So it is today April 1st of the year 2014, which is the day after the deadline to sign up to pay for government ordered health care.  As of today at 12:01 am you will get a tax fine of $95 or 1 % of your income, and this goes up each year I believe.

So I posted on the aquarius nation facebook page asking if you signed up or are choosing to pay the fine, and I almost instantly regretted it because you can’t really talk a subject like that without bringing up the fear in people.  I could feel my whole positive inspirational facebook page feel a little dark and I too felt it in me reading what I googled to see what is really going on with this obamacare, because honestly I am so out of the loop and I only really know what is going on in the world if I bump into someone who tells me.

But what I read made me feel so sick to my stomach and imagine what others are feeling too and we all are in mass numbers because we are all facing this new rule put into our lives.   So that is scary!  And I felt it to my core, when I was having a great day before I read the information on it.  Then it was darkness and like fear land.  I was more worried for the masses than myself as I could feel how it would affect people because I also know that with this obamacare, millions have lost their insurance and plans they have had for a while and will have to pay so much more with this new one.

Fortunately I knew what to do and hit the hills for a hike and was back to reality within minutes.   And while I was out I really thought of my opinion on this.  And I have a few concerns.

It is called Affordable health care, but from what I researched I will have to pay just what I was paying before.   So it is a lie to call it affordable when it is going to be average $350 to $400 a month for someone who makes about $30,000 and even someone who is in their mid 20’s will pay $150 a month if they make $25,000 before taxes.  (but please don’t argue my numbers because of course age, health, state and other things contribute to the amount … I’m just trying to paint a picture).

And I feel like car insurance IS affordable, which is why I have no problem paying it and granted it may not be so affordable if you have broken laws, and been dangerous or negligent, but I have no accidents or tickets so mine is $70 for full coverage and everything.  So that is cool. Car insurance is moderately affordable so we agree that this is okay with us. And it could be the same with health insurance.  If it was really affordable then we would have no problem with this and most of us would have already jumped on board.  But we don’t because something doesn’t feel right in our guts, in our bellies with this one.

And let me offer a few reasons why. For one we are being asked to pay something that most of us do not have. We just don’t have hundreds of dollars extra every month.  We may have $80 if we are lucky, right, as each year we see so many prices going up on every single thing we buy and need, yet not many are making any more income than they were in previous years. We all know this and it is a concern but it becomes a massive  burden when we hear we are required by law to come up with even more which means many people will have to find ways to cut back.

And also lets face it.  It is SO hard to hear that we have to shell out even more of our money, when we pay taxes on our income, then we are taxed again with everything we buy, yet the companies and corporations of all those things we buy, do not pay their own taxes.  The big oil companies, the big pharmaceutical companies, the big corporations that supply us with our goods DO NOT have to pay taxes by law. They are excluded from paying taxes on all that stuff we pay taxes on, from our taxed income to buy!  Wait. What?  And especially the pharma and oil have billions of dollars in profit each quarter and there are MANY pharma and oil companies!  And yes this is the big known news in most circles of consciousness, and also an area of contempt, because, for real, THAT IS JUST NOT FAIR.  And why is this happening?   Why, mostly because if we had those taxes, I bet you anything that we could have a United States that offered free healthcare to all citizens who made less than $30,000 and truly affordable for those who made more.  I just know it.  It is totally possible.  And if we needed more money then lets get our kids out of war and save billions a year there.  And I am NOT going deeper on the war topic but I have strong feelings, you know that much.  And I also won’t even get to how food stamps and unemployment have also been cut.

So yes. It is no wonder we all feel sick in our bellies over this obamacare, unless we are unemployed or low income and getting it for free, or get it automatically with our jobs, so we don’t think about it.   Which I would so be down with getting it for free or affordable, as this is NOT an issue of me not wanting health care as I am sure you all agree.   We DO want help in case anything happened and we do want benefits that help with the sticker shock price of all things medical.   This is NOT an issue of us NOT wanting health care!  We want that so much! We want to feel safe that we can just go in for help when we may be sick, instead of ignoring something that may be killing us.  But if we can’t afford it, we don’t go.

And also many feel in these evolving and progressive times as we move into new earth energies, that we want alternative health care.  We want our chiropractor and acupuncturist and bodyworker and healers and biofeedback and herbs and natural medicine, right!  We want to do the things that bring our bodies back into balance, THROUGH the things that are of nature and that work in harmony with the world.  And those things are not encouraged or supported with obamacare.  If they were we would ALL find the money for health care.  I am totally down with spending that much on things like acupuncture and herbs and massages each month and I DO.  I support that form of healing and health.  I love my self care health care practices each month.

One thing I think would make this more tolerable and actually something encouraging was if you got half of the payments back at the end of the year if you didn’t need any health care. I think that would be a great way to sell us on this and keep us on our toes with keeping healthy and not needing it.   Many of us do pursue other forms of medicine and they work for us and we feel healthy and vibrant because of them and will not naturally race to a western doctor for assistance.  For many of us, western medicine is only for the big time emergencies or broken bones.  I would love if there was just an emergency room health insurance.

And honestly, bottom line,  that we all will pay fines, even if we do not support and start buying health insurance, is going to bring in hella money to the government. Look at how much they will make from this law being passed!   Each one of us will have to pay $95 or 1% of our income. Even just imagine 1 million people not being able to afford the health care, so our government will get a 95 million dollar bonus.   And actually there are 314 million people in the US…… what if only 100 million, 1/3rd of the citizens choose to pay the fines?  Thats almost 10 billion dollars to our government as brand new penalties as of this year.  wow.   I wonder what that is being spent on?

But!  There’s more!   What is so special and magical is that this MOST AMAZING New Moon of revolutionary change occurring now is RIGHT with the deadline for us to have to get health insurance or be penalized.   March 30th was this { very } special New Moon and March 31st was the deadline day to sign up.  That can be no coincidence as everything shows up as having a purpose and this is pretty profound.

This New Moon fell on the degree that has been a hot spot for years that has been under the emphasis of revolution and transformation and liberation and freedom and power.   All of us are under serious energetic surgery so to speak with changing and coming home to the truth of who we really are.  All these hot spot hits have been to shake us up and wake us up so that we can remember and see again who we are and what we can really do as co creators with spirit.  Don’t forget that this IS the most important time in history when we switch gears from a dense and disconnected to our hearts state, and move into the land of compassion and honor and kind hearted ways. Big things ARE happening as the buildings collapse and the system falls.  And after I walked through the woods and got my opinions out for me to really see this situation clearly,  what happened is that I got so stoked. Because seriously, this may very well be the thing that can truly bring the revolution.  We have to all come together and rise as one to “defend” ourselves and contribute our piece to the change and to the evolution of this planet so that it is not destroyed.  We are being CALLED to stand up in this time anyway, so I was like,  HA jokes on you, gov, because this very well could be the thing that fully has us all standing up in unison to demand a change.

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