like you are doing the good things will be very much the direction of where your energy should be put. Do understand that many things you thought you were meant to do may be transforming into something even bigger and better. There are changes with your values as they are not the same even from a few years ago. New elements come into our lives in order to change our values.  It is like learning of organic, gmo, fair trade and all that…. once this element comes in our whole values change.   So what you thought it would take to make you happy now may not be the same thing you thought of 10 years ago and RIGHT NOW is when you are in this prime time to lay down the foundation of how you want this year to manifest in regards to bringing in more things that make you feel joyful and fulfilled with life.  You are going for the complete package.  This is a time when children are the focus, so you may be focused on having children or BEING the best parent to them that you can be. You may be waking to things from your own childhood that you see are shaping how you treat your children, or yourself,  and you will decide now to do it different and to BE what they deserve to have as a parent.  You may even plunge more deeply into your creativity in order to be that better parent. It works that way as when you are doing what you love, then you can love them more and also be an example for the benefits and joys of artistic expressions.  Use this new moon energy to dream all the things that it will take to feel real happiness in your life.  Decide to delve back into your creative gifts. Decide to delve back into the honeymoon times of your relationship, to bring back the fun times.  Or decide that you are ready to attract true love and to come together with someone who makes your heart sing.

Scorpio Horoscope Image

/ Scorpio //
This is going to be a load off your back or something with letting go of something that wasn’t even necessarily real, as it is coming from your mind space, with something critical or nit picky in a way,  But so this thing is wanting to have a rebirth or start over sort of energy with how you have been perceiving  things.  Since this is coming together with Pluto in your 3rd house, this likely deals with miscommunications that are showing up as patterns that are keeping you from having more of a balanced relationship with trusting things.  So there is a hold onto energy that is wanting to release into more of a trusting energy and when that happens….boom… liberation.  There is control in the energy but it comes from something mind space related and old habits picked up, so it is not something that needs to a part of who you are, it just has been so it felt like home.  But there is open mindedness and liberation wanting to take place in how you use your words.  This will often be with what you believe is possible as you are being asked to bump up your expectations and don’t cut yourself short by judging things too harshly with words like CAN’T and NEVER HAVE ENOUGH.  There is the need to trust in spirit more and to trust that things have worked out in the past and they certainly will also in your future.  You may feel a rebirth to what you souls purpose is and what that thing is that you really want to do.  This may be tied to health as you may be deciding to get going with a new diet or health plan with added focus to really do it this time. This can be letting go of bad habits that affect your heath and really feeling passionate at this time to call it a day with them.  Your keys to success will always take place in your mind as every word you say inside and out is creating everything for you.  So again you will go back to your wording of things in order to bring about the best benefits. If you think something is going to be hard to do, then it will be.  Your mind space is looking for an upgrade so that all thoughts are on the positive and on seeing things in higher perspectives.  Having Saturn in your sign, and in retrograde motion is always going to dampen things, but fortunately you only have another year of this and then he is gone for 28 years, but do know there is an anchoring or heaviness of your energy from Saturn, which makes it even more important that you keep your thoughts and words on love and positivity and on seeing the best in things.   The changes you make NOW with your mind scope can bring revolutionary change in your life through manifesting out of the world success with all things internet based or with dealing with people far and wide.  This can be a bridging and healing energy with people coming from differing perspectives.

Libra Horoscope Image

// Libra //
You are changing so much!  You really do need to stop and give yourself some props because you do need to focus that light on how much you have changed over this last year.   I mean really, just look back to one year ago and see how there has been such a liberation factor and such a brand new you coming out of the closet, as the TRUE you.  Look back too and remember how frightening at times the change felt, and how you wanted to hold on and not allow things to change, but now you can clearly see that it was for your best and that, hey, maybe the best is even still yet to come.  Deep and powerful metamorphosis is where you are…. and still in the process.  But for now, do look out and see how all this change is bringing you into a much more balanced state with others and just try to see that you are awakening to this give and take and to the proper and balanced coming together with others.   You have needed this pull back in order to pull further back into the truth of who you are so that you can come together with others in the proper way and not the needy way or the too much givey way.  The pull back has been to show you who you are!  The pull back was to put the mirror on you first so that you can get to know you and come to love YOU.  When you love yourself, and like really, like really feel okay with who you are, and when you have made peace with your more undesirable actions, and have decided to learn from them and not just sit there and blame yourself because of them, but when you decide to make them guideposts for what you will NEVER do again, THEN you fall into that acceptance love for self.   And from there you are able to give more to others in the correct way.  And there ARE others around you who really need you to step up and love yourself so that THEY can get some of your love too.  So forgive yourself and open the door to wanting to start over and start fresh.  You can expect revolutionary change in the dynamics of your relationships to others when you can forgive and decide to start over RIGHT NOW, from this point forward.  Your power is in your mind, don’t forget that.   Think the BEST thoughts, love yourself in gentle words, open to the expansiveness of what is really the potential.   Limitation no more!  It is feels limiting, transmute it to something more happy.

Virgo Horoscope Image

// Virgo //
Oh my loves. Consider this to be major blessings time.  This is a very powerful gate opening that is going to help you go deeply into your basic structure and to do this very life changing clearing work that sets you on a TOTALLY different path in life.  This can be like something you awaken to, like an old pattern, and where you will see this from a higher perspective or new point of view and it just feels like you are completely changed because of it. You can go up in vibration, dramatically, from the inner work sort of healing of wounds or maybe even the discovering that you are taking on something from another, like a projected wound or point of view that you can see is now SO NOT YOU.   This is like dropping something, letting go of something, transmuting something into a higher perception.  This can feel oh so wonderful after a long journey of confusion and feeling anchored down by this thing that didn’t really even have anything to do with you anyway!  Ha.  Funny how it is often that way.  But it is the releasing of these things that bind us and haunt us that brings the best feelings that we can ever imagine.  There is always a sweet energy that comes after a deep purging release or transformation. Always. It IS the light at the end of the tunnel and I see you moving towards the light, my love. So even if you are still in the dark of it and the depression of it, know that a healing, an awakening, a lightening of the load, and a total kick ass rebirth feeling of the phoenix rising out those ashes is where you are moving. And also know that it can change in an instant!  In one day you can move through so many emotions and highs and lows, so just ride this journey like a rockstar and enjoy what comes up, always knowing that there is a reason and when you discover that reason, through the honest and humbling look within, you THEN move into the inspired space and hopeful space, the new day space.  You are on the cusp, love, but know that what you do in regards to clearing and healing work is what is going to make this next space feel so DANG delightful.  Keep your eyes on the end of the tunnel… like when you feel carsick!  When you get nauseous you are to keep your eyes at the last forward spot you can see.  So do this now if the tunnel is making you feel claustrophobic.  You are closer to the end than you are to where you began, so might as well continue on.  Use this new moon energy to plant intentions for just how much you want to heal and grow and become the most true to yourself person you can be.

Leo Horoscope Image

// Leo //
Magic occurs when you travel and follow through on impulses or intuitional messages.  Yes, go.  Go there now.  Things that can have a revolutionary change in your life, so much so that you feel like awakened or instantly changed, will happen when you step out of your comfort zone.  You will also feel much movement and stimulation from things that are relating to messages shared far and wide, like over things on the internet or that are connecting things from far and wide.  Your mind is awakened and fired up over the possibilities of things, which felt so closed and not clear for so long, but now it is like LIGHT shined on something and this really makes your heart feel good.   There are things shifting with how you use your mind and how you interpret things.  You are just realizing that it is best to stay positive and to try to trust that this life of yours really does have a meaning and a purpose.  There is the trusting of the retreat and the wait and the mystery of things.  You are growing so much!  You must send some love your way over that because you really are taking so many perfect and beautiful steps forward BECAUSE of the honest appraisals of self and the desire to really be just and pure inside and out.  Inner work has so many perks!  So communication is still on the scene and a very important piece of this new growth in your life.  There is the element of the other, so it may be that you are learning a new way to communicate in order to bring the peace and feel the love.  I see you asking about how others are doing and being more involved with them and what they need.  I also feel a release of your own need to need the others approval.  There is a balancing going on and it deals with your own ways of communicating …. but it is an all around way, so it also includes how you talk to yourself, how you talk to spirit or your guides,  and even how you talk on a day to day with people you run into.  I imagine too it deals with asking questions or being more open for assistance and help.  Something may even hold you down in a way so that you DO have to go ask for help or to allow others to assist you in some way.  Use this new moon energy to send your dreams OUT THERE.  Everything OUT THERE is what you need to focus on with intentions. See where you want to go, how you want to see this grow, what you would like to see your future look like.

Cancer Horoscope Image

// Cancer //
Oh yay!  I felt joy when I looked at your chart!  You already know that I have told you often that the Cancers are going through so many changes that have held them down in the depths, in the dark, in the pain, in the depression, and in the confusion.  You also know that I told you it is because of the BIG TIME things you WILL be doing and sharing with the world.  The Cancers were always a background sign and more of the support energy for other signs.  In the old world it was the women staying home to raise the kids and to be more in supportive roles instead of the top dog head office role.  And that has all changed as the Cancer supportive ways are now needed more on a global fashion. So you are getting out of the kitchen and moving into the office.  BUT what is interesting is the the men who are Cancer are moving more into the kitchen!  Everything is upside down now!  Cancer men ARE wanting to step back and to make more room for the women to come forward and lead.  So anyway, with this new moon you are FULLY focused and activated within the career arena! You are like I LOVE MY JOB!  You will also feel a new rush of energy come in the form of inspiration and with a new direction of feeling like you get it now and you can see clearly now.   The cave where you have been over the last few months was to open you to some disempowering ways of others, actually, that shaped you and formed who you are. There was an energetic release of the dreams, wishes and even violations of others.  The others factor was big time as you suddenly could see that this was THEIR garbage and had nothing to do with you. Through the peeling back of layers, truth met you face to face and then there was only one way to go, which was up and into a new perspective of your life story.  So understand that the bounty that has shown up for you, or will be soon, is all because you looked back and decided to see it in a higher and different light.  You may have thought that move was not that significant, but lordy be, it was the ultimate.  You have cleared out A LOT of debris and that Sun is shining brightly on you…. welcome it, love.  We want to see you smiling and glowing.  Use this new moon energy to set your intentions for how you would like to further see your career blossom and mature.  Any long held dreams of what you would REALLY like to be doing need to be at the forefront of ALL thoughts right now.  See them and feel in your heart how great it will feel to be living this dream.

Gemini Horoscope Image

// Gemini //
This is one of the best times of the year for you. This is when synchronicity comes ALIVE in your life!  This is when you open from this more closed space of feeling like you CAN’T do and suddenly feeling like the sky is the limit.  Things drop into your path at this time for the purpose of showing you that you CAN have more faith in the great mystery and in this thing called life.  This is also the perfect time for you to dream to the max and to go forward in time and to imagine where you would like to live, what you would like to do as work, who you would like to love and all that.  This is the best time of the year for you to dream very expansively.  Now next month you will move more into the retreat as you will more like marinate the dreams you are coming up with this month. So it is an up and down motion of this dream state but for now you are to just dream huge and in long term ways.  One thing that is changing your dreams is that your values are changing.  The things you thought you needed to feel like life is valuable are shifting into more simplified and organic sort of expressions. It is the simple things that are lighting you up at this time as you just want to get back to earth and to the basics.  Money can be on your mind too as you are thinking in terms of value and also with saving for a rainy day.  You may even have thoughts of wanting to take a new job or new situation that actually pays less than what you are used to but will offer more value into your own life, through possibly working less hours or by doing something you really LOVE to do.  For sure your mind is on career and how to have a balanced expression that offers the time to feel more free and unlimited by society.  You want to turn a new leaf, start over, begin again, or even go back in time to a way that felt more natural and simple.  You will also be awakening to wanting to do more give back and this usually comes in the form of wanting to do volunteer work or something that has total heart in it and not the expecting of something in return.  For this new moon, set your intentions on every aspect of your life where you want a rebirth and a feeling of excitement and value.  This new moon does not cover one particular aspect as it relates to your whole life and all the compartments.

Taurus Horoscope Image

// Taurus //
So my loves, this is the time when you are in more of a pulled back space… so your cave will continue for a bit longer as you clarify what you would really like to bring into your life, and also gain some more steam before you can fully move the energy out in order to attract these long held dreams of yours.  You are actually going to become addicted to the cave because through the retreat you are gaining so much more access to information that you were not able to discover before.  You are hooking up in ways that at times may have you feeling like, oh my gosh I am so psychic!   And its true, you are!  There is also much work that is being done with your mind and how you formulate thoughts in your head.  It is like you are feeling the sting of thoughts in your head that before could travel about with no ill affects.  But now you feel them and there is a sort of correction awakening within you where you KNOW this is not the most empowering thing to say about yourself, your path or others and it will come like a neon light to you. Correction. Correction. Now the point is that with each correction, you are to just humble yourself and decide to do this better or to be better, but you are not to beat yourself up as that continues the need for correction down the road.  Be humble and gentle.  This peace force is strong in you and it will be originating in your mind force.  You will also be VERY health focused at this time wanting to bring more balance in how you care for yourself.  Honor the sweet space of this retreat as it is opening you to a life of bounty and miracles.  Your energy has been outside of you, focused on others as that is your natural tendency, and SUCH a beautiful gift for sure, but for now we really need you doing the self care movement and with the nurturing of your inner child.  For this new moon, focus your intentions around doing healing work of the shadow and of those things that you have longed to hide and run from.  They are actually longing for your sweet and gentle care as making the peace and changing your perspective of them is the order of the day.

Aries Horoscope Image

// Aries //
This is YOUR new moon, loves! We only get one new moon a year and this one will be singing to your heart.   This is a time when you are fully coming forward and feeling a-okay with who you are.  The last energy coming through was not so comfortable for you and for sure you were feeling things like, can we just get on with it.  You were being held down and slowed down in some way because your energy force was not fully connected to your hearts desires.  It was like you were sending an arrow out to manifest what you were wanting, but it was not actually in total alignment with what is best for you, so that arrow hooked into nothing.  You probably were feeling rather frustrated and uncomfortable having to stay in the cave when you wanted to get out there and make things happen.  What is really cool though is that you ARE gaining this very mature perspective of knowing what really just needs your intentions and the energy that is required that is behind the scenes in a way.  You are learning that you can do so much more by just visualizing what you want than by pushing forward and trying to make things happen.  The push has been your way, but there is a balancing act going on with this where you are seeing that you can do so much more with the power of your mind and by connecting more fully to your intuition to guide you through this new world.   And actually ALL the most important aspects of your life are on the cusp of transforming into something that will feel so fulfilling to you, and ALL because of the work you are doing with your energy directing.   Now that you are learning to co-create with spirit, you are going to experience more power in your career, more fulfillment and satisfaction within your home life and more balance and peace with your relationships.  Aries are going softer on us and we love this!  For this new moon, make your intentions around coming out into the world as this NEW and more spiritually balanced life force.  Your eyes are tuning more into the concerns of others and through every act of care and attention for others, you will actually gain in strength, in balanced strength.