This energy is magic.  This is truly what dreams are made of, and right now we are in one of the most potent times to fully step out of the darkness of limitation, as we separate ourselves, peeling ourselves away from the beliefs that say what we dream just can’t be done.

These times are epic as we are being awakened to a new way of living, a new way of loving, a new way of experiencing LIFE in its most abundant and unlimited fashion.  Currently we sit on a cliff where we are being asked if we would like to jump into the world of our dreams,  where we are limited only by the thoughts in our minds, or if we would rather turn around and go back to what is most familiar and to continue on with how it has been.

We all are facing this choice and many will leap, but just as many will decide to keep it the same for fear of going outside of their box.  I KNOW what you all are going to do, loves.  If you are here now, you know you were born to leap as this is the time of risking it all and following the urges of our hearts that are speaking to us louder than ever saying YOU CAN DO THIS.

You will also notice that your insecurities are growing smaller or larger, and the larger aspect is just saying that you are pushing yourself too much into an area that you are not energetically ready to hold.  Timing is a fact of life and this is why we say, you may be starting that graduate program and feel that you are ready to BE what schooling you are embarking on, but until you walk those years and integrate the wisdom, you aren’t ready. The universe is sending waves of insecurity and doubt of self to those who are not ready to be where they want to be. But loves, we all walk that path! We all are so ready RIGHT NOW to be the dream we wish to be living, but we have to honor the seasons, the cycles and the much needed matching of our inner vibrations to what we desire out in the World.   This does not mean you are not to leap, it just means you are to leap with more patience, honoring that you are leaping into experiences that will take you to further opportunities of learning down the road.

But for those who are feeling their insecurities lessen, as they are feeling much more confident of what they are doing, know that you are at the opening gate and you ARE ready to move to the next level.  You will know by your confidence levels if it is time to pause, as you allow more life experiences to mold you and groom you, or time to move forward.

If you are in the confident state you will be noticing that things that triggered you before with feelings of competitiveness or jealousy are falling away. This occurs as a sign that it is time for you to bring your thing forward and in your heart you will now know for sure that there are plenty of opportunities to go around so you do not need to copy or compete or be upset at the viewing of others doing fantastic things.  When it is time, you will be implanted with confidence within that assures you that your unique perspective is now needed and will be received.

Until that confidence is ON, you are still in a schooling period and need to honor that. There is no rush in the New Earth ways.  We are all working together like birds in the V and sometimes you have to wait for others who are in front of you before you move forward.  And this is why it is so important that you are supportive of others doing those amazing things out in the world.   You must support the ones before you before you can join in the formation.  This is a New Earth rule of the road.

Now this time currently is SO important because we are able to send our dreams out there with 10 times the potency of normal times.  So if you are feeling confident, SHOOT for the ends of the Universe and get your thing out there in some form, if even just letting people know what you plan to do. And if you are feeling self conscious and not so sure of yourself, then use this energy to send out your dreams that will bring you closer to really honoring your piece, awakening to your true piece, and with KNOWING that you are really good at this and that the world needs what you have to offer.  Even if you do not really know what that is, send out the energy intention that this will be revealed to you in the near future.  Send out the energy of your dreams knowing that one day you will know what you are here to offer and one day it will all manifest beautifully and magically, at the perfect time of your soul evolution.  Remember there is no need to rush as rushing before we have really INWARDLY matched the vibration of what we are sharing means we then may have to get put back at the end of the line in order to learn the lessons, because learning the patience key and the trusting key are part of being in this New Earth.

And the rushing is activated at this time due to the Mars/Uranus opposition, so be aware of that because this can lead to us having to go backwards and clean up things that will essentially be holding us back had we just been patient and not felt the need to push through this energy.  Push is not usually a way that works any longer. It is all about flow and slow and organic and magical. Push is  the Old World way.  Manipulate, force, control, are the Old World ways so be careful with this pushy energy as you ARE being tested. Again, how does it feel?  Do you feel nervous or anxious or in survival mode but THINK you should push to make something work?   Don’t do it.  Unless this is a total green light and escalator ride, hold on a minute.

Mercury goes direct on the first of July and how was this for you?  This period is what started the birth of that extreme confidence, so for some this was a day dream of a retrograde cycle. But for others it brought up those insecurities and lack of self confidence. Just know what was revealed was something you weren’t seeing before and you have to face this in order to move forward. Whatever came up was a blessing; do not forget that.

This is such a vast and endless universe we live in and we tend to feel so controlling and focused on our little bity tiny space here of whatever drama is occurring in our lives, in this moment right now, and that is the Blue Planet Earth lesson we are here having to walk.  We are being schooled to be more trusting of the bigness of it all and that nothing is really a mistake as it has to occur to make the space for this other thing down the road. Every time. Every situation.  But death?  Yes. But illness?  Yes. But getting fired? ALWAYS.  But having someone leave you? Yes. Yes. Yes. Every thing.  And the sooner you learn that and accept that, the sooner you find the bliss vibration.  Surrender into the bigger plan.


And I would love to use these energies to officially announce the start of the Earth Walk Podcast!  I have been patiently waiting for the correct time to come to me and last night I was told that it would be July 16, 2014 and what I LOVE is that this is the day Jupiter moves into Leo AND the date comes to 777.  July (7)  16 (7)  2014 (7)!  Isn’t that beautiful!  My mind could not come up with a date, but when I surrendered, the date was given to me and it truly fits me to a T.  Jupiter, Leo, and 777?  YES that will be the birth of Earth Walk for sure.


Please share this article and pass it along if you know of anyone it will also benefit!  Thank you!  Without you, I wouldn’t be here. You feed my purpose, my loves.

Love, KV –

Pisces Horoscope Image

// pisces //
Love! Creative juices!  Love! Creative juices! LOVE!!  CREATIVITY ABOUNDS!  Yes that is your whole reading. See you next month. Ha!  Okay.  So you sweetie pie are in a pretty nice position as who you are is so coming together with what you LOVE to do. Who you are is shining brightly in a new way so that you have let go of some of the burdens to be perfect or to be accepted or to be seen, and now you are just knowing that if it comes from you and it is something you love to do then it will soar.  A path is forming and becoming more clear with each step forward you take into YOUR dream.  This is not the dream of others, though, as this one is unique to WHO YOU ARE.  No copying others!  You no longer need to go out and try to do what they are doing by just adding your own little spin. Nope.  We need this to be totally and utterly unique to who YOU are and then it will be able to stand out.  You are going to be inspired to the max and for sure your heart space is ignited. You may come together with a love of the past, as renewal is in the air, or you may be starting a new affair or even seeing your current lover in a fresh and exciting new way.  Do know that what starts around this New Moon has the markings of success.  This can be where you just set things in motion, but whatever is on your plans NOW has a really great opportunity to expand in ways that opens a whole new avenue in your life.  These steps now and the players showing up in your life now are oh so important!  You will be very focused on happiness and feeling more content with life and this has been the journey of release that you have walked recently. You will see that what you have had to let go of TRULY is for YOUR best.  Things are lining up to bring you closer to the dreams you have held for so long in your heart.  They represent stability and safety and when Mercury moves direct in the beginning of July, you will feel more movement towards those grounded feelings.  For now you are just creating in your mind WHAT you need to feel safe in this world and in your body.  And for sure this ties in with needing to feel important for who you are and needing to know that you are doing what your soul yearns to do in this lifetime.

New Moon Intentions: 
I am falling in love with life!
I am so abundantly creative!
I am doing big things with this new creative idea I have.
I am a love magnet.

Aquarius Horoscope Image

// aquarius //
Souls purpose work! What is my purpose?  What is my service to give to the peoples?  Now you are offered the opportunity to really name it and demand that it be.  And I would certainly be open to knowing that it has changed a bit over the past few weeks.  These moments now are ripe with alignment energy in that you are really honing in on what it is that you do in a special way that benefits others. You will also be shifting more to not being so concerned with the YOU piece in it all, and with being seen for who you are, as you are focusing now on just wanting to give back and do what you can to help and assist others in life.  This feels like a resignation or something where you are shifting perspectives of needing to be seen as different and unique and instead are becoming more concerned with doing good things for the people and for the world.  This feels very nursing related where you don’t have time to worry about your own things as others NEED you and that is what is important now. You are setting down your own concerns with self and focusing more energy into service to others. There is also a shift that should be taking place with your body and health and with healing.  You may have been connecting something that has shown you that without a healthy body, the rest is harder to attract.  You may finally see that you must love and value your body in order for other things to manifest in your life.  This can be a time that you start a workout program and REALLY stick with it. I just recently grasped that we HAVE to work out always in life. We can’t stop as it is as essential as breathing. So this may be a new habit you are grounding into your daily regimen.  Move the body and use those muscles.  You will also be moving into more of an ALL IS ONE space and this is contributing to the wanting to be more of service to others.  If you are looking for a new job or more clients… this is IT. This is your time to really make the changes with your OWN MENTAL space so that more of a harmonic flow can come your way.   Be gentle with yourself and do not judge the possibilities of the future by looking to your past and gauging the life that you have experienced. This is create a new day and a new way to looking at things. Open your heart to a new job or a new workout plan or  a new way of seeing what it is that you LOVE to do.

New Moon Intentions: 
I am manifesting a job that makes my heart smile.   I love  my job!
I am a magnet for business and so busy with so many people who want what I do!
I am changing my diet in order to discover abundant health.
I am committing to at least 10 minutes a day of working out or working my body.

Capricorn Horoscope Image

// capricorn //
You are changing right before your eyes!  You are in so many shifts and changes with who you choose to come together with, whether love partner, business partner or even close friends.  Because you are moving into a more powerful role in the world, this means many people will sort of clash with you and will organically fall away. Do not ever fight the fall away as this is a part of evolving and naturally magnetizing to people who are on your page, right now.   It is very natural to weave back and forth in the lives of others as truly the most important factor is “How do you feel around them?”  Because you are stepping up your game and possibly attracting competitiveness or maybe envy, you may find that you are not FEELING so comfy and at home with people who maybe were your diehards forever.    You may be looking  at your partner differently or she or he may be looking at you with different eyes.   We all are so opening to what and who FEELS like home to us and are needing to bravely make changes that align us to sort of perfection with who we come together with. This is the needing to fit like a puzzle piece and if we continue to be around people who do not fit our puzzle, there will be underlying feelings of discontent and “something is wrong here”. This is like the energy that will linger with you in your minds where you toss and turn about what this means and why you are feeling it. Actually you don’t even need to go to the place of trying to understand it as it more just wants you to feel it and feel your way through it.  This is keeping your heart on your sleeve and being honest and also being open to not taking it personally when someone else feels like they just don’t resonate with you at this moment. And that is OKAY. That is what happens when we awaken and ascend.  This is a normal part of the process and no blame should ever be brought into the situation. We are to WEAVE. And I can tell you that people come back to us when we are on the same wavelength.   So don’t burn bridges when you need to go to the right and they need to go to the left. It is a very normal and natural thing. This is also like parents who have to just accept when their child is old enough to move out and start their own home. You don’t go hating them for it, do you?  Now you are very much in career space right now as this is SO on your mind and this is another reason you are better aligning with others who are support systems for that.  Do know you don’t need to rush forward just yet but do know that RIGHT NOW your mind is alive with ideas galore that DO tie into your souls purpose work.  You are coming up with something important at this time and it may just be a clarification of what you REALLY should put your efforts towards. Keep your mind open to the messages coming to you now…

New Moon Intentions:
I am attracting true soul matches as partners.
I am seeing clearly as to what I am really good at.
I allow myself to blossom fully and to not hold back because others are uncomfortable with my growth.
I won’t rush this but I will commit to not giving up on the ideas that are coming to me now.

Sagittarius Horoscope Image

// sagittarius //
This is going to be some heart opening energy for you!  Whew. You are feeling things so deeply and there can be some nostalgia taking you to times past where you may be wondering where you stopped dreaming or believing that the impossible was possible. You may be going back to younger days when you felt more carefree and not so bogged down by bills and the day to day endless chores that seem to never be finished.  It may feel like you are on a hamster wheel, where you can’t seem to ever get ahead, because with each thing you get done, 10 more show up needing your attention.  It can be pretty frustrating, but love, that is life for all of us.  Things seem to be so sped up and catching up seems to a pipe dream for many of us.  We really just need to hold the space of gratitude with the things that we do accomplish.  That seems to help.  You also should really be thinking about friends at this time as you may be really seeing how much you need your peoples, and not just the internet friends but friends right here, in your arms, in your real life.  There is the possibility that you will reach out to childhood friends who you have grown apart from, but this will be a time to reconnect and bring back the love.  And you may be surprised at how wonderful it feels to speak with them again.  It will help you to feel more safe and okay with this world.  One of my greatest gifts of advice is to always make room for friends in your life.  I know so many people who are pretty much alone in life now as they chose career or partnership over physical friends and as they get older they have empty spaces within that lead to depression later in life.  Now what is great about this time is that you may be pulled back in a way to do some investigative work into your life and into your patterns and into your psyche.  There is much to look back at as this is a sort of crossroads asking you to make some changes with your peoples.   Needs may also be coming up where you need to state your needs to others.  You are going to come to the conclusion that you DO need to reach out and reconnect with people who feed your soul.  I was out driving today and thought about how I have had friends visit almost every week the past few months, even though only 3 have come to visit in the previous 5 years, one who comes every year, but I realized I feel more TRUE to who I really am because of all these friends coming back into my space.   They are bringing me back to me… especially because the town I live in does not really feel like my cup of tea, so I have slightly forgotten who I really am.  But being with them, sharing stories of our past, feeling the love of people who will NEVER leave me or reject me and who fully and utterly have my back, just makes me shine more, and feel more confident to exhale into the true expression of who I am. We tend to forget who we are when we are in situations that are not like home. And right now you may be feeling a little crazy and disconnected and needing some anchoring with those who really know you and value you.  You also have the potential to be delving further into a relationship, maybe choosing to go a set deeper in commitment.  Your heart may very well be opening to I DO, or WILL YOU.  And if you are meeting someone new this person could feel very much like a twin soul or someone who is very much HOME to your heart.  This is the time to pull back in order to see where you need to put more energy into relationships that really make your life feel complete.

New Moon Intentions:
I am committing to making more time for face to face friends.
I am ready to go deeper with that person I love.
Time is expanding to suit my needs.
I am delving deeper into my wounds and psyche to see what is keeping me from feeling content.

Scorpio Horoscope Image

// scorpio //
This can have you sort of crawling out of your skin as you are ready to expand and MOVE UP and take some things to higher levels. This is also combining with creativity so you may be finally ready to put your creative gifts out there in a larger audience reaching way. You may be deciding to start a blog or to start an etsy store or do something internet related that shares what you are creating.  You may also be going back a bit to narrow down your focus, by remembering what you really love to do.  You may have been thinking you wanted to spread yourself thin and throw a big huge net in order to catch it all, but that is not really the best move as then there is too much overlapping into other areas that are better suited for others. This is finding that thing that is YOURS, that you excel at, and that comes totally naturally to you. If you take on too much you will enter burn out and will feel more discontented with life.  You will also be remembering times past when you felt more carefree and happy with life and you will be determined to discover that again. It actually comes from the simplicity as TOO MUCH is actually draining.  You may even be dropping some things and moving more forward into a new path of creativity as you will be inspired beyond belief.  Follow the bread crumbs as this new arena will feel like home and like something that was made for you.  Expect that a mystery will be revealed over the next few weeks, as something that has been bothering you will come to the surface to be healed. This is something that feels a little crazy making, possibly, or it may also have to do with buried wounds that were triggered and now need to be healed and made peace with.   Speaking up and speaking your truth, FROM THE HEART, will be required and it will likely be related to needs and feeling like something is out of balance with the you against me thing.  You will have the ability to totally bring the peace and right any ship when you speak from your heart and when you have total compassion with the intentions of bringing things into balance.  You have the power to destroy or to rebuild with your words.  Now vacation is SO going to be on your mind as you will be ready to put yourself in a new environment for a spell.  If you are planning a vacation, do it now because your career is going to get much busier in the next month, and growing even huger with Jupiter moving into Leo on the 16th of July, where he will be for a FULL YEAR in your house of career. This can mean crazy land busy and you may need some time to rest as also having Saturn in your sign tends to bring more responsibility that tends to lead to discontent and depression instead of joy.  You may want to take on the world and throw that net out to grab it all up but if you do it may lead to inner burdened feelings that have you chasing after more but never really feeling happy with what you have. That is not the point of life, love.  And many are in that pitfall currently and trying to figure out how to really feel HAPPY and for you it is coming when you choose simplicity.  If you have been working on a book that is ready to launch, this new moon and the next one are the very best to get it out there.

New Moon Intentions: 
I am starting a website or store in order to reach people far and wide.
I am opening to simplicity with my creative gifts, focusing on what I am so dang naturally good at.
I am taking some time to rest and vacation before things really get busy.
I am feeling abundantly creative and loving every minute of it.

Libra Horoscope Image

// libra //
Oh my Libra loves!  Here comes relief!  This is the energy that is all about you dreaming a very satisfying career expression so clearly that it just has to magnetize to you. This is you going back and seeing what is going on in your mind that maybe was saying you CAN’T really do this and even though it was your greatest desire TO DO THIS.  This is you seeing through the illusion and pin pointing where you have actually been keeping your dreams at bay.  You are being called to visualize the dream and to hold it so steady no matter what occurs or how long it takes to manifest.  You are being called to let go of the judgmental behaviors of thinking that you are so not worth it and never have been good enough.   You are being called to step out of those false skins that are keeping you locked in accepting things that are not honoring of just how special you really are.  Its time to come out and blossom, love, and you are to put that heart on your sleeve and be vulnerable for the world to see. You are to bring back that childhood trust that knows you are safe, knows you are protected and knows that everything will work out. It is important that you keep this positive perspective, with no doubting, no beating yourself up and no judging this moment right now as all that there is. You are to keep your eye on your goals and on them all manifesting at just the perfect time.  You are to hold the vision and let NOTHING knock you off track. This will be a great time to be more seen with your career expression and if you can really believe in yourself and really KNOW how rad you do what you do, then opportunities HAVE to show up.  They have to!  And lord have mercy they WANT TO.  They are waiting for your mind to be in the space of honoring who you are.  I suggest you go do what I did before my dream manifested which is where I screamed up to the sky:  I am good at what I do and no one can do it just like me so USE ME, bring me the people who will benefit from my gifts!  I screamed it in a fury of emotions because the days before was when I really was giving up and done with it. I had waited patiently for 13 years and I was like fuck this shit. BRING IT NOW!  And it worked!!  It really worked.  Within days, I was slammed and it hasn’t let up.  But this also was the first time I really owned that I was doing something unique and special.  Sometimes the missing link is just with honoring what we are desiring to put out into the world. Sometimes it is just that we really have to state that we are ready. And love, since Jupiter is leaving your 10th house and won’t return for 12 more years, THIS is the time to really grab onto something special as a way to express yourself through the career.  Now your mind may be in far off places and that is okay but try to be here now in this moment too.  That far off place DOES tie in with your destiny and with you more aligning to who you truly are but that will match up with you when the time is right, and for now you just need to really focus on the career and your thoughts.

New Moon Intentions: 
I am holding the vision of my dream career.
I believe in myself and I know I have something special to offer.
I am ready for what it on the way.
I look forward to my future and know everything will work out.

Virgo Horoscope Image

// virgo //
This is going to be a heart opening time with people that you really love. You are coming together with others in celebration or parties or gatherings that remind you of how much you love your peoples and how much others so dearly cherish you in their lives.  This is coming together and opening hearts time.   You are going to be feeling very emotional and very compassionate and opened hearted with others.  You are also very much with eyes to the future and with creating some new goals for what you are planning on doing. This likely ties into career as you are thinking about this now and probably shifting a bit to thoughts of value and what would you REALLY love to do that uses those natural gifts you possess. This can also be with letting go of what others have told you is possible and really working to climb to greater heights, or new layers of expression within your career.  Its great that you are so surrounded with love and support because this is amping you up to be able to really dream HUGE.  This is not a time to just accept what shows up but to break out of molds and to demand some far reaching dreams.  This New Moon is in your 11th house, where it only shows up once a year but this is the one that is most about really stopping to think about all the ways you want to improve your life. This is where you can get very inspired to bring change with your career, your love life,  your fiends, your health, your healing, your location of residence, everything.  This is when you stand in front of a magic genie and make wishes.   We only get this power once a year and you, lucky love, get it with a trine from Neptune, which is the ruler of your opposite sign Pisces, AND with Mercury in retrograde to a trine to the North Node, AND with Jupiter in a square to the Nodes. WOW.  This means you have a success imprint for whatever you are thinking about now that relates to your destiny and career, mostly, but also everything that expands your life.  This means that right now you have a gate opening to the dream of what you would really like to be doing that makes you feel valuable and needed for what you are so good at. This is special times, love, and if you are feeling any uncertainty, fear or doubt, you need to do everything to move through that in order to arrive at the trust factor.  You got this!  It is all going to work out according to what you are dreaming of how it will work out!  You also do not need to get all worked up about what the JOB IS that you would love to do as you are only being called to think about what you LOVE to do.  I am going to be talking about this subject a lot on my new Earth Walk Podcast but we tend to focus on step 10 of the process, as in trying to find the job that fits our dreams when we are really just to focus on what our gifts are and what we so naturally love to do. If we focus too much on the job, we tend to lose faith because we think there are no jobs for what we love to do, but that is not correct. There are so many mystery jobs out there just waiting to magnetize to peoples gifts.  But first we have to name them and own that we are really good at these things we want to do.  You also may enjoy doing some sort of give back at this time, so volunteer work may be what is needed to ground you and open your heart to all the posibilites. Stay on the positive and don’t fear any new changes coming because they have the mark of destiny and success.  This time is all about choosing to make huge life changes for the better.  You have nothing to worry about and everything to be incredibly stoked about.

New Moon Intentions:
I love my friends and I will do everything to support and feed our friendship.
I am shooting for the stars with my dreams.
I trust what is coming in my future.
I am so good at…

Leo Horoscope Image

// leo //
You are being kissed by the dream that is showing you your past and with hidden wounded spaces that you maybe haven’t been able to face before, and this kiss is the blessing you have been waiting for.  This is a chipping away of layers of density that you have not been able to see about yourself but now there is a light coming out of you that is sort of busting through them without you even really needing to do anything.  This feels sort of like alchemy because something is shifting to a new form and it is happening rather organically.  This will also be a great time to get bodywork or to get with anyone who is doing a progressive sort of counseling work like NLP as these sort of modalities are matching so magically with this vulnerable space that you are in.  I see this as two puzzle pieces fitting together where you will finally be GETTING things and making connections and they all revolve around healing and bringing you closer to who you really are. There is also something with changes occurring through the let go of past hurts where you are just like over it and not willing to continue manifesting these same dead end situations. You are ready for this completion, or consummation that is of your dreams and not your nightmares. And your power to keep it real and do the work and be humble with the messages that are coming to you is going to fast pass you to this whole new way of living.  These layers have been wanting to fall away and your ego was actually holding on for dear life, even though this was hurting you, but now, nope, done with it.   You are gaining this strength that is so done with it and ready for a whole new life to manifest.  Now you are in a pretty long term detox session, as in many layers of hurt and betrayal and disappointment but what is making this time so beautiful is that YOU are already changing with being more humble and open to see what you need to see. That is what is making this situation so different. It is that done with it energy that is shifting you and humbling you and it is a beautiful sight to see in my mind!  You are also very much gaining this new perspective from witnessing this through others, or with your friends, or in more social situations.  This makes me think of how I just did two birth chart books for my dear friend and her husband who are visiting and through them and seeing how perfect and soul matched they are, I have actually opened  to wanting to call in a soul match of a partner because normally I am so patient with that and it is not something I ever yearn for.   But the witnessing of them actually inspired me to wanting the same!  So through others you are gaining new growth and desires that before you may not have seen or thought you wanted.  So you can expect that “the others” factor is going to change your life in many ways at this time.  Things had to fall apart in order to come together in a more beautiful way and you have others to thank for that.

New Moon Intentions:
I am open to being vulnerable so that I can heal.
I honor the retreat as it is opening me to a new and better me.
I am done with disappointing endings.
I am recreating the life of my dreams.

Cancer Horoscope Image

// cancer //
Oh happy birthday my beautiful Moon babies!  This is your time to reinvent yourself and your life and you have the power of Neptune, along with Jupiter, Mercury and your North Node. That is dream come true! This year is to be such a breath of fresh air relief from how hard it has been for so many of you, and for so long. This New Moon asks you to dream about how you want to expand your life and to make improvements in all areas. If you want to move to a new location, dream it now.  If you want to expand your career and take it to higher levels, dream it now. If you want to publish a book or do some new project that needs to reach people far and wide, dream it now.  If you want to explore and be able to travel to other countries, dream it now.   If you want to find someone who really is HOME to you, dream it now. You are SO hooked up love, and your reading is getting me the most excited because you are pulled back in a way with really seeing things much clearer with ways to feel more safe in this world, to feel more supported and nurtured by this life experience and also you are being gifted a DO OVER.  This feels like the slate is being wiped clean and you now get to recreate what you want your story to look and sound like. There also will be many changes within your home and also your career, so do really play around with this energy and stay in the vibration of hope and even if you can’t see any of this NEW that you are wanting to manifest, just know that you only have to plant the seeds. The Universe is just asking you to dream so that you can open the space for these magical things to materialize.  Now you can see that the retreat and the pulled back and even the feeling a little crazy and ungrounded was merely to push you out of that comfort zone and to demand more from this life.  Even though you still have Saturn in your 5th house which tends to be so NOT FUN, you should be feeling him change the tune a bit with now infusing you with this very serious and committed energy.  This is the energy that says “I am not going to fuck around anymore”. This is the energy that says “I am READY to bring in happy, baby, love, fun, free, sexy,  joy, and creativity”.   And you know what babe … you can do this.  YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL.  You are being gifted the best gift you could ever wish for and it is all because of the crazy making road you have had to walk for so many years. Cheers to you, my special loves. You are coming out the other end of the tunnel.  Finally.

New Moon Intentions: 
I am living my souls dream.
I am recreating myself, my life, and my story.
I am going to do what I love to do. Period.
I am rising above this situation and finally seeing the light. I love my life!

Gemini Horoscope Image

// gemini //
This will be quite the creative space where you have been waking up to really believing in your creative gifts. There is something in you that is saying I CAN DO THIS and it is different from what you normally hear.  It may even be a diversion of a path you thought was so yours as the narrowing down that is happening to all signs is showing you that you REALLY enjoy doing this particular thing and are being given permission to allow more of that to come into your life. This is the time to dream this thing closer into you life.  It may be that you are just starting it now, or opening to it now, but it is important and it makes you feel valuable.  You also are very much in the space of wanting to be more true to who you are through expressing your creative urges and in having this other side of your life that is more fun and carefree and not an area where you feel the need to push. It is this organic thing that you just love to do and let me tell you that the more you do it, without any thoughts of money or getting anything back, the more likely that the universe will turn this into something that does support you. You are in a space to be generating more money, but you shouldn’t focus on that with anything that is creative based. You are to just do what you love to do, and to not worry about how you can turn this into a job or generate money from it. In the New Earth ways, we need to focus more on what we love to do, which then contributes to our feeling of self worth because we are narrowing down what we excel at, and then the job or opportunities match up with it.  It is a several layer process but focusing on the money in the beginning stages tends to stop its growth instantly, and mostly because many of the jobs we will be doing are not really out there or not really anything you can find in a book of job descriptions.  So your mind may not yet be able to see how this can be something that leads to something that will support you so your mind inadvertently kills your dream.   And right now you are in such a sweet space of making connections with who you are and how they relate to your souls purpose.   You should be making some lists and doing some journal writing of discussing what you really love to do and what makes you feel important, or needed.  This also can be a time where you start to make connections with how you have been holding yourself back by feeling that you are not good enough, or worthy of success, or really good at what you want to do.  Again, remember the narrowing down and also honor the time line of things. We were not all born at the same time, so why do we all expect to be doing our dream work at the same time.  So you may be moving forward on something, sure as all get out that it is time and sure as all get out that you ROCK, or you may be opening to that maybe you have been spreading yourself too thin, wanting to do too many things and really need to honor where you are now on your own unique evolving path.

New Moon Intentions:
I am choosing to find a way to focus more on what I am really good at.
I am bringing more balance into my life through play and  unconditional creative expressions.
I value who I am.
When I love what I do, money just flows my way.

Taurus Horoscope Image

// taurus //
This can be a time that you will find yourself very much surrounded by fellow artists, musicians and manifestors of their creative gifts, and this will be a catalyst that inspires you to change your way of thinking so that you TOO can believe in something that you love to do.  This may even be something where you are joining with others or coming together in a group to share more of the spiritual love experience.  This is you moving closer to something that you consider “out there” but really believing that you can do this, and with the right team nothing will stop you.  This isn’t necessarily work related for everyone as for some of you it is just a side thing that will help your life to feel more balanced.  You are also very much thinking about ideas that relate to your souls purpose and there has probably been a flurry of inspiration, as ideas to make more money are for sure coming left and right.  Just so you know, when I do these readings I work with my guides and they bring images and sometimes words, but for that last one I saw you cross legged with eyes to the sky and bubbles around your head that kept coming up with exclamation points in them…. so I would interpret that as things are very exciting right now that are coming to you as you can really see how you will be able to use them in your future. You are also probably so excited to get them out there and start on this new path. There is so much inspiration in this reading but things are not yet exactly manifested in your life so keep on dreaming and hold the visions in your mind because the thoughts and ideas you are having now DO relate to your souls purpose.  This is important.  Now your love nature is wanting to shine through your words, so keep things on the love vibe, and you usually do anyway, but still honor this gift that you have to pull anyone over to your side through your compassionate and generous ways of communicating.  You may also be coming together with friends from the past who you have not seen in a while, but have been thinking about, and this too will be an inspiring space that helps you to remember who you are and just how wonderful you really are.  Over the next few weeks you can really bring forward some ideas that can generate much security in your life, and yes, possibly this does mean through money.  Just keep your thoughts on the positive and no doubting is allowed because there is still some time needed for these ideas to ripen, but by the next New Moon things should look drastically different than they do right here right now.

New Moon Intentions: 
I joyfully trust my creative urges.
Magic happens when I join with others.
I commit to speaking to others from my heart.
I am so abundantly inspired and feeling so very hopeful about my future.

Aries Horoscope Image

// aries //
Sweet loves, this is the time to really ground in some new safety feelings that are coming FROM the pulled back spaces of retreat, where you withdraw from things in order to see more clearly as to what needs to change to align you more to a path of purpose and satisfaction.  You may have been feeling kind of crazy and confused as it may have been uncomfortable to be so withdrawn into yourself.  What is coming to you in your pulled back spaces of silence or withdraw is inspiring you to WANTING to come together in ways that are win-win and more beneficial for all parties.  You may even be opening more to wanting to help others and to be there more for others.   Whatever is coming from the dream time spaces is going to reboot you in a way so that you can start over and begin anew.  You will be ready to move forward on new opportunities coming into your life through partnerships or with the coming together with others.  This is also a great time to make moves that bring you more of a grounded and anchored feeling with life. You may be moving to a new location, moving house, selling a house, or even changing around your house so that you can make space for more abundance to arrive. If you have been dreaming of working from home or making your home a focus of attention then now is a great time to visualize that and send that energy out to the universe with a thank you. The thank you is just letting the universe know that you KNOW your dreams and wishes will be granted.  Play around with how this will look in your mind. Play around with how it feels to be self employed and doing the thing of your dreams. Spend time in retreat seeing all the changes you want to make so that you can truly feel embraced and safe in this world of ours.   There is a lot that needs to be cleared up with others through words and this will be on your mind right now, so whoever just popped in there is someone you need to bring the peace with.  This also relates to you living your dreams, so clearing this anger or frustration or confusion with others is REQUIRED before more beautiful things can show up in your life.   We really do need to bring the peace with others as all anger and frustration with them is only hurting ourselves.  Taking care of this business is essential before you can reap the benefits that take you more out in the world to be seen. This is a really big secret to success in the New Earth ways as we will feel imprisoned when we hold resentments for others.  We have to release them so that WE are not affected and we do not need to concern ourselves if THEY are still affected.  This is an inside job. And it is okay to release them from your life if you are not on the same wave lengths but if they still reside in your mind through feelings of resentment, jealously, envy, hatred, or whatever, then YOU have some work to do.  You may also at this time be needing to release some resentment or pain with a parent. If you are holding onto this one it is possible to attract illnesses that hold you down and keep you from living a happy and satisfied life.    We have to forgive them or we become the ones who pay.  This may also link in with you honoring and loving your body… look closely into anything that has been hidden but IS making its way to your awareness.   This matters…

New Moon Intentions: 
I am letting go of resentments that I hold over others so that I can be free.
I am ready to start over and do it right this time.
I love my body and I will not treat it like the enemy.
I am honoring the insights that are coming to me, knowing that I need to hear this.