Oh good morning, baby. This is a day to sleep in as you most likely won’t sleep that well throughout the night but you will start to sleep real good towards the end – and if you have the opportunity to use that and to sleep in – do so. We are real soft today and it’s important that we allow ourselves to just be and do in regards to what our bodies need.

Many of you will fall into a sensitive space where you are not going to be sure what is yours and what is others. This also will mean you will cry over
everything – but you won’t really have a source of what those tears are over. You may want to curl up on the couch and not move your body at all. You may even feel consumed with thoughts that very well could be sad or about being lonely or feeling that you aren’t good enough or something with a separation or a goodbye.

It’s just a day to feel and to cry and to be okay with that. This is sort of like
washing off the baby after the birth and going into the next focus as before
100% was on birthing the baby. Now it’s on taking care of the baby in the first, most fragile moments. So we need to understand that WE are those babies in adult form now but going through a process of renewal, like moving earth side, where we now have to be super soft in moving through time to get ready to crawl and walk and explore all that is before us anew.
But this Full Moon is about pulling inward into your heart, into your softest
spaces, your most vulnerable places and giving attention to the voice there that has needs. And one thing that we are hearing is that we want to care for others and to offer support and be a more loving and compassionate being for others.

We want to listen and be there for and ultimately spend our time loving and
being loved on. It’s like a big priority for us now. All the other worldly
distractions seem unimportant when we can be sitting with someone we love and sharing stories of our past together and laughing in company with true tribe. Like, what is more important than that, really?
When we are with our kin, we feel that we can be true to ourselves, and we
express freely without feeling we must conform and be this other thing. It’s like a pajama party when we are with kin and we can just be goofy and real and laugh and it’s all good no matter what. This is something important to our hearts right now. And because of this we also are feeling sadness for those we have left to the wayside, whether family or friends, but as we sit comfy on the couch, why not write out some heartfelt letters. We need to make amends and be there more for people — but what is coming back in style is letter writing and mailing things where we actually see the handwriting and feel the love from the words. So if you have something to correct and if your contribution could possibly bring peace or something that draws together, do it now. Speak from your heart. Share the love you have always been, but that others have misinterpreted which led to things getting confusing and unresolved. Set the record straight.

Today I start a brand new life
Where I build again from resources
Discovered from disappointments
Holding me anchored
Into thinking I cannot ever change
And that this is all there can be for me.
Today I cut the cords on my past
As I walk towards a more supportive
And loving future where
Things are abundant and
I am free to be me.