So here is what’s up. The crazy making saga continues.  If you have not had your fuses blow, often and in the most extreme ways, then you are probably not human.

So let me offer some guidance into these MAD MAD times.  Now if you have ever known anyone who is  a Pig in Chinese astrology, then you have probably experienced a time when after years and years of agreeing to everything you say, and always being so bendable and pliable, and “yes, yes, master, yes” they all of a sudden are pushed over some invisible line of a boundary and they go crazy and rage on you.  With the Pigs, when this happens, others wonder “where did that come from?!”

This is also similar to Taurus, as they too have it built into them where they want to be kind and agreeable and will just go with the flow of whatever you want, UNTIL they feel pushed to the limit and then they rage in an even bigger way than the Pig.  I’ve heard of these scenes from friends where they felt so pushed and manipulated and were finally screaming at the top of their lungs in order to make this clear that they feel NO!

Now so you know, I am not only a Pig, but my Pisces Sun is now progressed into 2 degrees Taurus… so I am one of those raging peoples so standing up for myself and saying NO, after months or years of letting these things go and basically just playing nice and not wanting to make a stink. But no more!  I am not someone you want to mess with right now, and unfortunately the people who have had to see that are in total agreement and wish they could have bypassed the wrath of  KV.

And the thing is too that other signs let off steam on a more regular basis, but cumulatively its all the same, it just feels so extreme with the Pig and Taurus BECAUSE they hold back for so long and deny the true feelings of their soul in order to save face and remain in a good light.   But we ALL get frustrated. We ALL feel the need to state our opinions.  We ALL feel called to stand up for what we believe in. We ALL make stinks.  But the Pig and the Taurus just let them build up until they overflow in dramatic and robust sort of ways.

And THIS is where we all are collectively. We have all taken on the characteristics of the Pig and the Taurus right now in SOME area of our lives. We have all played nice or kept something on the down low, or denied our feelings, or denied our intuition, or have been ACCEPTING LESS THAN what we truly deserve. And that has us showing our asses and making huge roaring stinks!

But understand that it is PERFECT. This is yet another layer of FALSE that has been projected onto us that we have been holding on to for dear life and NOW we are wanting to EXPAND and be FREE and be TRUE to who we REALLY are. And who ever cannot take that or tries to form us into what THEY THINK we should be… is out for a serious rage fest of irrational reactions. I equate this energy to wearing super tight jeans that are 2 sizes too small in the sweltering muggy heat of a Midwestern summer. That ALONE is bitchy making energy! And this is true, though, that we are growing from within and anything that is holding us back or telling us what we have to do in regards to what THEY think we should do is strangling us and having us feeling claustrophobic and ready to BURST at the seams.  Our reactions too are similar to filling the tires with too much air and when they reach that CERTAIN POINT of satiation, they EXPLODE.

Now as for the arguments we are having with others; try to see them as a positive thing.  There are a few astrological signs who do not always reap the benefits of arguments as they have a harder time seeing that they are wrong or at any fault in situations as their soul focus is on I AM RIGHT and YOU ARE WRONG. Period. BUT, MOST signs are NOT built this way and with every altercation or reaction that is not something they WISH to expose to the world, it brings them closer within in order to humble themselves and to learn thoroughly how to not attract this again, nor react in the ways that cause them to feel regret afterwards.  So the arguments, or the showing our asses, or the anger and frustration is a catalyst for us moving more towards a purified state. We cannot have peace without discord.  If there was no discord, there would be no striving need for peace.  So it is all in order and we are being asked to see more of the positive in why we have discord or discomfort with others.

Inching closer to the Chrysalis, transformation…

I was offered a great way to explain what is going on with us right now when out of the blue, and for the first time in my 6 or so years of living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I started to see multiple caterpillars every day.  It did take me aback because I can’t remember the last time I have seen them and especially so many on my daily hikes.  So I knew this was a good sign as the way we have been feeling is obviously related to the cycle of the caterpillar to butterfly. And then when I went in to research the life of these little cuties I found out that over the course of a couple weeks they shed their skins 5 times on the journey to the chrysalis stage which proceeds the blossoming of the butterfly and a WHOLE new way of expressing the life force.

So this is WHY we are going through layers of this gunk that is NOT us and with each brave moment we stand up and voice our truth, or make drastic changes that support what we feel inside, or make a stand in not continuing habits that we have naturally taken on, even though we feel regret when we reenact them, over and over … we move closer to the layers being removed that showcase OUR AUTHENTIC TRUTH.

This is not a one layer job and with each thing that we commit to releasing or changing, a new layer of opportunity to remove something ELSE appears.  This work truly is the mining of our Souls, and with each new facet of our false selves that is uncovered, or unearthed, we are faced with something else that needs a healing or a reconsideration. This is how we are all works of art. We are ALL know damage, betrayal, hurt, disappointment, and violation and they each contributed to us putting on a skin as a mode of protection or denial.

So there is always more work to do,  which is why it is of the utmost importance that we are humble and lighten up on ourselves and others through this intense work we agreed to when participating in this earth dance walk.  As this cycle currently leaves the last degrees of Virgo, we can feel the judgmental feelings, for self and others,  in a very out of control and 3d sort of way.

But remember that if you are still judging others, and feeling things like “you are so messed up!”  or “you have so much work to do on yourself!”, then truth be told, YOU still have much healing work to do within.  And that is okay!  I think what is most desired from the energies now is that we stop beating up on others and trying to put them in lesser than positions BECAUSE they frustrate us or are doing things that we do not want them to do.   Honestly when I look out at the energy right now and especially when doing readings, I see that we are ALL inter-tangled like with sticky spider webs and us the fly in MANY peoples situations and stories.  And they all are going back to some other situations in our lives, as the true cause is something beneath the characters you are attracting now into your web.   You may want to point the finger at who is there now frustrating you, but this is something deeper and with other people from your past.

To understand if you are REALLY DONE with the healing work and have evolved into the butterfly:

  • Everything you desire comes effortlessly.
  • You are able to manifest through the particle mind and will be able to shift things to the liking of your thoughts, always.
  • You feel NO resentment or judgments of others as you have walked the journey and know that SUPPORT and COMPASSION are really the tools that help shift and move us to an evolved state.
  • You feel complete and utter trust at whatever you fly into on your life path. Even if you fly into a spiders web, you will KNOW that you can get out of it OR it may be your end times and that is perfect too. Total surrender to all that is.

So…… I don’t know about you, but I still have healing work to do.  It’s okay to admit that!  It’s okay to know that you are not always okay or are where you want to be.  We must humble ourselves and NOT be so defensive to prove others wrong as a way to make ourselves right.   It just doesn’t work that way.

Symptoms of the current energy:

  • EXTREME irritability.  Feeling very easily triggered with anger and frustration.
  • Noticing that people are acting SO RUDE with no consideration to others. This is what you will mostly see out in the mainstream world, where people are so withdrawn into themselves because this energy feels so unstable and frightening, so they truly ARE NOT aware of you, as they are barely keeping it together themselves. They truly do not have anything left to give.  Don’t take it personally.
  • Wanting to UPGRADE.  Looking out at things that you use to love and that felt so perfect, but now you want MORE, you expect MORE, you expect BETTER QUALITY.  This is actually the first layer that takes us out of supporting the “Made in China”.  We are realizing we do not really want junk.  We are also realizing that what we HAVE is going to determine what we next bring in.  So if we accept less than things, then we know that that is what we will get more of and we are DONE WITH THAT.  We are done with always buying the cheapest things or accepting people who treat us as something that is cheap or has no value.
  • Being UNABLE to NOT say what you are really feeling. Loves… SAY IT. Get it out! It may create an argument (read about those above) which is actually a door opening to healing at this time. We are also very much LEARNING ABOUT BOUNDARIES and we have been letting others slide for much too long and its time now to draw the line and let people know what you will or will not accept from them.  Do not run from this opportunity. We are in a month of focused energy in bringing the peace or harmony to relationships, so the focus is on OTHERS at this time and there will be a sort of housecleaning going on so that ONLY the best and the most compatible stick closely to your side. After you bravely STATE YOUR TRUTH to others, a new order will come to be that will be more honoring and also will release hidden or undercover tensions.  Do realize that you cannot predict how they will take you speaking your truth and if they turn from you completely, then it is for the best.
  • Learning to speak the language of your intuition. I will talk more about this in the Full Moon in Aries readings, but we are learning to TRUST WHAT WE FEEL INSIDE, even if nothing confirms our feelings.  Our guts do not lie, but some people tend to when they get called out on what you feel about them.  I had a friend do this a few years back where she was feeling competition with me and I pushed it aside and denied what she threw at me, but now I wish I would have been honest and humble because I see how it would have opened a TOTAL healing of the situation.  It is okay for us to be honest and say, “Ya know, you are right. I do feel competitive with you and it makes me sick and I would rather not feel this so that we can have our friendship be pure”. From there we would have dialogued how to NOT have these feelings going on under the surface. This is the same as when a girl says to her boyfriend “Is something going on with you and this other person.. I feel like something is not right.” And then he denies it, but months later he is leaving you for her. RIGHT?  How many of you have been through something like that?  I think most of us have.  We FEEL this stuff and we CAN trust what we feel, we just don’t fully know that yet. And now we just need to be honest when someone else feels something from us that we would rather keep hidden.  When things come to the surface, it may be ugly for a while, but it leads to healing.  It’s like cleaning out the closets and when it first is sitting in tons of piles all over the place, it can feel VERY overwhelming, but when the job is done and all pieces have been faced and considered, you create order and a new way of being.  But more on that with the next reading. I actually already wrote it but decided this article was way too long to add that whole big topic!


Jupiter trine Uranus!  Grasshopper LEAP into our future dreams!
So as you can probably tell, once I really opened to my souls purpose and agreed to be a messenger of the energies, the things show up for me that become what I talk about in these readings.  I tend to walk the situations and then I write about them.  And just now as I contemplated what Jupiter trining Uranus would bring into our lives, this grasshopper jumped onto my computer! And yes! THAT is what our potential is right now.  This is a pretty rare event that only happens a handful of times during a decade.We actually will first taste this energy RIGHT NOW, which is amplified by the New Moon in Libra, and then again in the beginning of March 2015 and a final leap into our dreams will take place again around the end of June 2015. And we won’t get this gift of a free ride into great heights for another 4 years.

So this is yet another process, but this one is DREAM COME TRUE. This one is where we are feeling called to make HUGE and MONUMENTAL changes in our lives. We will hear of people leaving relationships, leaving jobs, leaving towns, leaving old engrained thought patterns and all to really open up to the energy that ALL IS POSSIBLE.. if only we can dream it.  We are now ready to dream and ready to experience revolutionary change in our lives, where once we set the dream in motion, through our desire to upgrade, then it can FLY through the air and land who knows where, just like the grasshopper.  After I rescued this little green bean and put him outside, another one just jumped on the back of my head as I was typing! And no, I am not outside, I am in my studio where I have not yet had the grasshoppers come for any visits!  SO that tells me that we should expect the unexpected and that things may happen TO us that open us to the need to JUMP into a new situation.  I’ll explain where you are going to LEAP into the new in the individual readings below….

The song for the current energy…


AND I am so proud to announce that my horoscopes are going to be in the BOHEMIAN COLLECTIVE MAGAZINE, which launches in just 3 more weeks! This is going to be such a special magazine and like NO OTHER one out there.   I will be talking about it more in the next readings but I would love for you all to go check out what she just broadcasted about it!  THE LAUNCH OF THE BOHEMIAN COLLECTIVE MAGAZINE

Okay then! Please share this with all those amazing people in your life who may also benefit and read your SUN, MOON and RISING signs to get the complete package of a reading!

love, kv

Pisces Horoscope Image

// pisces //
You are in for some huge shifts in the arena of who you take into your life.  You are in a deep death and rebirth process where who ever leaves at this time will be opening you to a REBIRTH of who you really are.  Now this one is very psychological in nature, so the situations coming to the surface relate to old patterns and wounds that were FIRST reenacted with others, and now are manifesting in current situations.  There is SUCH a gold mine of information to be found if you can be humble and true, and NOT push away the lessons to be learned for fear of keeping it real or feeling that it hurts too much.  This also relates to your own feelings of self worth and if you do not really love and value who you are then you can expect that THAT is influencing the quality of your relationships that maybe never go that deep or aren’t very long term. This is such an invitation to really delving deep into what false messages are creating a feeling of self loathing or feeling never good enough or less than others.  There is a root to this energy and the planets currently are offering you gifts in the form of friction in order to get to the bottom of this NOW and experience revolutionary healing in regards to releasing layers of false that was most likely projected onto you anyway! This may be where your mother was envious of you or rejected you are had you feeling less than another sibling and THIS is something you are still holding onto and THIS is the lens you are manifesting a life through. You get that this is not really a fair thing to do, right?  Ponder this. And use the energy of this blessing times to REALLY release this old habit and shed the skin now.  You are advised to start the new habit of each day looking into the mirror, and before you start judging and seeing your faults, replace that thought with I LOVE YOU.  Now your work environment is also set for a HUGE change and shift that comes on the tail of this new higher vibrating feelings of self. They are TOTALLY linked!  When you step into new PROUD and LOVING feelings for self, you will walk closer, leap in fact, towards the work that is Souls Purpose related.   When you start to feel that self love with how valuable you REALLY are, you will be able to manifest more money,  more new and out of the blue exciting career opportunities, exciting and revolutionary leaps with your own healing process and a deep and powerful CONTENTEDNESS with what you are doing in your career. It starts with how you feel about yourself and from there… you are going to be SET UP for a year that is DREAM COME TRUE in regards to what you are giving back in service to others.

New Moon Affirmations:
I love who I am!  I accept who I am!
I commit to looking at all things that cause me pain and have me wanting to deny the truth.
I am letting go of all peoples who are not good for me and my progress.
I am moving closer to work that honors the gifts I am here to give.

Aquarius Horoscope Image

// aquarius //
You are in the process of balancing relationships with people who live far away or who you are some how linked with through the internet.  There may have been friction coming to the surface that has been hidden or not fully able to be understood.  There is the possibility of great healing with the facing and bursting of this boil.  It may not feel so great at first, but this NEEDS to come to the surface and be addressed because it is linked to a wound that comes from childhood, possibly, and that relates to your feelings of self worth.  There is the need to meditate with this, as retreating and not responding so quickly, is the key to where the peace can be found and a surrender into what this REALLY means. Now what is really great about the opportunities coming to you is that you are learning to have more clarity with your communications and there may be the flavor of starting over and really believing that all things can be healed with an open heart and true and compassionate communications.  This current powerful energy is focused on your relationships and with how you communicate within them. You may be seeing an old habit of a reaction that you are finally ready to let go of as the situations in your life currently are showing you that the same reactions lead to the same results and these have you feeling not good enough and with possibly beating yourself up.  This could relate to feeling like the victim, and pulling away and leaving situations disconnected and then this forces them to manifest again in your life with the hopes that with THIS ONE you will face it to the end, in whatever capacity that may be.  You are being asked to speak your truth and to share your feelings fully with others, with a sort of confidence and also the feelings that you ARE important and YOU DO have a right to clear the air and find the ways to peace.  You must just try to do it differently with a clear vision of all sides so that a true balance and harmony can be established.  So understand that the retreat IS a part of this, but only to discover another side of the story and of the truth being revealed, and NOT as a way to disconnect and not bring a conclusion to the situation.  The running away never does anyone any good. This needs to be hit head on, BUT with ONLY speaking through the heart, and the EMPOWERED heart, not the victim heart. There is a difference.  Know that the breaks you are healing, with honor and honesty, are setting you up for a year of AMAZING and quality relationships to cement fully into your life.  You will also be learning a new way to communicate with others that portrays you as someone who is very insightful and full of empowering, creative ideas.  This MAY be linked with what you are going to share with something internet, blog, or teaching related….

New Moon Affirmations:
I am clearing the air with all disagreements with others.
I am sticking around with discordant situations until peace and harmony are achieved.
I am pulling back ONLY for the WAY to peace to come to me.
My clearer communications with others is leading to more success in all areas of my life.

Capricorn Horoscope Image

// capricorn //
Are you ready??  Let’s do this love!! Oh my. This is your dream come true time of the year when you can really start to reap the benefits of the energy you have been putting out as to what you long to manifest with your career. So not only are we in this really fantastic Jupiter/Uranus trine, but during this time we have the New Moon in YOUR house. So you should be feeling FANTASTIC LAND and even if you haven’t been, you will in the next couple of days. There does seem to be some pressure and some feelings of discontent BEFORE this moment arrives, so you may have been feeling READY and COME ON, so just know that is normal.  It is that anticipatory energy that lets you know SOMETHING is shifting … shifting is SO on the table for you.  Now one of the new changes is that you should be all the flutter with new messages wanting to come through you. You may be working on a book or something that is teaching related or something that is creative and full of many details, as something is rippling out of your soul and feeling like it NEEDS to be heard. This feels like something that relates to YOUR story, or your unique perspective, so it may be something about what you have experienced and walked, and personally love, writing spiritual books is what most people are trying to do now and I am always trying to steer them to a more unique and possibly successful direction because spiritual talk is saturated and only the TOP DOGS make it to the surface. 15 years ago I would have said YES write about spirituality! But we have to go with the times and the flows of what people want.  But if you are one of the  Capricorns who is focused on wanting to write, then write about stories of YOUR walk and your unique circumstance up the mountain of life? YES. The people want that. They want the life stories of climbing out the dark and reaching the light.  They want the stories of someone who was a drug addict and is now a high vibrational guide for the world. They want the stories of someone who went through obstacle after obstacle after obstacle and now is at the top of the mountain sharing the way for others.  They LOVE the story of the Capricorn journey, and who better to share it, hmmmm? Now you may also be thinking about joining with others and that is a GREAT idea because that is key for many Capricorns, actually. You are great in the group as long as you can stay true and unique to your piece in all. You do not need to blend but you do great in work partnerships with sharing the loads.  Now the biggest thing going on for you right now is that you are being offered a HUGE leap forward in regards to your healing and with the letting go of wounds and patterns that you picked up from childhood. This is a time to clear the air and to face what needs to be dealt with in regards to your shadow self.  This is the ultimate death cycle and you may actually be facing death in some way through the missing of those that have passed, but this death cycle is trying to REBIRTH you in the most magical and far out ways. What you are letting go of and committing to change RIGHT NOW are things that are going to catapult you into a new way of living. It is so important that you purify and truly embody how you long to be seen in the world, and THAT is happening. This means you may have been going through some extreme struggle and friction with others, but it was only to show you what reactions you need to transform and NO LONGER DO.  However you have acted in the last week that was on the lower vibrational side occurred so that you could see it one last time as it leaves you for good. Put this bad habit to rest so that you can open to this new way of expressing the brilliance that is the Capricorn.

New Moon Affirmations:
I am releasing all bad habits that are in contrast to who I KNOW I am.
I am manifesting all my career goals.
It is time to share what I know best and what I SO love to do.
I am creating a path that is unique to my life story.

Sagittarius Horoscope Image

// sagittarius //
Oh my, you have so much to look forward to, love! So this a time where you really are in this sort of gate opening that is like WANTING to grant you everything that you can think of that will bring you more happiness and will bring expansion and growth into your life. Thats not so bad, huh?  Now one of the things that comes with this time is that you tend to attract opportunities very easily and it can often have you feeling like you are SO lucky. A secret to keep it coming and to create something sustainable is to be sure to balance things with some give back. This means doing donations or doing volunteer work.  This has probably already been on your mind, but now you have the energy to follow through. Now you are another sign that is SO hooked up by this Jupiter/Uranus trine and what this means for you is that you will be feeling way abundantly creative and everything you want to share that relates to publications, writing on a blog, working on a coursebook, or doing anything teaching related is really, really going to take off in wild and mad ways.  This energy is encouraging you to share messages far and wide and to really start to reach people all over the world, if you are ready for such a thing. Now things can get crazy so don’t try to overextend and want to do EVERYTHING because you really need to hone in on just the things that you really excel at and that are your forte.   There is also the element of coming together with others, so it may be that you share the load and this allows you to do more as group energy.  But truly in whatever areas you are wanting to expand and experience growth, you are getting an escalator ride to your dreams. This also is a great time to study something new if you are thinking about going to school and learning a new skill. So you may not leap at this time into sharing something far and wide, but if you start something now, it WILL have that coding that assures its success… as long as it is something creative and something you LOVE to do.  Now you probably are going to be pretty busy at home as this may be where you are doing your work, or something on the home front is demanding your attention more. You also at this time will be given a glimpse of clarity into something on the home front that has confused you. So the answer is coming and it should arrive around the New Moon. This will help you to move forward in more constructive ways as I feel like you have seen several possibilities and haven’t been able to clearly see which direction is best for you. But that clarity is coming.   I do have to tell you to hold onto your hat because things are coming quickly and in some pretty dream come true ways. You deserve this though and it really does relate to you having more self love for yourself.  When you feel valuable you can pretty much do anything, and that is why you are magnetizing what you are about to experience.

New Moon Affirmations:
If I can dream it, I am going to manifest it.
I am going to heights I could only have imagined years ago.
I am expressing my creative gifts and they are being received in welcoming and wonderful ways.
I am experiencing clarity and more understanding with what has be going on at home.

Scorpio Horoscope Image

// scorpio //
This is your time when you start to retreat into a hibernation space where you examine your past year and really see if you have made the changes that have you feeling content and happy in this moment right now.  Your challenge is to be okay with things slowing down so that you can truly face all facets of your life and what has changed from a year ago to now.  This is also like a roboot time where in one month you will be GOOD TO GO and will continue where you left off or you will start a whole new course of life experiences.  This is when you gain steam to take it to another level, or to do it better this next year so that you feel like you have really lived and done all that you can. Now you are in such an expansive space with your career and with what you are giving back in service to others.  You are being cautioned to not worry so much and instead to only hold the visions of what you dream of accomplishing this next year.  You have this gift that is magnetizing things in the future that show up as ways to further showcase your career and what you are doing, so you must honor this energy now and always keep your visions on future mountains to climb.   There is something healing to what you are doing too and this is wanting to be brought more to the light and to a higher expression in your life.  You may incorporate this with what you are already doing or you may branch off to do this healing work on the side.  There is also a strong surge of energy coming in with your creativity and this is something that is really using your unique creative gifts and having you feeling very important for what you have to offer. This may mean that opportunities are coming your way from things you are doing that are sort of outside of your comfort zone or something that you didn’t grow up hearing that you were so great at. There is something with trying something new and discovering that you actually excel at it.  You may be having an ah-ha sort of experience with a lover, where there was something confusing going on or something that was not being talked about, but now there will be an opening and a sharing of information that will actually have you feeling even closer and more connected.  Shoot for the greatest of heights in your career because, seriously, you are in a such a magical space where whatever you dream of doing and whatever you really put your heart and soul into is DESTINED for greatness. You for sure have the bull by its horns in regards to your career.  And what you are going to be able to manifest is going to surpass any and all dreams you have held in the past.

New Moon Affirmations:
I allow the time of retreat so that I can gain a fresh perspective on where I will head to next.
I can do anything I dream of doing with my career.
I am so abundantly creatively charged and amazed at what is coming to me.
I love my life!  I am SO lucky!

Libra Horoscope Image

// libra //
This is birthday baby time for you, love!  Yay! This not only is a brand new fresh start to a solar year but you have aspects going on right now are OUT OF SIGHT!  And this gives me such joy because you have known such a rough journey for some time now. You are not only moving closer to the end of the tunnel but you are finally coming to that position of really feeling grateful for all the things in your past that felt like your undoing.  I imagine if you stopped for a minute and looked back at where you were a year ago at this time, you should feel VERY proud of how far you come and what a different life you are living now.  Please close your eyes and do that now.  This should have you taking a deep breathe at the truth of how much things have changed, and for the better. Now where you are now in relationships with others is open for some changes, but they should really be taking you to greater heights where you really do feel like you are SO on the same page, and maybe even busting through a block that has been something a bit hidden or not really being acknowledged.   There is a new light coming to relationships and it is expanding through something that is group related or maybe even with a visit from friends which has opened a pandoras box of things that needed to be faced. This feels to me like with a vacation how just getting a way and gaining a new perspective adds a new fresh gusto to do what you did before but with a fresh start sort of energy.  There is a reboot with partnerships and even if there has been something going on with a friend, like a disconnect or separation, you WILL be wanting to reestablish that connection with heart on sleeve.   If you are single, you very well may spontaneously meet someone THROUGH a friend or in any new group functions you are choosing to join.  If you are feeling that you really should donate your time more, and feel called to say, go volunteer at the humane society, you can PLAN on running into someone who brings more excitement into your life.   When you operate through spontaneity and through going with the flow with where you are feeling called to go, you CAN expect that exciting things will happen with others. You are also in a space of healing work where you are working on things that revolve around the roots and the beginning home environment and something that is changing about these times is that your MIND is opening to a new way of seeing something and THIS is bringing a new healing or a new way of seeing something that you saw as crippling or a negative in your life.  There is a dose of spiritual magic and wonder being planted in your mind and you are opening to the ALL IS POSSIBLE vibe and this is coming through learning to forgive someone or some thing from your childhood days.  This also means that you are using your words differently and possibly this is shifting your souls purpose work so that you will feel more confident about doing whatever your heart believes is possible.

New Moon Affirmations:
I am experiencing peace and harmony in my closest relationships.
I am open to what my intuition guides me to do.
I am transforming pain from my childhood and seeing things in a new way.
I am changing my thoughts, which is changing my whole life.

Virgo Horoscope Image

// virgo //
Through your own intense journey of MUCH healing work and much provocation coming that has maybe had you wanting to drop to the ground in a pile of tears, you ARE actually moving to a better place and one that is shifting you into valuing yourself more and seeing that you actually are in fact one of the most wonderful people, EVER!  The energies are so trying to get you to open up to not feeling so critical of your self and to stop  always making yourself feel less than or never good in enough, when in fact, what you accomplish in a day is what others wish they could in a whole week. You are always doing things that are above and beyond so many others but it seems like you don’t take the time to stop and smell the roses in relation to appreciating all that you have done and will do.  This is a message to share some of that caring love that you so naturally want to offer as service to others, and keep some of it in your own body!  You are another sign that needs to start your day with a big ole I LOVE YOU in the mirror and you need to do this daily.  I can feel that you have gone through and extended amount of time where you aren’t really feeling joy and happiness with your life. And granted, this IS the flavor of the time, so you are not alone, but something needs to shift this and it will hinge on you really opening your eyes to seeing how valuable you are and how many people ADORE YOU.  I love Virgo more than any other sign, so you know!  We need you feeling more love for you.  Now this reading says something is going on with money, so you are either about to make a big purchase, which has you a little nervous, even though you don’t need to be, which I’ll explain in a minute, or there is some sort of debt related issue in regards to a partner that is on your mind. You may be doing some sort of comparison of who contributes to what or dividing things up in some way.  It is a little crazy making and not all that fun but something on the home front does need to be cleared up in regards to a partnership issue. Now as for money, oh love!  You are in a position that will not occur for another 4 years and at that time it won’t be in this alignment. This is a special time for you where what you dream and what comes to you when you in the retreat or contemplation times has the ability to REALLY work out in excellent ways and you may come up with ideas to get out of debt, to manifest hella big monies, and even to really start over and start fresh in a deeply committed relationship. There is something with coming out of the dark and shining a new light that is fresh and new and really has you wanting to experience life in a new way. This MAY even have something that is overlapping with love partners…. where one is leaving and the new one has already started to show up.  OR the one you are with is starting to come out of a shell and reveal things that were kept hidden and this is opening you to the feeling of having a new lover.   Death is also something with this and you may be thinking about pets and people who are no longer here or you may be facing death in some way with people who are close to you now.   Do know that the death precedes the rebirth and you are for a very FRESH NEW THING coming soon…

New Moon Affirmations:
I AM an amazing person and I deserve to be ADORED.
I am manifesting the money to take care of my needs.
I trust this process.
Whatever is falling away is only making the space for something that is the BOMB.

Leo Horoscope Image

// leo //
You are all a flutter with things you just HAVE TO SAY AND SHARE.  You are much more likely to really want to talk about beautifying things and bringing the peace with anyone you may have discord with. This should be a very open hearted and exciting time where you just feel like so much is possible and  that a new day is forming. Now one of the things going on is that you are either thinking of moving or traveling or something that is not here in your immediate environment is on your mind and having you in a dream sort of state.  You are very much in far off places where you are dreaming of something that is outside of what you have now, so this can be thoughts of going back to school, or learning something new, or working on a publication or book idea.  There is a process to this and much to be put together and considered, but let me tell you that you have luck on your side. This is something that was built for you and it is going to have you feeling so important and needed in this world.  There is something that is on your mind at this time that is very much Souls Purpose related work and it may still be in the background in some way but it is GROUNDED and something that will manifest when YOU are ready. You are a big part of this and you will need to get out of your way in regards to having fears or worrying too much. This feels destined and the decisions you are making now and the path you are choosing to move towards is something that will take you in and gobble you right up with its CORRECTNESS at highlighting what you are really good at.  You are fully in this creative endeavor and should start to feel very excited and anticipatory in the next few days as there is a hook up coming energetically that is going to have you floating on air with TOTAL faith that you are good at what you are wanting to create and that the people ARE going to love it. There is something with this though that demands that you let go of something, in order to make the space for a new and better to arrive. This may just be fear related as you are being asked to be courageous and to take this leap of faith risk with the knowing in your heart that the trusting leap is part of the test that later brings your reward.  You don’t need to worry about there being a safety net. You just need to trust that this is your time and this is YOUR thing to express.  You may also be experiencing a clarity, finally, in regard to a deep partnership. This may be letting go or it may be coming together in a more solid and committed way. It CAN go either way, but you already know which direction it is going. This may also be the letting go of an unrequited love that is still lingering. Just understand that you ARE being asked to LET SOMETHING GO so that this new magic can come into your life.  You know what or who this is…

New Moon Affirmations:
I am living my souls purpose.
I am committed to doing whatever it takes to bring my dreams to reality.
I believe in myself fully.
I am letting go of all things that are unresolved but holding me down like a dead weight anchor.  I know what I need to do and I commit to doing it now.

Cancer Horoscope Image

// cancer //
Wow!  You get a wow with your reading, my moon babies.  So. You are fully focused in the home arena and there is MUCH activity as there is MUCH BEAUTIFYING going on. You may be redesigning or moving things around, but you are bringing more balance into the space that you do have. You may have either recently moved, are thinking about moving, or something has changed on the home front.  This is bringing your attention to your roots and you will have lots of things on your mind such as what you really want from a home, what you really want your home to feel like and look like, and who you want to share a home with.  This will be the area of attention for the month and just know that balance will be established, even if it feels like things are lopsided and a little crazy right now.  This to me feels like a performance where the actors have not yet come on stage, but in the background there is all this hustle and bustle and anticipation. But nothing that is a completion or total answer has come to the forefront just yet.   This can also be a place where you are waiting for an answer and do not yet have clarity.   There is confusion with the home, but there is no reason to be worried! You are just at 4am and the Sun has not risen yet… but this shouldn’t cause you to worry.  Now MONEY is also on your mind in big ways, and love, I can tell you that you have NOTHING to worry about in regards to manifesting money because this is YOUR YEAR to really pull in the funds so that you can know a better form of security.  You are just lining things up and that’s perfect. But babe, you are SO HOOKED UP. Like for real!  Let me squeal for joy before I get into this! eeeeeeeeee!  So, this revolutionary and earth shattering trine between Jupiter and Uranus is with your career and with using your creative gifts.  So this is where if you can JUST align with doing what you love to do and with really breaking through the doubts and the fear that you don’t REALLY have what it takes, and just bravely change your perspective to TRUSTING THE PROCESS and KNOWING you are here to do wonderful things, THEN you will shift in your energy and things will start to manifest for you that always come in out of the blue ways, and usually when you are least expecting them. You are magically lined up to make more money and to do what you so excel at and that involves your creative gifts. You JUST NEED TO HOLD the vision in your mind and you must not waiver. You must hold the space of seeing your dreams already manifested and actualized.  This will speed up the process. I also just saw affirmations all over the place, so you may want to write them on your mirrors, in your car, near your bed when you wake up and plaster them with all the things you ARE going to accomplish.  Now you also have the power of to manifest your souls purpose work and especially if it relates to teaching, publishing or something like a blog.  So you are encouraged to share more of who you are in a larger scale way and with this one you already know that because this gate is WIDE open and you would have to be strapped down in cement to not feel that it is TIME to share your gifts and wisdom with others.   And your home is in some way encouraging this…

New Moon Affirmations:
I am manifesting balance and harmony in my home environment.
I am using my creative gifts to draw in more money this year.
The sky is the only limit in my career. I can do ANYTHING I dream. And I will. Watch me.
I am expanding my life through teaching or through the internet.

Gemini Horoscope Image

// gemini //
Oh love, this is exciting! You are taking the first steps into a creative idea that relates to communications or the sharing of messages and that deals with being a part of a long standing dream.  There is the element of a risk here,  and this may worry you, but this is a cliff you are being encouraged to leap off of.  You have some serious magic going on with the planets that is hinging on how huge you can dream and how much you can keep your thoughts focused onto the bullseye of your dreams. Things are not at completion stage just yet, but you are ONTO something and it WILL be fueled by the power of your dreamings.  There is also the theme again that you are to transform some of the messages about what you have been holding onto about what is really possible.  There are limiting factors anchored deeply into your belief system and they will be coming to the surface as nagging doubts, or insecurities. These were likely the fears of others that you  have taken on and you are needing to rise above others dreams and realize that they felt what they did, which is why they magnetized what they did, and that YOU are in the drivers seat of your life now, so YOU are deciding how big you really want to go with your career. Now I will let you in on a bit of a secret as to HOW to have more success in your career dreams: you are to fully incorporate humanitarian work into your career endeavors.  It’s really important that you act as an example by working to give back in some way that shows others that this is how we all should be. We need some examples of people coming forward and touting how rad it is to do donations and to help others in need. You are being called to do this with your messages and with what you are sharing with the world.  It really is such a no-brainer because it has SUCH an immediate positive feeling thing that swings back OUR WAY.   I have never done a good deed and not felt so super awesome afterwards. I also notice how more okay I feel with my own life after I lend a helping hand to another. So you are to follow this focus at this time.   Now love, you are also moving into a much more creative and happiness filled time in your life where things will seem to come together so beautifully and will little effort. Remember that the power of your intentions and dreams will work in all areas of your life.  So whatever you are wanting more of, you must apply your full attention into dreaming of the best possible situation.  If you want a new love who honors everything about you, then dream this person coming into your life.  If you want to have a baby, then dream this baby coming into your body.  If you want a love of your past to reappear for a later in life more mature try at it, then see this person coming back and finding you. If you want to manifest a career that utilizes your creative gifts, then dream exactly of how this shall look.   WHATEVER YOU WANT is going to be manifested through your power to hold the vision of your dreams.

New Moon Affirmations:
I am taking this risk and I KNOW it will pay off.
I am holding the vision of what I dream to come true in my life.
I believe the impossible is possible.
I am a success magnet.

Taurus Horoscope Image

// taurus //
There is some serious right action and balancing going on with your health and diet protocol where you are coming up with new routines that really work and really feel like they are a match for your body and time schedule.  There may be some awakening, through a warning sign or through something that comes from the experience of others that has you REALLY wanting to take control of your eating habits and exercise routines.  This can be when you FULLY commit to a new way of taking care of your body that really ripples out and changes all areas of your life.  You are also in space of healing that is coming from your alone times when you really have time to just take a break and shut it all out.  Insights are coming to you and they will relate to pattens and habits that were picked up from your beginning days that you now are seeing as things that are holding you back from your dreams. You may also be in some situation that relates to the home that involves you opening your heart so that you can forgive others from doing something that affected you, when now you have the opportunity to affect another,and the awareness of how challenging this is, is opening you to releasing a burden or blame.   This feels like walking a mile in another persons shoes and that action is opening you to not holding a position that you have held for some time. There is a lot of activity at home and changes are coming that start with your dream time and the actual WISH for things to get better and with more happiness.   Some change my have to do with wanting to move or relocate or make some adjustment within the home. You may even be working more from home where you are doing something that is more service oriented and give back and that has something to do with working on a teaching project or studying something that takes some alone time and commitment.  I see you blocking off some time to really focus on this new venture or way to expand your life so that you feel more balanced and like you really do have a purpose.  This also may be with you stepping into some new shoes that you have wanted to try out but didn’t know if you were really skilled enough to leap into this new affair, but synchronicity is on your side, and you ARE getting the message that the time is RIPE for you to start moving into this other direction.  This feels like a gate has opened and it is sort of sucking you in!    Along with the balance you may also be working on some concerns with a partner, or someone you are in partnership with, where you are shedding the light on some hidden material that has the potential to bring you closer and this may be through doing counseling work or something that has you keeping it real and getting to the bottom of things.  Through this opening up, you may actually see that you want to work together on other projects that relate to sustainability and more environmental concerns.   And even if you are not in partnership, you ARE very focused on getting to the root of why things are not going the way you dream, in any area of your life. If it is not working, you are aware of it now and wanting to do whatever it takes to right this ship and examine whatever is keeping you from doing the things you love to do and being with the people who really bring value into your life.

New Moon Affirmations:
I am starting a new health routine and will commit to it this time.
I choose to forgive rather than hold the burden weight of a grudge.
I am working on a new project that has something to do with home and I LOVE it!
I am making time for myself as this makes me feel more balanced in life.

Aries Horoscope Image

// aries //
All of your close relationships are up for some serious balancing and right action changes.  You may be a sign that feels this most because Libra is the opposite sign of your sign.  And what you are experiencing now, which may have you feeling very out of sorts and ungrounded is going to lead to a real shift that occurs in the Full Moon in two weeks, which will be in Aries.  Now what is occurring is that you are liberating yourself in the eyes of others. This can be where you are coming out of a shell or breaking free from some projection of others that really is kind of awakening to a NEW WAY that you really wish others to see you as.  Aries is the baby who tends to be more focused on self, rather than others, but right now you are longing to be more connected to others and aware of their of their feelings and aware of what they are going through.  There is a sort of separation going on where you can step out of your ingrained habits and really turn this around to get another perspective.   The energies are also opening you to a VERY fertile and powerful creative time in your life that will have the benefit of combining your gifts that come from meditation and the retreat and affect people through your career.  The thing is that the friction with others right now IS opening you to a new expression of creativity. You have heard that when we tend to experience pain or confusion or loss or devastation in life, we also tend to bring through some pretty powerful creative expressions!  So the imbalances you are feeling with others are actually catalysts for you to delve further into creativity which will then have you feeling more confident about who you are and what you are here to offer the world.  This energy now is offering you a REBOOT and a new start and a new way to walk this world with a more grounded and others oriented viewing of things.  You also may be feeling very empowered to study something new or to go back to school or to learn something that takes some time with you and you alone in the contemplation space.  You are very focused on expanding your life through gaining more wisdom or traveling to new and foreign lands or getting out of the immediate environment in order to open to a new fresh enthusiasm for why you are really here.   All times alone are where you gain the wisdom of what next steps to take in order to feel more happiness and contentedness with your life.

New Moon Affirmations:
I am learning from all frictions I am experiencing with others.
Seeing others perspectives has me feeling so much more balanced with my own opinion.
I am delving into a new creative expression that feels so natural and makes me feel happy.
I am opening to a brand new ME that defies how others have interpreted who I am.