At this Full Moon in Gemini you will be walking into many situations where you are being
asked to rework how you use your words in regards to situations where you are being
supported or are supporting others. And this is interesting because what this says is that
because of someone, or even a global sort of message, you now go about expressing in a way
where you either feel like you can instantly trust OR you put up guards and protect yourself.
So you will see into spaces where you shield too quickly or submit too quickly – and you will
see this in order to find a healthy balance so that you can maintain value and not diminish the
appearance of your message through defense mechanisms or old patterns playing out where
you were not supported, heard, or taken care of. This also feels like you are learning how to
create a new foundational energy of how things manifest in your life. So it can feel raw and
you can feel emotional or crabby and persnickety about things. But after some tossing about
and insecurities galore you do finally come down to a better position that is better suited and
more grounded than it was. So you will clean this up and make it better, but first you have to
pull a lot of things out of the closet and deal with them, one by one. You also are creating
something that is starting over so you need to realize that everything needs your attention in
a new way where you are thinking of value first and something stable and secure that can
hold other dreams down the road. So this is why you need to be patient and more hopeful
and even more quiet at times in regards to the words you share and how they either steer
you towards solutions or more chaos — towards saying how you interpret the process to
come unfolding. This can be like saying new words of “we are getting there!” – instead of “oh
my gosh how much further until we get there!” This is important because old memories fuel
the fear of the unknown. And you need to create a new story where there is excitement with
the unknown and a trust that YOU CAN DO THIS and that you can start over in a better
way. YOU CAN.

At this time you sit right on the cusp of seeing into the burden or debt of something heavy in
your life, AND the potential for the expansion and excitement for how you can get out of this
and rise to the other side. So it’s like you sit at the end of the tunnel and with so much
memory of being in the tunnel you pause because it’s been exhausting, but it also has you a
bit trapped in its memory so that you aren’t exactly running and flying free just yet. You still
feel the weight even though you ARE actually very close to being completely out of this and
onto healthier pastures. And the reason is because you actually are in a big processing space
where you SHOULD feel overloaded often and not really sure what is yours and what

belongs to others. This space is when you really decide what to take to the dump and what to
no longer take along with you. And it has EXTRA WEIGHT to make that abundantly clear. So
it needs your attention and a new perspective placed on what it means to let something go
and just rebuild into a better future believing that rainbows DO come after the storm. Your
belief in something better is all that is being asked – that you can let go of the story of the
pain and create a new story where you win and win and win until you feel smothered in all
the good that wants to manifest for you ANYWAY. Give the new dream some air to breath
and room to grow. Just because others can’t do something doesn’t mean you aren’t the
perfect one to excel at it.

So you are going to be learning how to work better with others so that you can get your
points across and things work out more harmoniously for you. This energy started with you
realizing when you open too much or close down too quickly – realizing they come from
wanting needs to be met or from the memory of stories when you were rejected, hurt, or let
down. So these are defense mechanism things here that now are trying to shift out of you so
that relationships are more harmonious and where you come through as very stable, solid,
and a knower of the way. So shedding those defensive layers is what gets others seeing you
differently, which is the first step to a new life unfolding. When we are seen in new ways, new
opportunities open for us to level up. Like seeing someone as a student versus seeing them
when they are the teacher. If you are a student they may not even notice you, but if you are
the teacher they do. So it’s that sort of thing where changes within you are having people see
you different, thus opportunities will come to put you on higher platforms or next level
apprenticeship positions within your career and business world. You are finding your
purpose and it’s changing how you want to share of yourself. So really, this one doesn’t have
much of a compromise but saying, DON’T WORRY. You don’t need to think you ever get
anything wrong, because you don’t. Believe in yourself and others will believe the you that
blossoms out of that.

Oh Pisces baby! This is great news. So this will be the year that your career changes but
where it finally becomes something that holds you and supports wherever you are in life
right now. So you have NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT – you hear me? You are still creating
this and you are right next to the ditch, so you need to be oh so conscious of how you handle
these steps. Think like you are climbing a mountain where the edge is right there — you can’t
really get carried away and distracted because your attention and intentions need to be on a
safe and successful accomplishment of getting around this particular bend that leads to the
changes you desire with your career, creativity, and public image. You also may be thinking of
ways to rework the things that deal with sharing who you are with the world. This is when
you will upgrade the platforms that hold the messages you long to share so that you truly are
coming through clearly and also the pathways are open to receive the respect you deserve.
This is like the outside matching the inside. So this next year you really think about that and

how you influence others and what you do that gives them the impression. Your heart will
also inspire change, so your creativity, or something that brings more love into your life is
what fuels you to do more, be more, and to clearly unveil the magic that is in every one of you
beautiful Pisces souls. This LIKELY will be that you are loved in a new way and from that,
your organic self rises.