And here it comes!  Here comes the gateway opening, my loves!  Feel this amazing giddy joyous energy that is showing you a new path in life that is about feeling HAPPY, PLAYFUL, CREATIVE and ALIVE.  And once you are truly feeling those things, the rest is all icing.

We are all getting ready to POUNCE on a new path and will be calling it our own. This is something that is coming from the examinations of past months that relates to how we need to better balance our lives.  We have been nudged and prodded and instigated into wanting to explore new vistas, new people, new ways of seeing the truth of what life is really all about. And it is not about following the mainstream messages, as those have kept us anchored in fear and they have actually shortchanged the possibilities of manifestation that truly are our birth right to bring forward into our life.

We are now following the Queen or King of our Hearts.  We now are pulled very much into our bodies as we have discovered that the only compass we need is within us already.  This means we are dropping things, people, places, habits, fearful thought processes, and all without a seconds thought or need to justify our decisions. For so long we  have done everything FOR others and now there is a spark igniting within that is guiding us all to really carve out a life path expression built around doing what we really love to do, with people that we really love to do it with and in an environment that really lights us up.

So this New Moon is UBER SPECIAL. Do you catch my drift?  This one is very powerful because it is fueled even more by the energy of Mars who just moved into Scorpio, so that means he will be squaring this Sun/Moon/Jupiter conjunction that occurs on July 26, 2014 at 6:43 pm Eastern Time.  This is yet another MOVING moment where we will feel the desire to change on a dime and to really and finally make the changes that open us to allowing more happy vibrations to permeate our bodies and life experiences.

We all are feeling the need to let go of the baggage that feels like shackles holding us back with our futures.  We are feeling the need to let go of judging ourselves so harshly for how imperfect we all really are.  We are feeling the need to step out of the projections of others and the stories of others life experiences which say that what we dream just can’t be done.  No matter if we are 22 or 66 we are ready to start over and recreate the life of our dreams. And let me tell you, I support your decision and I am here giving you a standing ovation of proud mama energy.  You go!  Go for it!  Please don’t let anything stop you because you really can do whatever your body is telling you is possible.

Now we have already been in a very emotional space but this is one that is pretty sacred and full of the LOVE and grace. We have had our hearts opened so that we can feel more appreciation for what we do have RIGHT NOW.  This is why you may have been feeling very emotional and touched by the simplest of things. You may be pausing to reflect as you really grasp how fragile this life is and how it can change on a dime, and THAT is aligning you to this appreciation vibration that will have you becoming more soft with others and also more attentive to how you can share your love with them so that they truly know that you value them.

I used to always post a song with my written horoscopes and I wanted to bring that back especially because for this reading Bad Company’s Ready for Love is  a really strong feeling in all of us.  We are ready for love. We are ready to express as love. We are ready to feel love. We are ready to be love. We are ready to drench our bodies and lives in an ocean of love.  We are ready to dance naked and giddy with feeling the love, love, love!!  We are ready to be teenagers again and to feel the innocence that has us giggling about life instead of being stoic and hard and resistant to the joys of just feeling the LOVE FOR LIFE.

This heart opening energy is showing us that fear is just not the path we want to travel any longer.  We are tired of always being fearful of what could potentially occur and we are tired of having it ingrained into us that we need to be fearful in life.  Fear prematurely ages us and causes us to get rigid and cold, which then sort of leaves us alone and lonely in life.  While LOVING life and trusting the great powers that be keeps us youthful and beautiful and also turns us into a magnet where others just want to be near us in order to feel the light and vibrant feeling that comes when someone is content with life.  If you can just be happy and playful in your life right now, then you can expect that that energy will spread like a wildfire out into all areas of expression. It really does start with RIGHT HERE and RIGHT NOW.

So pay attention to what is in your life right now and give it some serious love.  Even if it is not living up to your expectations and it does not really look like the life of your dreams, still give it love and appreciation so that it can blossom and evolve into something that does match the dreams of your soul.  Our thoughts and words are also very potent and powerful with this New Moon, so intentions alone can really shift your life more so than at other times.  Just say the words of what you want to see happen. Just hold the thoughts of how you would like this to turn out.

And so you know, the Earth Walk Podcasts are officially LIVE and I have 7 episodes up so far. Please go listen and savor the messages as they can help you to realign your energy and consciousness to the love and trust vibrations.  I am having so much fun with them and pretty much bounce out of bed stoked to share a message that comes to me in my dream time.

Also the VIDEO READING IS HERE or you can scroll down to the end of this article to watch it.

Okay my loves! I love you!  I love my life! I love this world! I trust the humans!  I trust this experience! I trust myself!  I love who I am and I love who I am becoming!  Feel free to say the same and don’t go short on the love word. There is plenty to go around and it is sort of like a kombucha mushroom that just keeps growing and growing the more you feed it with sugar.   Feed the love with your sweetness and it will grow and grow and take over this whole planet.


Pisces Horoscope Image

// pisces //
So lets see.  This New Moon is GREAT NEWS! You will be very aligned and focused on your Souls Purpose work that relates to being of service to others.  You have been going through some awakenings with your thought processes where you see how you have cut yourself short or given up on yourself RIGHT before the tides were about to change.  This is the time to find a new track and to stop repeating this one that has the very same story line over and over and over. This is one of having great faith in yourself in the beginning and then it wavering and collapsing to the point where you continue this loop downward where you feel just destined to suffer and never have dreams manifest. This New Moon is giving you the opportunity to skip tracks and to move to another path that takes that faith in self and just builds it and builds it to the point where a new outcome, that is very satisfying, just has to manifest. You will feel a new loop jump, or you will feel that you ARE handling this in a different way then you always had before.  This is you shedding an old tired worn out skin and coming alive in new and beautiful ways. You are FULLY aligned to focus on creativity in a new way, and as I always say, just don’t focus on the money you want it to bring to you. They will never sell or reach the people of the world if you are creating them with the scarcity vibration of needing this to make you money. Remember:  New Earth = new  manifesting rules of the road.  The over emphasis of money is why this world is in the state it is.  Lets shift this space!  Now what is wonderful is that you are encouraged to start a blog, redo a website and set your sights on reaching people far and wide with whatever message or creation you are longing to get out there. This is a time when your MIND SHIFTS, which will open you to shifting the possibilities of doing something that really does go out there and bring you something that adds to you feeling important.  You may have  been thinking some time of creating a blog or making changes with a website but NOW is when you should really put that dream out there, whether in actuality or with intention.  Saturn was in retrograde motion in order to slow you down with your dreams and even to slow down your energy in order to hold you back before this gate full opened.  And now he is stepping back and saying NOW you can GO FOR IT.  So dream HUGE.  And know that positivity is a big part of this push that you will be making.  You must hold the space of I CAN DO THIS NOW.  There is no room for doubting and no room for jumping onto that track of your past that always leads to a destination that is less than what you deserve.   Know too that this is when you can really change your health with what is coming up to you now whether through diet or exercise.  If it is coming up in your mind, move closer towards that. If you are feeling warnings about something you put in your body, honor that and discontinue its use.

New Moon Intentions:
I am doing it this time.  I will not allow anything to stop me.
I believe in myself and I will not give up on myself.
I am changing my diet and exercise habits so that I can recreate the body that makes me happy.
I am bringing my lofty ideas or creations down to earth and I commit to sharing them with the world.

Aquarius Horoscope Image

// aquarius //
My world changers, this is a wonderful New Moon for you to really see what needs to be altered or upgraded in regards to your personal relationships.  This is where everything that is out of balance will shine oh so brightly and not be something that you can deny.  This is when you will be so sensitive to the vibrations of others in that you really FEEL who feels like home and who you have just outgrown.   Again, I am always telling you not to judge this because we do tend to need to weave in and out of the lives of those we hold dear as at times we just move into different areas and no longer have the affinity that is required for our own happiness to be felt.  You need to look at where you thrive and where you feel yourself growing smaller.  Your intuition is guiding you on this and you just need to listen, and trust. Now you may also be coming together in beautiful collaborations with others that are work related because right now your career is UBER highlighted and a huge focus in being this bringer of more happiness into your life. You were held back over the past few months in order to gain new perspectives on how you were putting out your career energy and now that gate is opening with you having a bit of a different focus than before. You may have narrowed down a better way to showcase your true gifts and you may have even been making changes to what you created earlier that just never felt right and needed some adjustments.   You are much better aligned to move forward on some long held dreams and they do tend to be something that is more others related, as in coming together with others in order to make greater impacts.  What I love about your reading is that part of what is changing you is with having a more compassionate and gentle way with yourself.   Something is shifting in your mind that is maybe changing the ways you view yourself or judge yourself and you are learning to lighten up and just do the best you can and let the rest fall to the wayside. This is a time to forgive yourself for where you feel you have not lived up to your expectations and instead to try to dream of a better day and new way and to start over RIGHT NOW.  This is essential as you must get out of your way so that you can allow this career bonus energy to magnetize to you.  There is a strong force wanting to reach you and to bring you blessings galore but if you are too fearful or too negative or judgmental then this opportunity may pass you by.  And we just can’t have that!  To shift out of beating yourself up for just how not perfect you are, try focusing some love into others.   People can be very receptive to your love nature at this time and they will SEE you. So hold the positive and the love in your heart and trust this process.  It is okay to trust this path of yours and if you can just do that, others will bond more closer to you as they already do see you as a pillar of strength and guidance.   The more you can shine this trusting love to them, the more you will gradually shift out of judging yourself so harshly.

New Moon Intentions:
I am gracefully allowing the things in my life that do not feel like LOVE and ALIVE and HOME to leave now.
I trust my life. I trust this process. I know I am safe.
I have my arms wide open welcoming in the blessings of my career.
I am ready to do this and I am coming together with other like minds to manifest these career dreams.

Capricorn Horoscope Image

// capricorn //
This can be very blessed New Moon where you are able to clear out some density that is keeping you from living your dreams, and the thing is that it will almost feel effortless, as long as you WELCOME this in.  You need to show up.  You need to say you are ready, But then you just need to open to what is being shown to you and what is being revealed, possibly through the mirror of others, and just keep your vibration on humble without feeling defensive about the messages that come to you.  This is a time where you may also be seeing how the needs of others have shaped your course in life and this can be a time to free those shackles and declare that you are really ready to make decisions that work to bring YOU to a happy and content state. Because, love, if you are taking care of yourself and doing what it takes to feel happy, then this will overflow, and as a by-product, others lives will start to shift to this vibration you are putting out there.  This can be a time of a death within as you also awaken to something you have been doing or saying or putting out there that is actually keeping you more in a limited state, and this is another one that may come as a mirror where you see it in someone else and reject it, but in fact you do the same thing.   Friends, or others, will tend to bring you many messages that you need to face at this time.  There is also an energy that is really moving you towards wanting to give back with what you have to offer, so that you are slipping out a of space that is more focused on making money or seeing the returns of what you are putting out, and instead a huge flame is lighting where you JUST want to see others benefit from what you have to offer.  The money factor for sure may be leaving you as before you may have felt that you needed to be honored for your work through the money and now you will be letting that go and seeing that others benefiting from your gifts is more important than focusing on being validated through the money.  There is a strong humanitarian energy washing over you and your life and also something that is drawing you more into the group energy.  This may be coming through some sort of loss or death energy, but mostly it is where your heart is sort of exploding with gratitude for YOUR peoples and really making you see how lost you are without these people who are so dear to your heart.   It is like your family is transforming too and this can be where you are finding your true family, outside of the bloodlines, and they are showing you this nurturing and support that your soul has longed for since birth.  Just remember the WE as you are moving closer to that energy but where all things are equal and no one is better or higher than the next…

New Moon Intentions:
I am letting go of all things that are holding me back from my dreams.
I am letting go of the need to have money validate my worth.
I am embracing all death situations knowing they are upgrading me in some way.
I am opening to group energy and ready to come together in equal parts.

Sagittarius Horoscope Image

// sagittarius //
Oh here is some wonderful news for you, sweet love!  This is a great New Moon that will feel right at home for you.  You are going to feel a huge shift of energy really opening you to knowing you are ready to expand in huge ways.  You may even be deciding to go back to school or to focus on learning something new that in some way expands your views of life. Philosophy can be a big area of interest as you are thinking more about what life is really all about.  There may also be a huge hub of focus around your blog or website and you may be going through a reformatting or even the initial creation spaces. This can be a really beneficial time when you delve further into yoga and into the healing that takes place when you pull back and step out of the mind chatter and that competitive drive to keep up with others.  You are actually gaining more in life when you can pull back and retreat into solitude spaces of silence and with no outside stimuli.  Now there is the situation that Saturn is in your 12th house where he has just been joined with Mars and this focuses you into a space where you may feel sort of uncomfortable in your skin or awkward in this world or just not so secure with life in general. It can feel very much like the Saturn return where you have a deep discontent that can’t ever seem to be filled. Just know that this is a time in your life where you are to retreat from the world and to do some inner work into hidden material that needs to be cleansed in order for you to move forward in the ways you are wanting to.  This energy is pulling you inward, inward, inward and the more you try to deny this the more crazy you can sort of feel. This energy needs to be grounded and at this time it is through the retreat and quiet and alone.  Messages are longing to match up with your awareness!  This can also be a very beneficial time when you can gain a stronger connection to your guides and to this powerful guidance system that is outside of your mind. But again, this requires that you show up and make the space, and if you are too busy, busy, busy, you will just feel like you are losing it and can’t really even trust yourself.   This is when you are on the brink of either break through or break down and if you can just reel it in and step back for a moment you can manifest the break through.  In a years time you will move into such a sweet outwardly manifesting career space that will blossom even further because of the pulled back spaces you honor now as the wisdom coming through you can be something you will later share with others.   This energy feels like you are in school and still learning something and that this needs to digest into your body and be processed through the retreat.  Just open to the fact that you are student in life right now and there is an energy sucking you back into the cave so that you can really learn some valuable tools that can only be learned through the retreat.  Once you do honor this, and take a break, you will find that you LOVE this space. I mean you love learning new things anyway, so just honor that spirit has messages to share with you and your guides are longing to make contact with you and this has to happen when you do the retreat and take out all the outside stimulation that really just has you on autopilot.  There is a blossoming of your soul that is longing to take place and even in one months time you will feel a little more sure of yourself and ready to poke your head out in some ways.  And you WILL be called to come more forward next month, so honor this resting time.  Also you are now in that space where you may start to feel the envy of others or with not feeling like you can trust just anyone so blindly.  Listen to the messages of your gut as there is truth there. You are attracting attention from others who question you and you just need to keep on doing what you are doing as long as it is authentic and true, but do send them love!  This is where if you tune too much into that energy it will grow and they will start really feeling suspect of you, but if you diffuse it through love, they will naturally let it go and move on out of your life.  Traveling also tends to come up at this time, as you are able to learn more about what life is truly about by putting yourself into totally different environments.

New Moon Intentions:
I am honoring these times of retreat and I commit to taking the time for silence and alone time every day.
I am focused on taking the time to learn something new that expands my life in some way.
I am opening to a philosophy that helps me understand more about the reasons for it all.
I am redesigning or starting a website so that I can reach people far and wide.   I am ready to grow!

Scorpio Horoscope Image

// scorpio //
You are on fire, love! This is a time when you are so focused on your career and you are actually going to be speeding up and finding that things are pretty hard to keep up with. This can have a snow ball effect where one thing leads to another and what started out as small can turn gigantic.  You also have this power that is really bringing your essence and bright light forward in the world so who you are is what is manifesting all these career blessings.  There is also the element of this relating to your souls purpose work so it should feel oh so satisfying and like you really do LOVE your life. This is going to be a whole year where it just speeds up and gets even wilder, so do remember to ground and keep some balancing acts going on in your life.  The focus is on career, but you will need to balance the home as attention will be needed there too. Another aspect to this is that your heart is so focused on taking things out there in bigger ways, so you may be studying how to do something new or you will at least be focused on things OUT THERE. This may have something to do with you moving or starting a website, but the element of HOME whether physically or just feeling so at home with what you are creating is coming to the forefront.  This really feels like things are coming together and making more sense and you may even feel like you are moving past a difficult space that now is offering some light and hope along the way.  Saturn moving direct in your sign has been a huge load lifting as he for sure held you down in some confusing spaces over the last few months, but he was really just grooming you to be this more upstanding and noble sort of being.  His desire is for others to see you as more important and distinguished and wise and that journey tends to mean he first brings you many situations that test you and also test your reactions.  But now you can move forward knowing that the choices you have made were correct and were in alignment with your soul growth. Do be aware that having Mars in your sign now is like REBIRTH and you can feel more focused and more driven and more determined to manifest your dreams. This is the fire to your behind.  You will truly feel inside that nothing can stop you and if you put your passion behind it then it just HAS to soar. And love, I think you are correct as things have lined up perfectly to really make you the show stopper in it all. Open to the spotlights that want to find you.  They are shining all over the place and there is a magnet that is sort of drawing them to you…. so be ready.

New Moon Intentions:
I am manifesting all my career dreams now.
I am true to who I am and I make no apologies for that.
Bring it. I am ready!
Just watch me world. This is my time to shine.

Libra Horoscope Image

// libra //
Oh look! You are another person who gets a fantastic reading!  And sweet love! You are in that most blessed position that only happens once a year and not only do you have the opportunity to REALLY see all your dreams come to reality but you have JUPITER here TOO, pretty much amping up all your dreams times 10.  How about that, love?  There could not be a more dream come true situation for you and this will not happen for another 12 years and it will never happen in the same way it is happening for you RIGHT NOW.  Good golly. I love how all the signs who have had so much of the suffering times recently are now moving into absolute BLISS and with the most far out dreams really coming alive, finally.  It makes my heart happy to feel this for you.  So this New Moon is about dreaming of all the ways you would like to bring more happy, more bliss, more love, more creativity, more romance, pretty much anything you dream up now is going to manifest. So DO NOT be down in the dumps. Do not be negative about how slow you think things are going. DO NOT dwell on your past disappointments. And ONLY keep your eye on the future with the energy of HAPPY and I KNOW this is going to work out to my advantage. I need you to KNOW that this is YOUR YEAR.  You can create SO MUCH abundance if you can just let go of how it has been and really rewire your brain to expect the best and to know that things can totally turn around.  A new change about you is that you are waking to a new sensuality and also waking to your self worth. If you notice you should be saying more kind things about yourself inside your head. Feels like you are letting go of so much beating yourself up and even depression may be sort of lifting. There is hope in your life and there is a new alive energy.  There is probably a new skip to your step too as you may feel more childlike than you have in years and years.  You WILL have opportunities come from friends and they will likely involve joining with a group or doing something that is more humanitarian focused and all about being of service in some way or with working for the betterment of mankind.  This will be a year of MANY opportunities coming from others and they will have a snowball affect in that you won’t have any idea how big this will grow but it is destined to take you to new and beautiful places. Creativity is also highlighted and you will somehow we sharing more of your creative gifts with the group or through something that benefits others.  You are going to be believing in your gifts more now then you have been able to before.  Something is just shifting in you and it really does all boil down to that fact that you are holding your shoulders higher in regards to knowing you have something special to offer and it is something you LOVE to do.   This is being made even larger through the support of your friends and loved ones. They got your back!  They SEE you.  Focus on the friends to mirror back to you just how wonderful you really are!

New Moon Intentions:
I believe in myself and I know I am making the correct decision.  I can do anything if I can dream it.
I love who I am.
I am expressing my creative gifts with confidence and courage.
I am leaping off the cliff into the world of my dreams and I KNOW it will all work out to my benefit.

Virgo Horoscope Image

// virgo //
Oh Virgo love! So you are in that space of retreat as you look back at this past year and really feel out how satisfied you feel with how things have come together. This time is when you either feel a little depressed as it has not gone the way you planned, or very excited to continue on with what you have manifested. Either way, a passion is birthing to keep it going or to totally make the changes now so that you CAN have a better birthday year with this one coming up.   This pulled back space is actually perfect as it aligns us in a better way to move forward with PURPOSE.   This is when we get inspired to stop fucking around and repeating things that never turn out the way we want them to. This is the kind of energy that says I AM going to change my eating habits NOW, and, I am going to believe in myself NOW, and, I am going to pursue my creative dreams NOW.  So it is all for the good, but it does tend to cause people to feel a little depressed or confused.  But is from that position of unhappiness that we gain the strength and courage to really do it better next time. And what is fantastic is that you are very much being pulled back in order to learn to trust more and to not get so worked up when you don’t think things are going your way. This is an energy that will connect you more to spirit, to meditation, to the retreat, and also to seeing with that Eagle vision that shows you how things really are all linked together and working together to create some other thing in the future.   You are sort of laying down your arms and opening to whatever.  This is a time of TRUST in your heart as you will no longer feel the need to fight what you thing is yours.  You will be much more about saying, “okay” and “whatever”.  Now writing and sharing information is REALLY coming to the forefront in your life and you may even be given opportunities to share your expertise in some way.  This will likely come out of the blue, and it will feel like something that was not only built for you but you will recognize that you HAVE thought of this before or was sending out a call that you would like to be doing more of this thing.  There is a nostalgic memory to this as it DOES feel so much like home to you and almost like a puzzle piece that you were missing has finally found its way to your puzzle of life.  There is a completion feeling to this.  A big source of happiness in your life is coming from close friends who truly feel like home to you.  You will be spending more time with them and even if you didn’t so much notice it before, you will really feel how much you cherish and value them in your life.   There is sort of an awakening to heart feelings with some friends that really feel like a match to you. And they too may be a source of inspiration or opportunity  as coming together with others is where your heart is at. You want to just chat with firends and share in light hearted talks that feel nurturing and supportive.  Your soul really needs this, so make the time. Also accept that you may be dwindling down in friendships over the next year as you will really only want to be with people who light you up and who you know have your back.

New Moon Intentions:
All the answers to my questions come when I make time for the retreat.
I know that I am protected and safe and can trust what is on the way.
I am committing to making more time for those friends that feel like home.
I am opening to an opportunity that will allow me to share communications or information.

Leo Horoscope Image

// leo //
Oh leo loves.  Its great to be you, right?  You always long to shine and be seen and to be adored and now you actually have a free ride where the front is always where you will automatically be put!  If there is a line around the corner, you will somehow be given a free pass that ushers you right in and you won’t even really need to do much to see all of this start to happen.   You have a year long spotlight, my dear, and you only get this gift every 12 years, so I would suggest an attitude of gratitude.  Be very grateful for all the amazing opportunities that are going to find you as this will keep the steam going and will keep this gate open even longer. Now if you are feeling a bit insecure and not really okay with your life, then that may feel even LARGER. This is one of those things that can go either way and one of the ways is that everything that is not really correct in your life can feel like something you just can’t deny any longer as it screams for attention.  There is also a really big home feeling to this so it may be that you are confronting safety issues and really seeing who you feel you can trust and who is no longer really healthy for you.  You are feeling who is a nurturing source and who makes you feel like something is just not right. There will also be much clearing over the next month with things that you picked up from childhood days that maybe are kind of holding you back and where you are feeling more limited. Do know that you have Saturn in that place where we do start to feel sort of discontent with things in our life that no longer fit or that aren’t really going in the same directions of our dreams. So you will be making some choices soon that involve your home and family and separations or needing to put distance between yourself and others very well may surface. Nothing will stay hidden at this time as the energies are working to align you to the very appropriate path that feeds your bright light and that means all things that dampen it will just naturally have to fall away.  This will be very organic though, so don’t think you need to focus too much into this.  Very deep layers will be uncovered and things that you are doing now in your life or that you are accepting now will be traced back to wounds that were picked up in childhood. This very well may relate to your parents, so you may even uncover information of how you saw what they were doing, or expected, and now you are following in those same footsteps.  Some things you will see as a source of strength, while others you will  see as unhealthy and needing an upgrade.  Basically everything is working to peel back and remove EVERY THING that is keeping you from being the true, bright light being you are destined to be.  So this will mean letting go of past pains and disappointments as starting over will be a huge wash of energy that is soon to permeate your life. You are ready to break free and really BE the joy and happiness that you long to represent.  Do know that many of your insights and messages are coming from the dream time, from meditation and from the retreat. It is when you are taking time for quiet times that the healing needed will come forward and the inspiration to take you steps further will be presented. But love, this is your time to shine, birthday muffin, so please pay attention to everything that feels like it is holding you back because you are feeling it for a very good reason.

New Moon Intentions:
I will only share space with people who value and honor who I am.
I am a success magnet.
All of my dreams are coming true this year.
I am working to heal wounds from my roots so that I can be free from toxic relationships and situations.

Cancer Horoscope Image

// cancer //
And again…. here I am squealing in excitement for your reading!  Oh, isn’t it great to finally start to see the light after so many years of confusion and sadness and despairing situations?  And don’t you now see how you ARE appreciating life and your loved ones so much more now that you have been through such a tight squeeze in life?  So this New Moon is beautiful for you and you are gaining in confidence as you are truly waking to seeing just how valuable you really are.  This light shining on you and your life is opening you to really feeling more self worth and THAT is key to manifesting all these others dreams you hold possible in your heart.  You are going to see that very old and long forgotten dreams will finally start to come true for you and they mostly revolve around creativity and with sharing your creative gifts.  You may even start to pick up on a creative expression that you let go of years ago and there will be a renewal and a gusto and an excitement that has you working on it till all hours of the night. It will actually be hard to pull you away from your creative expressions because you CAN feel that a valve turned on and your inspirations will be sort of flowing effortlessly out of you. Do keep them in a journal as ideas that you would like to explore,  because for now you really won’t have the time to create them all but you should at least document what is coming to you.  Now what is occurring is that all focus is on bringing you more happiness and joy and bliss and playful and carefree and giggling and dancing and squealing loving reasons to LOVE LIFE.   You will be inundated with reasons to feel joy and bliss.  This may even feel overwhelming because it is such a change and shift into really living a life that you have dreamed.  Children will also become a greater focus and you may feel even more joy with working with them or you may for sure get pregnant over the next month because Mars just moved into Scorpio and into your 5th house and that screams of SEX and also babies.   This may also manifest as you just feeling so much more childlike and carefree with life.  I see so many smiles on the Cancer faces.  It feels like a huge exhale and a smile.   Now another thing going on is that your heart is on your sleeve at this time and this is something that is naturally happening for you all. You are feeling so much more sensitive, but okay with that and not feeling the need to hide from it. You may even be declaring love to others in more of an unguarded fashion where it just feels like the thing to do and you aren’t worrying about how it can be used against you. Its like the Cancer vibration is so strong that now you are feeling at home with your emotional self, and in not feeling the need to hide this or make this smaller, you are allowing it to come forward and be an okay thing for OTHERS too to express. So you are sort of a catalyst for change at this time as you letting down the guard and allowing your feelings to flow and this is freeing others to do the same.  You will also see that you are growing closer to others because of this.  And there is also this abundant creativity that is flowing more strongly because of your open emotional sharing.   I will talk more about this in the Jupiter readings when I FINALLY find the time to write them, but this year you are going to have the potential to make so much money and to create many sustainable creative projects that will SOAR.   More on that later. I feel your cup is already pretty full at this time.

New Moon Intentions:
I am living the life of my dreams.
I am so abundantly creatively inspired!
I am bringing something very special to birth.
I am allowing my true emotional nature to shine brightly as I do not need to hide it ever again.

Gemini Horoscope Image

// gemini //
Oh love! This is great. This time and actually the next year should feel very much at home with who you are and you will be much more able to express your truth in a way so that people really receive what you are wanting to get across. There will be communications GALORE as you will be making connections with many and also you will have so many ideas of how you want to get this thing out or that idea, and seriously you will have no shortage of brilliant ideas and ways to generate money or business. This will be a time when your song will shine and you will be able to make connections and have things happen when before you felt blocked and unable to feel recognized.  There is something with this energy where you are becoming a clear note of an expression as it is not muffled or distorted.  There will also be shifts with your communications in general as you will be longing to express in more loving and compassionate ways that encourage growth instead of cutting others down when you feel hurt or betrayed.  Your values are changing currently and one thing that is occurring is that you are really waking to your worth in new ways and this will have you delving more courageously into following a path that is your souls purpose to follow.  You are aligning with a new path expression because there is something with your mind that is shifting in serious ways, and by that I mean you are sending out a call that demands that things change.  Part of this new space that is coming is where you will be sharing your ideas more and contributing to something that is somehow a service to others.  There is also something health related showing up and this can be where you are sharing something that is healing or even that you are talking a lot about something health related that has happened to you which held you down and forced you to take some time to heal.   Most likely if you have been held down with an illness, it was occurring in order to open you to a new way of seeing what you DO have in your life currently and with opening you to things that you need to be grateful for.   Whenever you are stopped and held down health wise during these times, just know that it is always relating to your thinking, and the best way to shift the energy will be to name all the things you are grateful for in your life.   Creatively your words are working in magical ways so that you can be thinking something and within days your question is answered by an opportunity that just seems to drop in your lap.  These opportunities that come this year will always come with the people you are closest to or when you are traveling very close to home. It can be where you bump into someone in your neighborhood who is looking for what you do, or can offer what you have been wanting to bring into your life.   Synchronicity will be alive!  And ultimately every thing is working to get your messages and gifts for sharing information out into the world.

New Moon Intentions:
I am being seen for the information I am sharing with the world.
I am in alignment with my souls purpose work.
I am abundantly healthy and happy with my body.
I value who I am and know I have a lot to offer others.

Taurus Horoscope Image

// taurus //
Oh love! This can be a wonderful time to really clear the air with anyone who comes from your roots time. If you have been having problems with someone and not feeling able to come to a middle ground just know that no matter what YOU are the only one who can change this and even if you can’t change them, you can at least let that go and give of yourself without expectations. This is where you can have something that triggered you and has you upset in your private world, but you will be able to let it go and be the bigger person who comes forward and just lets all that past stuff not determine how you respond in this current space.  You will no longer feel like you need them to come up in vibration in order for you to meet them, as you really understand that you cant’ change others but you can change yourself.  This feels like a liberating moment of allowing bygones to be bygones and to get back to being the trusting and loving one that you as innately are.   There is a lot of energy focused during this time to getting to the bottom of what is really going on with any problems or discord you may have with anyone in your life. There is also a wonderful collaborative energy that will continue for some time where you are coming together with others in a really beneficial way, where you see how together you can do so much more than when on your own.  This is also happening because we are really feeling the sweetness and the genuine way you are communicating and it is full of energy and drawing people towards you.  I just had an image of you being held up in a royal sort of way as people may be seeing you in a new light and one where they very much respect what you have to say and in the special way that you can say it.  Pay attention to that. Pay attention to the tone of your words and how you deliver them because it feels like you have the ability to turn into a snake charmer or something!  Now home is and will be a big hub of your life for the next year.  You may be deciding to work more from home or to start a home business and that is a GREAT idea. You really do have the ability to align to your souls purpose through the way you are using your words.  So if you want to bring in some changes with either moving, starting a home business or with healing some childhood wounds that you KNOW are holding you back now, then really pay attention to your words at this time and direct them only to the storyof what you WANT to see happen in your life.   Use your words to bring healing, to bring cooperation and to manifest the dreams you are holding dear in your heart. It feels like it is time, in some fashion. It feels like you are ready for a big move that can really change the whole course of your life.  And yes, that gateway is opening. Run, love.  And don’t forget to dance wildly while you do.

New Moon Intentions:
I am making a move that is going to change my life for the better.
I am consciously using my words to create harmony and healing.
I am only in control of myself, so I allow others the freedom to change when the time is right for them.
My home is becoming a grounded force of happiness and joy for me.

Aries Horoscope Image

// aries //
Through all the death and transformation situations in your life of this most recent year or so you are READY to start over and to feel some happiness and joy in your life.  Things may have felt like a tornado for a while now where things just kept coming out of the blue and rocking you to the core. Basically a new you has been forming anyway.  All of this was sort of to test your reserves and see how you really hold up in the face of the storm. But now you are good and ready to make the changes that allow more creativity and more fun loving times into your life.  Your heart is focused on beginning again in a way that allows more home and creativity centered focus.  You also may be awakening to hidden wounds and old programming ideas that really don’t match  this upgraded and new you that is birthing.  There is something from childhood coming to the surface and it may be something that was a habit formed that now you know you MUST let this go.  This has followed you along and you have allowed it to be a part of who you are, even if it is hidden, but the energy is focused now on clearing this out and erasing it from a possibility in your days.  This may require some help from another in the form of therapy or counseling, but you know this has to stop.  I can feel that you are tired of this and are actually very open to being ready to face it head on. Just state you are ready and ask for the help to come into your life. You will either see and ad or hear of someone else facing the same sort of thing. Don’t worry, but do commit to changing this and to bringing it into right action now.  The next several days you may even feel like you are drowning from this and like it is a bottomless hole that is swallowing you up. Just put your hand out and ask for help.  This black hole feeling is just to move you to getting help.  And THEN, we can get back to bringing in the love and the happy and the joy in your life. You are on the cusp of some major changes that will change your outlook on life and it really is from all the dark and murky things you are now ready to face. Love, beneath those scary places are wonderful rewards waiting for you to snatch them up, but you have to go through the murky in order to find them.   There may also be something children related that is going to bring you joy, so you may create a little one or you may just have one around you that works some magic in your life.  Creativity is also an avenue that will help you to uncover your secrets. Using creativity for art therapy can really unlock some situations that have led to where you are now in life.

New Moon Intentions:
I am ready to let go of this pain and sadness in my life.
I am ready to open to feeling genuinely happy and satisfied with my life.
I commit to letting this unhealthy habit go.
I am delving into my creative nature as I see that it helps clear out the density in my life.