And again we are shown the benefits that can come when things slow down, come to a halt, or that leave us altogether.  Our first reactions, while living in the old world ways, are to get angry when things do not go the way of our plans.  We tend to get mad when that dream of ours comes up against a closed door, or is refused to us, or that demands that we wait for a later date.

Trust me, I walked this one for 13 years waiting for my Birth Chart Books to be seen by the masses.  I created a 700 page project and thought, expected, it to be openly accepted and adored from the moment I reached completion.  But after completion, I had to walk 13 more years, or over 5,000 days, of trusting in this dream of mine, while receiving no outside feedback whatsoever that confirmed I was on the right path. So I had to blindly hold this dream in my heart, while still working as baristas and breakfast servers waiting for the ripe moment when I could fully see this dream manifest in the world.

Did I ever give up on this dream down the road?  Often actually.  But what birthed from this journey was learning to not be so controlling of what I expect from the outcomes of lifes moves.  I realized the controlling part of me would push and push, and with each controlled IT MUST HAPPEN LIKE THIS, I was inched closer to losing all faith and really not feeling so confident of what I had created. The more I tried to control, the more the roadblocks appeared and the more I started to talk about these Birth Chart Books with a quieter more insecure tone to my voice.

And as the years passed I just had to let it go.  This was still my dream but I knew there must be a timing issue to it all as how can I be called to channel through 700 pages of information (which was the first time I had ever done that) and have it NOT ever manifest into the hands and hearts of others.  So I was “forced ” to just live my life as I waited for more people to awaken to what it means to want to be a high vibrational being.  And so you all know since the most popular date in our history,  December 21, 2012 , I have been flooded with orders and have worked morning till night to complete those orders almost every single day.  The moment that gateway opening was hit, my dreams became a reality.

Now coming from this perspective of truly walking the journey of what it takes for many of us to be the TEACHERS of what we are bringing, I see that I NEEDED those 13 years actually.  I needed those years for this information to carry the vibration of its message and for it not to merely be lip service that only affects people on the superficial levels.   And because I know this path now, I also see that I can’t just write horoscope readings like this one weeks or months in advance as I have to FEEL the energy and not just interpret the astrological symbols that are dancing  together. I could just write about it, but YOU ALL will get so much more out of it when I can share it through examples that can only be discovered while in the actual energy.  And another “so you know”, I write about the energy of the moment and it just so happens to line up with the planets messages!  I can’t do it the other way around as the words feel more repeated and memorized and blah, blah, blah…. at least to me.  I need to feel this first and then I can understand the messages that I share with you.

And this control factor is waking in all of you too at this time.  Saturn and Mars, in their most blessed pulled back retreat into the spaces of our path walked most recently, have been to help us restructure our dreams so that we can fully do whatever we can do to further our visions, while still trusting that there is a timing to their manifestation.  It is that sort of peaceful warrior state where we do put out energy but we do not try to force things as according to how our WILLS believe things should go. If will alone was enough, every single one of us would be living our dreams right now.  And in the old world, it was the belief that we can go out there and make things happen.  But since most of you are all artists, writers, readers, mystics, guides and the pioneers who are creating their own jobs, you have to realize that the New Earth carries new “rules of the road”.  And just like how I am writing about New Earth ways, and have been since 1999, I had to wait for the New Earth ways to hit the hearts of the ones waking up before it could be embraced and recognized.

Now as you know, Mars has gone direct!  YAY! And I know many of you are already feeling the absolute excitement of what this means.  For those who truly held the space of trust and surrender during these months past where you just sat back, hung around, took a break, went within, and made only movements that felt like a wide open door with sucking power that pulled you in, then YOU ALL are in the best positions to now make some forward motion that feels SO MUCH MORE like narrowed down and focused in such a way that truly highlights your gifts.   Many of you discovered during the pull back that some things needed to be let go of and others more fully embraced.  I cut my efforts down to about half, picking and choosing where my efforts can make greater impacts.  We often tend to spread ourselves too thin, wanting to wear all the hats, but if we can take a forced break from any movement forward we will be shown what aspects truly are the ones where we excel.

And THAT was the purpose of the past few months!  We were put into the stand still in order to gain sight into a new and improved path in our lives.  No longer is it all about money, or all about fame, or all about keeping up with the superficial Jones’; it is NOW ALL about doing what we love to do and THAT being our desired outcome for all of life’s experiences.   Finally at this point in history, we are going for what makes US happy in ALL aspects of our lives. And what this means is more movements through divorce,  quitting jobs, geographical moves,  letting go of people, healing work, humbling self examinations,  keeping it real and surrendering to the signs FULLY in order to move forward in all new directions.  This New World is  100% about honoring our intuitions.  No longer can we trust our eyes, our minds, or the road map of others before us.

Now the reason I am so excited about this New Moon at 7 degrees Gemini, is because it is making  a trine to the Mars who just moved into forward motion.  This could not be any more ideal!  This is what you would dream up as the perfect way to initiate the changes that Mars opened you to over the past few months.   And you will see with the rest of this year that EVERY New and Full Moon is spectacular with their messages.  Truly as I told you at the end of 2013, this 2014 will KNOCK OUR SOCKS OFF in the most beautiful ways or the most painful ways, and it all depends on how you vibrate inside of you, and like for real.  This is the year that intellectualized knowledge gets you nowhere.  This is the year that you will NOT get through the gates until your energy matches the other side where you want to be. No longer will you find that knowing about things moves you along the path, as it is only WALKING the things that moves you forward.  The playing field is finally fair and you will know where you are depending on what you are manifesting in your life.  That is your guide and there is no fooling energy!

So this New Moon is about us sending out these ideas, visions and thoughts that we have for the movement we would like to change in our lives.  And for all you communications people who somehow share ideas or information… YES!  This will be the most fertile ground for you where your mind will not be able to shut off with new and better ways coming into your awareness.  Actually everyone will have the mental accelerations where you are filled with abundant creative ideas to do what you WERE doing but in a much more beautiful way, OR to finally, finally start taking the steps into walking the dreams of your heart and soul.  This is the energy of I AM READY and this is the energy of our New Moon intentions having the power of Mars to send them like lightning bolts into the direction of our desires.  This is clear sight into what we have been missing out on in life that would bring us beauty and balance.  This is us being amped to the first degree to change NOW and to not want to waste one more single moment on living a life that others think we should be living.  This is hello to freedom, liberation and to living your life on purpose and with focus.    So this New Moon is where you visualize your dream life FULLY in as clear details as you can imagine.  This moment now is when your visualizations will have more power than at any other time of the year.  THIS New Moon is how your new story begins and YOU are the one writing…

Now another aspect of this New Moon in Gemini makes me so happy because we have Venus in the last degree of Aries, right up against the South Node,  in a sextile to Mercury in the last degree of Gemini, which is then in a trine to the North Node.  This is another aspect that could not have been orchestrated more perfectly.  And what this says is that we ARE at this place in our lives where we have spent the last nodal season really examining our values and what kind of value we put on ourselves and our creations.

We have been under a very busy time period of being shown where we sell ourselves short and where we manifest less than because we feel like we are not worthy of love or success or happiness in life.  We have been going back in time in order to find out where we took on these limiting beliefs as we now feel armed with power and gumption to transmute them into something that is more truthful, such as that we ALL deserve to be loved, successful and happy with our lives. Yay!

And the key is in our thoughts.  The key is always in our thoughts, it is just that we are finally at a point in human consciousness where we can accept this.  We now see that if we think we are losers and unlovable then we put an invisible shield around ourselves that keeps others from seeing how beautiful and worthy of love we are.  We feed a life of lack when we hold any negative self talk in our minds, and as I have been discussing for over a year,  we also feed this when we think negatively or enviously of others over what they have NATURALLY manifested in their lives through their true vibration.  Our lives are what we think them to be, and this is a rule of the New Earth road that you can’t get around.  And until your thoughts are on love, the lack will be fed like the candida virus.

I also have a secret way (smile) to sum up the energies of each New Moon or Full Moon that I am going to start sharing in these writings, that came to me about 9 years ago but I haven’t used them before this reading now.    And this New Moon is GREAT NEWS. This one is all about loving yourself and feeling very positive about what you can do.  You will see in more long term visions where you are shooting for greater heights than you have walked before.  This means you will be thinking in more terms of several steps down the road.   There will also be MUCH passion in your heart and with really feeling like you are turning over a new leaf or signing up for a new lease on life.  You will feel more powerful about what you can actually do as if someone has looked through a crystal ball and has told you that you WILL be doing this new thing.  And the final energy is that what you are deciding now directly links with your destiny and with you heading towards a new path that is very open to embrace you and when you find it, the blessings will be like a bounty.

So this new path you are taking IS about you living your souls purpose and once you are on it then blessings and opportunities will keep showing up in order to affirm that this one is YOURS.  This energy is about following the signs, though, so the stops mean something and you must let go of the control when this happens as you will be called to go within and ask questions about what this stop actually means for you. Many times it will be something like I shared with you in the beginning of this article, as it relates to timing and possibly needing to walk more of the guidance or wisdom or gifts that you are wanting to share with others so that your vibration matches what you will be sharing.  If the vibration of what you are sharing is not yet a match to what you are walking, then you really don’t want to put it out there just yet.  It will never have the potency of your dreams until there is a match.

And Mercury will be going retrograde on June 6th at 3 degrees Cancer where he will travel back to 24 degrees Gemini and then return to forward motion on July 1st.  Now you all should know that I LOVE the Mercury Retrograde and I get so much done, can figure out things that boggled me before, and I have never had any sort of problems what so ever with them. So I suggest that you do start preparing for this energy with knowing that more information is going to be coming to light that you do not realize just yet.  You may also have a situation now where you reach out and do not get the feedback you want but you will understand more about that when Mercury moves back into forward space.  And also practice a new perspective with Mercury Retrograde.  There is so much fear based mentality around this special time and what we believe is what happens, right?  So if you go into this time full of fear of all the OH-NO’s then you WILL have a period of many reasons to feel miserable. OR you can enter into the New Earth energies and see this as the opportunity it is, in seeing things in a new way that brings a better understanding to your situations that involve communications, writing and sharing messages.  .

So please read your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs and if you know how to understand the degrees, then look for 7 degrees Gemini as because these readings are equal house, you may actually need to read the sign before or after. For example I have a Capricorn 1 degree rising sign and often I have to read Aquarius for the actual house placement of the New or Full Moon.  And the Moon Journey Life Skills book that teaches you how to do this is being UPGRADED and restructured and will be out as an ebook on the Solstice!  So if you don’t know how to read the chart just yet, you can get this book in about a month.

And please share this with anyone you feel may benefit!  Even people who are normally not open to traditional astrology WILL embrace this new high vibrational astrology.

{ love, KV}

Pisces Horoscope Image

// pisces //
So you are another sign that is going to feel much more positive about how far you have come and really ready to keep up with this inner work house cleaning so that you can be done with it (although I don’t think that we are ever really done with it, as that is what makes life so much FUN, as in climbing those mountains and getting to the summit of our wounds, but I wanted to make you feel even better by using the words DONE WITH IT).  So, Mars took you backwards into some layers of psychological wounds and the provocation that exposed these wounds to you was most likely coming from others. You may also be doing therapy work at this time and are really able to see how everything connects and you should start to feel much more comfortable with life, and possibly for the first time in a really long time.  The changes now that you are making should have something to do with HOME, such as finally starting your home business, or moving homes, or selling homes, or moving things around to honor the the feng shui of energies.  What is most important is that you are making changes that help to make you more comfortable and to feel more safe with life.  There will be lots of communications from home so you may be deciding to connect more with family and friends, deepening those bonds through regular phone calls, or you may also be inspired beyond belief creatively while at home. You may have new ideas a plenty with ingenious ways to do things and these inspirations can feel like bubbles where they just keep popping up  out of you.  You will for sure have a journal close to you now where you have been writing down all these things you want to do and change. This is actually a great time to start writing a novel or guidebook because you will be able share stories that will very easily touch others hearts in some way. This is like writing something that others can relate to, like from you sharing your vulnerabilities or life experiences or something.  What is really wonderful about where you are right now is that you are TRULY seeing how you have shortchanged yourself in life by not believing in your gifts and in your value.  We can go on for days about how this has kept you from your true souls purpose path, but there is no sense in dredging up the past and all the wish-you-would-have-done’s.  You are being given permission to just let all that go and start over RIGHT NOW with this New Moon. You are free to reboot and to choose from this moment on to honor your gifts fully, to nurture them daily, to support them through discipline and care, and to value yourself SO MUCH that you finally convince yourself that you deserve the most beautiful bounty.  Its time to reprogram that brain of yours and to realize that all the people who told you that you cannot make a living from whatever you really want to do were only coming from the Old World ways where it WAS more difficult. From their experience they knew it could not be done, so they influenced you.  But you are of the New World ways and that means you CAN do anything as long as you believe you can do it. So do you believe you can be a writer, or an artist, or a designer, or a yoga instructor, or a life coach, or the owner of a doggy day care?  Well it is all on what you believe and what you believe is what you will get 100% of the time.   And so you know, yes this DOES apply for the lottery, but you have to BELIEVE you can.

Aquarius Horoscope Image

// aquarius //
You are another sign that is SO lucky! And this New Moon is all about your creativity and with taking it to another level, as in getting it out there big time. This is a blessing of a configuration that is as dream come true as they come. So what happened is that over the last few months you were really taken down a path of seeing where you felt held back, or bound, or limited or unable to thrive and NOW NOW NOW there is this shedding of skins in a way, but more like a shell that has been cracked open, and you are stepping out and feeling SO MUCH more hopeful about life and what you can do. You more than anyone should feel a reborn sort of energy where you SEE what you are really good at and something in your heart is whispering to you from within that YOU CAN DO THIS.  You will be stepping into some of your most confident moments where even though you may be doing the same things you were doing 4 months ago, you will now feel very sure of what you are doing creatively.  Before you may have felt like you were in a sea of so many already doing what you dreamed of doing, but now that won’t even matter to you because something has changed on such a deep level that will not allow you to sell yourself short through always thinking others are doing it better.  You are ignited with the faith, loves.  And you now will be able to takes these creative steps forward in a way that you could have NEVER done had Mars not gone backwards and forced you to gain a new perspective on life.  And also what is SO fantasticland is that your happiness is the goal of the New Moon and is opening opportunities for you to bring more things into your life that make you feel happy, such as a new love, possibly, or a new baby, possibly, or new ways to express your true gifts!   You will also have opportunities to move, to travel, to go back to school, AND to get yourself out there through the internet in a way that can really reach people far and wide. So now is the PERFECT time to launch your website! PERFECT. Pick this New Moon to do it and it is ON.  I wanted to relaunch my website for this New Moon, but forgot until I just wrote that. Dang. I can’t do it in time but maybe YOU CAN!  If anything shoot for the stars with this New Moon. I get tingles just thinking about how great this time is for you and truly I do not want any of you to spend a moment doubting or feeling nervous that you are going to get passed by. You will not.  This is a time when you SHOULD be soaring in life and the only thing holding you back is your own feelings of self AND those compromises you have made that have not been honoring of you.  If you are living your life for someone else, then you will be feeling the opposite of happy and the opposite of expansive. And if you are feeling depressed and limited, then the things that are creating that need to be let go of now. You still have time to receive the bounty, but you need to clean up your life so that you are only surrounded by love and respect.  It is crucial at this time that the things you do and the people who surround you make you feel important or like a big bright shiny light.  You need those soul affirming messages at this time.  AND you also are able to share the words now that LEAD to expansion… so if there has been something you need to share with someone in order for you both to grow, the time is right now.

Capricorn Horoscope Image

// capricorn //
This is what you have been waiting for, loves. So a few months back you should have noticed that the forward motion you felt in your career came to sort of a halt and this was really to just take you back and to do the detective work into what is it that you really want to do if you could focus into one area and not with the thinking of catching more fish by covering more areas.  Because you are the Capricorn, which means you will somehow be a teacher or authority after a very long trek up a sometimes very steep path up the mountain, you probably took on more aspects of your dream career through feeling like not much has ever worked so you might as well double up on offerings to see if that attracts the attention you desire.  You may also have compromised your dream career in order to make money and sustain yourself for now. And that is okay because that just means you are still on the path of recognizing your worth, and remember I just talked above about how I walked that for 13 years, on the search for truly OWNING that I was sharing something very special.   But this recent retreat was to show you a highlighted area of your dreams where you REALLY do excel and where you REALLY do love to do what you do.  This is that thing that comes as naturally to you as breathing and Mars took you backwards to force you to see this and OWN this.  Well, Saturn is still going backwards and he is the one showing you how to OWN this gift of yours, so that journey will not really be complete until the beginning of August, but for sure YOU ARE seeing more positively into this unique path of yours and are feeling very amped to make the changes that can align you to this so that you are fully ready when the gate is opened and a new sort of energy can work with you.  You will already start to see some movement whether by extra work coming your way or even a new job.  This New Moon is all about movement with your career or with changes coming in your work environment that will allow you to rise to a higher position in some way.  This may mean more responsibility but you will love it because you will feel needed and valued.  Understand that you are gaining the blessings coming your way BECAUSE of your commitment to let the pain of the past go and also to clean your mind up with more positive interpretations of who you really are and what you can really do. This is the most important piece because the slowness of your destiny, which is written in stone for all the Capricorns, can often have you feeling a bit depressed and down, or feeling like everyone else wins and you always have to be held back.  This is a thought that needs to leave you now.  The competition or comparison will always be your undoing, because to be an authority means you need to know everything about what you are sharing and this means much practice and even more discipline.  Just keep with it and don’t give up on yourself as this New Moon wants to grant you a new opportunity (or more!!)  to showcase how special what you are doing really is.  Use this energy to see the book, to see the classes, to see your work out there, and of course, to see your dream sustaining you so that it is all you are doing to make a living.

Sagittarius Horoscope Image

// sagittarius //
Something is clearing the way for you to have some heart to hearts and to really be able to state your needs fully with all people you come into contact with. There most likely has been some sort of energy that has either had you missing the good ole days where you had so much time to connect with friends and join with groups and do all these things outside of yourself, and now you feel like there is no time, even though it is clearly showing you that you NEED these extracurricular activities in your life.  You will feel bound up and tense unless you honor this need to share your life with friends where you just cut loose and feel free.  This energy will be at least asking you to reach out to people from your past that you have not connected with in a while.  Even regular phone calls weekly can fill you with that satisfied feeling that is sharing your heart with those people who have your back no matter what.  You may also be feeling distanced from someone and it hurts to not have them in your space.  Just reach out.  Sometimes it is all you can do but during this time it WILL bring you happiness.  Now if there is someone who has triggered you because you don’t really see eye to eye, then use this energy of this New Moon to bring the peace. It may be just that you have to accept the different strokes for different folks dealio and let it go.  You may also need to come at this person with an open heart and also with the acceptance that you can fully share your side of things, but you can’t change them. Even just letting them be who they believe they are can free you up.  Now there also may be a message here through the relationships that deals with your creativity, so maybe someone is doubting you or making you think you are not all that in some way.   This feels like something from your past and maybe something from childhood where the same thing happened with one of your parents, maybe.  The triggers coming from others is for sure relating to something from long ago and that is keeping you from living your dreams in a natural and trusting manner.  There is the feeling of holding back or playing smaller.  And just know that sometimes these triggers occur, as this one is, as a way to make you stand up stronger and say “Fu@k that sh@t!!” and “Just watch me!!”  This is merely to trigger you into trying harder and to working to prove any nay sayers wrong. Do not ever doubt how the Great Mystery works. This action is called the Coyote and you are being tricked into standing even firmer, grounded into the faith of what you dream of doing.  This is just checking to see if you really have what it takes, and I imagine that your strength will really be empowered when you connect with your old friends from long ago as they KNOW how special you really are.  Move towards the group…. they will have your back.

Scorpio Horoscope Image

// scorpio //
This time of the year should feel pretty similar to feeling like your true essence because the Sun and Moon are in your 8th house, which is the house that is all about you. This may feel like a sort of completion or graduation, in a way,  with your inner work as you will either feel like you are coming out of a cave, and can take a break for a while, or you are just deciding to go deeper to a layer you have not opened to before.  This also relates to you going deeper than before and kind of like with mining for gold how you really find the special nuggets when you go deeper than you have been going.  So you are either turning back and saying, enough for right now, or you delving even deeper into material that is so projected and coming from others, yet the discovery to be made is that you have taken this on as your own. This piece is buried very deep because of its importance in the overall of your life experiences.  And a few months back, you were fully pulled into the cave, through Mars, in order to see some things about yourself that you were unable to acknowledge before.   So this was the plan and now you are at this sort of fork in the road of keep going with it or take a break for now.  You have this opportunity MOSTLY now because of Mars, but you will have other similar opportunities always in life a few times a year.  Now for sure this may have not felt too great because you want to be in control more than any other sign and this took you out of control and forced you to feel more vulnerable and unstable and unsure of who you really are.  You have been on a roller coaster sort of ride that is ultimately taking you to the depths and pulling you into that space that is called THE UNDOING.  It can for sure feel like an unraveling and many people think they are losing their minds at this time because things will feel like TOO MUCH.   The gift of this time is in honoring solitude and making the space to delve further into your healing work.   Many times in life we decide to keep busy and not be too much into the dark of our own souls as it feels too painful.  So with that, know that whether you fully immersed yourself into the retreat and into solitude, or decided to opt out and choose this at a later time, it is all perfect.  Mars will still be holding the gate open for you to look within and clear the garbage until the end of July.    One of the gifts of this time is that you will be opening to feeling more compassionate with all and not so superior in a way.  Things may be coming that will  humble you or soften you so that you move into that ALL ONE or ONE LOVE sort of space, where you really see how we are all connected and all triggering each other in perfect ways to reveal what we need to see.   That is the gift of the retreat!  Through the pull back we open more to how everyone needs to unravel in order to come together with only the threads that are truly US.  When you walk this journey into the darkest regions of soul, then you just naturally come out feeling more patient with life and with others as an understanding is grasped about the perfection that is available to everyone who commits humbly to doing their inner work house cleaning.  Now this house is very much about others and commitments so you may be making a stronger commitment to someone or with deciding to invest money in some way.

Libra Horoscope Image

// libra //
This New Moon is screaming for you to EXPAND your life in some dramatic way. You may be choosing to move a rather far ways a way, such as across the country or to another country.  You may be deciding to go back to school and to finally study that thing that you REALLY love to do.  You may even be deciding to get this book out there, or start the website or do something to take what you have been working on in private an launch it in the most abundant way you can imagine.  Well, good, because THIS is the time to write it in stone and to start taking the first steps into this totally different reality that is going to change every aspect of your life.  What is so great is that Mars is in your sign and while in retrograde you were REALLY scanning over your life and clearly seeing what is not a reflection of what you saw yourself living. Every aspect from home to job to love was under your attention and it either felt uber icky and deadened or uber wonderful and divine.  Most likely the uber icky won out, but the facing of the uber icky is what is now opening you to manifesting the uber wonderful and divine. Enough is enough!  I see you screaming at the top of your lungs. ENOUGH!  You are good and ready to live this life of abundance and to receive finally what you know you deserve.  Ah-ha though!  Do you see what is changing this?  Do you see that is through the mirror of seeing what you have manifested in partnerships of the too much giving and not always caring if you receive, that is changing in you?  Do you see that you ARE holding your head higher knowing that you are WORTHY of love and success and happiness?  Can you see from this vantage point right now, that all the inner work you have been forced to endure, to purify, to cleanse, to release has all been for this moment right now where you GET IT and where you can SEE that the way you have been talking about yourself, with expecting just the crumbs, as that means you are loved, right, has been determining everything that has manifested in your life. This taking the backseat is done.  I see chests coming out stronger and shoulders back.  This has birthed a new strength in you, love.  I also see some behinds shaking so I feel this means you are moving your body more in some way and exercise may be what is circulating things enough for you to see more clearly.  There IS a link to  not getting exercise and feeling depressed.   Now something about this new you and choosing to make huge changes that alter where you live or what you are doing for a career, are going to bring more opportunities to be seen for what you are doing AND there is something about sex or something about bonding closer with someone.  And honestly I see so many changes kind of like a domino affect but for sure the sensuality is a big piece coming into your life and it is ALL because you are finally seeing the value in YOU and now the world is about to embrace those new thoughts of yours and show you a mirror image of them.  So this means… keep it on the love, keep it on the new visions, keep it on the hope vibe, and shoot for the biggest dreams you can imagine NOW.

Virgo Horoscope Image

// virgo //
Okay the flow of money is set to be picking up in your life THROUGH your career! Yay!  You may have felt held back from spending too much or hesitant of any big expenditures but NOW in your heart you will feel a-okay with spending whatever it takes to in some way further your career or to make the changes that get you more noticed for what you bring to the table.  And seriously you may be spending so much more than you are usually comfortable with, but it is all good because it ties in with getting you and your career expressions out into the world. This can be where you will even buy a house that puts you in a new location where your vibration is a match.  So all big expenditures are actually working to help you make more money! And I really don’t think you will have much of a hard time with it now that Mars has gone direct. You will have more of a trust, knowing deep down that you need to upgrade.  Something too may be pointing to a move where you are thinking about moving to a completely different environment. It may be that you are getting more schooling as you are in the process of taking your messages and words very seriously and getting real about the need to learn new things in order to take them to another level.  There is a big upward movement occurring in your life that may seem frightening because so much is changing but it will bring you closer to your dreams.  You have nothing to worry about.  Another aspect that is occurring is that you will be oh so abundantly inspired creatively and really sort of owning that what you do is magical in a way.   You may even be able to find a way to make a living from your creativity as your mind now is alive with ideas that express beauty. I imagine that once Mars went direct you became of flood of creative inspiration and have been unable to sleep because your mind is so awake with ideas and possibilities.  This is a good thing, so enjoy it while it lasts. Some of your creative ideas can be things that will manifest for years to come.  Now there is also your self worth that has come into play, so you know.  And we all know that you can be the hardest on you, where you feel like you never live up to your own expectations, so you judge yourself on this scale that is not really to actual size.   And you have been going through an unraveling in a way to find the culprit and release its pressure in your mind.  Something should have shifted that is having you be more patient and trusting and feeling the need for less control with all that is.  AND that movement has allowed the space for you to love and honor you more.   When the Virgo can love and honor who they are, they become the Golden Goddesses.  (And YES this does apply to men too!!  Trust me EVERYONE loves the Male that embodies the Goddess as those are the men that are rarely single and we are attracted to their blended selves that birthed from dating high vibrational empowered women).

Leo Horoscope Image

// leo //
So you are someone who has felt very held back by your style of communicating recently.  You may have felt like no one was understanding you and others were taking offense when you really meant nothing.  There may have been some feeling like “you just can’t win” and “why bother”.   Now understand that there actually was a purpose for this as it relates to things that are from your childhood or something that came from others that was shared as black and white kind of statements.  You were clearly shown that you DO THIS and NOT THAT OTHER THING and honestly this may be something you picked up on your own as a way to protect your heart, and from the past few months you should have opened to this fact that it is okay to  step outside of the rules you have imposed on yourself so that you can try another way with your words.   You may have a habit that formed from feeling rejection and now you go out to meet that rejection before it can find you. This is like breaking up with someone before they can break up with you, sort of thing. Now what is wonderful is that you are in a HUGE growth and healing period in your life. So nothing is to be taken lightly and all paths will somehow lead to the information you need in order to clear these burdens you are carrying on your back.   So not only are you in a position to withdraw and pull back and really gain new perspectives on things, but you are being supported in this and guided in a way.   Jupiter in the 12th house is always about this spiritual sort of protection, so even though you may be going to depths that you never thought you even had, you are still wearing a sort of safety jacket that will always pull back a bit in order to do this on your terms.  Some of us get thrown in the deep end, but you are being supported by a bungee cord and you CAN bounce out if it feels like too much.  The weeble wobble method maybe is better for you.  Now do be careful of indulging too much in things like drugs or alcohol, and I have to say that I have never said that in a reading here before, but I heard that because it is so intense inside and down deep, you may be choosing to resist and escape.   That may be why you are getting so much support from other sources because they know you don’t want to go down, but you do need to.   Friends are also highlighted and it may be that you are thinking of times past with friends that are no longer around but much missed.  There can be a distance factor with those that you care about and you are longing to have everyone back together, like the good ole days.  The memories of times past may be just too much to bear right now as there is a yearning for what was and a dissatisfaction with what is.  But do not worry about this as it is just the healing process and you ARE going back to clear old garbage as a way to have a clean slate for what wants to arrive.   And also remember that you never know what is on the way that makes this all feel like a blessing.  The story is not over, love. There is still HOPE. And HOPE is what this New Moon is all about for you where you create a new story RIGHT NOW, with these energies of what you would like to bring into right action and how you would like your life to look despite how messy it may feel right now.

Cancer Horoscope Image

// cancer //
This is the time to fall in love again with life!  There have been so many uncertainties and a sort of fog around your feelings of whether you can really trust this life.  When we have Mars go retrograde in our roots arena, which is what supports other aspects of our life, it makes sense that we can feel like a crab or turtle without its shell.  We don’t know where to go or what to do as we are also seeing things in terms of “if I do this, then that may happen” and “if I do that, then this may happen”.  It leaves you unable to make many other decisions about life.  So Mars was going backwards in the house of YOU, the Cancer house.  So think about that.  And this is why you maybe haven’t felt so safe or protected and way too vulnerable to feel okay with coming out into the world.  This one could have froze you in your tracks like a deer in the headlights.  But that is all history and now Mars is in forward motion and all things relating to home are able to move forward again. This means you can expect the changes that you have been wanting to have happen with your home, to finally manifest.  If you want to sell, or if you want to buy, those will unfold within 2 months.   If you work from home you may have even felt a bit of a slow down with business or at least an uncertainty with figuring things out.  You may even be choosing to NOW do something from home, such as with starting a home business. The whole point though was to bring more clarity and a healthier balance of energy within the home.  The whole point was to get you solid footing so that you can start to birth some of these new dreams THAT you came up with while feeling unstable and uncertain about what was up.  Change on the home front is going to be a given, but it is going to be a good thing, so you don’t need to worry.  Now you are in that pulled back space of retreat still because the Sun is in your 12th house. This is the time to really pull back and size up your life thus far so that you can build this confidence to begin again and to finally do those things you have been dreaming of doing. First this new stability will be established at home and then you will have the proper soil to plant your NEW seeds.  This can also mean that you have something to share that needs to see the light of day and it may be with someone who shares your home and this can be an area of massive release of like getting something off your shoulders that you have been processing alone.  This New Moon will give you the courage to speak your truth and to do it with compassion.  This can be another element that leads to feeling that in love with life again as you releasing these words can bring a fresh new happiness with those who live in your home.  You will be bringing the peace at home and from there a new beauty will begin to sprout.  I felt a huge exhale so this may have been an area that has had you holding your breath and feeling very restricted.

Gemini Horoscope Image

// gemini //
Oh this is YOUR New Moon, sweethearts, and this is when you will be feeling oh so fantastic ESPECIALLY because Mars is in this equation and he is singing in your house of HAPPY.   This is where you have been going back and trying to understand what it will take to really feel like life is worth living. You may have been seeing how much struggle there has been and quite honestly, the root of most evil for you has been within your own mind where you have been feeling more limited than you in fact are.  You were always being held safe and secure but you needed to kind of fall out of your comfort zone in order to reach for greater heights.  You needed the feeling of being “trapped” in order to discover on your own how to feel more free and alive. And thank you Mars, because he was really just showing where you have been moving on auto pilot and not really stopping to smell the roses of this moment right here, right now.  So he had to cut off the joy, in a way, or to have you feeling lack luster, so that you could decide to pull yourself up and map out a new plan of what it will take to live a life of purpose where you feel valued for what you are bringing, or important for the creativity that comes from within you.  A baby may also be a new addition to this space as you may have discovered that what you are feeling that you are missing is a child, or another child.  If you are wanting to have a child, you will have the energy to manifest this over the next 2 months.  And I can see you relaxing in a comfortable place like with a crackling campfire and friends around you and feeling very trusting and okay with all that is… so that is a good sign and even if you are not feeling the contentment just yet, know that it is on the way.  These changes you have been making are bringing you closer to you and you may even notice that you feel like someone more with authority because you are not so unsure of things anymore and starting to see the light of day.  I do see many options still though so you may feel a bit flustered with having to make many decisions.   And you are about to move into a more spiritually connected, grounded to earth sort of feeling…. kind of like with bringing heaven to earth, in a way.  Or like having your head in the clouds, but feet firmly on the ground. And the earth plays an important piece in this image so you may be working with the earth or starting a landscaping or gardening project.   But something with getting your hands into things is opening you more to trusting this life and trusting the cycles.  You will also find that you are UBER inspired when you have your hands busy, like with working in soil and with designing new things like space or like with your studio.  This is the time for you to only do the things that you love to do as they are cumulatively building your confidence in self and in being able to manifest your dreams.   And this is the time to speak from YOUR voice box and the full strength of it too.   There needs to be no holding back and this relates to you valuing yourself and honoring that what you have to say is very important.   The more you speak your truth, the more you will be able to express your creative gifts.  Go figure.

Taurus Horoscope Image

// taurus //
Woo hoo, creativity abounds!  Oh love. You should absolutely feel IN HEAVEN right now.  You should feel so comfortable in your skin or at least in this world.  You should feel inspired beyond belief to do your creativity, to use your hands in more abundant ways, to honor the gift of who you are, to engage in more seductive entanglements, and to find all the ways to bring in more happiness and contentedness into your life.  You are on the right track and the driving force of this all is with you waking to the value of who you are.   You may not have all the things you are dreaming of, but you are fully ready to do what it takes to bring them to manifestation and each one of them is on your mind at this time. You long for more value with life and that longing will bring you what you need, so do not push these thoughts away. You may feel guilty at noticing all that is not working in your life, but noticing them is the first step, and it is important that every angle gets the attention in needs.  If you are working in a creative field and especially with working for yourself, you will really be able to communicate in excellent ways with others so that they truly want what you have to offer. This stronger voice is coming from your own sense of waking to self worth, as this is what I described in the main reading with how when I was doubting myself I had a weak tone that did not even encourage a sale, but you will be waking to your importance and your creative gifts and this will change the tone of how you talk about what you do.  I can see this authority in your voice coming through and it is all because YOU are believing more in yourself.  I see that having a necklace with stones like hematite and kyanite and even pyrite (funny that all the ITES came forward) can really help to allow this stronger YOU voice to come through.  But its coming anyway even without the support of crystals.  Venus will be going into your sign the day after the New Moon and this is yet another wonderful blessing of the planets as this will help you to believe even more in you doing that creative thing that you love to do BECUASE people will start seeing you as this master creative.   They will just naturally assume you are doing your souls gifts and that you know how valuable you are and because of that you can plan on more money and more business coming in this month! YAY!  So if you have been waiting to put something out there that is the example of what your soul yearns to do, then do it.  It is okay to believe in yourself and you are being ordered to find the ways to remember how awesome you are. I suggest you even make a list of all the reasons you are kickass as this is part of learning to value yourself. And what is funny is I was making a list like this and laughing at myself but that was when I heard that this is required when you walk the journey of learning self worth. It is not full of ego to list the reasons for how awesome we are, and it is in fact something we need to do when we are being called to awaken to our inner luminosity.  And your true inner glow is ready to sprout out of this hardened shell you may have created…

Aries Horoscope Image

// aries //
So you have been on a journey of trying to figure out how to work with others so that messages do not get spread in a negative way and where harmony can be established. You may have been going back in time and closely examining your memories for patterns within partnerships.  There could have been much innerwork in this arena of seeing the patterns of how you may be shutting down when the going gets tough or you may be frightened of success, so you sabotage relationships, or whatever you are shown, but this is a time where you are wanting desperately to be done with those manifested outcomes and you may be opening to an honest appraisal of what your piece was in them all.  This is a great step, because you keeping it real is going to open your mind to other ways to communicate with them so that hostility is not aroused and where you will be able to share your true heart feelings without the fear of being rejected.  If you are single you will be doing the work now that can allow a better match of a partnership to enter your life.  And if you work with others, you will also be given the opportunities to learn to communicate in ways that do not attract negative energy your way.  There have likely been many altercations of not seeing eye to eye, or miscommunications that have erupted into insanity, with others and it may have had you feeling very down and not good enough, but love, you can trust that this was only to open you to patterns from long ago that have repeated and repeated and NOW you are being given an opportunity to see your piece in this and then decide to not respond or react in the ways that have become the norm for you. You are writing a new story about how you communicate with others and how you read the symbols within them that tend to trigger something in you.  So with this New Moon, commit to a new style of communicating.  Commit to being clear, open, vulnerable and driven to create peace instead of separation.  AND what is great too is that this can be the best time of the year to fully put your heart into any writing or message project.  If you have always wanted to write a book, then now would be a wonderful time to start. And also with bringing the peace with others, you will have much success if you can share your vulnerable position through the written word.  We always have to clear past relationship baggage before we can attract a positive and sustainable relationship.  To be friends with all ex’s is the most ideal, as we DID love them more than anything EVER at one time, so if there is some negative density hanging around, just try writing a letter to clear the air. It doesn’t matter if they return with a comment, what matters is that you let this go by bringing your side of the peace to the puzzle.