Have you noticed the change yet?  Have you noticed that your mind is expanding to not only just looking at what hobbies you love to do in terms of understanding your Souls Purpose, but instead really going back to your childhood, to the path YOU walked, to the experiences that made you who you are, in order to see how THAT has contributed to  WHAT you have to give back to others in this lifetime.

The main change is that we are now wired to WANT to give back and to contribute in some way. That’s not hard to grasp because Aquarius is the energy that permeates this planet now, and Aquarius wants to know that what they do, in some way, is making a difference with the evolution of this planet and to all that breathe life here.

Now I am going to talk further about this on a podcast, but I got together with one of my dear friends who I met when I lived in San Francisco back in the late 90’s, and she is a psychic who has been a tarot card reader for over 30 years.  She was talking about how she has witnessed the trends of the metaphysical world from back when she was seen as a freak and a rarity, and in the last 7 years she has noticed how now EVERY ONE has an interest in reading cards, or reading astrology charts, or understanding numerology, or working with crystals.  She was saying how decades ago people could make a really good living doing any of those things, but now they are commonplace and they are now general hobbies for people, because the masses have accepted them. When the masses accept things, they become common.   Just how if you notice, to be gay is just a few years away to being absolutely common and something people don’t even bat an eye over.  Listen to all those grandparents BRAGGING about how proud they are of their gay grand child. We were not even hearing this 5 years ago.

She was then saying that I am with a group who just got in under the wire with being able to make a living  from working with astrology (versus not just as a hobby or side job), as so many before have already staked their claim and are grounded fully in this career expression.  She also said how the elders must be honored as they had to walk these metaphysical careers when there was so much doubt and negativity around sharing them with the world, so the ones who embraced that but continued on with the knowing in their heart that this was REAL, are to be respected as they held the space for the metaphysical arena to now become the mainstream.  Because of them, we are now saturated in a metaphysical world where we do not question these concepts one single bit.

But she said the reason I will have success here is because my main drive is not to be the holder of the power to read charts and symbols BUT to be in service in a way that helps others to feel happy, content and on purpose with their lives.  That was such an enlightening bit of info she provided for me, and trust me, she NEVER gives me readings because she always says I can read for myself. But on this occasion she offered that insight and it brought this new light to why I am here doing what I am doing

So what she was saying is that many people are now wanting to do things that are really just hobbies or interests and due the world of the internet, it is very easy to jump on something that intrigues us and then to go full on into thinking this must be our calling. I read some quote recently that said if you have an interest in something, it is your calling. But it was written a century before the internet came and made every thing so easily accessible, so I don’t know that it really applies in this day and time.  If it is, then my calling is also sex education, nutritional education, numerology, channeling, design work, tarot card reading, healing modalities, homeopathic remedies for pets, and about 20 other things that interest me.  No wonder we are all so confused about what is OUR thing to do!  Our interests are a many and oh so varied.

And what she really opened in me was how YES, when I was focused on just wanting to share astrology and to be the holder of the power to read symbols… it never manifested!  It wasn’t until I really went back into my childhood times and my life journey and realized that my MAIN PURPOSE for doing what I am doing is because I have this drive to know that everyone is okay and honoring themselves and living a life of their dreams.  My main gift is to empower and inspire peoples and THAT is my souls purpose.

My sensitive barometer has ALWAYS been feeling everyone out and when I feel that others are depressed or in need, I can’t hold back from doing and saying whatever I can to put them back on track. That is who I am!  I can’t even get through the grocery store without offering love and empowering words to those I feel are in need.  I also am really big about helping others see the big picture of things, and to trust the process and to believe that they deserve a life of magic and wonder.   This is something in me that I can’t turn off!  I have to reach out when I feel someone is in pain or in need.

So she pointed out that THAT is my number one focus and that the birth chart books were created to bring that love of self and trust of the process into the hearts of the peoples.  Astrology is just a tool I use to ultimately bring the peace to the peoples.  Astrology is basically just my hobby and I use it in conjunction with this higher purpose, which is to help people feel safe in this world and to remember who wonderful they really are.

So this is what I want you to look at.  Why are you doing what you think is your souls purpose work?  And what is the main drive for what you are wanting to do?  So if you are someone who is wanting to be a card reader, why?  Question these things.  Because you will only be able to make a living from this if your goal is something deeper than just picking a card for someone and being a power holder with understanding the symbolism.  Even my friend who is the psychic card reader. She is really just psychic and uses the cards in conjunction as a way to gain more clarity and confirmation into what messages she is already receiving.

And then I want you to be going back to your childhood and to the unique path that you have had to walk. What skills have you gained from what YOU had to walk?  What things have happened in your life, that felt like weaknesses or violations, that are now things that you feel stronger from because you have healed them and made peace with them.  

What are you really good at and what do you naturally do like second nature?  Do you like to organize things or peoples lives?  Do you like to design things?  Are you good at crisis management and bringing parties to a compromised state?  Are you good at offering advice for relationships?  Are you good at helping others to make decisions by listening to what they are saying?  Have you always loved to edit things and find things that need to be corrected?  Have you always loved to be a support and to provide the guidance that MOVES them?  Do you have a background of being around others who have committed suicide or been through depression? Have you always loved to grow things and to work in the garden?  Have you always loved to research and get to the bottom of things?  Have you always loved to help others find happiness? Have you always loved to teach or to bring new information to their lives?  Are you naturally psychic?  Have you always wanted to do something with animals or farming or healing or with bringing change to the world?  What is your thing? What is a common thread in all the things you pursue?  What kind of repeating patterns have shown up in your life that now you can overcome and become a teacher in regards?  Looking back, what situations showed up that have led you to where you are now?  What teachers showed up?  What opportunities dropped in your lap that now feel like they are destined and YOUR PATH?

When you can focus on the truth of what you so naturally do and love to do and that relates to the path that is uniquely yours, then you will own your souls purpose and jobs will light up as a way to OFFER that.   Go to your gift first, and then the jobs will find you.

And even with me, knowing that others are taken care of and happy also DOES apply for my many years of service industry work as a bartender and barista! See! I have been living my souls purpose all along, even though I THOUGHT those jobs were side jobs on the pursuit of my real thing. I was living it then, and I am living it now.

I want you to make some time for this research work as the keys are there, they are in your childhood, they are in what YOU had to endure or climb out of and with that which feels like it limited you.  From that limiting feeling, you gained skills that the world is waiting for you to share with them.  What skills are they?  Did you grow up with a parent who had Cancer and now you want to heal others?  Did you grow up with a parent who neglected you and now you want to empower others to heal from the same?  Did you come from sexual abuse and now you want to work with women’s health and empowerment?  Look back there!  You gained something from what you saw…

This is a Saturn and Chiron focused world we live in now, loves. We are learning that the things that hurt us most are the things that become our greatest strength and that which we then give back to the world.

This New Moon is WILD. There can be mass loads of aggression, frustration and anger and out bursts and fed the f*cked up energy that wants things to move NOW. NOW. NOW. NOW.  Sudden and wild shifts are expected… just like with the big quake that hit Northern California and Chile today.

Sensitivity will also come forward and you can plan on crying over something that normally wouldn’t affect you. I was crying today over thinking about only having 9 more years with Moonbear, especially with how quick time moves now. And I also cried over thinking what it must feel like to be dark skinned and judged so quickly by the light skinned people. It is an innate thing ingrained into us and when I imagined what that must feel like, it just brought me to tears.

There are also WAY too many details to handle and this can have us feeling scattered and unable to bring the order. I even have had the hardest time with this writing and have started about 10 topics but can’t weave them together so I keep dropping them and moving to another thing. I have a Virgo moon so you’d thing this would be a breeze but this so far has been the hardest reading for me to write!  Too much to say!

This frantic energy will settle down in a day or two, as this New Moon at almost 3 degrees Virgo, is also in the void of course aspect that deals with the 27 to 3 degree (or cusp) way of looking at it. I am someone who is a fan of reading the VOC in this manner,  as it IS a bit disruptive when things shift from the end of a sign to the beginning of a new sign, or to the end of the house to the beginning of the next house.  So from last night until tomorrow we ARE in a scattered energy that is similar to moving to a new location where we have too much to deal with and can’t see straight and will tend to get grumpy and snappy and short tempered over how things feel so out of control and are taking so much longer than what we planned. Seriously. I have been working on this reading for 4 days!  I thought they would be out on Friday.

We are also in high judgmental energy and this means we will try to beat ourselves up or guilt trip ourselves about how imperfect we are and how we are never gonna do nothing special because we are such big fat losers!  Could you hear the dramatic tone?  It IS high drama now so allow that to wash over you and stick your bottom lip out, if you must, but KNOW that this judgmental energy actually has a great purpose! This bad girl/bad boy, I’m a loser destined to fail, energy is actually one of those gifts that is moving us to see what we need to change and let go of.  Things feel bigger right now and very frustrating as a way to clearly show us, with neon lights, what is NOT working and what needs adjustments in order to work in a more harmonious fashion.  The readings below will offer us more insight into what needs to go.

Now our bodies are SO HIGHLIGHTED at this time. About a month ago we were really waking to the awareness that we HAVE to move our bodies and do exercise on a daily basis and MOSTLY after our 30’s.  That tends to be when we get too busy with life and feel like we don’t have the time, but last month we awakened to WANTING to start a new exercise program/diet program and wanting to take control of our bodies and health. THIS month we will bring that knowing to action.  That is how it works often, where the thought precedes the action, and sometimes it does take a month or two to really get it. We finally are getting it and I encourage you ALL to start something right now, and with this New Moon. And like I tell you, I really like 4 days after the New Moon.

Know that this energy right now is EPIC and what you can expect to see is people making 180 degree changes with their lives. This is the kind of energy you dream of when you want to make drastic changes and also want to have the convictions and strength to truly follow through and do whatever it takes.

And through all the limitation, there will be movement. Through all things that you have felt held back with, there will be shifts and changes.  Through healing work of the wounds of your past, you will notice that they just aren’t that important to you any longer!   You will notice that you are taking control of what others have done or said to you, and there is a strength building that says YOU DID THIS and I REFUSE to be the victim and to hold myself back because YOU MADE A MISTAKE.  Something is shifting with how you are interpreting the violating actions of others, when you just so happened to be an innocent and in the crossfire.  We are moving to Future Bound and lets learn from this and move on.   We are moving to compassion and let this go.  We are moving to no longer contributing to holding ourselves back because of others actions or opinions of us.

And right now, with the energy of this New Moon we are committed and driven to move closer to that thing that is OUR THING and something we are only skilled enough to do BECAUSE of the road we have walked.  This is something so close to home and something that makes total sense when looking back at your childhood environment and what you were exposed to.  Yes I keep making this point. Follow the bread crumbs back….

<<  Video Horoscopes Down Below at the end of the individual readings >>

Please read your Sun, Moon and Rising signs for the complete picture and also do share with anyone you know who may benefit from this!  Thank you!


Lets do this….

Pisces Horoscope Image

// pisces //
You, sweet love, are MARKED for a a shift of the lifetime. You will not be able to escape this new movement and this is really going to bring the ultimate AH-HA into the changes that you will be making in order to fully align into a path that is a path you will only be able to travel because of the one you traveled in your past.  There is a settling down of the dust, and the picture that is going to form right before your eyes is going to explain EVERYTHING.  It will all become clear and the confusion and the over saturation of jumping from one thing to another will finally come to a halt as you will be anchored into a new way of being that will have you not wavering a single bit .  This will feel so at HOME to who you are and what you truly excel with, AT THIS POINT IN YOUR LIFE. There will be no question as this is IT.  Also there is the element of you really looking back and feeling okay with how it all has come together. Even a month ago, you may have still been like BUT WHY?  and BUT HOW?  and now those fears and worries will all be put to rest, for the moment.   This wave goes up and it goes down, but for now, it is feeling all good.  This time in history is also showing that the more damaged you are, the greater the effect you will have on this planet.  Something has shifted and we now can feel proud of how hard a life we have been dealt.  This is happening to you in a huge way as you will be better able to look at the bright side of things and really feel a trust for all that has brought you to this moment right now.  Something is very much relating to others at this time, so you may be coming together with others and this makes you feel more powerful as you see that together you balance each other out with strengths.  They can do what you cannot do, and you can do what they cannot do, so the force of combination is what you have been looking for.  This also may be something where the actions of another, while confusing as all get out before, now has come to the light as a blessing.  Now it all makes sense in some way and this is feeling like a lightening of the load, or less pressure on your shoulders.  Whatever is showing up as an opportunity is Souls Purpose material!  Follow those breadcrumbs as this is leading you towards destiny work and your heart is SO in it and you will also notice that you can’t stop talking about this.  Others are coming forward and they are either joining with you, or providing the much needed clue you have been waiting a lifetime for!

New Moon Intentions:
I am living my souls purpose NOW.
I am stronger because of what I have experienced that I used to call my weaknesses.
I am able to do more in life because of the people I join together with.
I am certain that I can do this long held dream of mine.  I have NO DOUBT.

Aquarius Horoscope Image

// aquarius //
Oh love, you are working on something SO important!! This is big and you are going to feel so much strength and commitment to what you KNOW you can do in your career. You may even be remembering an idea of times past and this may even be something that you have had an interest in but were unable to figure out how to make money from it, or to get it out into the world.  Money is so on the table right now and whatever you are wanting to do, the more it is like with being an artist, a writer, a photographer, a mystic, a guide… THE MORE LIKELY it will work and will generate funds to come your way.  You will have this vision of what you are so good at and that comes so naturally and you will start to lay down the steps, layer by layer, and you will start executing them now.  This too may have something to do with values and with assisting people in upgrading into a more honorable and HAPPY life, and with something that confronts trusting the path that is chosen for us, no matter how painful we may feel it is in this moment now.  There is strength in your messages in that you are knowing that in the long run it will all work out. This also may have something to do with death and with the transformation that comes from transition.  You may have been through the loss of those that mean the most to you, and during this time, a peace will finally, really, wash over you. There may have been resistance with not understanding but something will have shifted and a higher perspective of why this had to happen when it did and how THAT changed your life and moved you to make new decisions that are now opening you to a new way of living, are permeating your consciousness right now. It feels like ah-ha and OKAY THEN. There is piece work with going back and seeing how this had to happen for this other thing to happen. You may also be letting something go and stopping something in order for this new growth to get more of your attention. There are decisions to be made with this and you will see that cutting off your energy into this certain area will only be temporary BUT it allows for the birth of this thing that is more of a career minded move and in the long run will be more fruitful than where you were putting all your efforts now.   This feels like practicing discipline NOW for the sake of something larger that will manifest in about 2 months.  And what you are working on now may take some time, but in a few months it can really be something that has you crying tears of joy at the reception it will receive. What is this?  Are you working on a book idea?  Are you working on a painting project where you feel you can put healing energy into it so that it affects others? How is this thing going to benefit others, yet somehow share the imprint of the path you have had to walk?  This also relates to debt… so you may be taking control of a debt or facing something that you have not wanted to confront and now you will just be like, bring it.  It is best not to hide from this any longer.

New Moon Intentions:
I am committed to focusing on my far out career dreams.
I will let nothing stop me as I know I have something important to share.
I will sacrifice this one thing, temporarily, in order to put all my time and effort into this other project that relates to the path I have walked and the wisdom I discovered along the way.
I am letting go of all things that feel like a debt or that hold me back.

Capricorn Horoscope Image

// capricorn //
Transform your need to wanting to BE SEEN into wanting to do a service for others in a way that benefits their lives and you will be able to leap upwards into a new manifesting space where that message of yours, those ideas of yours will really reach the audiences you desire.  You are shifting into a space of realizing that wanting to be well known is like a cat chasing its tail and it keeps you distracted from why you are really here and what you are really working to provide for the peoples.  This energy is going to give you an ah-ha moment of realization that shows you that needing to be seen as famous or well known or a star and also needing to have that affirmed through money is not really who you are and is actually keeping you in the back of the line, never manifesting the dreams of your souls purpose.  The energy is trying to pull you into a space of just doing what you love and just loving what you are doing. Period. The need to control how this gets out and how you believe it should look is keeping you trapped in the old world energies that no longer flow in the same ways now.  When we can align to the aquarius way, we are driven to provide our gifts to the world, BECAUSE they can make a difference or benefit others in some way.  We aren’t concerned about being adored, or being up on a pedestal, or being wealthy from this service of ours.  When we are truly bringing through our unique gifts, we honor that we are in co-creation with spirit and we are really just tools for the better good of the peoples and this planet.  When we can remember that we are the tools and that the inspiration comes from other sources, we lay down the control that says I MUST BE RESPECTED and seen as an authority.  If we truly are an authority on something, then it just happens and people find us and people want more from us!  I see this so much in readings where people keep saying how they want to be well known and want to be these stars and then they want to know what is wrong and why it has not happened.  I always say, let go of that want, because it is outside of why you are really here.  Let go of the NEED to be well known and this other things takes form and you find yourself in a more humble position of just feeling so grateful for the gifts you possess and the new want just becomes wanting to get this out there and to reach the peoples.  Have THAT be your number one purpose and then the gates can open for you.  And then, love, you find your truth and THAT truth is what can bring you a new rush of opportunities that will relates to all things publishing and website and internet and getting your message out there BIG TIME. You are in such a sweet space where you will be able to put things into order and take the needed steps to bring this dream to fruition, this dream that is something giving back and that relates to YOUR UNIQUE PATH.  Be patient for the steps are required and you need to not expect instant results.  You are being tested to see if you can commit to this new way of bringing your ideas and messages forward.  So just do it because you love it, and don’t expect instant attention. This is an over time thing so for a while there will be no movement… that is the testing to see if you really are doing what you love. This is similar to how I created my dream back in 1999 but had to wait until 2012 for it to be seen. This is an excellent time, though, to start a blog or to start the sharing of what you have been working on. Just be patient with the process!

New Moon Intentions:
I am only concerned with doing what I love and knowing it can benefit others.
I am letting go of the need to be seen and considered a well known public figure.
I am NOT giving up on this dream of mine.
I KNOW I am bringing through something special and even if it only reaches 10 people, I am content with that

Sagittarius Horoscope Image

// sagittarius //
Oh this looks like a wonderful New Moon for you! This is saying that you are working step by step to achieve these new career focused dreams that relate to something that you so naturally love to do and that requires you to pull back and really commit to giving it the space and time to be done.  There is much energy here focusing on being pulled back and in receiving the guidance that moves you forward.  This feels like the commitment to do this big job that has been on your mind for a while so it may have something to do with like an advanced degree or something that is moving you up in layers in what you have been wanting to offer the world. Right now you are saying that you HAVE to make the time to finish this or to finally complete the work that needs to be done in order to move to another level.   You will also see that when you make the space and time, you will actually be able to do more than you could at an earlier time. You really have been waiting for right NOW and you probably already know that in some ways.  Now there is also something relating to the home front and this may be where there has been much confusion and you haven’t been able to focus as there is this THING that has been not offering you guidance as for how to move forward. I see it bothering you and something that keeps coming up in your mind and something about the new space you are making to complete or create this work/career related project will actually shift YOU in order to feeling more confident to be assertive and handle what is out of balance at home. This makes me think of how sometimes so many things in our life feel out of balance and out of control, but then we get a job or a new job or new clients and then everything else settles and falls into order.  This is similar to that, in that you have been giving something too much importance when really the stress factor relating to this assignment/career/higher education thing was the real problem.   You will also be feeling more compassionate at home and more willing to just trust this process and know that the best thing will come to be.   You are going to be very chatty kathy with your work and rejuvenated like never before!  What is coming your way feels so close to home and like something that was built for you.  It also will make you life feel so much more expanded and positive with what is possible in your future.  Friends will likely play a part in this and they will not be near you, so this can be where you travel to see them and feel TOTALLY rejuvenated by what transpires, or you just connect with people who live at a distance from you.  You WILL be wanting to travel and take a break from the day to day, and if you can get away, this will be a source of massive inspiration.  And this is great news because you have been feeling a bit like you are losing it and not even sure who you are anymore.  This is a sweet break coming your way and you deserve it, love.

New Moon Intentions:
I will do whatever it takes to bring this project to completion.
I am making the space to be alone and do the work that needs to be done.
I believe the best thing will happen with this home front situation.
I trust this process and I know good things are coming.  I can feel it!

Scorpio Horoscope Image

// scorpio //
The joining of forces is very much on your mind as you are being given opportunities to expand your business or career dreams by coming together with others who are on a similar life path as you.  This is where too you are able to do more with the team as each of you has strengths that the others do not.  You are going to be called to share what you really know well and this will need to be something that you have really walked and not just talked.  Creativity is very much highlighted and you are being called to immerse yourself in the dreams you know are possible. This is a call to bring those creative dreams down to Earth in a way that joins with others but also is about being a humanitarian and doing something that benefits the world.  This can be doing things that are a service and that do not necessarily bring in money, or not right away, at least. This is a time in your year cycle where everything you want can seem to just naturally drop into your path, so keep that on your mind and hold visions of long term success and effortless manifestations.   You will need to honor the step by step process as you can very possibly be taking on too much at this time and you will feel very overburdened by all the responsibility.  Doing one thing at a time and planting the seeds just right in order to make space for them to blossom and grow is important at this time, because if you over saturate and gobble up all the opportunities coming, you will be diffusing the power of each project or vision.  There may also be something with your children that is causing you confusion and it may be that you have taken on so much and have little time for them. You may also be in a space where you are not seeing eye to eye and you will need to bring attention there and heal some of the pressure. Doing things with them that are creative is a good idea to bring the peace and really hear what they are needing from you.   This may even be other peoples children and there is something that you can offer them.  Now friends are for sure on your mind right now and you are feeling inspired through them and through the discussions you are having with them about future ideas.  Be around others. Do not hide out alone. Share what is going on in your world… and be honest because there is a chance you will hold back and act all stoic, but the frustration can shift if you open your heart and share in a vulnerable fashion.

New Moon Intentions:
I am a success magnet.
I am bringing these long held creative dreams to manifestation.
I am taking things step by step and not just racing to the finish line.
I am joining with others in equal ways in order to do more than I can on my own.

Libra Horoscope Image

// libra //
Okay love, this is your time of the year to pull back and really scan your last year and see how far you have come. This time usually enters one of two feelings: you either feel ON FIRE and stoked beyond belief with the changes you have made to truly live a life of wonderful, or you are feeling depressed and can’t get out of this space of discontent and blah.  The latter is okay, though, as it works as a fueling agent to inspire you to really make huge changes this next year and to NOT continue with these things that are sapping your life force. Now this is a really special time for you and with this once a month time in your year.  You must be destined for some pretty great new life changes because you are being gifted this opportunity to change your life COMPLETELY through things that deal with changing how you think about what is possible in your life. So much of the magic will occur from you adjusting your way of thinking and with how you use the words in your head.  This is so special as you shifting your words to positive and unlimited, and opening to the dreams of your past, possibly even from childhood times,  can bring you to a whole new way of living life, and for real this time.  Even huge leap of faith you take will lead to magic and it truly does start with you shifting the way you use your words and steering them towards SELF LOVE and honor of WHO YOU ARE.  Do you really know that you deserve the best in life? Do you really know that you are a good person worthy of happiness and joy?  Do you really know that you CAN be healthy and vibrant and ALIVE?  Those questions need to be looked at because your thoughts are making connections to them. And your thoughts are determining your state of health and happiness and limiting or encouraged what you believe is possible. You are being asked to DREAM in enormously huge ways! You are being asked to dream and believe that you CAN manifest abundant health, a dream career, a relationship that is fairy tale and a satisfaction with life that has you grinning from ear to ear, every day, with everything that comes your way.   And what is so great about the energy right now and how it is affecting YOU is that you WILL do whatever I encourage you to do because you are SO good and ready and will be committed and focused towards healing and changing ANYTHING that is keeping you in a victim state and with not valuing who you are.  Self love is on the table.  And for many of you this will relate to your body and with putting some attention into a new workout program and one that flushes the toxins and has you smiling at what you see in the mirror.  You will also be focused on creative endeavors, or using your creative gifts in some way,  as this is what will just naturally manifest when you come to the self love and self acceptance.  From there, you will create more, trust yourself more, trust the process more, and really just align to a life where you choose what you want to do and then will you just go for it.  This DOES also feel like you will be separating yourself from what you think others expect of you and suddenly you will be just like, dude, I hear you but I gots to do what I NEED TO DO.  And you will know that when you honor choosing what you want to do, and what your heart tells you to do, you will be in a better position in everyones life who depends on you.  This feels like take care of YOU time. This feels like putting your oxygen mask on first and then being able to assist others with theirs.  Through your own healing process, you will be able to assist others through something similar.

New Moon Intentions:
I am taking time for my healing process.
I am okay with pulling back and making space to create my next solar year.
I am aligning my thoughts to:  I can. I will. I am…. (fill in all good things)
I have to do what I feel called to do.  There is no other way.

Virgo Horoscope Image

// virgo //
Birthday love!  It is here or it is coming soon, and this is YOUR New Moon to shine and also to redefine how you want to be seen in the world.  The game is changing and you are in full control of shaping how you want it to go, where you want to go and who you want to go with.  This is life changing energy that is building possibly through frustration and it is birthing something new for you to create.  This will be a personal thing and it can range from health to partnership to career to home base. It is not limited to one area for all peoples but you WILL be changing something drastically and permanently.  This is building from a judgmental perspective where you are complaining about something or someone or yourself and it if that confusion or annoyance that has not let up which is leading a decision being made.  And it will be for the best and right on time.   This also feels like it is relating to an age factor, where you are looking at your age and saying like, its now or never, or if not now, when.  This also feels like taking charge of things and making those choices, like with diet and exercise, a new way of living that you will eagerly embrace.  This feels like something you feel finally ready to embrace.  It is decision time.  There has been something confusing with others and this can be your partner or people you have considered working with or people you already do work with. In all situations with others, where there has been confusion as to what to do or how to handle something, a clarity is on the way. The fog will lift and then you will better know how to move forward. This can be where you have been working with someone and not really sure if they were right for you.  There may have been issues with the head and the heart, like wanting to believe something (with the mind), while feeling something else (with the heart or intuition). Don’t worry about it because clarity is coming and it will be like a neon light. Yes or No is coming soon.  And there may even be surprises with what comes! You may all of a sudden say YES when you really did feel NO for a while now, or vice versa. Guess you’ll have to wait and see.  Now you are getting very serious about your communications or some message you may have to share.  You are more wanting to focus on this other thing that you know you are good at but you haven’t really put stock into. Something will be coming that will open you to wanting to do this communications focused thing that feels pretty powerful and deep. This may even be that you are writing more in your life and in a journal, kept private, but what is coming out of you is shifting your awareness and your life. I just have to say that I have always dealt with confusion or high drama through writing.  Anytime something feels out of control I take to the paper and ask for the guidance to come through. And it always works! Every time, clarity comes.  So for sure, the clarity with any situations you have with others may come when you are in a meditative space and journaling about the situation.

New Moon Intentions:
I own that I have something important to share.  I am saying what needs to be said.
I can recreate my life whenever I choose. I choose to do this now.
The answer is coming, finally, with this concern I have with someone in my life.
I trust this situation will be for the best.

Leo Horoscope Image

// leo //
This is the moment of truth.  You are dealing with something with a committed partnership that may bring a change on the tail of you really waking to this value of who you are.  You may have been playing smaller or even competing with someone or you may have even been holding back due to not feeling all that valuable. There was a confusion that feels like you have been more bashful and unable to speak your truth, for fear of possibly losing someone or having them reject you, maybe. You may have even been holding on for dear life, feeling unable to deal with what this change may bring into your life.  And on top of that, there is this home front issue that has been rising to the surface for some time now, and this may be where you are unable to see clearly as you are just wanting to hope for the best and not really face the facts.  So honestly, this can mean you are coming closer and really creating a new commitment with someone, possibly taking things to another level through moving in or marriage or serious dating, OR all of that may be coming to an end. Either way, it is clear as day.  There is much change for you in the realm of relationships and this feels so deep so it can feel like the most powerful thing ever, or something that really relates to old patterns and old wounds that are coming to your awareness now.  Look closely there! You may be shifting in huge and enormous ways through looking deeply into dark and murky places, love. Don’t run from what comes up.  There is a reason for this and you need to make peace with this, or amends. Now the values thing is where you are really feeling ready to show the real you and this is going to come from the fact that you have judged yourself so harshly from things in the past that haven’t come to the conclusion of your dreams, and through that not feeling good enough, you are deciding to make permanent changes.  It never feels good to feel less than or in competition to another and something about what is occurring now is going to remind you of how special you are, and also how perfectly timed things are in your life anyway.  This is building a strength from within that KNOWS you are wonderful and deserve all the greatest things in your life.   Open your arms and accept them now.   You need to remember how gifted you are creatively and this time will shine the light on a creative gift that is unique to you and something you so love to do.  This second nature thing is needing some love in order for it to grow larger. This is like, don’t worry so much about keeping up with others or competing with others or gauging your gifts in the light of others gifts as this may be sapping your life force and keeping you from really focusing your energy on what is important, which is YOU expressing your creative gifts in an organic way that leads to you feeling content with life.

New Moon Intentions:
I am seeing clearly in regards to what is going on with this relationship.
I am ready to let this baggage go and lighten up my life.
I think I am wonderful, and for real.
I honor my creative gifts and am making space for them in my daily life.

Cancer Horoscope Image

// cancer //
Can you already feel that nothing is going to stop you?  Nothing can, love.  You are on a mission and this thing feels so close to home and feels rather catered to who you are.  One thing relates to something that is career related and creativity related as they are aligned and you are feeling so incredibly inspired that it may be hard to concentrate because your mind is so on all these new and revolutionary ideas. You are seeing things in a different way and that is what will make you unique. This is also something that you learned from your path so you have this massive data base of information that is your background and the cause for this new inspiration.  Now do be warned that for you, things can come over night and really blast you into this new environment.  You are set up to be receiving opportunities that come out of the blue and have the force of lightning. This means you can be discovered or found by someone who then sends you to heights you could only dream.  This very much feels like the dream manifesting and it deals with things that are teaching, publishing, blog, and all things reaching far and wide.  Your communications and taking care of details is what will manifest this dream. You are still in this daily grind so to speak, which means this is still local and hasn’t yet launched in the big way that it will, but right now you are doing the work that will later make you…. famous?  A force to be reckoned with?  A teacher of huge proportions? An author of a book?  A designer that has a name we will all know?  A creative inspiration that has an important message to share with the world?  All I can say is that you are lied up to be creating a masterpiece in some fashion and right now you are so committed and ready to do whatever it takes to birth this revolutionary thing. It is so ahead of the times, but right on schedule.   You are also feeling a rebirth and something that really has you looking back and shaking your head at how quickly things have changed, for the better. I see you sort of shocked at looking back even a year ago, and this may be something that you share with others as a way to inspire them through the dark and murky confusing times that life does bring.   You are also gaining a new perspective in that you are saying things like ah-ha and how could that have been such a mystery for so long?! It seems clear as day now. Also whatever has been confusing with your blog or something you are trying to get out there in a bigger way is going to become evident and well, YEAH!  I love when this happens because it always takes us by surprise but it feels like the most obvious thing ever when we finally get it.   Now do know you are taking on more responsibility with this creativity, or teaching, or something children related (possibly making the baby)  and it will overwhelm your mind when you think of all the new details that this will usher in but know that you don’t’ have anything to worry about and shouldn’t waste your time thinking about that because you will get it all done and you will come out on top. This is you needing to let that mind settle down for a minute as it needs to remember to focus on the whole forest and not just the million trees that you need to take care of.    You really are in the sweetest point and what you are feeling is the rush of knowing that you ARE onto something special and you DO have marvelous ideas that will take off. You are kind of like a pregnant woman anyway who is a month before birthing and so excited to just have this baby here and to be living that new scene. Just love all the steps you are going through now as this “new baby” is going to bring a new world of manifestation and things that could silence you now as they are that big.   For now, just focus on one thing at a time, and let go the need to worry, because if you could see what I have seen for you for months now, you would just smile and enjoy every single moment of life for now, judging not one single thing as negative or holding you back.

New Moon Intentions:
I am living my creative career dreams.
I am so excited for the miracles that are on the way.
I will just focus on taking care of one thing at a time.
I clearly communicating  my needs.

Gemini Horoscope Image

// gemini //
Oh, my. So there is so much going on and you are really wanting to take a break and ground down and chill out, but there is so much to do!  When you do try to rest, your mind is probably so alive and keeps jumping up to take care of a new inspiration coming to your mind. Your home is where a lot of this action is and you are putting things in order and encouraged to really get in there and clean the place up because this is something that is frazzling your energy. You need to put some feng shui tips into motion and to really align things so that all is functioning just how you want it to.  You really need this solid base because your mind is so much out there and focused on career and all the things you are doing to make a living.  You actually are being encouraged to dream wildly with your career and to really think about what you love to you, what your experiences have gifted you and then you are to think about stepping up and being more of an authority or guide or teacher or someone who is sharing all that you have compiled over the years.  The dream is big with this reading. You are to ground fully first, but then you are to delve deeply into whatever dreams you really have been thinking of recently. They are all within reach, and you do have a lot of control with how things will go. Now there is an overburdened aspect with your work and I see you like running around from this and then that and then this other thing. So you are moving a lot and very focused on what you are working on but that can in the long run have your adrenals feeling a bit fatigued and shot.  Do be careful with your health because you can be overdoing it and then the universe will keep stopping you to make you rest and just chill out. Your friends are highlighted so that may be where you need to focus when you are getting too worked up with all the work details. You will feel brand new when you get together with friends and it will actually fuel you in better ways to then handle work in a more efficient way.  You may also be benefiting through friends, so it may come as advice, or just from that at home feeling of being with someone who you really connect with. It lights you up. It makes everything else make sense.  You are also very focused into only wanting to be with people who really make you shine and that is evident now in your life.  You do not have time for anyone who drags you down or saps your energy… not with all the ideas you have!  You would rather be alone then with someone who is a debbie downer.  Now there is clarity coming to something you have been wishing for. You put your energy out there and it may have been home related in a way and this New Moon will lift the veil and show you the way.  This will also be confirmation in your life that shows you that you just have to ASK for what you want and then sit back and trust the universe to provide.  Now more on the health and healing aspect:  you are in the position where you can do anything you set your mind to do. So if you are looking to really ground in a new workout program, or diet program or something that becomes a habit that is engrained to the core… start it within the next few days! Within 3 days of doing this new thing, it will be an addiction, but a good one.  Here is your reboot!

New Moon Intentions:
I am taking control of my health.
I am bringing order to my home and really grounding myself back in.
I am making time for my real friends because they bring so much value to my life.
I am focused on bringing these far out career dreams to manifestation.

Taurus Horoscope Image

// taurus //
Wow are you oh so focused on this work related creative project! This can be a really fantastic time where you are whipping through all the details through trusting the process and also with really using the down time to your advantage as you will be filled with inspiration as to what next steps need to be taken.  This is a time when you will be blocked if you think too much about how things need to go and instead take a break, go out to the hammock, or go sit out in nature and THEN you will feel what is best to do at just the perfect gate opening time. You are learning to go with the flow and to use spirit and your intentions to manifest what steps you would like to occur next. You actually have more power with your intentions and wishes at this time then you do with using your mind to determine what actions need to occur right now.  You also are encouraged to delve into projects that are relating to writing, healing,  artistic creations and metaphysical subjects as Neptune is speaking loudly to you and also will be bringing you others who want to talk about those things.  You are in the land of artists right now and many of them are your friends too.  Together you can do so much more and you already know that and were at least given that nudge in the past few weeks.  This too feels like the power of your intentions can guide you effortlessly through life right now.  This is saying that all you really need to do is ask for the person or place or idea or product to make itself known and within 48 hours that thing or person WILL appear.  Don’t be surprised that what comes surprises you!  This is where you may have felt a certain NO about something and suddenly you will open to it actually being a YES. This almost feels too like there was a friction or something with not coming together so harmoniously but in fact you two are VERY alike and THAT is what made you feel  hesitant.  Something will shift, if it hasn’t already and it will feel like:  if you can’t beat them, join them.  Now others are VERY strong in this reading so it may be that friends bring you what you are wanting to manifest or it may be that you are working more closely with a group, that feels very much like home, and they are taking care of details that are too much for you at this time. There is a sharing of projects or skills, and together, and also when combined with the magic of energy, you are golden.  Source energy is very much highlighted and this is where you can see miracles happening with that thing where you ask for something and it just appears.  You may even be noticing that your dream time is offering you guidance where you go to sleep with a question and it is answered in your dreams in a way so that when you wake up you are like YES. This is it.  Something about all the satisfaction in your life can really be shifting you out of feeling jealous or envious of others and really just trusting that it is all good in the long run as long as you just do what you are meant to do and give it your all.  You may even be growing closer in relationships and wanting to take things to a new level, possibly through having a baby, getting married, committing to something deeper or just really learning to accept the other and to feel grateful for having them in your life.

New Moon Intentions:
I am creating something with others that is going to SOAR.
I realize the value of the people around me and I am grateful.
I am aligning my thoughts to only things that are positive and prosperous.
I trust in spirit and I know I am always being guided.

Aries Horoscope Image

// aries //
Okay for you things are going to either be moving into something very sexual, something very creative or something very much focused on really getting to the bottom of wounds that are keeping you in a manifesting state that is not making you happy long term.  You have things to do and this has you fired up and really ready to make some serious changes!  You may even have things come up that deal with jealousy or envy and they are going to move you in such a way that you HAVE to make adjustments and HAVE to clear this from your system.  You have a strong “enough is enough” about this chart where you are more focused than ever to really start moving closer to the dreams you hold in your heart. This can be where you are moving a step deeper in partnership or exploring deeper with your sexuality.  For sure
you are in a space where you can tap into some of that tantric magic and really experience something that is mind altering and soul shifting and changing you permanently!  This can have you feeling like, where have you been my whole life!  It is true that many of us go through life not knowing how amazing sex can really be until we get with THAT person that we share some past life feeling with and then it is always this experience that alters us in ways.  The thing is though, if we are not really ready for each other on all levels, then we can be in a state where we compare everyone to them and always hold everyone to these very high standards. And this can lead to saying NO to many, when before we would have given them a chance. The benefit of that though, is that abstinence tends to bring VERY special creative ideas to our life!  And right now you are either in the creative aspect or you in the bedroom exploring.  You really do have all gates open to manifest a partner this year and right now you may be feeling over the top with someone where this almost feels too good to be true.  Your heart is shining and wanting to share this with the world, but something inside you is going back to your past and remembering that you have felt this before and it didn’t always work out.  So there is a hesitation, but a true excitement for this relationship, OR creative idea. If this is more of a creative idea, then this will be something that is very deep and like shamanic in a way as it goes to things that are more mysterious and not so superficial.  You may even be doing some sort of healing work right now and really committing to getting to this hidden wound that you cannot find on your own. This may relate to your thoughts, so you may be be working to really keep them on the positive and not to harbor mean or hateful or envious thoughts in your mind.   I feel this is most likely. Your thoughts are coming into check and they may even be linked to your health right now and if you are struggling with something, focus on your thoughts first!  Your thoughts are needing to purify and truly be what you are showing on the outside as this will put you in a better position to excel in your career and to really feel a deep compassion with all that is.  If you are thinking that YOU should be manifesting something, in an envious way with others, then you will not manifest at all.  Its so important that you speak the words that only describe what you want in life because there is something here with feeling like the victim and feeling bitter over that.  You are to delve into a one love state and raise yourself to the trust that it is all happening just as it should.  Now if you are looking for a new job, this is a really great new moon to manifest that! So do get clear on what you want it to look like, but be patient because you are being tested to make you slow down and to trust the powers that be more.

New Moon Intentions:
I am aligning my thoughts to love and to the positive.
I am committed to healing these wounds that keep showing up and that are not making me happy.
I am on fire with my creative ideas and I love it!
I trust this process and I know good things are coming right around the corner.