This is going to be a totally transformative time for you where you will NOT be the same person even just a few weeks up ahead. You are changing into your higher form, whether you are karmically ready or not. But it’s something that has been in the process for the past few weeks where each sign is getting the opportunity to have free passes and to move forward,
even years in our own personal evolution process. We GET IT now. We learn quicker and we truly do want to get things right. So it has the ego taking a break where our higher selves can lead for a minute while we get used to being better people. And you are rising even brighter than most because you come from a life journey of going lower than most. And what we know about incarnation and the sign you choose to arrive through is that the harder you have it and the lower life takes you, the bigger of a life purpose you have — you could even say more important of a life purpose you have. You becoming the Eagle is a crucial piece to all these other pieces coming together. But you wouldn’t get to have this higher and most
powerful thing about you if you didn’t first travel to all the lowly places where your ego truly does think you are right. That’s why you have to walk that journey. But further along you find out that you can let things go and you can stop being fixated with what is wrong. This means you need to be strong right now even if you are exhausted and stressed out and it all is way
too much. You need to not go into that being the only thing here and to instead move it along through dialoging with things in a new way. This means instead of thinking it’s been so hard you are to think that there is NOTHING that will break you. And instead of questioning things that were not fair or not what you had planned – you just need to carry on and keep
going until you find the golden nugget. You ARE onto something. Things WILL shift and not be so heavy. It HAS been way too much to deal with. BUT. Every part of this is getting closer to expressing as the Eagle where your manifesting abilities EXPAND. So it’s kind of like if you want to fit into those jeans that are too tight, you have to lose the weight and you have to
work on what contributes to that. So face your shit and know that when you do, you will find something that brings passion back into your life and something that gets you feeling VERY at home with how things have unfolded. So, don’t give up now. You are close.


And again the message is saying that you can show up to the world in a WHOLE OTHER WAY where we stand in awe and express the deepest respect for you. Like, you can have everyone paying attention to everything you do just because of the vibe you give off. And it’s coming from releasing those things from others who have hurt you or let you down or changed your plans so that now you aren’t as confident or satisfied with life as you used to be. And you want that back. And it is the letting go of what pisses you off or keeps you consumed in things limiting you or holding you back – because focusing on those things is the only thing holding you back at this point. And finding the way to trust life and to believe that you are not cursed and that thinking you are only keeps you manifesting things to match that. You can fly if you want to. You can do anything. But you have to walk forward through the vibration of someone who has let go of the pain. When you let go your whole world will expand in like 24 hours. That is the energy too where things are FAST. So, the moment you lighten up and dream for better days KNOWING you will come out on top and that you
HAVE NOT messed up and are too far gone. The best IS yet to come, my love.


Well this leads up beautifully! What you have to compromise and change about yourself is how you think you should look in the world in relation to your age and where you THINK you should be. So you really do have to go back to zero and rewrite how you approach things. You
need to NOT LOOK at how it has been done, actually. You need to authentically create from the voice of your soul and to move forward towards success as you write new rules. This also means you need to expect the unexpected and don’t EVEN think you know how it should go.
You are set for surprises of the most expansive and it tends to come from someone with a different appearance than what you are accustomed to. But it lights your heart maybe in a way you have not ever felt before. This may be what starts the new path to showing you that you can trust yourself, you can trust the universe, and that there really was something for you to learn from the challenging journey you walked. You also are being asked to open your mind to all that is still yet to manifest for you. Remember that I started my career at 41 – even though I’ve always been able to do this. But at 41 the gate opened and my wildest dreams began to manifest – MOST of them beyond what I even had the idea to dream up. I did not dream as big as what manifested. So there is MORE for you to manifest and dream
for and it only comes from releasing the hold of what keeps you from dreaming wildly and deciding that YOU are boss and YOU can co-create a better world for yourself. The story is not over yet… design it better.


Oh the best! So this next year it is going to be ON. You are going to see the fruits of your labors and you will be feeling more solid on ground and that you really are doing something you love to do. Life is going to feel different this year with each choice you make from the heart that is not the broken heart speaking. And it’s going to be a lot and you will have a busy
schedule. But this is that creative juice when you are doing your thing, and THAT will keep you going. You may even have a busier schedule where there is just so much to do. But again, I’m seeing this with a smile. It doesn’t feel like torture but it’s a big schedule. And it has many things like with farming and how there always is so much to consider. But this is to set you up monetarily where it can ground you and it deals with you feeling valuable and caring about your craftwork. And you find this utopia within from letting go of your bitters. It wasn’t a mistake. You didn’t do anything wrong. You couldn’t have changed it. You are awesome and so valuable to the world. So let the world love you and let us bring you to a higher position
that has always been waiting for you. Believe the best is what comes next, but don’t need it to. You MOST LIKELY will be taking many risks or leaps off of cliffs that don’t guarantee success — and this is EXACTLY what you need to do. Trust me. You have been stuck long enough. You hold the key to releasing that feeling and it comes from remembering that your
gifts are special and unique — and when you know that, the world will follow suit. So get to work. You have so much to do. Time to plan the next chapter for the crop you next will grow.