Now do be aware that right now you are learning how to move your life forward in a better way – and — you are doing this through feeling out your value in the eyes of others or in feeling like you have a purpose and are doing something that is appreciated. But I said, feeling out your value in the eyes of others. And this means it can be confusing where you aren’t really sure what you are seeing but you know you are hyper-sensitive to seeing things BECAUSE you look out for this approval right now – as if you are watching and waiting for someone to get off the train. You also are in the storyline of others and how you dance
together. And this can be showing you where you are not getting to be your free spirited,
happy go lucky self and instead where you feel focused because there is not balance or a
healed state of being. Your mind may even be obsessed in seeing what doesn’t fit and how it
cramps your style. BUT. Remember, you are seeing the path you want to take through the
people who are around you and if something comes up it is just an adjustment that needs to
be made – and not the end of the world. And you ARE walking your way through your
relationships and really feeling out what makes you happy, and what leaves you feeling like
an unwatered plant – wilted and lifeless and not really full of the energy you need to take
your life by the bulls. But the clutches are from others and you are figuring out how to move
through them and transform or heal them into a better expression. Just because something
about the other leaves you feeling less than valuable doesn’t mean it is true. It is just the
provocation saying that YOU need to speak differently or come off in a different way so that
people pick up on your energy and do what you want them to do. Where you lose value is in
judging yourself through the eyes of others.
So do be aware that you may feel sort of stopped or in limbo and just not really yourself. But
also notice that you are going deep into the psychology of things and into spaces that before
you maybe wanted to rush past and just move on to more brilliant pastures. But at this time
you must sit in this and for that reason you can feel real lost and out of it. So lighten up on
yourself if your mental space is not as positive or hopeful as you would like. You are moving
on through something deep — but each step is timed perfectly and it’s opening you to darker
spaces that you have only glossed over before or swept under the rug. You will feel VERY
sensitive and over things that before you maybe never were. You also are thinking of things
that before never really came up. And this is all perfect so you know, but you are learning
how to ride life like this where you delve fully into the mystery and just trust it all and SEE
that there IS something here and that you now get the chance to rewrite history, to make
something better and to move forward as a more powerfully aligned Sag on a new path that
starts right about tomorrow. But to get back home to who you were all along, you must
forgive, let go and have compassion for mistakes or decisions made in the past. You must
lighten your load and release how you go glass half empty BECAUSE of others’ influences or
how they mishandled you or how they neglected you. Sag always seems to have a story with
the mother that imprints them hardcore but that they “think” is nothing even though it
harbors weight. And this time calls back to feeling out of place or unloved or unappreciated,
and finding healing to move forward letting that all go so that your true essence can fly free

once again. The power is in your hands. Your path was chosen and it’s played out as so, so
trust your journey and let it go.
This requires a total reboot and start over and begin again in regards to how you see yourself
in the world and with what you would like to be offering. You NEED to find home with that
aspect of your life so that you can just roll and experience something sustainable so that you
can focus on other things that need more of your time now. So you may have to re-write
what you offer or how you can give of yourself. This also demands that you surrender into
whatever is showing up and wanting something from you. This is not a mistake or something
of no significance. It’s something important. You also need to remember that you are BUILT
to trust and you need to not hold so negative to how it has been or to thinking anything
means something negative. Your true nature sits with things and KNOWS there is a way out
or there is a way through this. But you have been battered by others’ influences ripping
through the threads of your tapestry. And if you can’t keep holding the façade or patching up
where holes now leave you unstable, then things sort of fall down at this time — but so that
you can rebuild in a more authentic way where your tapestry is solid and the true Sag spirit
shining through. This is not the end, it’s the beginning of something BETTER and something
more honoring and valuing of you. But YOU are changing in order for the outside world to
see you as changed. And that means your heart can be cracked open so that you have new
levels of feelings running through you. And that is okay! The more tears, the more healing
completed. You need to feel your way to a better day and to drop the interpretations that are
false negatives anyway and also only a part of the process. Go with flow and hope for the
best. You are not cursed or here to suffer because of this. You just need to flow through it
and dream for better days where you WILL be living the expanded dream that currently in
your heart.
Well this is a gift! Don’t worry baby because you are walking into a new world for yourself.
You just are coming from a dark cave of high emotional things and stories from your
childhood and looping back into so many places before you wouldn’t allow yourself to go. So
the wake up call initiates a path where you are more conscious of where you put yourself,
who you combine with, and also how the hard road can harden you, but it can also soften you.
And the point is that you are to walk soft now and with a more conscious awareness of each
moment – while not giving false interpretations to your past and to what created you. You
are to not think that “bad things” hold you to a challenged life. You are to see that often the
pain is a gateway to a better life. It’s a HELLO! Notice me! So you will need to remember to
reprogram – constantly. You are in the soil of your life and you get to start over with what
you plant in your garden. So there may be some hard choices if you are giving your heart to
something that sucks it dry. But you need to choose for you and to know that things want to
get better. This IS a new day forming. This year will not be like any other before because
NOW you are serious about clearing out the weeds and changing your interpretations so
that you don’t keep poisoning yourself and your potential. You are good and you deserve
good. Open your arms to it.