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Pisces Horoscope Image

:: Pisces ::
This is a very important time for you where you are working on something that is new and exciting, but it is not yet launched or showing you the results you are dreaming for it. You are encouraged to know that this is something special.  This feels like it is in the foundational stages, or where you are just putting things together. This may even be an idea that came to you when Mercury was in Retrograde and now you are ready to start this creation and to do it with love.  Actually, love is important with this new project because this is something that you LOVE to do and you are finally realizing that you must put energy into this, to bring it to birth. For some this will be a longer project that may be full of details and will take some time to complete. So if you are just starting, continue on! This is like going on a road trip and being all stoked and how the first hours are so much fun and then another energy comes in. So you may feel dragged down the more you are in it, but trust me, continue on. You ARE onto something and this is important work for you to share.  And dare I say, this is also you aligning to Souls Purpose Work… so this is an idea that was destined to drop in your lap. It is brilliant. It is progressive. And it really has the feeling of serving the people and being valuable.  Now something too is where you are actually in a really great position to showcase your gifts and also be this force of helping others in some way to see something or to wake up to something. You are wanting to inspire others to achieve something more, or to help anchor them into believing into something.  You also are very busy and almost going a little crazy with all the things there are to do on the home front but this is just the energy of movement. And you are MOVING.  You are coming up with ideas, wanting more stability, and doing whatever it will take to create a safe feeling with your life. Change is SO in the air.<span “mso-spacerun:=”” yes”=””>  You also are encouraged to talk to advisors or accountants, or people who can help you make the best choices with your money.   This means… expect the money to flow your way from what is in the creation space right now. How exciting, right?!

Aquarius Horoscope Image

There is something going on with others where you are coming together, or in the talks with something that very well may be a project that is pretty special!  Make the time to share ideas with others because we are in a time when the COLLECTIVE is becoming more important and there is more of this joining energy than there has ever been before. We are realizing that THIS is why we all have particular skills, but not ALL the skills. We need to come together in group, to become more powerful and make greater impacts. This can be too where you are letting go of feeling like you need to do it all and instead are outreaching to have others help you so that you can narrow down your time better and focus on things that are most important to you.  There is so much to talk about right now and you also may be thinking about money and also getting ahead, or doing planning around finances. This can be an empowering time where you are focused on the future in order to get ahead and get out of debt. Know that you are coming up with genius ideas right now that can really change things in huge ways. This is also very much creative based so you are wanting to delve into creative arenas, or find ways to make money doing what you love to do.  Partnerships are highlighted here too, so you may overcome something, or will come together in more committed talks. This feels like there is still work to be done or changes still in motion, but there is positivity here.  Really all around, you are coming together with people who are YOUR tribe, and this is shifting the whole atmosphere of your life for the better. So do not stay at home and hide away. Put it out there that you are READY to find your peoples. And from there, MAGICK will give birth.

Capricorn Horoscope Image

Exciting times!  You are fully in the details of a project that may have to do with writing, or at least sharing a message or some artistic creation, and it kind of has a genius potential aspect to it!  The energy right now is SO special in that something that will shift you fully is on your plate. It is right here in your life, right now. This also has to do with something that is very deep and powerful and healing. It can be something that deals with the hidden, but it is bringing the light to situations. This feels like it is a service to others and it somehow brings a positive tone and also has a hint of mystical magick and the mystery.  So it has a far-reaching quality to it and also is about empowerment, and especially empowerment for those who are in the dark.  Your energy is totally focused here and you will be very busy with work right now. There actually feels like there are several projects as you have your hands in a few pots, but it all feels pretty positive and worthwhile.  There is something with you recognizing that you do have power with reaching people and marketing and making a good impression on others. This is to be a tool that you use with your projects. This means put it out there and know that your ideas and wisdom are important to the success of your projects. Also know that you honoring that you DO have important things to share is also a part of this picture. So you are to feel confident and to throw yourself out there using all your brilliant marketing know how and just WATCH at what big things you are going to bring to the table.  Own that you got it. Own that you know what is best. Own that you are on path. Own that you have power to influence. And own that it is time.

Sagittarius Horoscope Image

Creative ideas are flooding into you right now!  You are very much wired to be thinking of how to put in the time to learn something that feels like a long term project. This may be that you have already taken the leap, or have still been contemplating if you should, and yes, I am letting you know that you should. This is also something with finding ways to have more happiness in your life, as you are focused on wanting more of the joy and the bliss with how you live the day to day.  There also are to be considerations with those around you… this feels like you are growing and expanding and you will be questioning if the people who are closest to you are growing at the same rate. This also is connected to your career, so you are wanting to know that you are supported and valued in all aspects of who you take into your space. This may mean that you are seeing who feels more competitive with you, or envious, or not really someone you feel you can trust.  I feel there is someone like that and they push your buttons!  But, you cannot control anyone else around you, so know that the more you get clear on only taking in the people who empower you and make you feel on fire with your life, the more you won’t even notice the ones who pull your energy around, and mostly because they won’t be there! Out of sight, out of mind. Be okay with speaking up to others and getting clear on what you see is happening.  This energy is asking you to say something to clear the air, and to get it off of your shoulders. If something is festering, you wont be able to produce those amazing new creative offerings, or put your heart into your studies fully. This may have you feeling like you need to go faster and compete and keep up, and that is NOT the best energy for long term success. No way. That is fast food success that is like the sparklers and does not reach fully out into the sky. Say what you need to say, put yourself forward, do it with heart, and know that there is plenty of room in this world for what you are doing.  Slow down and do it right. When you can be patient with this process you will come up with GENIUS ways to move forward on your dreams.

Scorpio Horoscope Image

This is a great opportunity to look at an old pattern, that very well may be surrounding money, and to just decide to throw it in the wind and to create a NEW way of looking at the power of money in your life. This is the time to see how supported you have always been and to let go of feeling the scarcity vibration and with thinking there is not enough to go around. You also are NOT to look out at what others are doing because this can have you feeling the need to compete and to not take into consideration that we all have timelines with manifesting our dreams. Some people manifest love early in life, and some manifest it when they are older and wiser. Some people manifest their creative dreams when they are younger, and some have to wait until they are older. Everything in our lives has a correct timeline and no path is better than others. But actually I do know that the longer the wait, the more satisfaction of the prize.  People who have to be patient and see others acquiring first, tend to feel SO much satisfaction when their day finally arrives.  So realize there is something you are needing to face right now with a habit or a wound from your past that has you operating in that same way now, and it is keeping you from feeling true joy in your life. It feels like a sort of treadmill where you are just moving along, or chasing after something, and operating in this older style but that your body really wants to evolve into expressing in more satisfying ways now.  This is also saying that synchronicity wants to speak more loudly in your life and that you are to learn to go with the flow and only move through gates when there is something drawing you forward into them.  This is a time to be invited or to be drawn in, versus plunging forward and forcing energy to go the way you want it to go.<span “mso-spacerun:=”” yes”=””>  And if you can sit back and allow the flows to come towards you, you WILL be in a space of coming up with brilliant and inspirational ways to better do your work.  You ARE coming up with fresh ideas that can better express your true gifts through your career, but you need to send these ideas out to the universe and THEN allow the people to find you in order to help bring them to reality. A secret component is in combining in the group, but it is a group that finds you, because you are to be more receptive at this time and to soften into allowing the world to greet you.

Libra Horoscope Image

There are people coming into your life who are going to offer inspiration as to how to move forward with your life. You may be feeling sort of stuck or confused as to what to do with some situation, but others are the key to you making a final decision. And actually whatever they do guide you to do is what you have known you needed to do anyway! But this one is big and it involves you moving, in some way, so you have questioned every aspect of it to the point of feeling immobile. Well, help is on the way, and it will likely occur when you are taking a break, or vacation, and when you follow the synchronicity of things. This feels almost like a butterfly that sails into your attention and is guiding you to look in another location.  This feels like being guided by a string that is trying to move you towards discovering something on your own, but having you work for it. It is fun work though so don’t sweat that. You just have to put trust in this universe and stop trying to use your brain to figure out your next moves. The moment you trust, is the moment the synchronicity starts to play out.  Do know too that you are moving over a hump, that feels like a block, but when you do climb over, things are going to feel MUCH MORE positive and on purpose. Just keep your eyes on the horizon and know that good things really are on the way. Again, just be patient and trust this life of yours. Magick is waiting to show up and when this flow kicks in, you will feel sort of reborn and giddy.  Be careful of your words and keep them on the positive. An answer IS coming. You DO know what to do. You WILL figure this out. It WILL turn out wonderful. You have nothing to worry about. For now… cut loose and have some fun!  Just enjoy THIS moment.  Laugh and be merry. THAT is key to the synchronicity lighting up for you!

Virgo Horoscope Image

Move forward! Move on this! Get it going! Jump on the opportunities! YES you are onto some thing big! This is a sweet energy wanting to engulf you with wonderful opportunities that feel like they are coming out of the blue and on angel wings. Something is coming out from the dark, or from something hidden. The light is shining on something that feels like it is murky and confusing. So if anything shows up that feels like death or darkness, KNOW that light swings in right afterwards. There is a cycle change to this time where you are moving from one thing to another, and pretty swiftly. There may be something with cords being cut from another person, or some emotional tie is coming to an end or at least being transformed.<span “mso-spacerun:=”” yes”=””>  This was something that was holding you back, actually, and it was hidden, but something you DID feel in your body. And from this you are going to be able to access more of your power!  This is almost changing something structurally for you where you are more grounded and more sure of the truth that you DO have so much to offer, and THUS the world is going to start seeing you differently!  They are going to start coming to you in bigger ways for what you know so much about.  This may have you feeling a bit overwhelmed as it may feel like too much, but when you get this house situation in order and all in place, things will feel much more manageable. This means DO take care of all the things that are out of order at home and with things being sort of messy. This is a spring cleaning time and also with moving things around to better manage the energy flows.  Also, forgive others right now for not being as perfect as you need them to be. They will get better!  But do know that you voicing your needs is part of them changing into who you want them to be.

Leo Horoscope Image

::Leo ::
This is you needing to speak up and make yourself more known in the group. I feel something has you feeling more open and feeling well received so this opens you to keeping it real. You may have been holding back and not wanting to make a stink or call it like you see it, but now you are saying something that needs to be said!  This feels like giving someone a wakeup call or speaking with the impact of a lighting bolt. That may be that you have held it in for so long and it just SHOOTS out. Be okay with this. You are clearing density in others.  You are moving them to see some area where they were stuck.  You are a facilitator of great change in others right now!  And don’t be surprised to see that when you move THEM to change, you end up changing yourself! We are all so intertwined with each other.  Now you also are in this great space to get really clear on what you would like to change with your life. You may be doing some sort of vacation or retreat where you are getting out of your familiar surroundings and this has you feeling SO expansive and open. You have needed to get away and breathe. This is a gift of an opportunity when you are going to start seeing more positively into your future and with gaining insight on the changes you would like to make.  Things will come VERY synchronistically and I see you being excited to start over and get down to business again with this fresh new perspective of things. You really are gaining a rebirth right now from pulling away and seeing things in a new light. This feels like a very joyful time and when you may even decide to take a great risk! This means you are going out on a limb to profess your love, to demand that the universe provide, or to OWN that you are a powerful being with much to offer the world. This is you owning your worth and it is somehow linked with feeling more love for self and others.

Cancer Horoscope Image

Oh my love, enjoy the last days of your official retreat time!  This one is so powerful with its ability to help you restructure your life so that when you get back, and return from your retreat, you will feel ON FIRE with new ideas to make money, or gain more stability through your career. This is a special time for you!  You are gaining more power in realizing that you do have an important message to share or that you do have offerings that can benefit others. You may even be writing about something from your experiences where you are showing others how to have more trust in the universe. This may even be that your are writing things that you will keep private but that they are healing for you right now. They are helping you make sense of what you need to do next. Something has come to show you that you can trust this life and now you are wanting to share that with others.  This is also a healing time when you are realizing that your thoughts need to be on trusting however your life wants to unfold.  There are still situations that are in the dark and not yet understood, but you are to trust that everything is happening just as it should and that it will be okay.<span “mso-spacerun:=”” yes”=””>  It will be okay. There is something with you needing to own your value and to know that you loving yourself is manifesting all these other opportunities to come. If you still feel like you are less than or if you are judging yourself for not being perfect enough, then let that go. It is of the utmost importance that you feel that you are wonderful and on path because that energy is required in order to bring you these next out of the blue opportunities that will showcase your gifts.  You can be SO hooked up if you keep your eyes on the horizon and not put too much importance into picking apart what is NOT okay in your life right now. Trust that the pieces will come together and that all your questions will be answered, because they will!  Your thoughts are manifesting more than you can imagine right now! BELIEVE the best!! KNOW that you are safe and protected and that all will be provided at just the perfect timing!

Gemini Horoscope Image

Your New Moon can actually have you feeling pretty much all over the place and unable to figure out what to do or what to focus on! This can feel very stimulating and almost like too much for even you!  Now the reason is because we also have some energy that has your mind feeling expanded and stimulated by inspiration. So you may have an idea you want to start and then will be inspired by another one, and another one, and another one. This feels like a journey where one thing leads to another and so much is going on that you end up getting nothing done!  Do follow the synchronicity though because you are being led to inspiration that is going to be with ways to share more of yourself with the world.  This feels like you are also wired to think of ways to give back and to see that the world is really evolving and changing alongside you.  And you also are super hooked up to that manifesting energy when every thought brings you something of a match! This can be exciting!  This is actually happening to lighten you up and to have you seeing that you really can allow the world to bring you what you want at just the perfect timing. You also are being asked to cut loose and have more fun with others right now. They are key to the inspirations flooding your way. They are your muse right now. You are learning through them.  You also will be able to be very clear in being this empowering force for others where you motivate them to change their lives.  You can just sit there like a smiling Buddha and impact others right now.  People around you are seeking satisfaction and contentment and your energy is giving that very thing off, so don’t be surprised if others just want to be around you more than you are even open to!  You may even notice they are sitting closer to you and almost TOO much in your space. Its an energy thing, love. And you are giving SOMETHING off that others want.

Taurus Horoscope Image

There is something you are working on now that is going to be quite epic!  You are working on a creative project, or projects, or something that is in the works that deals with your creative gifts. There is something with uncovering too, so it may be that new gifts are coming to you, or better uses of what you have always been good at. You are owning a particular power with your creativity and this has you feeling very connected and kind of excited. That is how it is supposed to be when we find our power and you are in this sort of space right now. Full energy is being focused at this time and there is a huge link with money, getting out of debt and creating a more stable foundation.  You are to let go of any glass ceilings and to actually KNOW that you can break through and go higher than you thought possible.  You may even be shifting out of old mentalities that say only men can make that much money, or women can’t be as successful as men.  You may have some sort of old programming that you need to look at and LET GO OF because you are wired to be wildly successful and to really bring in a bounty this year. But you must release a limit to what you believe is possible. You also will be more behind the scenes right now with a creative offering, but inspired beyond belief and finding that inspiration is coming like on angel wings.  There is also something with the home here, so you may be inspired to make changes at home, or will be making changes to how you manage your life so that you can have more time to feel like you are in control of things.  You also are working to create more self care time as you are feeling that your roots need some love and support to be able to fully anchor the power of what you ARE going to do in this world.   This also feels like you are very busy on the home front with many ideas and are working to create the space so that you can develop more genius ideas that will allow you more down time. With all the down time you create in your life, you will have more space to create more ideas that create more stability.<span “mso-spacerun:=”” yes”=””>  It is this cycle you are on and each one feeds the other.

Aries Horoscope Image

Woo wee! Go go go go go.  This one feels very energetic, or completely depleted from way too much going on. This can be a time when your adrenals feel SHOT.  And you are either on the way to that place, or you have already arrived. This also can feel like full on adrenalin rush of ideas that are so on fire and empowering for you. You want to grow. You want to expand. You want to delve fully into this study and to give it your heart. You have a lot of work to do, so pace yourself, but do know you are going places with this. Keep your eyes on the prize and don’t cut any corners.  There is something with your power that you are waking up to and it relates to something that may be healing based.  You may be an educator in some way or will show others the correct paths to follow to achieve health and wellness. This may have something to do with exercise, yoga or mediation or something that is mind/body/spirit healing.  You also are being asked to TRUST THE PROCESS. You are to pull back from doing too much of the forward motion, even though you feel like you are on an escalator and can’t stop now, but you are to pull back in the sense of connecting with spirit more with a daily practice. Discipline is important for you now and gaining a SOLID connection with tuning in and receiving wisdom or soothing from the Universe. Also know that the more you pull back before you move forward, the more powerful force you will exhibit. This can be like meditating each morning to align more fully so that you don’t just try to do it all and then burn out. Love is also very much highlighted so you may be doing something to bring back the love or to connect more powerfully with your partner. You are really deciding that you want to be happy and you want joy in this life and you are willing to do whatever it takes to feel like life is something to be stoked to wake up and experience each day. You are ready for change and you are going to take some sort of risk, by putting yourself out there, or doing something you wouldn’t normally do to start putting your dreams into motion.  Think of what others are NOT doing and do that.